Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Corsica MTB Tour

bikerumor pic of the day corsica mtb tour

Photos submitted by Daan Handgraaf, “We went to Corsica (France) to be part of a Corsica MTB tour in the northern part of the island. From Toulon we took the boat to Corsica and started our MTB-trip the next morning.”

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All-New Diamondback Serios Triathlon Bike Proves Thinner Isn’t Always Faster


Teased just before all the top triathletes headed to Kona for Ironman World Championships, the new Diamondback Serios slipped some very interesting frame shapes in and out of focus with a short video. Now, we’ve got a very in-focus look at one of the sharpest looking tri bikes in recent memory and some Q&A with DB’s product manager to make sense of it all.

The story is they started with thinner and thinner tubes, thinking a more waif-like structure would slice through the air quicker and easier. What they found was some cross sections could be wider and provide better aerodynamics. And wider was better when it came to the range of riders it could fit, too. The project is a collaboration between Diamondback, HED Cycling and Kevin Quan Studios. The result is a wild looking TT/Triathlon bike that’s UCI legal and fits pros and age groupers both short and tall.

Here’s how they did it…


Sufferfest’s The Rookie Gets On-Bike Footage from Team Giant-Shimano, Then Talks Nutrition

David at The Sufferfest has been busy. First, he’s just put together a new trainer video called The Rookie, which takes advantage of the new on-bike cameras in events to bring you a whole new perspective of suffering. Then,

The Rookie follows a young Sufferlandrian rider in his big break with Team Giant-Shimano at a top race, punishing his (your) legs through 55 minutes with 3×10 minute intervals to build speed, strength and stamina. Silly teaser above, actual video footage below, which shows off some of their new graphics and animations to help keep you on track. Plus their take on nutrition…


Review: Proviz REFLECT360 Cycling Jacket


If there’s such a thing as too safe, then The Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket takes you there. It seems to glow white when light hits it – the whole jacket, not a strip of reflective bit on the sleeve or at the back, the WHOLE jacket, kinda like lighting the entire thing up with a sign saying “look out for me!” I love it, and this is why…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Chamberlain Trail, Colorado Springs

bikerumor pic of the day Chamberlain trail in Colorado Springs

Photos submitted by Doug Bursnall, “Here’s a few pictures of the new 1.2 mile extension to the Chamberlain trail in Colorado Springs, right after our final beautiful fall work day, buffed and ready to ride. Working with the local Parks department, park friends groups, our volunteers and contracting with Tony Boone Trails, we constructed a new mile of trail in 6 weeks.” Photo credit Jesse Parker.

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Christini Announces Return of 2 Wheel Drive Bikes, Fat Bike to See Production

Known for their 2 wheel drive systems on vehicles with only two wheels, Christini has been developing 2 wheel drive bicycles since 1995. The company got around to selling complete all wheel drive full suspension bicycles in 2001 which struggled to gain traction (in sales) and eventually turned their attention towards the motocross world. Christini is still building some of the raddest AWD motos around, but after a special project for Kate Leeming in 2013 it looks like 2WD mountain bikes are making a comeback.

Their first production bike? A fat bike, naturally. Honestly it makes a lot of sense as the fat bike probably has the most to gain in the traction department and Christini has already completed most of the R&D with Kate to prepare for her upcoming attempt to cycle across the entire continent of Antartica via the south pole!

Christini says they plan on launching a Kickstarter program in the near future to gauge interest in the 2WD fat bike, then move on to produce a separate hard tail in the future. Who want’s an all wheel drive fat bike?

Curious about Kate’s upcoming Breaking the Cycle: South Pole expedition? Check it out next…


Physiology and Nutrition: Your Gut is an Alien.


In our high stressed, fast moving lives, we are often overtired, overstressed, undernourished (although overfed), and immunocompromised. This combination has far reaches (beyond the-wanting-to-sleep-at-work feeling) that extend to the interruption of our symbiosis with our gut bacteria.

Um.. What? The human intestines contain ~100 trillion microbes (ten times more than any other cells in the body) comprised within four major phyla of bacteria: the Firmicutes, Bacteriodetes, Actinobacteria, and Proteobacteria. These microbes are under selective pressure to manipulate our eating behaviors and moods to increase their well-being; often at the expense of our overall health.

How does this come across in everyday habits? The struggle to resist certain cravings for foods that are high in sugar and fat (late night chocolate or almond butter anyone…) and increased inexplicable anxiety may be your gut flora sending messages, not a lack of “self control” or “freaking out”. The individual members of the microbiota have been shown to be highly dependent on the nutrient makeup of the diet. For example, Bifidobacteria grows well with a diet high in fiber, whereas Bacteriodetes does well with fat. In a comparison of the gut microbiota of obese to lean individuals there is a higher percentage of Firmicutes with a significantly lower percentage of Bacteriodetes, after a year-long dietary intervention, there was a significant increase in the Bacteriodetes (with a corresponding decrease in Firmicutes) and a signficant correlation to the percentage of fat mass lost with the rise in the percentage of the Baceriodetes.1


The Hoverboard Gets Real!

We’re not even trying to make up some reason why this is related to bikes, but it’s just too damn cool not to post. Yes, it’s a real, live, working hover board, and it’s already blown past its funding goal on Kickstarter by about 50%, and it’s just getting started.

Check the video, then float past the break for a bit of the science…


Hands On: Road or Tri, You Pick Two with the Ceepo Mamba

Ceepo Mamba aero road tri frame bike (2)

Unless you’re deep in the world of triathlon, Ceepo might not be a brand on your radar. Originating from Aichi, Japan in 2003, Ceepo was started by Nobuyuki Joe Tanaka who lists the brand as being named after Ceepho who was an ancient Samurai warrior. The Samurai angle seems apropos given the number of sharp angles and blade like tube shapes found on a number of Ceepo’s bikes.

Ceepo’s genesis was similar to many current bike brands with Joe being unsatisfied with the triathlon bikes available to him in the 1990′s. After creating his first aluminum model in ’93, Joe went on to race it in a long course tri and noticed a whopping 90 minute improvement over his other bikes. Eventually aluminum gave way to carbon and Joe introduced Ceepo international in 2007. While the brand focuses mainly on triathlon, bikes like the Mamba, Stinger, and Mamushi mountain bike are expanding their boundaries.

The Ceepo Mamba may be labeled as triathlon specific geometry, but the frame also works great as a road bike which could make it the perfect bike to get into tris….