2016 Giant TCR Advanced racing road bikes hit the peloton thinner, lighter & comfier

2016 Giant TCR Advanced SL team edition race road bike

The 2016 Giant TCR road bike fills the gap between the Propel aero bike and Defy endurance road bike with an all-new design that claims to be the “Total Race Bike.”

As a carbon frame, all models carry the Advanced moniker, and it’ll be available in three frame tiers -Advanced SL, Advanced Pro and just plain Advanced. And as any self respecting top-level road bike debuting in 2016 must, it makes all the important claims of being lighter, more compliant and more efficient. The only buzz phrase left out is “more aero.”

Most of the technology story is centered on the SL model, with Giant’s testing showing it bests its main competitors in frameset stiffness, stiffness to weight ratio and complete bike-with-wheels stiffness when paired with their new SLR 0 carbon wheels.

And it does all that while dropping 181g off the prior model’s frameset weight with plenty of newness trickling down to the others…


PC15: MIPS Equipped Smith Overtake and Forefront Helmets Now Available, Company Headed to Portland

Smith Forefront MIPS mtb helmetSmithIMG_8082

Unless you’re completely new to bicycle helmet technology, by now you’re probably familiar with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and other methods of rotational impact mitigation. The thought is that while bicycle helmets have protected against straight impacts, they haven’t done much in the way of protecting the brain from rotational forces which are pretty common in most crashes.

One of the biggest players in the new protection game, MIPS is becoming easier and easier to find on helmets from most of your favorite brands. While Smith announced their MIPS equipped line a bit ago, they are just now becoming available – mostly due to the amount of customization they wanted for their low friction layer. As it turns out, not all MIPS helmets are created equal…


Garmin’s New Varia Cycling Computer Introduces Rearview Radar


Garmin Varia Computer

According to the smooth voice over narration in Garmin’s latest product video, 40% of cycling fatalities occur when riders are struck from behind by a car or truck. In order to create a safer cycling environment, the new Varia Rearview Radar system is designed to warn cyclists that vehicles are approaching from behind.

This technology was developed by a South African startup named iKuba, which Garmin purchased earlier this year. The basic package has since been refined and is now able to work independently or wirelessly integrate with compatible Garmin Edge computers. READ MORE ->

2016 Scott Addict Gravel bike hits the dirt road w/ new Schwalbe G-One tires

2016 Scott Addict Gravel road bike details and actual weights

Based entirely on the all-new Addict CX cyclocross bike just released this past April, the new Addict Gravel makes only a few changes to become their dirt road racing bike.

Built with their 2nd tier HMF carbon (just below their top level HMX fibers used on the CX bike), it essentially shares the same frame with a new paint scheme and gravel optimized tires. Key features are the same, including flat mount disc brakes, big tire clearance and adaptable cable ports to handle any drivetrain and braking scenario you can imagine.

Check out details, spec and actual weights below…


Video: Andrew Taylor Links All Riding Styles with FSA Chains

Given his versatility as a rider of all things two wheels, long time FSA athlete Andrew Taylor seems like the perfect rider to highlight the brand’s chain. What’s that? You didn’t know FSA made chains? Apparently you’re not alone, which is why FSA is making a push to get the word out on their new complete range of 9, 10, and 11 speed options…


Must Watch: Martyn Ashton Rides Again In “Back On Track,” the Best Downhill Video

When Martyn Ashton of Road Bike Party fame was paralyzed from the waist down due to a career ending wreck, there was never any doubt in his mind that he would get on a bike again. “I’m a bike rider and I can’t do anything about it… Having an injury like this doesn’t turn it off. It just makes me want it more.” In this video, Martyn gets electrical taped into his modified Mojo Nicolai Geometron and does a downhill run with Blake Samson and Road Bike Party 2 riders Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg. And you can see the pure joy in his face.

Check out the Interview with Martyn plus the break down of his Pro Bike from GMBN next…


PC15: ENVE Drops New HV Mountain Rims for Wider Tires, Faster Climbing and Stopping Road SES 2.2 Wheelset


When ENVE originally developed their M-Series wheels, they sought to design each wheelset around both where they would be ridden and the bikes they would be on. This included considerations for appropriate suspension and tire size, recognizing an opportunity to pair rims to popular tires on the market for the best ride quality. Tire manufacturers have since responded to riders’ desires for larger volumes with a variety of fatter, purpose-specific tires from 2.3in to 2.5in widths (look for more to come over the next few months).

ENVE has responded by adding two new rims to the M-Series line to best sync with this product, the 27.5 High Volume (HV) M60 and H70. They are wider than the existing M-Series product and designed specifically with newer higher-volume tires in mind with better functionality but without a significant weight penalty over their narrower counterparts… READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Tomar, Portugal

bikerumor pic of the day Aqueduto dos Pegões, tomar, portugal

Photo submitted by Iago Melo, “A Sunday ride near the ‘Aqueduto dos Pegões’ in Tomar – Portugal.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Schwalbe Sees Tubeless as Future of Bike Tires, Introduces new Pro One, G-One Gravel Tire, More


Even Schwalbe points out that not too long ago they were skeptical of tubeless tires for the road. Mountian? Sure. The benefits were clear, but for road bikes, touring bikes, even beach racers? That would require some research. So Schwalbe set out to do exactly that, and after years of testing the merits of tubeless they’ve come to their conclusion “Tubeless is the tire technology of the future.”

Listing many of the same benefits that tubeless manufacturers have put forth for years, Schwalbe points out that tubeless systems offer lower rolling resistance, the ability to ride at lower pressures, and provide superior puncture protection. After launching their new Pro One tire, Schwalbe can add lighter and faster to that list as well…