Turner hops into ‘cross w/ new Cyclosys, updates Burner & switches Sultan to 27.5+

2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike

Taking a slight divergence from mountain bikes without leaving the dirt, grass and mud, Turner is rolling out the all-new Cyclosys cyclocross bike. They’ve also updated the venerable Burner full suspension mountain bike and will offer the Sultan 29er as a 27.5+ bike. Full details are coming from Sea Otter’s pits, but here’s the preview.

The Cyclosys has been under Dave Turner’s butt on the race scene for about five years, being built and ridden as a personal project. Now, finally, he’s turning it into a production item for all to enjoy.

“In the 30 plus years I’ve been in mountain biking, I’ve seen the sport and the racing scene evolve and change over the years,” Turner says. “Some for better, some for worse. What I experienced at my first CX race in 2010 reminded me of the “good ol’ days” of MTB racing: a great sense of community and camaraderie, and a good dose of competitiveness.”

To make the most of those days, the bike uses modern features like a carbon fork, 43mm tire clearance, slick internal cable routing ports and (from the looks of it) geometry versatile enough to take it out for a day on the backroads.


Bosch’s Improved eBike Performance Line System, Opinion on eBike Technology

Bosch eBike PerformanceLine lifestyle

Bosch, after only beginning its eBike technological journey in 2009, has released a refined and improved electric system in their eBike Performance Line. The battery lasts longer. The Drive Unit now comes in multiple flavors to better integrate with the bicycle frame as a static chassis and in motion under different types of riders. The sophisticated controls are highly integrated on a level you don’t often see in the product of this industry and are highly user focused from a conscious and unconscious interactive standpoint. There is a reason why it won the Red Dot award for design excellence.

Let’s dig into this new system after the jump…


Review: ICE Sportswear Carbon Bib Shorts

ICE Sportswear Carbon Shorts Review2015-1

ICE Sportswear was founded by Armin Rahm, a former member of the German National Team, with over 40 years of competitive cycling under his belt. Drawing on his experience, Armin has an understanding of what a cyclist needs. This inspired him to create ICE Sportswear – clothing for athletes, by an athlete.

The company offers custom kit, as well as off-the-shelf, ready to ride designs. One of the ready to ride pieces of kit, is their ICE Carbon Bib Shorts. Featuring 10-panel construction, flatlock stitched seams, compression leg bands, anatomically designed chamois with gel inserts and anti-bacterial treatment, initial impressions make us think this is a high quality piece of clothing… READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Slickrock Crawler

bikerumor pic of the day moab utah slick rock fat bike
Photo submitted by Ken Gibbons, “I’ve been riding Slickrock for 26 years, and find this Salsa fatty the best rock crawler ever.  It was dynamite on Porcupine Rim and Killer B, too!  Fatbikes (and their riders) are so misunderstood…”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Intense Teases New M16 Downhill Bike

Intense M16 Downhill


Like Shelby is to Ford, the M line of downhill race bikes is to Intense. Over the years, these iconic M models have helped distinguish the brand on the racing circuit, and helped establish a loyal fan base.

In recent years, the company’s focus has been on trail bikes, and carbon models, but after five years of waiting – the Intense faithful have been rewarded with a new M series model. The marquee bike is called the M16 and will be officially revealed at Sea Otter. Until then, drop past the break for pictures and geometry.


OneUp goes bigger with new 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog (UPDATED)

OneUp 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog

If everyone seems to be jumping on the oversized cogs and wide range hacks for mountain bikes these days, OneUp Components might just have the best solution yet with their new XX1 compatible 44 tooth cog.

Made to replace the 42 tooth cog on XX1 and X01 cassettes, the larger 44 tooth cog simply subs in with no further adjustments needed to most drivetrains, extending the range where it’s needed most with virtually no downside. If we’re being honest, and if we ride where there’s any real climbing to be done, then even with the modern wide range there have been times when we’ve gone to push the shifter just one click easier only to be met with disappointment. OneUp felt that pain, too, and the solution is this new super oversized cog that fits right in with existing drivetrains to add just a bit more range.

We got our hands on an early sample to test, here’s how it went…


UCI to Allow Limited Testing of Disc Brakes in 2015 Professional Road Calendar



In a not so surprising move, the Union Cycliste International (UCI), in conjunction with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), announced today that disc brakes will be allowed in a limited capacity within the context of professional road racing beginning in August for this year, with plans for continued testing moving into 2016. The goal is to extend the introduction of disc brakes at every level of road cycling, though disc brakes are already allowed within USA Cycling road events with the exception of UCI qualifying or UCI events in the United States. Get the deets after the jump. READ MORE ->

Project: World’s Funnest Bike – Drivetrain, Wheels, Brakes & Install Notes


So far, our World’s Funnest Bike project has detailed the frame and the cockpit. Now it’s time to go over all the parts that make it go and make it stop. Most of the parts used on this project bike were new, but I did have some trusted components and lightly used parts that needed more time before a final review could be posted, so those made there way on board and will be noted.

The shifting is handled by Gevenalle’s latest GX shifter levers, which were designed around the Shimano XT rear derailleur to offer a wider range option for anyone wanting a more capable gravel/adventure/cyclocross bike. The Gevenalle parts were all weighed in with a full introduction in this post, so here we’ll go over their performance and use notes and show how it all came together with a mix of other components…


Rever Debuts with Dual-Pull MCX1 mechanical disc brakes for Road/CX

Rever MCX1 mechanical disc brake for road, cyclocross bikes
We all love to drool over tricked out, top-shelf componentry but when it’s time to go shopping -not window shopping, but real put your money on the table shopping- riders with finite budgets turn their attention to companies like Bloomington, Minnesota’s Rever. Launching at the Sea Otter Classic, newcomer Rever is bringing value priced components with claimed race grade performance.

“In today’s component world, cyclists have come to expect that with high performance comes complexity and a high price tag. We’re here to show that’s not the case,” explains Rever’s Brand manager Tren Blankenship.

Rever’s first product is a mechanical disc brake called the MCX1, a short-pull dual piston brake designed specifically for road and cyclocross bikes. An expanded line of competitively priced parts is planned for the future, stop in for details of Rever’s first offering…