EB14: Roundup – Silverback’s Superbike Concept, Plus Asian Examples, Ti, Carbon & Other Hacks


Outside the exhibit halls were the award winners, among them Silverback’s SBC 29er full suspension race bike. Standing for “Superbike Concept”, it takes their technology to the brink to see what they can do. It’s not their only one, but this one caught our eye for the rather unique suspension design.

The closeups of that are after the break, but there’s more to it than that. The frame uses internal mandrels to help shape it and provide a strong enough base to layup longer strands of carbon. The result is a lighter, stronger and stiffer frame. The rear derailleur cable runs under the downtube in full length housing, and there’s room for a front mech’s cable, too, even though this one’s spec’d with a Race Face Next SL single ring crankset. There’s also a removable front derailleur mount, keeping things clean when you’re running a 1x.

Out back, a replaceable threaded insert fits 12×142 thru axles. On the left, a strut connects the seat- and chainstays to not only provide a rigid braking platform but also cool the rear brake. It’s angled, helping direct air over the rotor to blow heat away. Now, about that suspension…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Sharp-eyed reader Jakub Świderski spotted this prototype Rock Shox fork (above) at Eurobike being put through the paces.
  • Interested in a Great British Cycling adventure? PRIORITY ENTRY for the 2015 Chiltern Cycling Festival is now open. The event will be July 12th 2015. Click here to register.
  • Berlin Bicycle Week – Cyclists Ahead’ Will be held March 16th – 22nd and it kicks off a week-long festival of bicycle culture in Germany’s capital. The event celebrates bicycle culture in all of its variations and serves as the umbrella event for the BERLINER FAHRRADSCHAU.
  • Beti AllRide inspires women of all levels to progress and achieve their goals on the bike. In 2014 nearly 200 women participated in four clinics across the Rocky Mountain Region. To capture the spirit of their events, Beti AllRide is proud to release its first video filmed on location in beautiful Crested Butte, check it out after the break. In addition, Beti AllRide is very excited to announce that they will be expanding east in 2015, bringing mountain bike skills clinics to new territories. More details regarding their upcoming schedule can be found on their website.
  • The Near Miss Project Needs YOU! Help to collect data on cycling incidents that are otherwise unrecorded. The Near Miss Project is hosted at nearmiss.bike, and it is asking as many people as possible to sign up to record a day’s worth of riding within a two-week period.
  • We hope that your forever incident-free on the bike. To help with that, Bike Rags offers cycling t-shirts and gear that are printed with reflective ink. They’re currently taking pre orders on full zip hoodies. www.bikerags.co
  • Cycology Gear, the Australian manufacturers of stylish cycling wear and sports-inspired t-shirts has released a new line of messenger bags. They offer free shipping worldwide so check them out.
  • Since we’re on the topic of style and cycling… Celebrate bikes and fashion with the launch of Hemma Design’s “The Happy Bicycle”! Author Kathy McGee, a Rhode Island Design School alumna, brings her experience creating contemporary, bright, Scandinavian-inspired design through her company Hemma Design to bicycles. www.hemmadesign.com And if you’re in the St Paul, Minnesota area, you can meet Kathy at the launch of her book at Treadle Yard Goods on November 8th.
  • With the holidays just around the corner, consider these very cool hangers from Reynolds. They’re probably the coolest closet hangers ever as they’re built from Reynolds carbon rims. they could just be a perfect everyday gift for any rider.
  • RECALL ALERT: Cane Creek Cycling Components is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall about 5,000 DBinline rear shocks sold in the U.S. because the shocks are marked with graphics that incorrectly identify the adjustment directions for high-speed rebound damping. Click HERE to read the article in Bicycle Retailer. Consumers are also encouraged to contact Cane Creek by emailing them or calling its recall hotline at (844) 490-3663 or (828) 209-4480 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
  • Rolf Prima has launched an all-new website, featuring a Wheel Advisor and Wheel Comparison to help you choose the right wheels for you after answering a few questions.


Ritte Unveils Updated 2015 Crossberg Cyclocross Machine

Ritte Crossberg cyclocross bike cx (5)

While most of the country’s cross inclined are gearing up for a big weekend of racing, Ritte just sent over this chocolate morsel. Stepping in to replace the current Crossberg, the 2015 model sees slight changes to help you reach the podium without going broke.

