Louis Garneau Unveils 2015 Dream Factory Custom Paint Program

Dream Factory 2015 options 2

Even when you’re buying a bike “off the rack” in terms of geometry and spec, custom paint can’t be overlooked in terms of cycling panache. Whether you’re trying to match your team kit, your favorite sports team, or just your favorite colors, LG is continuing to bring custom creations to life for 2015. Their Dream Factory Custom Paint Program ranks among a few other companies offering custom paint on a large scale in spite of the logistical concerns to make it work.

In 2015, the program applies to five different bikes in a number of builds, including framesets. Details on the Dream Factory next…


Red Bull Showcases Backyard Ingenuity With The Fettler Series, Demonstrating 3D Printed Carbon Fiber & More

Red Bull is featuring a bunch of home-made bikes in their Fettler video series. Red Bull explains that a Fettler is “an individual craftsman or group of craftsmen committed to achieving perfection via hands-on moulding, sculpting and working of raw materials. Typically found in sheds.”

Adrian Smith uses 3D printing technology to manufacture make carbon fiber bikes in his shed. He starts by printing the cores for his designs, and then lays carbon fiber over the core to create a solid, structural object.

Design software is becoming easy to use and attainable for most people, and 3D printers can be had for just a few hundred dollars. Smith’s built his own 3D printer up from parts to keep it really cheap. Since starting, he has used his design skills, printer and carbon fiber fabric to build XC and Downhill bikes under the Carbon Wasp brand name in Leeds, UK.

Take a look after the jump for the first in the series about Michael Thompson’s 1000 hour investment into a wooden bike…


Pro Bike: GCN Checks out Peter Sagan’s new Specialized S-Works Venge

Sagan Bike Specialized

GCN, or the Global Cycling Network is quickly becoming one of the go-to sources for cycling related videos, especially since they get access to bikes like Peter Sagan’s new Specialized. After moving from Cannondale to the Tinkoff Saxo team this year, Sagan traded in his Super Six Evo for a Specialized S-Works Venge. Along with the change in frame comes almost a complete changed in components. Check out the full video from GCN after the break…


LEAFXPRO Bicycle Umbrella Leaves You Dry and Protected

LeafXPro bicycle umbrella fender bubble (1)

To be entirely honest, it will probably be awhile before products like the LEAFXPRO catch on in the U.S. Far more likely to succeed in countries where infrastructure is built around cycling as a true form of transportation, not just an afterthought, LEAFXPRO is the next evolutionary step in protection from the elements. Almost certain to draw some stares, a bicycle umbrella is as it sounds – a protective barrier from the wind and rain. Only, this umbrella is attached to the bike so you don’t have to ride with one hand and fight with an umbrella at the same time.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like the LEAFXPRO either as you couldn’t step foot outside Eurobike without running into similar contraptions. Where the LEAFXPRO stands out though, is in the aerodynamic design and modular construction. It may look funny, but the bicycle umbrella should keep you dry if you choose to use it…


Shaun Palmer signs new team, puts them on e*thirteen & Magura


I remember as a teenager reading Mountain Bike Action, and seeing Shaun Palmer’s Troy Lee painted Intense, and thinking that it had to be the coolest bike in the world. It may still be.

Now, more than 18 years later, Shaun is getting the band back together. Last fall Palmer announced his return to Intense, and today he is back on Magura. Also adding in newcomer e*thirteen (who didn’t even exist on the first round of Palmer greatness), the sponsor list for the team headed by the legend is rounding out well.


“As a member of Intense Cycles, Palmer will be riding Magura’s pro team issue yellow MT7 NEXT four piston brakes that have been highly praised by the media since their introduction last year. One of Palmers responsibilities with Intense is to scout, form and train an elite team of JRs, who will also be on Magura mounted Intense rigs. “We are so happy to have Shaun back on Magura’s and helping him with his JR team’s efforts,” said Magura USA’s President, Jeff Enlow. Palmer says, “Magura was one of my first sponsors when I broke onto the MTB race scene. The brakes then were the best anywhere, so I’m really stoked to be back with them now and on their new generation brakes.”


“E*thirteen would like to introduce the newest addition to our 2015 roster. Shaun Palmer and Intense will be joining our team of racers and bringing some of the best junior racers in the world with them on e*thirteen cranksets, guiderings, and brand new chainguides.”

Keep an eye on this team. With a solid backing of manufacturers, a legend at the helm, and the promise of new young talent joining on, they could be a force in the 2015 race season.

Review: ProTi FFR Titanium Bolts Save Weight, Increase Strength Through Forging


When trying to squeeze the very last bit of weight and performance out of a bike, some people turn to titanium bolts. Being just 56% of the density of steel, titanium can cut a lot of weight out the large amount of steel bolts that hold your bike together, yet Ti can be weaker when cut into bolts, giving safety concerns.

ProTi has a solution for that. By forging the bolt and not cutting it, the metal aligns itself with the end product better, creating a part that has all the weight savings of titanium, but retains the strength of a steel bolt. We took a first look at them in November, and recently picked up a kit to see how they stack up.

Ti bolts do not come cheap. ProTi’s FFR technology makes these some of the most expensive, but the forging makes them stronger so they can be used in more places. Take a look inside to see the cost vs weight savings, and decide for yourself if they can help make you faster…


Bontrager Aero Road Bike Helmet Tested at Tour Down Under


The 2015 Tour Down Under seemed to be the testing ground for several brands of aero helmets, including Bontrager’s potential entry into the market, Ballista.

Bontrager’s Ballista helmet features three large ports on the front side, channeling air inwards, with two trick looking, sculpted vents on top to allow air to flow through. On the rear of the helmet, you’ll find three exit ports, providing a nice flow of air front to rear, across one’s cranium.

You’ll have to pardon the quality of a few of these photos. They were snapped with a humble cell phone camera, as a soigneur impatiently looked on…


Knight Composites takes shadowy flight into drag-fighting aero carbon wheels

Knight Composites 65mm deep aero road bike wheels

If you’re looking for the fastest aero wheels in the world, keep your scanners peeled for pro triathlete Heather Jackson aboard her new Knight Composites carbon fiber hoops this year.

Who’s Knight Composites? Oh, only the new brand intent on making the fastest bicycle wheels ever. Considering the massive interest in improved aerodynamics leading the development cycle at major brands like Mavic, Reynolds and ENVE (among many, many more), that’s a tall order.

So, they began by looking at the wheel as part of the whole bike because, well, you can’t have one without the other. Their testing revealed that the trailing edge had a more profound impact on overall aerodynamics than the leading edge…and by “trailing edge”, they’re mainly talking about the back half of the front wheel. So, they developed what they call Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation (TEAM) Tech.

But first, they had to assemble their team…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fatbiking Finland

bikerumor pic of the day Fatbiking on a frozen sea in Finland

Photo submitted by Jaakko Toppari, “Fatbiking on a frozen sea in Finland.”

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