EB14: Projekt MRSC – Electronically Controlled Full-suspension Road Prototype from Canyon


In an effort to combat rider fatigue from road surface vibration and ensure all of the cyclist’s energy is put to forward motion, Germany’s Canyon bikes have introduced a smart full-suspension road bike prototype at Eurobike. The concept bike dubbed Projekt MRSC Connected ( for Magneto-Rheological Suspension Control) is a move in the direction to highlight a design focus on comfort, as lightness and stiffness have continue to progress almost exclusively at the high-end. Canyon feels strongly that more comfort means higher performance, and has incorporates their own VCLS Technology (Vertical Comfort, Lateral Stiffness) into their frames for several years. The Projekt MRSC is a next iteration in expanding this tech.

Canyon’s engineering team sees constant road vibration as the next biggest cause of rider fatigue beyond pedaling effort. As the back and leg muscles undergo stress to counteract road impacts and stabilize the bike, rider comfort decreases and with it endurance and speed. The vibration also breaks the bike’s contact with the road and its intended path, consuming unnecessary energy.The MRSC system proposed an active bike frameset to enhance comfort and handling, with less energy input.

Join us after the break for a detailed look at the bike, how it works, and how it stays connected…


EB14: Kenda Juggernaut Fat Bike Tire, Honey Badger DH & Kountach Endurance Road Get Official


We’ve seen quite a bit of these “new” tires from Kenda by now, with the mountain bike tires popping up at Taipei Bike show in March and Sea Otter in April. And the Kountach Endurance road tire was shown in great detail at Interbike 2013. But, now, we have full production details for all and weights for most.

Heretofore, the Juggernaut had only really been seen in Sport trim, which, uh, sports a wire bead. Eurobike brought out mention of a Pro version with folding bead, too. While the tread resembles some of their standard mountain bike tires, it’s actually inspired by Kenda’s Millville 2 motocross tire. Tread blocks are tied together to make them a bit sturdier while also providing a bit of a paddle effect for mud and snow. They’ll come in 26×4.0 and 26×4.5 in both versions. The only claimed weight so far is for the Sport 4.0 at 1,360g (+/-50g).

Drop in for more pics and the dirt on the HB DH and more…


Specialized Releases Limited Edition Steel Allez

2015 Limited Edition Steel Specialized Allez Road Bike Frame_10

The Big S is turning 40 and to celebrate, they’re doing what they do best, building a beautiful limited edition frame. This time, the company has turned their attention to the Allez.

Working with Mark DiNucci, one of the original Specialized frame builders, they’ve reexamined every tube, lug, and braze-on to create a totally modern steel frame. Starting September 8th, the company will auction off 74 frames, which were built in the same factory as the original. Once they’re sold, Specialized will never sell or produce the replica frameset again.

As an added bonus, 100% of the proceeds from the frame sales will go to World Bicycle Relief. Head past the break for more photos and the full press release.


EB14: New Quarq Elsa RS Power Meters for Shimano 4-Arm Hollowglide Chainrings

Quarq Dura-Ace DA9000 power meter crankset

Quarq has added another option to their crank spider based power meter offerings. Already stocking units for a variety of SRAM cranksets (including the new XX1 mountain bike version) Specialized and Cannondale, now you can add Dura-Ace DA9000 to the mix.

The unit gets all the new technology introduced with the XX1 model, including the multipoint temperature calibration to keep it accurate from 0º to 130º F (-17C to 54C) and accelerometer based cadence measurements. Those combine with their usual features – OmniCal (maintains accuracy regardless of chainring selection) and Power Balance (captures left and right side strokes independently).

You will have to swap to their ExoGram hollow carbon crank arm, but if you’ve already got the Shimano crankset, then at least you won’t have to buy new chainrings. Yes, SRM has offered 11-speed DA power meter cranks since last fall with a version of Shimano’s crank to maintain the aesthetic, but they’re double the price…


EB14: All New Cannondale Slice Triathlon Bike Debuts, Plus CAAD10 Track Bike & Budget Road Racer

2015 Cannondale Slice Black Inc triathlon bike

The all new Cannondale Slice triathlon bike will formally debut at Ironman World Championships Kona in October, but we’ve got a first look at the top model, the Slice Black Inc.

Goals were to reduce weight as much as possible, add aero efficiency and make it more comfortable. Compared to the outgoing model, they don’t have final wind tunnel data but they’re saying it’s significantly improved. That was done by making the frontal profile narrower, reshaping the fork legs, and smoothing the fork crown to downtube transition.

Those aero changes were the obvious ones. It’s the other little tweaks that make it unique -and UCI illegal- along with the impressive frame weight…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Vapor Trail 125 – Salida, CO

bikerumor pic of the day alpine tunnel trail salida colorado

Photo submitted by Andrea Wilson, “This photo is an old train station on the Alpine Tunnel trail near Salida, Colorado. It sits at about 11k feet, just below the first of several mountain passes on the course of the upcoming Vapor Trail 125 race (Sept. 6-7). I’m from Memphis, TN, and I’ve been in the area pre-riding and acclimating.”

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Review Showdown: NiteRider Stinger USB VS Cateye Rapid X Taillights

NiteRider Stinger USB Taillight

With the kids back to school, cyclocross season starting, and summer ending, it’s time to bust out the commuter lights again.  Personally, I prefer easy to mount lights that recharge via USB and have good battery life.  The NiteRider Stinger USB and the Cateye Rapid X fit the bill.

Flash past the break for the reviews.


EB14: THM’s New Clavicula SE Crankset Drops More Weight


THM debuted the newest iteration of their superlight carbon fiber crankset at Eurobike – the Clavicula Sine Exceptione, following on their latin naming this one sticks with the clavicle/collar bone name with a ‘without exception‘ subtitle. Certainly nothing was spared in this design either. The entire crank is made of carbon fiber with only the pedal inserts and clamping bolt being alloys. The big feature to note here is that carbon fiber spindle with THM’s standard spline interface molded in, and the new-in-carbon clamping surface on the lefthand crank arm. Read on to see how much weight they saved and where they are going next…


Review: Fuji’s Elite XC Racer – The SLM 29 1.1

Fuji SLM 29 1.1 Drive Side

Photo Credit: Mitch Lomacz

Since the 1970’s, Fuji has been a mainstay brand in the US cycling scene.  The American owned, Japanese brand has impressed us with their Altamira SL.  The release of their well designed Transonic aero road frame and Tri  / TT  Norcom Straight have shown the company is forging  ahead with innovation and good design on the road.

Enough about the road though, we are here to talk about their latest endeavor on the dirt.  The Fuji SLM 29 1.1 aims to be a podium topping XC race bike out of the box.  The bike is adorn with XTR, a claimed 1000g carbon frame, tubeless ready wheels, carbon cockpit, and a Fox 32 Float 100mm fork.  It sounds like a solid recipe, but you’ll have to make the jump to find out.