Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Yuba Bicycles make carrying kids fun, safe and easy because they are purpose-built for doing just that. And now, Yuba is coming to your town! Come see “What a Bicycle Can Do” at the Yuba Bicycles Power-up Bike Tour. See their Facebook page page for more information on meet-up locations and a map of the tour’s route.
  • Speaking of bikes to carry your kids around, here is your chance to win a Buddy Bike or other adaptive bicycle for your special needs child. Choose the bike you want to win, submit your entry with a picture of your child with special needs along with a short explanation why your child needs an adaptive bike and get 50 nominations by MARCH 4 to be entered in the drawing to win. Contest begins February 10th so Click Here to Enter or Donate.
  • This is your last reminder that registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour (the world’s biggest charitable bike ride) opens on January 20th. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out! The Tour itself is May 3rd and is an amazing way to see New York. Visit for more information.
  • Showers Pass is very pleased to announce that it has signed on as an annual sponsor of the nonprofit National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Showers Pass president Kyle Ranson saw the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis firsthand as he watched a 20-year-old friend suffer from the disease. Bike MS is for cyclists of all abilities and anyone seeking a personal challenge and a world free of multiple sclerosis.
  • KEEN Unveils New Season of KEEN Effect Program – After its successful inaugural season of the 2014 KEEN Effect, the company is announcing its second year of the KEEN Effect program to support non-profits globally. For 2015, the KEEN Effect II will award 10 grants to non-profits around the world. To learn more about the KEEN Effect II, please check out: or contact
  • If you’re a bicycle brand, component brand or bike shop and want to be included in our LINKS LIST pages, please check to see if you’re there and if not, use the Submit Tips form to send us your brand name, phone and website. For Bike shops, include your city and state.

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Kitsbow Partners With Polartec For Hybrid Wool/Synthetic Made In USA Base Layer For Any Weather


Kitsbow has teamed up with Polartec to stitch together the Power Wool Long Sleeve Base Layer. The high-performance fabric from Polartec is combined with Kitsbow’s style and brand to make a versatile base layer that can also be a cool weather outer.

This new fabric from Polartec is really interesting, it uses different yarn on each side of the fabric, so there is wool close to your skin to provide warmth, and then polyester/nylon (Polartec fleece) on the outside. Wool excels at moving moisture away from a body, as well as providing warmth even when wet, so it makes sense to put it against the body, and then the synthetic outer dries that perspiration quickly.

One of the benefits of Polartec is that it can be made from recycled materials, so this hybrid garment is more than 50% recycled fibers. The Power Wool base layer is made in the USA, and has a quarter-length snap closure and tailored fit like other Kitsbow garments.

Click past the jump to see the two colors offered, and a refreshing surprise that the price is not astronomical…


Garmin Acquires iKubu, Designer of Backtracker – Radar Equipped Garmins on the Horizon?

Imagine a device that alerted you when cars were approaching and could indicate how fast they were moving? Not only that but as the vehicles approached you on your bike, your tail light would automatically change in pattern to warn motorist of your presence. It may sound like something out of a scifi movie, but that’s exactly what iKubu has been working on. When we first learned about the Backtracker in June of 2014, the company had working prototypes and have since been working toward bringing it to production.

We’re not sure if they saw this coming, but it was just announced that the Stellenbosch, South African based has been acquired by Garmin. Whether this means Garmin will continue with the Backtracker design remains to be seen, but the company seems particularly interested in the idea of a low power radar system with Garmin’s president and CEO Cliff Pemble stating,

“iKubu has found a way to implement short-range radar into a low-power system that addresses a common concern among cyclists – identifying potential hazards that are approaching them from behind. We are delighted to add this technology to the Garmin portfolio.”

The announcement comes shortly after Garmin had a big showing at CES with an expanded range of wearable electronics. At this rate, it won’t be long until Garmin could offer a fully connected cycling experience, with everything controlled from your wrist or your handlebar…


Is The Hour Record The New Pro Goal? Rohan Dennis of BMC Goes For It In February


Not that long ago, Jens Voigt crushed the hour record that had stood for 9 years, only to be immediately beat by Matthias Brandle. The hour record is one of the longest-standing cycling competitions, with the first running (and record) set in 1893.