The 2015 Crossberg continues Ritte’s quest to design a frame that has neutral manners and will fit a wide range of riders. Combining a shorter top tube, 425mm chainstays, and a “tighter than average” front center, the Crossberg claims to be agile yet stable through the entire size range. Still born from aluminum, the frame does make a departure from 6061 for the stiffer 7005 alloy which should handle all the punishment you can dish out.


EB14: New Full Carbon Fiber Bashrings, Chainguides & More from Carbocage


Let’s say you’ve spent your money on a nice crankset or chainring and you want to protect them. Not because you can’t afford a replacement, but because replacing them is such a terrible inconvenience. If that’s your predicament, Carbocage has the solution with several new models of bash guard, bash ring and chain guides.

Above, the universal ISCG05 mount Taco-style bash guards are sized to accommodate different chainring sizes, and they incorporate a topside chain guide, too. On the bottom (cut off) are standalone chain guides and bash guards if you don’t need the combo piece. The chain guide works with E-type BB mounts. Prices range from about €80-160.

Bash on through for more lightweight options…


Video: Campagnolo’s ‘Mr. Ghibli’ Illustrates a Careful Carbon Disc Rear Wheel Assembly

When we tour factories, one of the highlights is catching employees in the act of actually making something. There’s always so much more to the process than we’d imagined, and it’s amazing to see it in person. This little vid from Campy shows off the assembly process for a full disc carbon rear wheel that, sadly, trails off just before revealing how exactly they true it…

From Campagnolo: In an industry that is consistently more high-tech with every passing year and in a time when outsourcing everything seems to be the norm, Campagnolo’s most prized asset are the hands within its very own factory. Mr Ghibli is just one example of how Campagnolo maintains the quality and integrity of its products by producing everything under its own roof through passionate and competent staff. One of the very few companies left who is actually concentrating all of its production in the western world…more specifically the EU, Campagnolo continues to buck current trends not only through innovative product but also through how it produces its fantastic performance componentry.

Mister Ghibli is a unique story that seems better suited to a time in which there was a greater value placed on adding not only quality but passion, pride and soul into each and every product that passed through an artisan’s hands. Passion, pride, soul and hands…ingredients that regrettably are uncommon in the modern production process but thankfully still represent the foundation upon which Campagnolo products are brought to life to this day.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Why Do Tusken Raiders Like Fat Bikes?

bikerumor pic of the day squatch bikes tusken raiders

Answer: Because UrrrRrahrrrrr!

Photo submitted by Squatch Fatbikes.

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Prototype Ritchey Timberwolf Long Travel Hardtail Mountain Bike Spotted

Prototype Ritchey Timberwolf long travel hardtail mountain bike

Photo: Ritchey Logic Facebook Page.

Looks like Ritchey’s expanding their steel mountain bike collection with the new Timberwolf. It’s not the first time it’s been spotted, and we’ve pieced together a few details from comments here and there. Word is it’s designed for a 140mm fork, which means it must get a tapered headtube…and from the looks of these pics, it’s a beauty of one, too!

Other early information includes a 67º head angle / 71.5º seat angle, 180mm rear rotor post mounts, 30.9 seat post and  QR/12×142 convertible dropouts. The pic above shows it on the trail with 27.5×2.35 tires, so it’s got clearance and it’s 650B. This pic and the next popped up on their Facebook Page over the past couple days, but then an anonymous tipster spotted it headed out for a ride, giving us a much closer look at the bike…


New Narrow Wide Oval Chainrings from B-Labs, plus updated C.Guide Eco


Just before Eurobike we had a chance to visit the team behind new component company B|Labs in their headquarters at the base of the Bavarian Alps. One of the first things they were excited to show off was their new non-round/elliptical, narrow-wide single ring mountain bike chainring that they are calling B-ring OVAL. It wasn’t quite ready to ship then, so we’ve been keeping it under wraps, but now they have both 4-bolt and SRAM direct mount spider-less options available.

Hop past the fold for more details on the rings, sizing, pricing, and crankset compatibility, plus their upgraded chain retention device….


Gamut USA Announces New Athlete Sponsorship Program

Gamut Sponsorship

We hear it all the time – “how do I get sponsored?” If you’ve been thinking that or think you have what it takes to be a sponsored athlete (hint, it’s more than just being good at bikes) then you should take a look at Gamut USA’s newly announced athlete sponsorship program. Gamut is now accepting applications on both Gamutusa.com and Hookit.com for the 2015 riding season. Available to riders at all sponsorship levels and product categories, their recent announcement of the acquisition of Point One racing means if you do get sponsored, you’ll be hooked up with some pretty sweet gear.