Boardman Races the Clock with new carbon TT, Track, Tri, and Aero Road bikes; plus everyman Wind Tunnel news


Chris Boardman’s racing pedigree came from riding into the wind on the track and in the time trial, and his bike company certainly isn’t ignoring those disciplines in development. Last week we brought the highlights of Boardman Bikes’ new #RideTogether rebranding and their new Endurance Road carbon and titanium bikes. But Boardman earned the nickname The Professor for his detailed technical approach to equipment and training, and that shows through more on the aero bikes.

The company’s 2016 Aerodynamic Road line updates the super fast TTE, the more affordable ATT, and the aero road AIR. On the track, an all new carbon TRK takes a big step, replacing its aluminum predecessor. Not to be underestimated, the focus on a methodical approach to racing comes through with news of the development of a Boardman Performance Center that will give the regular cyclist access to physiological and performance analysis, including affordable time in an all-new cycling specific wind tunnel to be built in the UK. Check out the details after the break…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Batangas, Philippines

bikerumor pic of the day mountain biking malepunyo mountain range, battings philippines

Photo submitted by Rorixavier Tolentino,”At the edge of a broken private road up Malepunyo Mountain Range, Batangas, Philippines.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Philly Bike Expo Roundup: Beautiful Handmade Bikes from Around the Globe Pt. 1

PBE Bike Stijl cycles (6)

The Philly Bike Expo is an interesting and entertaining show. A true mix of almost all of cycling’s weird niches, eccentricities, and different segments, it’s a great representation of city cycling as a whole. It’s also almost a mini NAHBS with handmade bikes from a number of different builders that are sure to stop you in your tracks.

Bikes like this wild Stijl Uber Commuter. Between the burly titanium tubing, gorgeous paint, and smart parts selection, this was a show favorite…


Roundup: Random look-worthy bikes (and sort-of bikes) from the shows


It’s not everyday you get to hop aboard a pro’s bike to demo parts, but Pioneer had Hollywood Daniel Holloway’s Felt road bike on hand to show what their powermeter could do. The bike’s paint scheme showed off the American colors in grand style, and a couple other custom touches helped personalize the bike further.

Check out more pics of this and other random, weird, useful and downright cool bikes and bike-ish things below…


Ferro Bluetooth magnetic pedals: Flats that let you choose to be “clipped in”….. or not?

Ferro Proto

What if you didn’t have to choose between flats or clipless pedals? You know, for those times where sketchy conditions might reward the use of flats, followed by long pedaly sections on the same trail? Ferro thinks they are about to have a solution.

Jump past the break to see how the Ferro pedal actually works, plus something else we found up their sleeves….. READ MORE ->

Review: Effetto Mariposa Carogna Cyclocross Tubular Tape – First Impressions


A big part of getting in the spirit of cyclocross for me each fall for the last decade has been the smell and mess of gluing up tubulars. Even with the advent of more tubeless tire options for cross, and wider clincher rims that perform better than ever, nothing really competes with the performance and ability to run ultra low tire pressures for maximum grip like a set of good, supple tubulars.

So as each season approaches, it has been time to inspect last year’s tires and get ahold of a couple pairs of new tubulars to fill in whatever gaps in tread patterns I found the previous season, or to try out something new. This year, part of that something new has been new ways to stick the tubulars to the rim. While Vittoria’s Mastik1 had been the go-to glue for a reliable and secure bond for many years, this year we’ve taken to experimenting with some alternatives so our readers don’t need to go blindly into these sticky waters. We were cautiously interested to hear that  Effetto Mariposa had a new adhesive tape option that eliminated the gluing mess. Their Carogna tape has been specifically developed to overcome the limitations (and failures) of past tubular tape. And as it is rated specifically for the low-pressure, high-leverage conditions of cyclocross and mountain biking, we knew we had to give it a try. We’ve been racing on Carogna tape since the beginning of this season in both Europe and the US, so join us after the jump to see how it has treated us so far…


Red Bull’s Bike Unchained Brings New Dimensions to Mountain Bike Video Games


Given that many of us grew up in the days of video games, it probably isn’t surprising that games based on mountain biking have a cult following. Trails are too wet to ride? Rest day? Stuck at the airport between flights to exotic riding destinations? Why not ride some virtual laps on your smart phone or tablet? Based on the success of Reinholds Berzins’ Downhill Supreme and DHS2, there are quite a few riders out there who enjoy shredding smart phone laps when they’re not ripping the real thing.

Wanting to capture the feeling of A-Line’s flow in a video game, Red Bull Media House and Roadhouse Interactive teamed up to produce Bike Unchained – a new game for your smart phone or tablet that combines the features of your typical mountain bike video game with those of an RPG (Role Playing Game), and it’s free…


Wahoo RFLKT cycling computer adds call & text alerts, boosts battery life

Wahoo RFLKT cycling computer monitor now gets call and text alerts

Taking technology advances picked up from their amazing new ELEMNT GPS cycling computer, Wahoo Fitness has revamped the firmware on their RFLKT models to improve battery life and give the screens a quicker refresh and update time.

On top of those backend improvements, both the RFLKT and RFLKT+ are now able to display phone call and text alerts on screen. The device, which serves as a display to “reflect” the data coming from your smartphone, was already paired to your phone anyway. When not telling you who’s trying to interrupt your ride, the screen shows off data from their own app, MapMyRide, Strava and other third party apps. The info can even show your Strava Segment progress and let you know if you’re the new QOM/KOM in town (or if you need to keep trying). All updates are free and available now from Wahoo and even change up the screen to make it more readable.

Aribike Builds Single Ring Spiders for Rotor Rex Cranks

rotor rex 2 rex 3 crank 1x spider ari bike (2)

As more and more riders move to join the 1x crowd, they might find themselves with a crank that doesn’t play nice with single rings. They also might run into spiders with odd BCDs and limited options when it comes to replacement rings. Fortunately, many cranks these days are also moving to modular designs with removable spiders. This allows the crank to change with the times and also allows companies like Ari Corone to step in with their own options for other cranks.

Among a number of cassette adapters, chainrings, spiders, and more, Ari Corone is now offering a new set of spiders for Rotor Rex Cranks. Meant for 1x applications, the spiders will fit Rex 1, 2, and 3 cranks and rings from Rotor or those with a 76mm asymmetric BCD…