Review: Lupine Rotlicht Auto Brake Light and Neo Headlamp

 Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_illuminated Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_off

A few weeks back we wrote about Lupine’s new App-based setup of their headlamps which takes away the chore of adjusting your light with a single button and a convoluted series of clicks. While that is certainly a helpful move for their high-end trail riding lights, we spent last fall/winter testing some of the more everyday/commuting products that we saw last year at the show.

Now with the days getting shorter in the northern hemisphere, we’ve started to ride home from the office in the dark again, so thought to get some reviews out on the Rotlicht and Neo for those gearing up for the darker months. We have been quite happy with the Rotlicht to the extent that it has been on or near a bike all year, and now with evening commuting and riding the Neo has been charged up and is back on a helmet. Follow us past the break to see how the two have gotten us through the nights…


EB15: Gokiso builds complete wheels out of their amazing suspended hubs, plus titanium hubs & road bikes

Gokiso carbon fiber clincher road bike wheels

Japanese brand Gokiso has added to their remarkably smooth micro suspension hubs, creating their own carbon fiber clincher road rims built into complete wheels.

The combination results in something they claim has extremely low inertia, requiring just 0.5g of force to start them rolling. That means they’ll spool up faster for quick acceleration and less effort to keep them rolling fast. Part of their ongoing energy savings comes from a unique inner bead shape that brings the tire much closer to the edge of the rim and creates a wide, stable tire shape.

Check it out, along with some new hubs and an absolutely gorgeous titanium bicycle from a partner brand…


IB15: Speedplay Syzr MTB Pedal Finally Cutting Trail, Zero Aero Helps Set the Hour Record

speedplay aero pedals syzr mtb pedal (4)

It’s certainly been a long road, but the Speedplay Syzr is finally here. First shown as a prototype as far back as Interbike 2009, with each iteration Speedplay kept finding areas they wanted to improve upon. Knowing that the Syzr not only had to work, but work better than most of the competition right off the bat made designing the pedal no easy task. However, like all good things Speedplay promises it’s worth the wait…


IB15: GT Bicycles shows off pristine Pro Freestyle RAD Movie replica bike


As RAD celebrates its 30th anniversary, GT Bicycles was lucky enough to have a fan reach out to say they had a restored Pro Freestyle like the one in the movie and ask if they’d be interested in displaying it in their Interbike booth. Sure, why not, right? But sight unseen, expectations were cautiously optimistic. No one had any idea it would be a damn perfect replica of the 1986 bike from the movie.

Check out a few detail pics and other highlights from their BMX line, below…


Project Disc Cross: Ritchey WCS Cross Disc fork and aluminum WCS cockpit – Long-term test


Last week we took a look at a project bike which had been upgraded to disc brakes last winter for cyclocross season, before it got to spend the warmer weather all-around gravel and trail exploring. The bike served to give us the chance to torture test the SRAM Red Hydro R group that we reviewed last week. It’s also become a test mule for things like chainrings, tires, and different wheelsets, with more tests with it on the way. This time though, we focus on the one component that started the disc-brake conversion in the first place, the full carbon Ritchey WCS Disc Cross fork that we first spotted in Taipei. Then, since we’ve been happy with Ritchey Logic components on other personal bikes, we were happy to add a WCS cockpit to the bike by way of a Vector saddle and WCS aluminum seatpost, stem, and handlebars. Join us after the break for a walk-through of the disc brake conversion and our detailed piece-by-piece thoughts on the individual components…


IB15: GT brings entry level action with new Verb full suspension mountain bike, plus 25th Anniversary Zaskar!


On the one hand, GT had their new carbon 27.5″ Zaskar hardtails with spec running all the way up to carbon cranks and 1×11 groups. On the other, they had new budget 27.5″ full suspension trail bikes and a $2,999 Fury DH bike.

But it was all led by this special edition Zaskar presented to the legendary Hans Rey as a celebration of his long (30 years in 2016!) tenure with the brand. His new bike is Number One of 100 special edition bikes being made, none of which will be for sale. They’re all earmarked for special events, people and occasions, so it’s only fitting that one of the world’s best extreme riders gets #001.

Fortunately for fans of the triple triangle design, there is a very well spec’d model that is for sale, along with the full sussers for any budget…


Selle San Marco Relaunches Dirty MTB Line with First Use of D3O for Saddles

selle san marco dirty d30 saddles mtb (5)

Eurobike marked the celebration for Selle San Marco’s 80th birthday. To celebrate, the brand was showing off their fully revitalized mountain bike saddles. If the Dirty line sounds familiar, you probably remember their previous saddles which weren’t exactly subtle.

Fortunately, the new Dirty saddles are much more subdued in the graphics department, but more importantly they boast an entirely new technology for Selle San Marco, and supposedly the saddle industry as a whole. Taking a look at the inside of the saddle as well as outside, Dirty should make riding more comfortable with the help of D3O…


IB15: Barfly Now Mounting Fenders and Grips to you bike, Plus new Carbon and Aluminum Computer Mounts

Barfly IB15-9

Barfly, the company that developed one of the first ever out front mounts for the popular Garmin computers has expanded their line to an impressive number of offerings in just a very short 4 years. Adding to the recent release of their new SLi mounts we saw at this year’s Sea Otter, Barfly is adding even more mount options including carbon, and has expanded into fenders and grips.

Fly past the break and see how many more things you can mount to your bike now….


California Governor signs bill legalizing e-bikes on the streets, bike paths


Rockets like the Haibike e-Road Bike now have a home in California.

California, a state that tends to influence policy and law in many other U.S. states anytime it makes changes, has codified and legalized electric-assist bicycles for use on various paved surfaces.

Depending on how fast the bike’s assistance goes, e-bikes whose motor assistance caps out at 20mph will be allowed on bicycle paths. Those that reach 28mph of assisted pedaling will be allowed on the roads with the same rights and responsibilities as traditional cyclists. That means no more licensing and other restrictions that apply to mopeds and scooters will affect the use of e-bikes. It’s worth noting that local officials will have the final say on which paths will allow which version, but it provides a framework that many other states are likely to adopt in short order.

The bill does nothing to cover e-mountain bikes, and it only mentions to e-bikes with a pedal assist rather than a throttle that keeps you moving without any human powered input. Full PR below…