Prototype Ritchey Timberwolf Long Travel Hardtail Mountain Bike Spotted

Prototype Ritchey Timberwolf long travel hardtail mountain bike

Photo: Ritchey Logic Facebook Page.

Looks like Ritchey’s expanding their steel mountain bike collection with the new Timberwolf. It’s not the first time it’s been spotted, and we’ve pieced together a few details from comments here and there. Word is it’s designed for a 140mm fork, which means it must get a tapered headtube…and from the looks of these pics, it’s a beauty of one, too!

Other early information includes a 67º head angle / 71.5º seat angle, 180mm rear rotor post mounts, 30.9 seat post and  QR/12×142 convertible dropouts. The pic above shows it on the trail with 27.5×2.35 tires, so it’s got clearance and it’s 650B. This pic and the next popped up on their Facebook Page over the past couple days, but then an anonymous tipster spotted it headed out for a ride, giving us a much closer look at the bike…


New Narrow Wide Oval Chainrings from B-Labs, plus updated C.Guide Eco


Just before Eurobike we had a chance to visit the team behind new component company B|Labs in their headquarters at the base of the Bavarian Alps. One of the first things they were excited to show off was their new non-round/elliptical, narrow-wide single ring mountain bike chainring that they are calling B-ring OVAL. It wasn’t quite ready to ship then, so we’ve been keeping it under wraps, but now they have both 4-bolt and SRAM direct mount spider-less options available.

Hop past the fold for more details on the rings, sizing, pricing, and crankset compatibility, plus their upgraded chain retention device….


Gamut USA Announces New Athlete Sponsorship Program

Gamut Sponsorship

We hear it all the time – “how do I get sponsored?” If you’ve been thinking that or think you have what it takes to be a sponsored athlete (hint, it’s more than just being good at bikes) then you should take a look at Gamut USA’s newly announced athlete sponsorship program. Gamut is now accepting applications on both and for the 2015 riding season. Available to riders at all sponsorship levels and product categories, their recent announcement of the acquisition of Point One racing means if you do get sponsored, you’ll be hooked up with some pretty sweet gear.

Bikerumor Suspension Setup Series: Full Series PDF – Free Download!

free PDF download of the Bikerumor Suspension Setup Series articles

Last week, we wrapped up our six-part suspension setup series. But, we realize it’s not always practical to hunt down the particular session you need, so we compiled the whole thing into a handy dandy PDF. Just download it here, drop it on your phone or tablet, and POW! it’s there’s when you need it. Feel free to pass it along to your riding buddies or link to it from your shop’s web page. Happy trails!

Must Watch: Nicholi Rogatkin’s MTB Rookie Year – 2014

Nicholi Rogatkin - Action

c. Christian Pondella, Red Bull Content Pool

Seemingly coming out of no where, Nicholi Rogatkin has blown up in a big way. In his rookie season the talented young American ended up an impressive 6th in the overall FMB Diamond Series standings – not surprising given his impressive bag of tricks. The highlight reel of his rookie is ridiculous. Check it out next…


Ari Prolongs XX1 Cassette Life With Repacement Cogs & Lower Gears


A small producer from Italy, Ari has produced a cog that will replace the large aluminum cog on XX1 and X01 cassettes. This is the only cog that is made of aluminum on these cassettes, so in theory could be prone to wear out much faster than the rest of the hardened steel cogs. SRAM does not sell this cog as a replacement, so Ari claims to be the only one in the world offering these right now.

More interesting though is that the replacement cog is also available in a 44t size. The stock XX1 cassette is a 10-42 spread, so in addition to a simple replacement in 42t size, they also offer a 44t for those people that really need to get up that steep hill. The larger replacement weighs 94 grams, or 12 grams more than a stock SRAM cog, and the replacement 42t from Ari weighs 82 grams, the exact same as the SRAM. Made from Ergal 7075 T6, they are available now for €75 plus express shipping to the USA. READ MORE ->

Want a Bamboo Bike? Build it yourself with the Bamboobee BIY Kit


If you’re a fan of DIY, you might want to check out the Bamboobee Bike’s BIY kit. Designed as an economical way to get your own bamboo frame, the kit takes is a step further by providing the raw materials to build a frame along with some instruction. If you have been longing for the satisfaction of building your own bicycle frame, this is probably as easy as it gets – until Lego makes a life size, rideable bike that is.


Putting the Mavic Crossmax XL WTS and Fury Shoes to the test with Jeff Lenosky

photo 1 photo(14) copy

It isn’t every day that a mountain bike super hero calls you up to go for a ride. Naturally, when Jeff Lenosky asked for us to show him around the trails at Brown County State Park in Indiana I jumped at the chance. He would get an opportunity to ride the notoriously difficult trail known as Schooner’s Trace, and I would get a chance to try out the latest treads – for both the bike and my feet.

This wasn’t my first time aboard the Mavic Crossmax XL Wheel Tire System, but it would the first time that I was able to ride them on trails in my backyard. On a perfect late Summer’s day we set out on what turned out to be an awesome ride with Jeff clearing all of Schooner’s. That may not sound like much, until you see the video of one of the more challenging sections next…


EB14: Randoms – Sweet Travel Cases, Locks, Folders, Racks, Trailers & More


Polaris showed off what happens inside their Bike Pod Pro, a hard shell version of the EVA Bike Pod. It locks everything down so it won’t rub, jostle or shift. Fortunately, retail versions are solid green, red or black, so TSA will actually have to open it to see if you’re bike’s worth losing.

Supposing you travel with something that folds, B&W have something smaller that might escape baggage fees below. Click through for more things that fold, jolt and amuse…