Plus Sized Gets Squishy with New Manitou Magnum Pro, Sun Ringle Plus Rims and Hubs


It may seem like plus size bikes are just now springing up overnight, but for the new Manitou Magnum the project has been in the works for the past 18 months. Billed as the first purpose built suspension fork for plus size tires, Manitou wanted to be sure that the end product performed just as well if not better than any of their other options. In order to prove that bigger is indeed better, Manitou designed the fork from the ground up, rather than just stretching a 29er fork to fit.

At this point the inclusion of Boost sizing for the axle spacing should come as no surprise and as expected the Magnum touts all of the benefits we’ve heard to this point. Wider spacing results in wider hub flanges and improved spoke bracing angles for a stronger and stiffer front wheel. The added room also boosts tire clearance allowing for a 3.4″ tire in both a dedicated 27.5 and 29″ chassis. Unlike the Rockshox Bluto which started with 32mm stanchions, the Magnum goes with 34mm tubes hinting towards the aggressive nature of the fork.

Plus sized wheels and tires have been gaining momentum, but now with a proper suspension fork we expect them to really gain some traction…

SOC15: Hutchinson could take cyclocross tires wider for gravel, plus changes to road tires coming

Hutchinson Piranha cyclocross tires could go wide for gravel road bikes

According to some of the folks at Hutchinson, the Piranha 2 cyclocross tire is fairly popular here in the States, but HQ in France (home country of the brand) might want to discontinue it. However, not only is the U.S. team lobbying to keep availability but to get the pattern expanded to 40mm widths for gravel road bikes. The tread pattern certainly looks well suited to that use.


SOC15: Garmin makes power meter pedals easier to install w/ Vector 2.0

Garmin’s Vector 2 power meter pedal system has received a slight update to make it a bit more durable and a little easier to install.

Gone are the washers, replaced with a hinged clamp that simply wraps around the pedal spindle and bolts into place. That makes the pedal pods easier to line up in the correct position.

The pods themselves are made of a new, tougher material that’s the same as their out front mounts. They say that resin is actually tougher than the original alloy mounts. It wasn’t a matter of toughness under impact, because you’re not really going to hit them on anything if they’re positioned properly…it was more about holding up to repeated removal and installation.


SOC15: ENVE raises the bar for DH, widens XC and trail handlebars, plus new Garmin mount integration

After seeing Greg Minnaar and Syndicate riders using spacers under their direct mount stems, sometimes up to 50mm of additional stack, ENVE’s engineers started thinking. To make things safer and eliminate the use of long bolts that are seeing a lot of shear force, they thought a high rise DH bar would be a much better option.

And here it is, at the top of the display. Width is 810mm, rise is 46mm, upsweep 5° and backsweep is 9°. Weight is 267g. $175, same as the DH bar.


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Valmont Bike Park, Boulder Colorado

bikerumor pic of the day valmont bike park in boulder colorado. pump track four year old!

Photo submitted by Bryan Ortiz, “This is my 4 year old son, Grady ‘boostin it’ at Valmont Bike Park, Boulder Colorado. Grady is an awesome little shredder who loves to rip dirt jumps, pump track and slopestyle with his bike park buddies.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

SOC15: Oakley looking up with new Radar EV cycling sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV extended view cycling sunglasses

Following the oversized debut of the (debut of the oversized?) Jawbreaker sunglasses designed with Mark Cavendish, the new Oakley Radar EV take the extended view design and apply it to one of their more popular sports shades.

They bent the bridge and added a little more lens to fill the area at the top, effectively extending the field of view at the top a few millimeters. The idea is that you’re not sitting up straight peering with level eyes on the bike. We’re typically bent over, with eyeballs tilted up, so the extra lens at at the top helps you see better in the cycling position.

Those aren’t the only changes, though…


Trek Gorges on Fatter Tires with All New Mid Fat Stache and New 26×5″ and 27.5×4″ Wheeled Farley Fat Bikes

Trek stache mid fatIMG_6324

After all the buzz around wider boost hubs leading up to Sea Otter, we weren’t surprised to see a new bike from Trek to take advantage of the added tire clearance. What we weren’t expecting from Wisconsin was an entirely new range of plus/mid-fat/and fat bikes with (even) more new tire sizes.

It’s getting to the point that just calling a bike “fat” doesn’t really mean that much. What started as basically just a 3.7″ tire has morphed into an increasing number of sizes that now will include even a 27.5″ fat. The way trek sees it, tire sizes from 2.8-3.25″ fall into the plus/mid-fat category while 3.25-5″ tires qualify as fat. Then there is the wheel size itself. Originally limited to 26″ hoops, now riders have the choice between 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels with varying rim widths.

Why so many? Well, as the fat bike continues to evolve, so does the manner in which they are ridden. While the Stache is what Trek thinks of as the “trail hardtail perfected,” the Farley gets broken down into different groups depending on the intended terrain. The stratification of the fat tires is intend to ultimately provide the most fun bike possible…


SOC15: All-new Felt FX TeXtreme Cyclocross bikes get lighter, stiffer & hotter – plus updated Compulsion mountain bikes

2016 Felt F1X TeXtreme carbon fiber disc brake cyclocross bike

After a couple years of iterative updates to their FX carbon cyclocross bikes, Felt has wiped the drawing board clean and created all-new, disc brake only bikes ready to go fast and get dirty.

The very top of the line is the F-FRD (Felt Racing Development), whose frame comes in at just 850g and is sold as a frameset only. More on that one in a minute. Immediately below it is the F1X, which continues Felt’s use of TeXtreme carbon fibers to make the bike lighter and stiffer. Its frame tips the scales at just 950g. And for 2016, that same frame is used on the lower level F3X and F4X level bikes, and all four share the same new 400g fork.

On the prior version, they had morphed the bike from their cantilever brake model over the years, which meant there was still a bridge on the seatstays, and the rear brake caliper was on the outside of the seatstay. To boost comfort, they reworked it to be disc specific and put the caliper inside the rear triangle. That let them do away with the bridge and create one long, thin seatstay that has some intentional compliance planned into the layup…


SOC15: Vittoria shows prototype tubeless & tubular mountain bike tires

2016 Vittoria Mezcal 3 xc mountain bike tire

Vittoria had a few prototypes sitting on team bikes at their booth, right out in front of the new Jafaki, Barzo and Peyote treads they showed off at Taipei Cycle Show.

The upcoming Vittoria Mezcal 3 will replace the original, which was very similar to the Hutchinson Python because they were designed by the same person. Now, it has an alternating center ridge rather than the more semi-slick type pattern from before. The knobs are small and consistent across the width of the tire, and the side knobs are slightly larger with more surface area to have better cornering grip on hard pack.

Expect it to come in around 500g for the tube-type 27.5 x 2.25, their tubeless TNT casing will be a bit heavier. It’ll be available in a 29er, too.