SOC 14: On-One’s Wildly Colorful Floater Fat Bike Tires

On One orange fat bike tires (1)

As if fat bike tires weren’t eye catching enough as it is, why not draw even more attention to your fat bike with colors! Available in a perfect shade of orange to match the On-One Fatty, On-One decided to offer their 4″ Floater tire in 4 different shades.

They probably won’t make you any faster, but you’re sure to be noticed…


SOC 14: Lake Launches Heat Moldable Insoles, Fresh CX402s, Plus New Colors for Cross

Lake 402 heat moldable soles carbon fiberglass mx331 black (13)

Almost exactly a year ago, we were sitting at the Lake booth at the Sea Otter Classic listening to the story about how the brand was reinventing itself. Steeped in heritage, Lake has come a long way since their introduction in 1982 with a vastly expanded product line. Now offering an incredible 23 different models, there are 8 road shoes with all of those shoes offered in wide and 7 of those offered in women’s, and 6 shoes available with the 4 bolt Speedplay sole. And that’s just for road. By offering multiple colors, men’s and women’s, standard and wide, and options like the Speedplay sole, Lake wants to make good on their promise of the “ultimate Bikonnection” for everyone.

In 2014/15, there are more options, colors, improves shoes, and a continually expanding dealer network meaning now is as good of time as ever to try on a pair of Lakes…


Verve’s new InfoCrank Power Meter


Announced as early as last spring and shown as recently as Sea Otter, Australian specialists Verve Cycling have opened up a pre-order process for their new power metering cranks. Dubbed InfoCranks, the 110BCD forged aluminum crankset offers a light weight and reasonably (or rather more) affordable way to get left-right balance power data. At a price between 30-50% less than most of its direct competitors, it certainly could make power metering a bit more accessible to the masses.

Join me after the break for release schedule, pricing and some more info…


Momsen Vipa Mountain Bike Gets 1x Specific Frame Update, Plus New Downer Carbon Stem

Momsen Vipa XC race full suspension mountain bike gets 1x specific frame update

South Africa’s Momsen Bikes has been growing rapidly on their home turf, upping the ante with sponsorship of that continent’s first UCI XCO mountain bike team, Kargo Pro MTB.

To keep them at the front of the pack, founder Victor Momsen developed a special edition of the bike for 1x drivetrains only. It’s team issue only for now, but will be offered as a frameset to everyone starting August 2014. A complete bike built will follow for 2015. The main (only) difference is a revised drive side chainstay. Since clearance for multiple and larger chainrings wasn’t necessary, he beefed up the stay to maximize stiffness.

Detail shots and more below…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: The Old Timer

bikerumor pic of the day cyclist

Photo submitted by Marc Perel, ”The old timer. A seasoned soloist. A man who is skilled at the art of keeping himself company while ticking along for hours in the morning light.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

SOC 14: Enduro Shows Off PressFit BB Installation/Removal Tools

ABI Enduro PF bb bottom bracket tool (7)

With new bottom bracket standards comes new tools in order to service them properly. We won’t say that all of the issues that face PressFit bottom brackets are due to improper installation, but it’s more than likely it is sometimes the case. In order to make the installation and removal process as easy as possible, Enduro has updated their BB30 tool to now include PF30, as well as introduced a smaller version for BB86/90/and 92.


SOC 14: Rubbery U Locks from Abus, Plus Helmets?

Abus locks helmets ugrip plus 501 (3)

Locks are one of those products that can be hard to get excited about because, let’s face it – we wish we didn’t have to use them. Since we don’t live in a world of unicorns and rainbows, bike theft happens and we rely on companies like ABUS to keep our bikes safe. Their new mega Ugrip Plus 501 takes the U lock to another level with some interesting tech.

More plus a look at some ABUS helmets after the break…


SOC 14: Effigear Calls in the Cavalerie for new Gear Box Bikes in the US

Effigear belt drive gearbox bike (4)

When the discussion turns to gear boxes, Pinion seems to be getting all the attention these days, but there is another gear box which has been around for some time. Currently being used by companies like Cavalerie and Nicolai, the effigear gear box offers a tuneable range of gears from 6 to 9 speeds. While some of the Cavalerie bikes have only changed slightly in the past few years, they will now be available in the US through Philthy Bikes. Not only are they available, but the company does have a new Enduro bike in the works…


SOC 14: Geax Teases Improved Tire Compounds, New Tires In the Future

SOC 14: Geax Teases Improved Tire Compounds, New Stuff In the Future

Geax are no strangers when it comes to mountain bike tires, but they think they can do better. Citing a big investment in mountain bike tire production, the company is looking into improved rubber compounds that will give their tires better grip. Thanks to their association with Vittoria, Geax tires already run impressively supple casings and the TNT tubeless system works great, which is why they are focusing their attention on the rubber itself.

The company is testing prototypes like his one with an extremely tacky 45 durometer rubber (the lower the number the softer the tire). 45 is soft enough that when your press your fingernail into the tread, the indent stays there for a few seconds. No word on when the new tire compounds might see production, but the story here is that they are working on revamped line up. Rumor has it that new line up might even include a fat bike tire or two…