IB14: Pearl Izumi Shows Updated X-Project 1.0, Impressive Elite Road, Plus All New MTB Clothing Line, New Colors, More

Pearl Izumi fall 2014 spring 2015 x project boa speed shop elite road (2)

Already an excellent shoe, Pearl Izumi’s X-Project is getting an update that should make it even better. At the top of the range, the X-Project 1.0 receives a complete face lift for the uppers that includes the introduction of Boa reels in the place of the previous velcro straps and P.R.O. buckle. The improvements to the X-Project line are indicative of Pearl’s complete reset of the mountain bike apparel line for 2015 with improved function, better fit, and revised colors.

Combined with improvements and a fresh color palette on the road and tri side of the business, 2015 is looking like a great year for Pearl Izumi. Details on some of the highlights next…


IB14: Ceramicspeed Adds GXP & Campagnolo Bottom Brackets, Time Pedals & Black Inc Wheels Collaboration

Ceramicspeed Time Xpresso and Mavic Zxellium road bike pedals

Sitting in the Ceramicspeed booth were new Time Xpresso 15 pedals, a new model for 2015 that comes in at just 66g per pedal! And, of course, they’re running Ceramicspeed bearings on their hollow titanium axle, both of which are upgrades over 2014′s Xpresso 12. Other features on the pedals include Q-factor adjustment, carbon fiber body, alloy cleat plate and 15º of float.

They also showed off a huge new collection of bottom brackets, opening up their use to those pedaling away on GXP and Campagnolo cranksets, plus a wheel collaboration with Denmark’s Black Inc…


IB14: BP4 Design Creates new Hand Positions with Unique Drop Top Road Handlebar

bp4 handlebar 50mm drop  4 position bars (2)

Drop bars are known for providing additional hand positions when compared to the standard flat bar, but BP4 seems to be taking that notion to new heights (drops). While many companies are experimenting with different reach, bends, and sweeps, BP4 is adding another dimension to road handlebars – top drops. The admittedly strange looking handlebars drop down where a road bar would typically be flat. The resulting hand positions are claimed to be an improvement over standard bars in both aerodynamics, performance,  and comfort.

Get a grip on the BP4 Warbird next…


IB14: EcoFriendly Wishbone 3-in-1 Kids Bike Grows as They Do

Wishbone 3-in-1 Kids bike (5)

The Wishbone 3-in-1 Trike/Bike is designed to grow with your child. Included in the box is three wheels and two different axles, which allow it to be setup as either a trike or a bike.

These all black frames are made from recycled residential carpet. The materials are collected in the United States, then the nylon is extracted and glass fiber is added for strength. It is then turned into resin pellets and glass injected in a mold. The frame are hollow for light weight, strong, and can be left out in the rain without worrying about rusting.


IB14: Clement Adding More Gravel Tire Sizes

2015 Clement Strada XPLOR gravel road bike tire

Among gravel chasers, Clement’s tires seem to be popular as both OEM spec and aftermarket options. No, they’re not tubeless yet, but the tread patterns and sizes match up perfectly with the unpaved roads they’re used on. These new ones are a ways off, but come April 2015, the X’PLOR MSO will get a 36c width to slot between the existing 32 and 40. It’s a dirt road style tire that’s good for loose conditions.

The Strada LGG has tamer tread suited more for cracked blacktop and has a current size run of 23, 25 and 28 widths. It’ll add a 32 to the top end of its size range. Pic of this one after the break…


EB14: 3T Ionic Comfort Posts, Updated High End Wheels & Tri Bars, Smartphone Integration & Much More!


The 3T Aerotundo combines a classic drop bar shape with their aero tops, just one of many combinations.

3T Cycling has a lot going on, as much with new products as with new concepts for the sale and use of them. Starting with the small stuff, they’ll now offer sizing guides to all retailers and online that complement the mix-and-match nature of their road components. You choose whether you want round, ergonomic or aero top sections on your handlebar, then choose an ergo or classic round profile for the drop section. Lastly, choose the stem angle and length, then put it all together using the guide to help, um, guide you in making the correct choices.

To combat counterfeit product, all parts will now ship with a 3D holographic logo plate from OpSec that contains a QR code, serial number, EAN code and product registration information. If you’re buying a 3T product, make sure it has the decal, then register it to be sure.

Now, on to the good stuff…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

bikerumor pic of the day "summer in Val Soana, Gran Paradiso national park, Italy

Photo submitted by Marco Camera, “Summer in Val Soana, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy”

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IB14: BH Bikes Lightens Up w/ 690g Ultralight Evo, Plus New Quartz Disc Road & Lynx 6 Trail Boss

2015 BH Ultralight Evo race road bike

When BH introduced the Ultralight in in 2011, it ushered in the BB386EVO bottom bracket and a then-insanely light frame. Building up a 10.66lb complete bike didn’t hurt, either. As the years progressed, they introduced a more affordable and only slightly heavier Ultralight RC, which carries over unchanged for 2015.

But, the top of the line is the updated Ultralight Evo with a new carbon layup that makes it even lighter. Last year it was 750g, for 2015 it’s averaging 690g. And it has no rider weight limit and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Beyond lightening up, they tweaked the frame to make it a bit more comfortable and improve clearance around the bottom bracket for power meter equipped cranksets.


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Canyonlands, Utah

bikerumor pic of the day moab utah mountain biking

Photo submitted by Morten Smidt, “Moab dreams coming true.”

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