Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Captain Ahab – Moab, Utah

bikerumor pic of the day “Moab, looking east to the La Sals on Captain Ahab”

Photo submitted by AJ Belcher, “Moab, looking east to the La Sals on Captain Ahab.”

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Burley Recalls Bike Trailers with Plastic Tow Bar Receiver

Burley-Recall_affected-Cub_ 2013-2015

Together with the CPSC, Burley Design is in the process of recalling and updating seven models of their child bicycle trailers made between 2009 and 2015 and sold in the US and Canada. The problem is with a plastic receiver on a wide range of their trailers where the tow bar attaches, and can fail without warning. The fix is relatively simple and includes the addition of a secondary safety strap to ensure the tow bar does doesn’t separate from the trailer while riding, but it is serious enough that they say to stop riding until it is fixed. Hop past the break for more details…


Dash Cycles launches more economical saddle range, still plenty of carbon fiber & low weights

Dash Cycles Strike stock bicycle saddle

After testing Dash Cycle’s Strike 9 unique noseless full carbon saddle about two years ago, I rode away impressed with the comfort and amazing 111g weight. It was one of their standard offerings, which is to say it’s basically full custom. And extremely expensive. Retail was $465, but it was hand made and one of a kind.

Now, Dash Cycles is kicking off a crowd funding campaign to turn the Strike’s radical design into a production-level offering.

The key difference between these models and their more expensive custom counterparts is the use of premade parts so they can be made in batches. Of course, all of those parts are still made in Dash’s Denver, Colorado, factory, and the saddles are still lighter than most…


FlyFit Puts Activity Tracking on your Ankle for Integrated Cycling Function


While there is no shortage of options for wearable activity tracking these days, not many solutions take the cyclist into mind. Enter the FlyFit, which solves the cycling dilemma with a simple solution, putting the tracker around your ankle where its on-board sensors can track and decipher leg movement. The ankle tracking allows it to combine the everyday tracking from regular movements throughout your day and sleep tracking to more targeted sport activity data collection from cycling, as well as running and even swimming. Linked together with a powerful smartphone app, Flyfit offers one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market. Check out the details, pricing, and availability after the break…


Interview and Shop Tour: Eric Baar from The Ground Up Speed Shop


I became familiar with Eric Baar through his Instagram account (where he highlights welds and brushwork each day) as well as through the high praise of other builders and members of the community. When I found myself buying tickets to Colorado Springs for a conference, Eric’s Ground Up Speed Shop was on the top of my places to visit after hours. I had no idea what to expect because, well, Eric does not make a habit of promoting himself. I strongly suspected that it would be really, really cool. His operation did not disappoint.

The Speed Shop sits on the back of the property just west of the Springs. Rather than a pump track, the shop overlooks The Dizzy Drome, a micro dirt velodome with rails constructed from old airplane wings. Central to the course is a light column for those midnight hour record attempts. Parked right on the edge is his Dwarf car, an outrageous toy with big, metal-flake numbers that he races during the summer- a habit he took up when he felt himself becoming disillusioned with bikes and bike community.

That easy shift in emphasis is central to Eric’s general program. He’s been building bicycles for over a decade and a half and wants to stay glittery and doe-eyed about the genre so he’s constantly being drawn to new mediums from which to approach or interpret his work. It is this enthusiasm that makes the bikes of his house brand, Ground Up, absolutely out-of-this-world in terms of construction, detailing, and concept. The welds are flawless. The raw titanium finishes are hand striped. The metal-flake paint jobs are brilliantly mixed and painstakingly sanded. And Eric uses his new found mastery as a pinstriper to hand letter or detail the final product (when the guy isn’t screwing around with gold leaf).

While this enthusiasm for everything cool and shiny makes for top notch bicycles, it also happens to make interviewing the guy impossible. There is nothing linear about Eric Baar’s train of thought. And that’s fine. Who wants to talk about old news when there is so much cool, shiny stuff everywhere to talk about… READ MORE ->

Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on crank power meters almost ready to ship, carbon compatibility probably coming soon


If you were among those who pre-ordered Watteam’s Powerbeat stick-on/bolt-on power meters, the first batch is about to ship. If you weren’t, too bad, they’ll all sold out. But, you’ll be able to get in on the second pre-order opening up December 10th for the next production round, and they’re hoping that’ll be the batch that’s going to work on carbon crank arms.

Watteam’s production manager Omri Zerach says production of the first round is underway and should deliver by year’s end. The second round is planned for shipping in March 2016…


Roundup: Weird & wonderful racks, lights, bags, helmets, aliens and things to keep you aero


With several of us also being fans (or wanting to as midlife approaches, anyway) of motorized two wheel transportation alongside our bicycles, finding ways to combine the two always catches our eyes. This rack from 2×2 Cycles lets you take along a couple bikes, a skateboard and your bags.

Throttle past the break to see it and a whole lot more random things…


Defunkit Wants You to Get Funky, Without Smelling Funky

Defunkit permanent odor control, cyclists

“My chamois smells like the ocean breeze!”

Despite the surprising amount of science behind modern textiles, few of us are likely to come home after a good ride smelling of roses. Even specifically made athletic clothing picks up some stink after hard use, and the worst part is, when you smell like limburger cheese no one wants to hear about how epic your ride was!

If you dislike doing laundry (or if your riding kit can repel vampires after a day in the saddle) your friends and/or significant other might want you to check out Defunkit. Defunkit Permanent Odor Control is a fabric treatment designed to eliminate odors and prevent them from coming back for a good long time. The treatment is safe, doesn’t take a genius to apply, and is already available in several Oregon bike shops. Follow your nose past the break for the details…

Sneak Peek: Fairdale’s 2016 Line Expands with More Stylish, Fun, and Functional Bikes


If you are familiar with Fairdale bikes or founder Taj Mihelich, you know the name of the game is fun. How can you not love a company that the founder sends you custom artwork for our “Sneak Peak?” Sneakers on mountain tops aside, Fairdale offers a unique take on the world of every day bicycles. Drawing on his experience as a World Champion BMX rider, Taj took his ideas to Odyssey BMX to create a brand that blended BMX durability and fun with bigger wheels and frames to create bikes that met the needs of most riders.

In 2016, the line expands with even more options for riders whether you’re looking for a 26″ BMX or a step through 3 speed city bike…