2016 Cube Road Bikes – Aero endurance Agree & lovely alloy Attain road bikes, for both disc & rim brakes

2016 Cube Agree carbon fiber aero endurance road bike

Cube’s Agree C:62 is new aero endurance road bike platform that’ll come with disc and rim brake options.

The C:62 refers to their carbon fiber type and layup method, which sits just below the C:68 used on their top-tier frames. Essentially, it refers to the percentage of carbon strands versus resin, so the higher the fiber in it, the less weight. It’s also part of the construction, where they are able to use less overlap between layers, again saving weight. It’s wrapped around their Twin Mold Technology, which uses total loss hard molds for the main tubes and silicone molds at the joints. The hard molds melt out during curing, and the silicone molds are flexible enough to be pulled out afterward. The result is a frame that’s light, strong, stiff and with no wrinkles inside.

The bike itself is designed for riders that want to go fast over the long haul, with aero nods to an otherwise endurance oriented geometry and design…


Video: Whatever Your Route, the New Lezyne GPS will Follow Along

While it may seem like a big leap for a company known for their tools, Lezyne is attacking the computer market with three new GPS units. Initially shown at the Taipei Show earlier this year, the Mini, Power, and Super GPS offer a lot of features for comparative bargain. Will it be enough to chip away at the mighty Garmin? Time will tell, but for now just enjoy this clip of some of Lezyne’s top riders putting the new computers to the test.


KTM goes prime time with all-new Revelator Road Disc, plus Boost XC, trail & 27.5+ mountain bikes


For 2016, KTM has given its premiere XC and trail mountain bikes a wider Boost 148 rear end, added a new 27.5+ mid fat full suspension bike to the stable (in regular and motorized!) and created a whole new frame for their top-level Revelator road bike.

Called the Revelator Prime, it’s based on the Marseille 13 pro team bike, but this new one becomes more of a sportif (race) bike with a bit steeper seat tube angle to put the rider over the pedals a bit more.

“But wait,” you say, “the headline says it gets disc brakes!” To which we’d reply: “You’re right, it does. As an option.”

Unfortunately, the only model on hand for photographing was the also all-new rim brake variant, which incorporates all of the same new frame features of the disc model…


Hero4 Session Is the Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use GoPro Yet

Gopro hero 4 session camer pov  (3)

Every time there is a new version of a GoPro or action camera you can usually count on another quantum leap in technology. Compared to the original GoPro, the latest tech makes that first camera look like a toy you would get from a department store. But in spite of the hardware capable of putting out professional level cinematography, most of your average users are asking for something else. Namely, a camera that is smaller and easier to use.

If features like smaller, lighter, and easier to use are more important to you than things like 4K and having the most megapixels, you’ll want to check out the Session next…


Endura Uses Extensive R+D to develop Team Movistar’s Tour de France Chronosuits

Endura Team Movistar time trial kits, fitting

Since 1993, Scotland’s Endura has been making high performance cycling clothing with a heavy focus on research and innovation to find the best possible fabrics and technologies. As clothing sponsor of the Movistar team, Endura has worked extensively with team riders and various research companies to develop new race kits that will save watts and hopefully shave seconds in the Tour de France’s time trial events.

The new chronosuits will be worn by the team in the Tour’s first time trial on Saturday, July 4th and in the stage nine team time trial. Endura’s high-tech speed suits are definitely race-proven, having recently won National Time Trial titles in Spain, Italy and the UK, plus taking the hot seat at last year’s Commonwealth games’ TT event. Check out all the details of team Movistar’s new duds after the jump…

Maxxis Updates the Larsen Tire with Their New Race TT XC Tread

Maxxis 2015 Race TT tire, top arc

If you’re XC and you know it, you’re probably familiar with Maxxis’ popular Larsen tire. The Larsen was designed as a versatile cross country tread with low center knobs that strike a balance between providing traction and offering low rolling resistance. Fans of the Larsen will be excited about Maxxis’ new Race TT tire, as it is essentially the new and improved version that was first spotted in Taipei..

Much like the Larsen the new Race TT was designed to be a very versatile tire for XC riders, and it works as a front or rear tread. The company has made incremental changes to increase traction, decrease rolling resistance, improve muddy weather handling and provide better resistance to punctures or cuts. Click below the break to see how Maxxis has re-cut the classic Larsen…

Ghost’s 2016 AMR platform builds three trail bikes from one frame, new Lector World Cup & more

2016 Ghost Framr 160mm trail bike using all new AMR platform

Ghost’s previous four bar linkage design is gone, making way for their all-new AMR platform for 2016. Short for “All Mountain Ride”, it uses one front triangle and one rear triangle to create three different bikes with either 130, 145 and 160mm trail bikes without compromised kinematics.

Only the lower shock mount changes, and they say it took quite a while to figure that out. The shocks are different, too of course. The 130mm Slamr and 145mm Slamr X use the same mount position and even the same shock length, only the shock stroke is different to allow the extra 15mm travel. The longer travel Framr flips the shock mount and gets a longer stroke shock to obtain 160mm rear wheel travel.

They’ll be matched up with appropriate forks – Slammer (32mm stanchion forks), Slammer X (34mm forks) and the Framer (35mm Pike or 36mm Fox forks). All models will be available with carbon and alloy front triangles, and that’s where one of the more interesting facets of the design comes into play…


Radon makes lighter Slide 140 trail bike, converts Swoop DH to 650B & more


German direct-to-consumer brand Radon is headed to the trails with the new Slide 140 Carbon, a shorter travel, lighter weight version of the 160 launched last year.

It gets 140mm travel and 27.5 wheels inside a frame claimed at about 1900g w/o shock. Retail for the build you see here is €3200 with XT. Pretty good considering you’ll find a Reverb Stealth dropper post (it comes on all models) and Fox Float X rear shock with Kashima coats all around and Schwalbe tires. They say the top model should be under 11kg (24.25lb) complete.

More on this lightweight all-mountain bike and others below…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Avon, UT

bikerumor pic of the day exploring the gravel around Avon, UT

Photo submitted by Katie Teubner, “Exploring the gravel around Avon, UT.”

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