IB14: Polar V650 Bluetooth Enabled GPS Cycling Computer, New Keo Power Pedal Options & More!


Polar’s been slowly moving into the mainstream, first switching from their proprietary wireless data transmission protocol to Bluetooth 4.0, and now they’re poised to allow direct Strava uploads. It’s all starting with the new V650 GPS cycling computer and updates to their Keo Power pedals.

The new V650 gets a color touchscreen, GPS recording and built in barometric pressure sensor for more accurate altitude data. That last bit not only keeps your climbing tally correct, but allows for better real time ascent and descent data while riding. It also captures temperature, and you can set it to show whatever you want on the screen.

Better yet, the software is completely upgradeable, meaning it’ll update as new features and technologies are added. Oh, and it has a light on the front to help you be seen by motorists…


IB14: SKS Blows New Mini and Floor Pumps Onto the Scene, More

The Airboy is a new series of mini pumps, offering a dual action shaft that utilizes both sides of the pumps body to move air on the Airboy road (standard) and mountain (XL) models. The road model is the smaller one and goes to 120psi and weighs 62g. The XL IS 90g and goes to 73psi.

There’s also a Spaero XL with a CO2 adapter built in that uses a single action shaft. Retail is $29.99 for the regular ones and $39.99 for the CO2 model.

Things blow up bigger below…


IB14: Van Dessel’s New Carbon Road, Cyclocross & Mountain Bikes Debut – Plus Actual Weights


We’ve teased some renderings (here and here) from Van Dessel’s 2015 bikes that showed a few of the new features, but nothing beats seeing them in the shimmering dust of Interbike’s Outdoor Demo. On hand were the new Full Tilt Boogie cyclocross bike, the Jersey Devil hardtail 29er and the Motivus Maximus disc-or-rim brake road bike.

The new FTB gets Van Dessel’s new interchangeable dropouts on the rear. They allow for either 130mm or 135mm QR, or a 12×142 thru axle. Just switch the dropout and you’re good to go.

Being a traditionalist when it comes to ‘cross, owner Edwin Bull lamented that it’s now disc brake only. He likes cantilevers, but nine out of 10 frames he sold were for disc brakes.


EB14: Killer Light Frame and Wheels from AX Lightness, Plus More Updates


AX Lightness introduced a number of new and interesting products just over a week ago at Eurobike. Some of the most interesting were the updates to their own lightweight all-around frame and complete bike line-ups, as well as a bunch of new unbelievably light wheel options. But not to be discounted was a rethinking of their product levels and finishes, another new saddle, and little changes their super light stems.

Read on for full details…


IB14: HED Makes a Bigger Deal Out of Carbon Fat Bike Rims, Introduces 100mm BFD

Hed carbon fat bike wheel 100mm wide bfd big deal (5)

First bringing you made in the U.S. carbon fiber fat bike rims with the Big Deal, HED quietly showed up to Interbike with an all new option for fat bikes. Called the BFD or Big Fat Deal, the new rim brings their lightweight fat bike rim technology to the fattest of fat bikes. Likely shipping in 2-3 weeks, the BFDs should be ready by the time the snow flies this season.

Full details include weights after the break…


New 2015 Devinci Wilson SL Downhill Race Bike Goes 27.5

2015 Devinci Wilson 27.5_0

Tested under Steve Smith and Nick Beer (the man with the best last name in cycling) , the new Devinci Wilson has-been completely redesigned to accommodate 27.5″ wheels, received a reconfigured suspension platform, and more… READ MORE ->

Civilian – A Bicycle Company moves production to USA: Launches new Vive Le Roi Cross Bike

Civilian A Bicycle Company Vive Le Roi

This Made in the USA trend is one we love.  Tyson Hart of Civilian is keen on the small batch, made in the US model as well.  Asian production is stopped, and Civilian is ramping up to produce frames here in Portland, OR.  One may feel a calming sense about the unnamed manufacture (hint hint).  Official details are still being inked, however.

The first bike out of the gate for the new Civilian is a cyclocross frameset dubbed the Vive Le Roi.  Build options include a single speed belt drive, or a 1 x 11.  Framesets will be available as well for those wanting a custom build.

Jump the barrier for full details.


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: North Wales Zesty

bikerumor pic of the day north wales bike ride on zesty

Photo submitted by Marcin Antoskiewicz, “Mountain ride in North Wales on my beautiful  Zesty J.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

EB14: For KTM, Team Orange is the New Cross, Plus Codeveloped Road Disc


Austrian bike specialists showed a few pretty eye catching new 700c disc-brake bikes at Eurobike, marking their 50th anniversary. The standout was probably their cross bike mainly because of its blaze orange matte paint job. All of the new bikes in their road disc series were developed together for this year and share a bunch of tech features and nice detailing. Follow past the break for a breakdown of the details and a look at the whole series…