Bos MTB Teases New Idylle FCV 37 Downhill Fork

BOS DH Stanchion Size

BOS MTB is the biggest name in suspension you’ve probably never heard of here in the States. The company has a storied history in both mountain bike, motorcycle, and rally car racing, and their Idylle DH Fork is about to get a major refresh.

Today the sent over a little teaser video about some of the new updates, but we won’t know the true story for at least another week. Head past the break for the rundown of what we know and video… READ MORE ->

Factory Tour: From Raw Metal to Finished Pedal, VP does it All

VP Components Modus Taiwan Factory Pedal Production Tour409

There are a number of things that come to mind when thinking about Taiwanese manufacturing in the bicycle industry. On the small island you’ll find every level of producer making complete bikes right down to the individual bolt. Much of the production is similar to what you would find in the US with companies getting a number of different parts from their suppliers and then assembling the final product on their own factory floor.

Then there are companies like VP Components. Where raw materials are swallowed up by the gargantuan facility only to be spit out as finished goods. VP may be a relatively new name to the US market on the consumer side, but if you’ve ridden bikes for any amount of time you have probably used their products without even knowing it. Situated as one of the largest suppliers of OEM headsets in the world, VP is also one of the last producers of high quality, inexpensive square taper bottom brackets. Oh, they played a big roll in the development of reliable methods to mass produce the ISIS BB standard in Taiwan as well.

All of the buildings on VP’s campus work together in harmony to fulfill VP’s specialty of one stop production. Their customers receive completely finished and packaged products that are ready for the store shelves, or to be assembled into bikes. Capable of producing up to a half million items in a single month, bottom brackets, headsets, and pedals all roll out of the facility on a regular basis. And yes, they have their own BMX track….


Levi’s GranFondo Teases New “Metal Head” Limited Edition Specialized Tarmac

Specialized limited edition Metal Head Tarmac Headtube

Limited Edition frames have the ability to elicit hate or lust. This new “Metal Head” Tarmac color scheme is sure to have both it’s detractors and proponents. Where do you stand? Let us know after the break.


RockShox Tech Pills – RS-1 Maxxle Ultimate and Brake Hose Set Up

Planning on picking up a new RS-1 to trick out your bike? Then you should definitely check out the latest Tech Pills from RockShox that are devoted to the new fork. Thanks to the inverted nature of the fork, Maxxle placement and brake hose routing are critical to ensure that neither interfere with the fork lowers or tires on compression. Check out the brake hose routing after the break…


All-New Scott Plasma 5 Triathlon Bike Proves More is More (Aero)


The new Scott Plasma 5 triathlon bike takes the rider-and-bike combo and aims to make it as fast as possible. They say this bike is faster with the rider on it and with all the storage and hydration solutions mounted. More stuff on board plus more system integration equals more aero.

It’s also meant to be more comfortable for a wider range of riders thanks to a plethora of adjustments and options. Those include three base bars, two different stem styles and much more. The frame and overall design makes it stiffer, too, with a few bits adding durability as well. Even if you’re not into tri and TT, the execution is worth a look.

Despite appearances, it’s completely UCI legal. Well, the bike is anyway – the bento box and battering ram water bottle don’t pass inspection.

Oh, and no, they didn’t just jump from Plasma 3 to 5, there’s a new Plasma 4 in the line, also, bridging the gap between the old and new…


Koga Teases Disc Brake Road Bike w/ New Shimano Flat Mount Standard

2015 Koga disc brake road bike with new Shimano Flat Mount disc brake standard

Seems Shimano has more than just renderings of their new flat mount disc brake standard for road bikes. Koga just sent us this photo of a fork for an upcoming bike. Since they plan on showing it off at Eurobike, presumably complete, it means there must be a Shimano brake ready to go with it (right?). We’ll be on the show floor with camera’s ready to snap, stay tuned…

Kickstarter: Priority Cycles Launches Sub $400 Maintenance Free Commuters

Priority Bicycles

In recent years, many cities in the US have made great strides towards making roads more cycling friendly. In many of our neighboring cities, we’ve seen new green ways, bicycle bridges, public bike share programs, and other features, which have helped vastly increase the number of commuters pedaling to work.

Now a new company called Priority Cycles is attempting to encourage more people to commute by introducing a bike built specifically for their needs. Paired down to the very essentials, the bikes seeks to entice first time buyers with its low cost and ease of maintenance.  READ MORE ->

Video: Experience the Madness of a 600 Person Megavalanche Mass Start

Before Enduro became hippest thing since charging exorbitant amounts for artisanal toast, the Megavalanche was the one race on every gravity riders bucket list. Held in the French alps on the Pic Blanc Glacier, the storied race begins with an epic mass start, and careens down an ice and snow encrusted mountain face over challenging terrain for another 18 miles.

Experience the madness of the 600 person mass start with Joost Wichman, a 4x MTB World Champion, by hitting play.

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: A Grand Send-Off

bikerumor pic of the day oregon mtb sendoff

Photo submitted by Howard Sanders, “Before I moved from CA to MA to attend grad school two of my best riding buddies and I set off for an 11-day MTB trip in a RV to Oregon, Idaho and Utah as a grand send-off.”

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