EB15: Brake Force One H2O disc brake trade mineral oil for water

Brake Force One H2O hydraulic disc brakes that use water

Brake Force One has completely redesigned their unique hydraulic brakes to use water instead of mineral oil. The calipers still use their two step system to provide near instant engagement before ramping up the power, just in a different configuration. Still a closed system, too, because it’s a high volume lever system that can handle any expansion.

They say water makes the brake more heat resistant because it has a five times higher heat transfer rate, two times the heat capacity and less expansion under heat than mineral oil. It’s also less compressible, which is why many trials riders have used it. It’s also much more environmentally friendly.

Which begs the question, why doesn’t everyone just use water? “Everyone just imported the tech from cars,” they said, which meant a rethink was in order…


EB15: Acros converts A-GE hydro shifting to 1×11, lets you customize the sound of new hubs


Acros’ A-GE hydraulic shifting group drops the front derailleur for their new 1×11 system, making it the lightest shifter/derailleur combo we’ve seen.

The rear mech’s upper knuckle has been better optimized and slimmed down, which saved weight and looks better. Other changes were made to keep up with trends, too, and they’ve just finished brand new hubs…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Camino de Santiago, Spain

bikerumor pic of the day Santiago de Compostela in Spain

Photos submitted by Marcel Esser, “My wife and I just returned from our cycling trip to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. We had a beautiful trip from The Netherlands to Santiago (2600km) through France and Spain with great views and perfect weather.

This first photo is near Pamplona. It’s a tunnel (obviously) which came out of nowhere as we were cycling next to a rock wall and our GPS unit told us to go right. No way I thought, but suddenly there was this pitch black hole in the rock with no lighting. So we had to use our phones to avoid hitting the walls! The Canyon on the other side of the tunnel was stunning, but the pictures I shot don’t show it’s real greatness.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.


EB15: Light at the End of the Tunnel for Marzocchi?

Marzocchi eurobike interbike is back maybe-6

As we walked by the Marzocchi booth, we noticed something a bit odd. Here was a company that was supposedly in the midst of shutting down, and yet they had new prototypes on display. After sending a letter announcing their intentions of shutting down their moto and mountain bike businesses to their dealers, it appears that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel after all. In the letter itself it said that they were in discussions with potential buyers and from what we’ve seen at Eurobike things are looking good for the legendary M.

We were told to expect an announcement at Interbike which means we may see that Marzocchi dropper in production after all…


EB15: AX Lightness Builds Enduro Wheels to a T


AX Lightness had teased for a while that they were doing something different to build a wheel that could handle Enduro abuse, and now we’ve got a chance to take a closer look. The new rim leaves pretty much all of their previous shaping concepts behind to build a new T-profiles rim that is specifically engineered to survive racing Enduro where wheels sometimes get banged out of shape or broken regularly at races. The new rims are designed to allow some flexibility to handle impacts and get a bead shaped to drastically reduce pinch flatting.

Spin on across the fold to check out the rim profile and see how it works…


EB15: Scottoiler Cycle S1 would like to lube your chain for you, continuously


If you live in Scotland (or most anywhere in the UK, really), you’re used to riding in wet, muddy conditions that challenge the operation and longevity. So after making similar systems for motorcycles for years, a few of the cyclists at Scottoiler decided to make one for the bikes.

The automated system uses a battery powered reservoir and pump to send timed droplets directly to your chain, applying it right where you need it all through the ride. The lube is water based, so it washes off easily, which helps keep the chain clean even while riding since it doesn’t attract or hold dirt or grit.

The unit is on Kickstarter waiting for your support to trickle in, check the video and more pics below…


EB15: All-new Cervelo R3 Disc prepares for the races under MTN Qubeka, more

2016 Cervelo R3 Disc Ultegra disc brake road bike

With the UCI allowing teams to test disc brake road bikes in two races this fall, Cervelo needed something for Team MTN Qubeka to ride.

The all-new Cervelo R3 Disc is that bike, and it’s both very similar and completely different than the standard rim brake model bearing the same name.

They wanted to keep the race geometry and handling since it’s going to be tested at the highest level under MTN Qubeka. The problem was, they had to widen the chainstays to fit the 135mm rear hub spacing that disc brake hubs use. And that can throw off the chainline. Most other brands simply extend their chainstays to accommodate the wider axle spacing, which is usually necessary to maintain proper shifting. There are specific recommendations from Shimano regarding the amount of chain deflection from chainring to cog. If it’s too much, the chain can start to pick up the chainring ramps too early, potentially limiting the number of usable gears or negatively impacting drivetrain performance.

Cervelo found a way to keep the chainstay length exactly the same…


EB15: Campagnolo Record and Super Record go wireless, too… sort of


While the big trend this week at Eurobike has been been ditching shifter wires via SRAM’s Red eTAP, FSA’s Metron, and Rotor’s Uno Hydraulic, Campagnolo has taken wireless in a different direction. New wireless connectivity by wall of an updated EPS Interface/control unit opens up a number of communication opportunities, and makes setup and customization easier for the top two tiers of the electronic line.

Shift on over the break for more details, pics, and an updated battery…


EB15: SRM turns on Bluetooth for PC8, adds 1x mountain bike power meters & builds an app


The SRM PC8 was first announced almost two years ago, with an announcement that it started shipping earlier this year. Now, the company is prepping a major firmware update, with Bluetooth connectivity getting turned on sometime in September 2015 if all goes to plan. That’ll let it connect to the upcoming SRM app, but the usage benefits of that might need some time to be realized.

There’s also a WiFi a transmitter in the PC8, but it’s not activated yet. That’s something they’re working on, but the demand for the device was so high, they wanted to go ahead and start shipping them this past May with all the hardware on board, then bring new features online as they could. Eventually, it’ll download your ride data wirelessly and send it to the cloud…