Look Expands their MTB Platform with New S-Track Sauser Cage

Look S track pedal new suaser cage (1)

As the pedal that ushered in a new era for clipless on the road, Look has been trying to gain a foothold in mountain biking recently as well. The idea is pretty simple – offer a single style of pedal and then sell replaceable cages to change the amount of platform. Look started with their polyamide nylon cage for the S-Track and then introduced the cold forged alloy cage at Frostbike early last year.

Their latest cage is based on Christoph Sauser’s personal preferences, hence the name. The Sauser cage gives the S-Track a good amount more surface area on either side of the cleat, but still keeps the overall weight of the pedal quite low. Details plus actual weights after the jump…


New Bianchi Aquila CV TT/Triathlon Bike Mutes Wind, Vibrations

2015 bianchi aquila cv aero tt-triathlon bike with countervail vibration canceling technology

To close out the Tour de France, Bianchi introduced their new Aquila CV TT/Triathlon bike for stage 20′s time trial.

Bringing their Countervail vibration damping material and tech to the wind tunnel, the new Aquila not only lessens the wind’s effects on your efforts, it also kills the road buzz to keep your muscles fresher over the long haul. Developed by Materials Science Corp., Countervail was originally used to kill vibration in supersonic space- and aircraft. The benefit here is that it can be interwoven with carbon fibers and stiffens the frame while also canceling vibration, making a better bike that helps reduce muscle fatigue. We covered their CV tech in detail with last year’s new Infinito introduction, so we’ll focus on what’s new for this bike here.

To make the bike faster, Bianchi smoothed every edge they could -there are no frame fasteners exposed to the wind- and connected each separate piece of the bike with tight, flowing transitions. Couple that with extensive CFD wizardy and wind tunnel testing and you’ve got a bike that’s super slippery…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Marin Headlands

bikerumor pic of the day marin headlands fat bike ride

Photo submitted by Alex Wai, “Here’s a photo of my fat bike overlooking the bay area. It was taken in the Marin Headlands on a sunny afternoon, just as the fog rolls inland.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Found: Limited Edition Silca TdF Yellow Eolo CO2 Cartridge Inflators


Silca’s helping you celebrate the Tour de France with a limited edition Yellow accessorized version of it’s machined Eolo Co2 cartridge regulator. It includes three yellow rings paired with a custom yellow Cartridge Helmet, the latter being reusable and protects your cartridges from accidental puncture.

As for the rest of it, Silca provides this detail: “The Eolo is made 100% in USA on Citizen L20X lathes and uses vaccum cast urethane o-ring seals which are completely non-permeable by CO2 while also exhibiting 10x the wear resistance of other o-ring materials.”


Foundry Cycles Revamps Harrow CX, Builds with SRAM CX1, Rival 22

Foundry Harrow CX cyclocross bike CX1 Rival 22 (1)

Judging by the amount of cyclocross bikes and accessories popping up, that can only mean one thing – mud and cowbells are just around the corner. Foundry Cycles, like other brands who are deep into the sport can’t wait and are preparing with new models of their Harrow race bike. Designed specifically for competition, their disc brake equipped Harrow includes new paint and spec for the coming season as well as a surprising change.

Details plus actual weights after the jump…


Jagwire to Introduce New Wet Weather Pro Rim Brake Pad


Jagwire Wet Weather brake pads inserts

This one goes out to all the riders currently using rim brakes, and that don’t plan on changing any time soon. Rim brakes might not have the same wet weather stopping power as disc brakes, but there are things you can do to improve wet weather performance. Like changing your brake pads.

The new Jagwire Pro Wet brake pads use an improved compound that not only offers drastically improved performance in the rain, but offer better dry stopping power as well. The trade off? Well, the pads are a bit softer so they will wear faster but if you like being able to stop in the wet it should be a worthwhile trade off. Designed for aluminum brake tracks only, the pad inserts will be offered in Shimano and Campy style road as well as the standard mountain bike rim design. Price on the red stopper is TBD, but expect them to be available this August.


2015 Felt Cyclocross Bikes – All New Disc Alloy Bikes, New Carbon Frame/Forks & Kid’s Sizes!


Felt’s 2015 media day was a whirlwind of bikes and info, with new and updated models rolling past almost faster than we could type. Rather than blow them past you at the same frenzied rate, we’re breaking it up a bit. Mountain bikes are posted here, e-bikes are here and road/triathlon is coming up. Here, we’ve got the bikes meant to blur the lines between the two – cyclocross!

For 2015, Felt has updated the carbon FX frames with a Di2/EPS compatible frame that doubles as an internal routing option for 1x drivetrains. At the top level, they’ve also added TeXtreme woven carbon to their frames to make them both stronger and lighter. Felt’s got the exclusive on the material for bicycles, and it allows them to use half the material without losing any stiffness or strength.

They’ve also completely redesigned the alloy FX series bikes with an all-new frame and no more cantilever brake options despite dropping the base model down a price notch. The frame geometry has been revamped to make it racier, and they switch to a pressfit BB386 bottom bracket shell to run larger, wider spindled cranksets – anything except BB30 will fit. All cable routing moves internal, too. Beyond the performance upgrades, the new colors and graphics are tight. That purple shown here? It’s called Snozberry, and it’s on the F85X model equipped with Shimano Tiagra 10sp and Tektro Mira mechanical disc brakes.


45NRTH Introduces Fasterkatt Road Shoes, Updates Other Boots, Cobrafist Pogies

45NRTH wolvhammer fasterkatt winter shoe boot cobrafist pogie  (28)

Your eyes do not deceive you. There are now two versions of the 45NRTH Fasterkatt wet and cold weather shoe. Designed for the transitional months or climates where deep winter isn’t a concern, Fasterkatts are designed to shed water in temperatures from 25-45 degrees f. The big news here is the introduction of the 3 bolt SPD-SL compatible sole, but both shoes see significant improvements over the previous Fasterkatt MTB.

Thanks to better zippers, better fit, and improved materials the Fasterkatt is ready to extend your riding season regardless of the conditions. Get the full details plus info on the new Wölvhammer and Cobrafist Pogies, next…


Issi Trail Pedals Nearly Ready for a Spin

Photo c. QBP

Photo c. QBP

As one of the newest brands to QBP’s ever growing product line, iSSi pedals have been designed to provide options over the standard SPD. Introduced just before Frostbike, iSSi started with their colorful XC oriented pedal in 8 different colors. Weighing in at 312g per pair, the $75 pedals use single outboard bearing and inner DU bushing, but are also sold in an upgraded Duro version which uses dual outer bearings and a single inner bearing that replaces the DU bushing. iSSi pedals also have +6 and +12mm spindle options which are shipping now.

During Frostbike we were shown a very early prototype of their new trail pedal, which like more aggressive pedals offers a bit more support around the clip. iSSi was showing off new samples of the trail pedal at Saddle Drive, that while not completely finished, were looking much more complete than the original prototype.

Details plus actual weights, next…