Fox teases sleek new “low lever force” remote dropper post lever, possible new post coming


Posted to their Instagram account, this image shows a seemingly new remote dropper post lever from Fox that comes only with the description of “low lever force” and the hashtag “infiniteadjust”.

The latter could hint at more than just a new remote. Their original D.O.S.S. dropper seatpost had three fixed positions – Climb, Trail and Descend. As their forks and shocks have moved away from that nomenclature, it’s no stretch to imagine the post will, too. But “infinite adjust” suggests things could be going to a post that lets you drop it as little or as much as you want. And while were daydreaming, a stealth version would be nice, too – and keep them competitive in a very crowded landscape that’s growing in quality and quantity.

The “low lever force” could mean a high leverage ratio over the release mechanism, but if it is a teaser for a new post, we’re guessing a complete overhaul to the mechanism could be dropping in, too. More as we get it…

Obstacle Races, Cycling Legends, & Live Music – At CLIF Bar’s Cykle-Scramble Anything can Happen… & Probably Will


Pirates, Prisoners, and Furries were in abundance at CLIF Bar’s 2015 Cykle-Scramble (prounced: see-kul skrambul) at the Marin County Fairgrounds in San Rafael, California. This wasn’t just a race with normal participants…. I’m pretty sure, “normal” participants weren’t even allowed. Even the cycling celebrities “participating” were about as far from normal as one could get. To add to this spectator-heavy event, there were food trucks galore, great beer, and live music being head lined by none other than Cold War Kids.

Ramble on past the table jumps, wall rides, pump tracks and blood stained dirt, (there was a “yard sale” award after-all), to see all that is Cykle-Scramble….


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Mountain biking AMA

  • Mountain Bike Pioneers webcast with Mike Sinyard – For the fourth in Mission Workshop and Bike Magazine’s Ask a Founder series, Mike Sinyard of Specialized will take user suggested questions on the early days and growth of mountain biking. Join in by asking Mike a question on twitter using #AskSinyard. Tune in live on Saturday, Oct 10 at 7PM PST on There is limited space to join live at Mission Workshop in San Francisco, so email if interested to secure a spot:


EB15: Chris King Adds Centerlock, Boost Hubs, Turquoise Components, Shorter Cielo Stems, More

CHRIS KING blue teal centerlock (6)

It’s sort of hard to believe that Chris King hasn’t had a Centerlock hub option before, but the brand has been historically slow to adopt new “standards.” The policy seems to have worked out well given their 39 year history (we’re told to expect some exciting things for their 40th anniversary). To be a Chris King product it has to be up to the precise standards and tolerances consumers have come to expect, but it also has to be something with a large enough demand. Likely driven by the influx of road and cross disc brakes and the use of Shimano’s top end Centerlock rotors, the wait for a Chris King Centerlock hub is almost over.

As soon as it is available, it will also be shipping in that new turquoise color…


IB15: Wheels Manufacturing Solves The Squeaky Pressfit Bottom Bracket, Busts Out Banger Hangers


Wheels Manufacturing lurks in the chasms from product left behind in the industry’s never-ending march towards The Modern Standard. While many ignore or avoid the troll-filled forums and poisonous comments sections of blogs full of unhappy customers who are just trying to make their bikes work, the dedicated team at Wheels Manufacturing pour over them looking for inspiration for new, ultra-functional solutions. They keep throwback product on the road and challenge existing standards if they feel they can improve on the theme. It’s this ingenuity that makes them one of the great un-sung heroes of cycling. And, as you can see, they do it with class.

Nick Lasar, Wheels Manufacturing Professional Customer Service Representative, is often the first line of feedback from IBS service departments or from garage wrenches through their extremely responsive online support chat, and he was excited to show off some game-changer product this Interbike. “We are dedicated to addressing the inherent issues with the pressfit system,” Nick proclaimed as he shuttled me over to their end-all be-all solution to the squeaky bottom bracket… READ MORE ->

Review: Lupine Rotlicht Auto Brake Light and Neo Headlamp

 Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_illuminated Lupine_Rotlicht-Redlight_high-power-LED-taillight-with-smart-brake-sensor_off

A few weeks back we wrote about Lupine’s new App-based setup of their headlamps which takes away the chore of adjusting your light with a single button and a convoluted series of clicks. While that is certainly a helpful move for their high-end trail riding lights, we spent last fall/winter testing some of the more everyday/commuting products that we saw last year at the show.

Now with the days getting shorter in the northern hemisphere, we’ve started to ride home from the office in the dark again, so thought to get some reviews out on the Rotlicht and Neo for those gearing up for the darker months. We have been quite happy with the Rotlicht to the extent that it has been on or near a bike all year, and now with evening commuting and riding the Neo has been charged up and is back on a helmet. Follow us past the break to see how the two have gotten us through the nights…


EB15: Gokiso builds complete wheels out of their amazing suspended hubs, plus titanium hubs & road bikes

Gokiso carbon fiber clincher road bike wheels

Japanese brand Gokiso has added to their remarkably smooth micro suspension hubs, creating their own carbon fiber clincher road rims built into complete wheels.

The combination results in something they claim has extremely low inertia, requiring just 0.5g of force to start them rolling. That means they’ll spool up faster for quick acceleration and less effort to keep them rolling fast. Part of their ongoing energy savings comes from a unique inner bead shape that brings the tire much closer to the edge of the rim and creates a wide, stable tire shape.

Check it out, along with some new hubs and an absolutely gorgeous titanium bicycle from a partner brand…


IB15: Speedplay Syzr MTB Pedal Finally Cutting Trail, Zero Aero Helps Set the Hour Record

speedplay aero pedals syzr mtb pedal (4)

It’s certainly been a long road, but the Speedplay Syzr is finally here. First shown as a prototype as far back as Interbike 2009, with each iteration Speedplay kept finding areas they wanted to improve upon. Knowing that the Syzr not only had to work, but work better than most of the competition right off the bat made designing the pedal no easy task. However, like all good things Speedplay promises it’s worth the wait…


IB15: GT Bicycles shows off pristine Pro Freestyle RAD Movie replica bike


As RAD celebrates its 30th anniversary, GT Bicycles was lucky enough to have a fan reach out to say they had a restored Pro Freestyle like the one in the movie and ask if they’d be interested in displaying it in their Interbike booth. Sure, why not, right? But sight unseen, expectations were cautiously optimistic. No one had any idea it would be a damn perfect replica of the 1986 bike from the movie.

Check out a few detail pics and other highlights from their BMX line, below…