No More Mud In Your Face With RockGuardz Evo2 Carbon Fiber Fender


Rockguardz, makers of carbon fiber fenders for mountain bikes, wanted to improve on their short length guard, and give it the performance of a longer guard. The shorter ones were popular for racing since they stayed out of the way, but didn’t provide as much coverage. By looking into the reasons why, they have brought out the Evo2, having the protection performance of a large coverage fender with the size of a small fender.

Rockguardz isn’t new, they have been making great carbon fiber covers for your down tube, and other fenders from carbon fiber, and getting their start by advertising on eBay.

Matt Walker, downhill rider for the Saracen development team helped with the research on getting this performance. They mapped out the tangents that mud flies off the front wheel, and insured this small fender would keep it out of the eyes of the rider.  Jump after the break to find out the story…


Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt Leaves your Old HRM in the Cold


When a heart rate monitor just won’t cut it, there is a new crop of “smart shirts.” More than simply a heart rate monitor, Hexoskin’s Smart Shirts use built in sensor technology to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV), breathing rate, minute ventilation, Heart Rate Recovery, Cadence, even an estimated Vo2 max and more.

Originally available in tank top form only, the new Hexoskin Arctic is much better suited to cold weather pursuits. Claimed to be used by NASA, CSA, and CNES for training purposes, Hexoskin reported collects 42,000 data points per minute. Does this signal a big change in training for the cycling industry? Details next…


First Look: Box Components 35mm MTB Cusp Stem and Carbon X Bar

box bar 2

Box Components has been teasing us for a while with some great looking mountain bikes components that while very intriguing, weren’t yet available to the public. The fact that we have a set of the Box X Bars and Cusp stem in our possession is big news for the company as they expand from their roots in BMX to the world of mountain biking. Not that the company lacks mountain biking heritage – after all, it is founded by the Toby Henderson.

Borrowing from their line of award winning BMX bars and stems, the first Box mountain bike cockpit aims straight for the top with a 35mm carbon bar and matching 3D forged aluminum stem. On paper the combination should be competitive in both weight and price. Full details including actual weights next… READ MORE ->

Found: Galfer Brake Rotors & Pads from Spain

galfer wave disc brake rotor for mountain bikes

Galfer is a Spanish company that’s been making brake pads since 1947, mostly for automotive and moto. Along the way, they branched into bicycle parts, where they’re better known in Europe with plenty of OEM placement. Now, they’re starting to make a name for themselves stateside.

Their Disc Wave rotors are made of a high carbon steel that’s laser cut and double circular ground. Visually, they look similar to Ashima’s featherweight rotors, but the thicker stalks and slightly smaller holes suggest there’s more material here to help capture and dissipate the heat, and they do claim heat management is excellent. The weights back that up, with them coming in 20g to 30g heavier than a comparably sized Ashima rotor…but they’re by no means heavy. The 160mm Galfer Wave rotor comes in at a claimed 99g, which is 14g lighter than the new SRAM Centerline rotors. So, they’re on the lighter side of normal, which makes them a good option for road and cyclocross, too.

The wave pattern is a patented design they created in the 90′s and refers to the outer edges’ wave-like pattern. They say it helps the rotor stay cleaner and cooler. They’re all made in Spain in Galfer’s own factory, too. They’re 1.8mm thick, and they say they remain quiet and vibration free, work great in dry and wet and have a corrosion resistant finish. The best part? Retail is just $30 to $35!

Now for the pads…


Banshee’s 2015 DH Race Bike is Longer, Leaner, and more Legendary than Ever

Banshee Legend 26 new dh bike 2015 (3)

When it comes to DH racing, times have changed. Many racers are looking for longer and lighter bikes that still have a low center of gravity. Looking to offer just that, Banshee has made some serious updates to their Legend DH frame. Unlike much of the competition however, the changes pertain just to the frame – not the wheel size.

Yes, fans of the 26″ wheel will have a brand new 2015 race sled that still rolls the smaller wheel. Add to that some significant changes in geometry, increased compatibility, and improved suspension, and the Legend is looking like an awesome privateer rig to get you to that top step of the podium…


PBE14: Bishop Goes Disc w/ Beautiful Road Bike


Chris Bishop’s Philly Bike Expo collection included two standout bikes – this track bike built with new-old-stock provided by the customer, and a gorgeous disc brake road bike that’s a mix of chromoly and stainless steel.

For this track bike, the customer sent in old Columbus steel tubes, Suntour track dropouts and Nervex Professional lugs to have Chris assemble it into this beauty. The color comes from painter to the stars Keith Anderson, and the detail work of both paint and metal is pretty fantastic. Click on through to see the details…


Collectif Parlee Begins Telling The Story Of Passion & Suffering On The Bike

Released as a teaser, this is from the group Collectif Parlee, a team of cyclists with stories to tell. There has been a continued and reassuring trend lately to tell the real stories of cycling, and this group wants to spread the word about their experiences as travelers and trainers, riding rain or shine. Through videos and photography, they want to share the best moments of their season.

They say there will be four longer length videos coming in the future, reflecting the passion for cycling that has consumed the team of eight. Enjoy it, and we’ll post the rest of the series as it is released.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Allamuchy Mountain State Park, NJ

bikerumor pic of the day allamuchy mountain state park

Photo submitted by Josh Klein, “Allamuchy State Park in NJ. First snow of the year. Perfect, quiet morning.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Jared Graves Teases Possible Prototype Yeti SB8c Downhill Bike & Carbon DT Swiss DH Wheels

Jared Graves Yeti SB8C prototype 2

Last year, Yeti made the difficult decision to  abandon the World Cup Downhill scene in order to support their Factory Enduro World Series Team, which included top contender Jared Graves, and up and comer Richie Rude.

Mid way through this years EWS Campaign, they released two well received trail & enduro models sporting their new Switch Infinity Platform, and shortly thereafter, Richie Rude was spotted testing  a long travel aluminum prototype. Details regarding that prototype have been scarce, although on a post on MTBR, the Colorado based company claimed the test mule was simply being used to dial in kinematics and geometry, and that a new model was no where near production.

Despite these claims, Jared Graves just posted this incredible new build to his Facebook page.