EB15: Ghost Bikes goes overland (and overboard?) w/ new RO-AMR, plus new PathRiot enduro monster & more!

2016 Ghost RO-AMR overland adventure full suspension mountain bike

Ghost showed us most of their 2016 mountain bike line up in July, centered around the adjustable travel AMR platform that creates three purpose built bikes out of the same frame…all with different travel front and rear.

For Eurobike, they had the next generation enduro bike in their new PathRiot, and this overland adventure concept bike.

It, too, uses the AMR (All Mountain Ride) platform, but loses the ability to switch travel in order to fit the Pinion gear box. They described it as an “indestructible concept bike” and “meant to take to the jungle.”

Travel is 145mm in the rear with a 150mm fork, putting it on par with the Slammer X bike, just far burlier. And with some trick features and capabilities…


SRAM awards gold metals, outfits World Championship contenders’ bikes with special cassettes, chains


Photo: Victor Lucas, provided by SRAM

If you see one of these gold cassettes and chains on a SRAM sponsored rider’s bike, it means two things: First, they’re competing for the World Championships in DH and XC in Vallnords, Andorra. Second, it means you’re there watching them, because after the race, those parts are getting pulled.

The gold finish is aesthetic only, but they’re hoping it provides a bit of a mental edge. The rest of the bikes and outfits will switch from normal team livery to national colors as athletes compete to bring home the title of World Champion to their home country. More pics below…


Video: Cyclocrosser rips down Whistler’s A-Line mountain bike trail

Yohann Barelli shows how it’s done. And to think, we hesitate to bunny hop a barrier. Via Zapiks.fr.

EB15: Bell goes Heavy on MIPS for Commuters, Kids, Women, and More

bell joyride commuter mips kids eurobike 2015 (2)

While the Boba Fett and Stormtrooper helmets may have stolen the show, Bell also had a full range of new helmets that weren’t inspired by Star Wars. Although the new Annex Shield does look pretty futuristic. The top end model of the new commuter line, the Annex Shield is joined by the Annex and the Hub to make riding the mean streets a little more safe and comfortable.

Along with the commuter line, Bell was showing the full line of new women’s helmets, kids helmets, and a new road helmet…


EB15: Praxis Turns Out New Cranks: 1x road, 2D Forged, and Direct Mount; Plus Many More Rings


Big news from Praxis at Eurobike were several all new Turn cranksets, and then this single ring road setup. Built off of the popular and successful hollow forged Zayante crankset, this crank is essentially a new spider developed as a result of rider feedback from those switching to single ring setups for time trials and flat road riding. This new Zayante Sprint crankset has a proprietary 4-bolt 160mm BCD that Praxis developed to maximize chainring stiffness with 48-52T rings. Developed with track cranks in mind, the new crankset combines their M30 spindle and the hollow forged arms of the original crankset for what should be a crank with one of the best stiffness:weight ratios on the market.

Turn the page for three more all-new road and mountain cranks, new 1x mountain ring offerings, and the redesign of the forged Clover road chainrings…


EB15: Bell Goes to the Dark Side with Limited Edition Star Wars Collection

bell star wars helmets danny sun (10)

If you consider yourself a Star Wars fan, then at least at one point in your life you have equated riding bikes in the forest to riding speeder bikes on Endor. Now you can blend your love of Star Wars with bicycles even more with the Limited edition Star Wars collection from Bell helmets. In an official collaboration with Lucasfilm in preparation for the release of the new Star Wars movies, Bell is introducing five new helmets, all of which have limited edition Star Wars graphics inspired by the films.

By the looks of things, the Dark Side had cooler helmets…


Suspension Stems are Back with the Redshift Shockstop for Gravel and Road Rides

Redshift Sports has made some clever designs in the past to allow riders to modify their road bikes for multiple disciplines. They’re at it again with….. you better sit down. It’s a new suspension stem. Though many may have just had Girvin and Softride flashbacks, (man, I miss the 90’s), this takes a whole new approach in not only design, but who this stem is meant for.

Flex on through to reconsider the suspension stem…


EB15: Birzman Guards Against Spray With World’s Most Aero Fender?

birzman fender aerodynamic faster (3)

We’ve come to expect an array of beautiful tools from Birzman, but fenders? That’s a new one. But of course it’s not just any fender. No, that would be way too boring. Instead it’s a fender that tackles a problem most people don’t even consider. As soon as you slap a fender onto your bike, the aerodynamics take a huge hit. If you’re going to run a fender, why not use something that actually makes your bike faster?

Sounds crazy right? But it’s true – Birzman’s new fender is not only a faster fender, but it’s also proven to be faster than certain deep dish aero wheels and they have the wind tunnel testing to prove it…


EB15: Absoluteblack brings 1x, 2x, oval and aero chainrings for road, cyclocross & MTB


The folks at Absolute Black are expanding their oval chainring offerings to include road-ready ovals for 2x drivetrains, aero chainrings for fast single ring setups and more narrow/wide oval options for cyclocross. They’ve also expanded the mountain bike offerings to include Shimano bolt patterns.

The most eye catching product, though, was the aero chainring, which offers an oval shape for 1x applications and a unique spiral groove pattern to brush the air off…