Kitsbow Tries their Hand at Denim, Drifter Jeans Available in 9 Different Sizes

kitsbow drifter jean denim mountain bike wear (1)

It took long enough, but there are finally a number of options for cyclists when it comes to jeans. Due to the typical build of the average cyclist, most denim jeans you’ll find in a department store are usually hopeless when it comes to fit. It seems the skinny waist, big butt, and large thighs and calves goes against the American average.

More clothing companies than ever seem to be getting into the cycling oriented denim game, which is good news for anyone looking for a pair that will fit well whether you’re on the bike or off. Adding to Kitsbow’s growing list of high end threads, the Drift Jean makes a perfect companion for the Icon Wool shirt, just don’t expect them to come cheap…


British Bulldog and King of The Cobbles in White are the Latest Thrones for your Bike


Subtle really isn’t part of Thrones’ vocabulary. From the beginning, the Australian saddle company has been about creative designs that eschew the traditional, boring black saddle. Instead, the loud, colorful designs make the perfect thrones for your bike with styles to fit a number of personalities.

All based on the same saddle platform, the similarity allows Thrones to instead focus on the design with the occasional special edition thrown in for good measure. Now, Thones is adding two new models to the mix with the King of the cobbles in white and the British Bulldog. Details next…


Praxis Works Girder M30 MTN Cranks Now Available Along with New 30t MTB Wide Narrow Ring

Praxis Works Girder M30 mtb crank 30 t narrow wide chainring (2)

In development for a few years now, Praxis Works’ line of Turn cranksets are starting to find their way onto road bikes in the wild. Now, you can add mountain bikes to the mix. Created as both an OEM and aftermarket solution, Turn cranks are built with stiffness in mind with hollow forged arms and a 30mm aluminum spindle. In fact, in a recent stiffness test carried out by Fairwheel Bikes, the Turn Zayante 2015 road crank had the least deflection of any crank tested. It was also the heaviest modern crank they tested, but the Praxis Works bottom brackets trade off a bit of weight for durability.

The Girder M30 MTN crank looks to bring the same level of stiffness to mountain bikes. Currently in stock and shipping in select sizes, the M30 crank relies on the same 30mm spindle and bottom bracket technology as the road crankset just with mountain gearing. Girders will ship with either a 2x ring combination or one of Praxis Works’ own Wide-Narrow chainrings including the new 30t…


#BikeStartup: 3 Steps to turning your big idea into a product cyclists will love

The various prototypes of the Fortified Defender

The various prototypes of the Fortified Defender

Slava Menn is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Fortified Bicycle.  He loves biking, building, entrepreneuring, and teaching.  In this monthly series, he shares his team’s hard-learned startup lessons with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Last month we discussed how haters will tell you not to start a company and why you should do it anyway.  Then we covered the first three lessons for launching your business:

  1. Turn your pain into a product idea
  2. Figure out if others need this product
  3. Do so qualitatively first (talk to people) then quantitatively (surveys)

Now that you’ve completed the first three lessons, you’re so confident the world needs your product that you start mass-producing thousands of units, right?  Not so fast…


Curtis Odom Grinds and Polishes your Pre/Post Ride Coffee & Beer Preparations

Curtis Odom Bottle Opener

Curtis Odom, maker of super high end, vintage styled hubs, also has a new line of drink accessories. A tribute to the 1976 Sedis opener, the Odom version is an “almost faithful copy”. A nice, solid chunk of stainless steel, this opener shows modern craft skill with a nod to the originals, and sells for $75.

Curtis’ work is extremely high end, made by a very skilled craftsman. So while the bottle opener seems fairly simple, see what happens when these skills are put to use for his equally important coffee consumption (and costs $325)…


The Sufferfest adds two new videos – Nine Hammers & an Angels Reboot

Just in time for your holiday break, something to wile away the cold, dark hours in your torture chamber where, perhaps, you’re dreaming of warmer days, sunnier climes or racing season. Or, after hitting nine VO2 Max and threshold intervals lasting three to four-point-five minutes in an hour-long workout, you may just be dreaming of returning to your cubicle.

Designed by Apex Coaching’s Neal Henderson, The Sufferfest’s Nine Hammers shows exclusive on-bike camera footage from the Tours of Switzerland and Romandie and the usual assortment of UK humor and graphics that make them the best trainer videos on the market.

It’s releasing this Thursday, December 18th, alongside a remix of Angels, for a 24 hour special bundle price. Check out the racing that’ll crush you next, then get ready to suffer…


Closeup look at Cycles ED unique, custom bi-planar bicycle hubs


We caught a glimpse of Cycles ED’s biplanar hubs at the Philly Bike Expo, but our attention was mainly drawn to his amazing lugs and frame. Afterward, we reached out to get a little more info on the hubs, which turn out to be equally elaborate and attention worthy.

A custom made frame is one thing. A custom hub is far, far rarer, but each rear hub from Ed Jones is unique, made from hand and uses a lacing and flange pattern that’s unlike anything mass produced. They’re all made on a 1946 South Bend Lathe, which came from Keswick Bicycle Shop, and there’s a story behind all that. As a kid, Ed escaped a troubled home life by working at the shop, and eventually the owner, Rich Norman, gave him a key and invited him to retreat there any time he needed. The shop owner saw the need, and Ed found beauty in the bikes and the safety. That outlook has continued, except now he’s looking for that same beauty and uniqueness in his customers, letting it inspire his design for their bikes. Or hubs…


Review: Rockshox’s Bluto RL Fat Bike Suspension Fork & What It Means for Riders


The Rockshox Bluto changed the game for fat bikes. Just like the 29ers that heralded before, it took the release of a major brand’s suspension fork to start to give the idea traction (pun intended) in the minds of consumers. Many of the early adopters of the fat bike movement were polarized on the need for suspension when you already have a 4″ tire at 8psi being able to take the majority of shock before it is transmitted to the rider.

Interestingly, the same brand that brought us the Reba, propelling 29ers into mainstream, also has brought us the Bluto, doing the same for fat bikes. SRAM remains one of the most flexible companies in the business, most likely to be the early adopter of new technology. Simply because of this business strategy of working closer together with their OEM customers to be on the front of new trends, they often lead and let the others follow. These risks may not always pay off, but when they do, customers take notice.

Now that the Rockshox Bluto has been on the market for a season, and is entering the first bit of snow use, we discuss our thoughts on the use and application of a product that has changed where the tracks of fat tires go.


The Win Tunnel: Which is More Aero? Rim Brakes or Disc Brakes?

Specialized continues putting its in-house wind tunnel to good, entertaining use with the latest test, determining whether rim brakes or disc brakes are more aero. They tested at various wind angles and did find about an 8 second savings over 40km in a mild cross wind, but for which? And would that really matter considering the improved braking one might offer? Watch and see!