This Memorial Day Pick Up an Amazing deal on a U.S. Made Turner DHR


Earlier today we touched on a few bicycle related sales in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, but not much will top this. Turner is offering a special holiday deal that starts with more than half off the price of an American made DHR downhill mountain bike frame. Usually the frame alone will run you $3,195, but for this weekend the ano green or ano orange frame with black decals can be had for just $1,495 in M-XL frame sizes (frame only). Rear shocks can be added starting with the Fox DHX RC2 for just $100 with other options including the RC4 Kashima, Cane Creek DB Coil, and BOS Stoy Rare Coil for $300-400 on top of the $1,495 frame only price.

The same goes for the front suspension with the Fox 40 Kashima, Boxxer WC, and BOS Idylle Rare Air all available for an additional $900 each. That means with a Fox DHX RC2 and any one of the forks, pricing for a frameset starts at just $2,495. Built with a 150x12mm rear end, 210mm of DW link suspension, and an anodized aluminum frame with ISCG 05 tabs, the time is now to get ready for your favorite bike park to open.

Plzen World Cup Cycle Ball Pro Bike Check – Round 1 Winners Simon Konig and Florian Fischer


So as we head into the next month or so of featuring Pro Bike Checks from the first mountain bike rounds of the UCI World Cups in XC and DH, I thought I’d start off with something a bit more unique. Last weekend we headed out to the first UCI World Cup in the indoor cycling sport of Cycle Ball in Plzen, Czech Republic, where ten 2-man teams from six nations competed in the somewhat bizarre but amazingly impressive show of balance, bike control, and precision. The Austrian pair of Simon König and Florian Fischer on team RC Höchst 2 dominated in everyone of their tournament matches on the day on their Star Bicycle Radball Premium+ bikes.

Hop past the break for some more of these purpose-built bikes….


Test the Velocite Syn aero road bike & keep the frame for a steal

Velocite Syn aero disc brake road bike

In February, Velocite announced their stunning new Syn aero road bike, and now they want you to help test it. The current version is in its third round of prototype testing, but they’re looking for real world rider feedback. That is, if your real world involves riding about 200 miles per week and you’re willing to provide back and forth communication on the bike.

If so, you can nab a preproduction frameset for $699 plus shipping and ride it for as long as you want (forever, even). Should you ever want to upgrade to a proper production frameset, that $699 would be applied toward full retail on a new frame.

The frames are fully EN tested and ride ready, and founder Victor Major says they’ve probably been more extensively tested than many production carbon bikes on the market today. Interested? Check out their blog post for details on applying and ordering, then slip past the break for hands on photos of the frame from this year’s Taipei Cycle Show…


Velo Shows Off Expanded Angel Range with More Padding or Less Weight

Velo saddles  (2)

Velo is already one of the largest saddle producers in the world, but most of their business comes from making saddles that end up with another name on them. As part of a continuing push into aftermarket products of their own, Velo has a complete new range of Angel saddles that sit at the upper end of the product spectrum. First introduced in Taipei, the new Angel line builds on their wing concept which uses longer rails and leaf spring-like Arctech attachment points to create a saddle that is far more flexible than a traditional shell.

Even though that means the saddles can get away with less padding and still be comfortable, Velo is still adding some extra padding to a few models for a little more give…

Forget ceramic, Coo Space loses the grease to get 10x less bearing friction!

coo space greaseless bearings have 10x less friction

Thus far, we’ve all had to rely on some sort of lubrication in our bearings to keep the balls spinning freely. Why? It’s not because of the inner and outer surfaces. It’s all because we’ve relied on cages in between them to keep each ball bearing separated from its neighbor.

That prevents the balls from rotating against each other and slowing things down, but it also adds friction.

Now, Japanese company Coo Space has developed an entirely new inside surface that separates the balls without the need for a cage. And without any grease, lube or oil.

Check it out in the video below that’ll leave your head spinning…and spinning…and spinning…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Memorial Day Sales

  • FitWell Bicycle Company is Having A Sale – Through Friday the 29th, all bikes are 30% off MSRP and you won’t pay shipping. FitWell produces bicycles that offer a great fit, stability and value with a clean aesthetic for riders that just want to go out and ride. Visit to see the great deals no some cool bikes.
  • TWIN SIX // MEMORIAL DAY SALE – 16% off all orders under $66 and 26% Off all orders over $66. Sale ends on May 25th at midnight. Visit for the deals.


How Rumbleship is changing the relationship between brand & local bike shop


Personally, I’m fascinated by anyone that can create a new business model for an existing industry and change the way it operates, improving or creating opportunities for others to succeed while making a living for themselves. In business and running for two years, Rumbleship has been steadily building an alternate supply chain and ensuring that their back end system would run smoothly as they grew. Now, they’re starting the outreach to build awareness among retailers. That growth, and a chance encounter at Sea Otter, led to this story.

Rumbleship’s raison d’etre is “to serve the independent bike dealer,” said Alex Lugosch, co-founder. “We’re a marketplace for brands and dealers, and we make money on interest from the loans to retailers. The twist is that the dealers aren’t paying the interest, the brand is by offering a small discount off their invoice to Rumbleship. So, it’s not a sales commission because Rumbleship pays the brand immediately after the order is placed and then floats the money until the retailer pays the invoice. Rumbleship takes all the risk and covers all credit card fees.

So, what’s the benefit to independent bike shop? To the brands? Lots of things…


Limited Edition “Audi Sport Racing Bike” by Lightweight Available Now

audi sport racing bike carbon (3)

What do Lightweight bicycle components and Audi’s R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 race car have in common? For starters both employ the use of T1000 carbon fiber. That, and they both include a hefty price tag. First teased back in March, Audi’s Sport Racing bike is gaining a lot of attention lately – mostly due to the price tag. That’s understandable considering the €17,500 ($19,500) sticker, but hey, it’s still $12k cheaper than the Lamborghini Aventador BMC Impec.

Sure, the Audi Sport Racing Bike is expensive, but considering the top tier build on the Lightweight wheels and frame, it’s not that surprising…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Jasper National Park – Alberta, Canada

bikerumor pic of the day bike ride in Jasper National Park, alberta, canada

Photo submitted by Matt Staneland, “A beautiful, calm morning in the Rocky Mountains of Jasper National Park, on my way up to the Miette Hot Springs which will host the a finish of this years Tour of Alberta.”

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