BMC is sponsoring an attempt at breaking the  hour record by Australian pro Rohan Dennis. Dennis is an Olympic silver medalist on the track. A member of BMC Racing Team’s World Championship winning time-trial team in 2014, and fresh off a 2nd place at the Australian National individual time-trial championships.

Hosting the attempt at the Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen, Switzerland, BMC will open the doors at 12:00pm, and start the event at 2:00pm. If you are lucky enough to be local, you can get tickets to attend, but for the rest of us, BMC will live stream the event at It is a live stream, so that is 8:00am on the east coast of the United States, and 5:00am out on the west coast, on February 8th.

It seems that the hour record has come back as a way for pros to keep a little one-upsmanship going in the off season.  If Dennis can pull off another re-setting of the bar, it should be pretty exciting to see which pro responds next.

#BIKESTARTUP – The First 3 Steps to Slaying the Manufacturing Dragon and Mass-Producing your Killer Product

Fourteen factories in three weeks: some incompetent, some inhumane, some overpriced, and one excellent.

Fourteen factories in three weeks: some incompetent, some inhumane, some overpriced, and one excellent.

Slava Menn is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Fortified Bicycle. He loves biking, building, entrepreneuring, and teaching. In this monthly series, he shares his team’s hard-learned startup lessons with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our first articles showed you how to ease a pain with a product idea and how to go from idea to prototype. Assuming you’ve proven the concept viable and have a working prototype, it’s time to hit “go”on the production line and manufacture en masse, right? Not so fast – you first have to slay the meanest, nastiest dragon in the startup world: volume manufacturing.

We’ll get into price negotiation, quality control, and supply chain optimization later, but first we must learn to source an honest, quality manufacturing partner to take you from prototype to thousands of products.

Friday Features: Insane Pump Tracks in Thailand, Winter Blues, Foes Mutz, and more…

I think we can all agree that this might be one of the best pump tracks ever built. If not the best, it has to be at least in the top 10 with the others also probably built by Velosolutions. Known for their impressive and super fun designs, Adrien Loron and Claudio Caluori from Velosolutions travel to Aranyaprathet in Thailand to build an epic asphalt pump. Yes please.


Dero Racks Has Fun With New 2015 Bike Racks For Home Or Business


Dero Racks may not be very well known to consumers, but as the supplier for a lot of racking for bike shops, and a lot of creative bike racks for locking up outdoors, you have probably seen their products without even knowing it.

New for 2015, they have some cool racks that start to bridge the gap between business and consumer use. Going into their 20th year in business, they are introducing a few new products that are pretty creative, and look really good, so they might even work for your home.

The Type Rider, shown above is a cool way to build a bike rack, and have some fun. A bike shop could use racks that would double as signage, or you could spell out your name in your front yard, and have a place to lock up your bikes too. Dero products are mostly made-to-order, so there is a huge variety of colors available, and pricing is by quote from their website, since they primarily work with business and industry. Check out the other new ideas after the jump…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Shipley Glen

bikerumor pic of the day Saltaire Rocks in Shipley Glen
Photo submitted by Matt Ogley, “Trials selfie at Saltaire rocks in Shipley glen.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Light and Motion Illuminates your GoPro with Sidekick Companion Lights


If you’ve used an action camera in the woods, you probably have experienced the camera struggling with rapid changes in lighting. Often cruising through areas of intense sunlight only to dip back into the dark tunnel of the woods, even as cameras improve a little extra light couldn’t hurt.

Following in the footsteps of Knog’s Qudos camera light, Light & Motion is hoping to power up their new Sidekick GoPro light. To be available in two different models, one of the Sidekicks will also be useful as a bicycle light in addition to videography. Light & Motion’s first light for the GoPro will also be their first attempt at a Kickstarter – details on why after the break…