EB14: Turnagain Components Launches New FR 100 Fat Bike Rims, New Hubs

Borealis Turnagain 100mm rims hubs wheels fat bike (1)

Turnagain components is growing. As the fat bike component specific arm of The Fat Bike Company which also runs Borealis Bikes, Turnagain is now offering fat bike hubs and new 100mm rims along with front derailleur adapters. This means the Borealis hubs now carry the Turnagain logo along with some welcome improvements.

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EB14: Topeak Introduces Fat Bike Specific Pump in Joe Blow Fat, Transformer RX, Plus Clever Concepts

Topeak fat bike pump hidden tools new pumps (2)

Along with the rise of fat bikes comes the need for pumps that can handle the high volume and low pressure of the massive tires. Topeak’s answer to the problem looks to be the new Joe Blow Fat – a fat bike specific pump with a huge barrel. While quite singular in application, Topeak had a number of new products and concepts that are applicable to more than just fat bikes.

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EB14: FSA MegaTooth Narrow Wide Chainrings, Plus New Cranks, Seat Posts, and Negative Drop Stems

FSA narrow wide drop stem  (4)

While the big news for FSA recently was the launch of their new wheel line, the company had a number of new parts lurking inside their booth. Their Megatooth narrow-wide chainring is something they have been teasing for awhile, but we haven’t seen the finished product until now. Compared to other chainrings on the market the teeth are well, mega. The extra long teeth are also asymmetrically shaped to offer the best chain retention and mud shedding characteristics.

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EB14: Birzman Reinvents the Pump Head (Again) with the new Snap-It Apogee

Birzman Snap It apogee new pumps tools (20)

Birzman first gained a lot of attention when they introduced their Snap-It pump head at a time when many screw on heads were causing presta valves to blow their tops. While the Snap-It was certainly good, it wasn’t perfect as we found with certain valve styles. Looking to remedy that situation, Birzman has introduced the latest version of the Snap-It, the Apogee. Not only does the new head make it even easier to inflate presta valves, it also requires less work to inflate schrader valves in what looks like a winning combination for pumps.

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EB14: American Classic Carbonator Wheels Get Official, Sprint 350 Gets Upgraded

American Classic Carbona carbon wheels sprint 340 tubeless (2)

Spotted as just a prototype in Taipei, American Classic’s Carbon mountain bike wheels made their official debut in Germany. Called the Carbonators, the wheels are built with fairly wide rim profiles to provide excellent handling characteristics while still remaining light enough for cross country use. Available in 27.5 and 29″ diameters, the wheels will offer tubeless compatibility along with multiple hub configurations all for an impressively low price….


EB14: SR Suntour Launches Aion Fork, Updates Rux DH, Prototype Shocks & High End 24″ Kids Forks


We spotted the Aion at Taipei bike show, and now it’s in production. Designed to be a budget alternative to their higher end Auron forks, the Aion keeps the 34mm stanchions and same lower casting, bushings and seals, but switches to straight gauge (non-tapered) stanchions, forged crown and regular steel thru axle instead of the lighter alloy one.

You’ll get adjustment options with the damper, choosing between RC (rebound / compression) or LO-R (lockout / rebound). Take your pick, they’re both the same price regardless of control knob and wheel size. Retail is $550, and claimed weight is 2,120g for the 27.5. Add about 30g for the 29er.

As for the rest of this stuff, it’s either prototype that’s showing a taste of things to come, or just a look at some cool stuff we didn’t know they had…


Must Watch: Shaun Palmer Coming Home

The Miserable Champion is coming home. Shaun Palmer is now back on Intense Cycles with a goal of building a new World Cup DH race team and getting the DH bikes that started with the legendary M1 back on the podium. Expect big things out the Intense camp in the near future…

*Warning – some language in clip may be NSFW


EB14: Velospring’s Gorgeous Shock Absorbing Walnut Bicycle Grips

velospring shock absorbing walnut wood bicycle handlebars

Velospring is a German company that makes these beautiful new Walnut bicycle grips with an ergonomic shape. They’re available in a standard version called “sen pur”, but the “sen comfort” are the really neat ones.

Those build in a rotationally sprung system that inserts into your handlebar that lets the palm pad flex under your weight when you hit a bump. The design mounts a leaf spring to one end of the insert and the other end to the grip, using the springs torsional resistance to provide the shock absorption.

Wanna see how it all comes together?


EB14: Connex Diamond Shape Chains Get Extreme Shaping for Better Shifting

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Connex has a new chain design called Diamond Shape, which radically chamfers the outer and inner links and their interface with the rollers.

They’re compatible with SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo because they basically blend the chamfers and shapes used on those brands’ chains. All of them. And then they add a little more just to be safe. The result is a more angular leading and trailing edge at all points on the chain, helping it scoot from one cog to the next.

Detail photos and diagrams below that better compare the old with the new…