The Future is Looking Up with Sony’s Concept HUD Module

Sony's Single-lens Display-module HUD unit

In today’s high-tech times, our world feels a little more like that of Star-Trek each day. One of the most advanced technologies finding its way into the cycling scene is that of Heads-Up-Display (HUD) units. These devices aren’t new, but recently they`ve shrunk to the point of becoming wearable technology.

A HUD unit attached to your sunglasses allows riders to display key information within their field of vision, eliminating the need to look down at your cycling computer or fumble around in a pocket for your smartphone. Sony has jumped into the HUD market with a Single-lens Display Module which is yet unnamed, as it’s still in the prototype phase. Could your next cycling computer be part of your sunglasses?

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Long-term test: Flexible FABike Carbon Road and Trail Bike

Eva Fišerová photography

It’s been more than half a year since we introduced you to our test of the multi-surface FABike road bike. During that time we had the chance to spend a few months with the bike, but also had a couple of separate occasions to meet up with the bike’s designer and sales director to do a bit of riding with the FABike team. This let us talk a bit more about what we though of the bike, to really get a good hands-on experience of the bike in several of its different setup iterations, and to discuss how the company is going forward with the bike. One topic that might interest our readers is the good discount on their current stock through the month of March.

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Intense teases custom, one-off “Spider” dual slalom full suspension for Shaun Palmer

prototype intense spider dual slalom full suspension mountain bike for shaun palmer

Put together just for their newest factory rider, Shaun Palmer, this one-of-a-kind dual slalom bike from Intense could be making its competitive debut at the Sea Otter Classic. But that’s not all they may introduce at the world’s largest consumer bike expo…we hear the junior development DH team will announcing the new team members, too!

First things first: The frame looks to be based on their mid-travel Spider full suspension mountain bike, but with geometry specified by Palmer. It was then fabricated by Jeff Steber and made into a frame by Rick the Welder. Wheel’s are 27.5″, with parts from sponsors DT Swiss, Maxxis, SRAM, Fox and Renthal. While’s pure speculation on our part, we’re thinking he might just be taking this thing out on the dirt on Sea Otter’s extremely spectator friendly slalom course.

In January, Intense opened up the application process for any licensed DH racer between ages 15-17 to earn a spot on their new team, which Palmer will help shepherd to podiums. Intense’s marketing manager told us “Palmer is sponsoring his own Junior team this year. Sponsors are Intense (of course) and many others. We plan to do a media launch and introduce the team and sponsors at Sea Otter.”

Reworked iSSi Pedals Offer Improved Release Angle, SPD Compatibility, and New Colors

Issi pedals trail xc new springs (5)

First introduced at Frostbike 2014, iSSi was back at Frostbike 2015 with a reworked line up offering better performance across the board. For the first go around, iSSi pedals would work with SPD cleats, but they weren’t a perfect match. Good news for anyone with multiple bikes that already have Shimano SPD pedals, the new iSSi pedals are all SPD compatible offering a much better feel when used with SPD cleats. The improvements don’t just apply to SPD cleats however, as the guts of the pedal have been redesigned to offer better function and feel with the included cleats from iSSi.

Of course color is a big part of the iSSi story as well and there are a few new options like the blingtastic gold pedal above…


Kinetic Introduces Ergonomic Twenty20 Water Bottle Cage

kinetic twenty20 water bottle cage (4)

Quick – you’re reaching for your bottle. What hand do you use? According to Kinetic, if you’re like most riders you favor a particular hand, likely your dominant one. That begs the question, if you’re constantly grabbing the bottle from one side of the frame, why do most bottle cages only have the split located dead center on the frame? Filed in the category of why didn’t I think of that, the new Kinetic Twenty20 water bottle cage addresses that very issue.

Simple, affordable, and light, the Twenty20 cage may have you rethinking your current bottle holders…


Vee Tire Adds More 27.5+ Sizes, Introduces White Fat Bike Treads

Vee Tire Co 27+ white fat bike tires (1)

Just under a year ago, we caught wind of the first 27.5+ offering when Vee Tire Co. informed us that their Trax Fatty model would soon be available in a 27.5×3.25″ model. Looking around the show there were a few generic bikes fitted with the new tire size, but nothing that would have suggested it catching on in a big way. Now, headed into Taipei show and Sea Otter season there still aren’t a ton of options but it seems like the tide is swelling.

Originally planning just to offer the 27.5×3.25″ size, Vee is introducing two more widths to round out the line. Meant to fit better in smaller frames, Vee sees the Semi Fat market exploding in the coming year…


Road to NAHBS 2015: Retrotec Returns To Fat

Retrotec NAHBS 2015 head tube fillet di2 port

Due to a last minute change in plans, the ever-charming Curtis Inglis of Retrotec is suddenly making an appearance at NAHBS this year.  Having taken a few years off of showing fat bikes, we can look forward to Curtis making a triumphant return to the category with a Twin Fat featuring state-of-the-art specifications.  Also, be sure to look out for a deeply custom Sierra Leone-themed 29+ non-suspension corrected build.  Curtis and his legendary sense of humor after the jump. READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Jackson Hole Valley, WY

bikerumor pic of the day Here is a picture of my Chesapeake bay retriever,  Fatback Grand Teton, jackson hole.

Photo submitted by Dan Durkin, “Here is a picture of my Chesapeake bay retriever Chester posing in front of my Fatback with the Grand Teton in between saddle & handlebar in sunny but cold Jackson Hole.”

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All2Ride Takes New Canyon Stitched Dirt Jumper on the Road


We recently spotted a nice shot of Canyon’s new Stitched 360 dirt jumper hanging out on a Barcelona beach on Canyon’s Instagram, and dreaming of warm weather remembered seeing the bike at last fall’s trade shows. The Stitched is a 7005 T6 aluminum bike build to tackle dirt jumps or urban riding. After having been out of their catalog last year, Canyon brought the bike back by popular demand. The Stitched joins their Torque DHX in their gravity line to support their Canyon Factory Freeride Team, but Canyon also has partnered with some more alternative athletes. The two we found here are german Gravity Mountainbike Magazine editor Fabio Schäfer and professional freelance photographer Jannik Hammes. We reached out to Jannik who took the photo we first stumbled on (thanks to him for their beach photos, and found out some interesting info about their All2Ride Team and the way they set up their bikes.

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