EUROBIKE COVERAGE REVIEW – WEEK #5. Mind Blowing wheels from Bike Ahead & Ritchey Plus So Much More!

Casco_Full-Air-RCC_prototype-ventilated-helmet_open-front2016-Cannondale-Andrew-Talansky-tour-de-france-slice-tt-bike02Cube_Stereo-160-C68_Action-Team-edition_carbon-enduro-mountain-bike_driveside-complete2016 Ritchey Superlogic Zeta alloy road bike wheelset with special brake track treatment and coating

Check out one of, if not the lightest mountain bike wheel set from Bike Ahead and some of the smoothest looking wheels from Ritchey, not to mention a ton of speed flying out of the Cannondale and Canyon booths this year.

Lots of speed this week, so throw back two quick shots of cheap Tequila and hold on to the Eurobike wrap up of week el numero cinco!


100Copies Bikemoji Series, communicating emotion through components


It’s been almost a half a year since we last saw an update in the 100Copies series of artist Thomas Yang. But to make up for lost time, he is releasing four emoji-inspired posters. Yang sees the Bikemoji series of portraits as based on emotions common amongst cyclists like himself. Each expression is created with select bicycle components, and each poster visually depicts the character in a simple and abstract way. Step on past the break for a look at all four, their prices, and availability…


IB15: Muc-Off Builds Robot Froome to Create Hydro Dynamic Chain Lube for Team Sky

muc off all conditions hydro dynamic lube chris froome (3)

When you’re creating a product for the team that will very likely win the Tour de France, you don’t leave anything to chance. Even when it comes down to chain lube,  Muc-Off wanted to create the absolute best product possible for Team Sky and Chris Froome. Typically, chain lube development includes a ton of testing which usually takes a lot of time, but more importantly numerous variables can make the process difficult.

To ensure a consistent result, while speeding up the process, Muc-Off created a robot Froome – or one of the most advanced chain lube dynos in existence and let it put in all the miles…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Tools & Access

  • Find Public Repair  Stations Around the Globe – Minneapolis based Dero has put together an online mapping tool for cities, parks, universities, and bike advocacy groups to embed in their cycling and services sites to help cyclists find access to publicly available repair stands and tools. Dero has been cataloging coordinates for their Fixit stands, an the Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico.


IB15: Fuji Rolls out 27.5+ Bighorn, Price Friendly Reveal FS Bikes, Plus new Altamira CX Fork

Kestrel Fin-1-2

Fuji has been busy this year and even having just released a couple of brand new mountain and carbon road bikes, they didn’t come close to stopping there. Sticking to offering high quality bikes at a better value, Fuji fills in the gaps with these new offerings.

Jump past the break and see what the price of “fun” costs these days….


Peaks Coaching: How to Rebuild Your Power Foundation This Winter

by Hunter Allen, PCG Founder/CEO and Master Coach

How to Rebuild Your Power Foundation - Peaks Coaching Group
I really don’t like the term “base training” because it produces images of long, slow distance training with watts at 60% of your threshold as you putter along. Too many athletes and coaches believe we have to do base training first before any other type of training can be started. Now, I’ll concede that if you’re a pro cyclist training for a huge season in Europe next year, then yes, you should be doing some serious base training this winter; riding your bike four to six hours a day at endurance pace will help continue to develop your aerobic system and prevent you from peaking in January. But everyone else? Forget it. We don’t have the time to put in four to six hours a day at a slow pace, stopping at coffee shops along the way and enjoying the sights.

Most of us have only an hour or two each day to train, and we have to make the most of those hours and optimize our training for the highest ROI. If we spent those few hours riding at endurance pace, what would happen? We’d lose fitness and get slower. There’s a relationship between time and intensity that must be respected; the lower the intensity, the longer you should ride in order to stress that energy system. If you really want to improve your endurance system, riding at endurance pace for four or five hours is what you need to do. A two-hour ride won’t be long enough to create the necessary stress on the body to cause it to adapt and improve endurance.

So what is the correct intensity for your one or two hours of available time? The tempo zone, Level 3 on Dr. Coggan’s power level chart, 76-90% of your functional threshold power (FTP). Click through to find out why… READ MORE ->

IB15: 9:Zero:7 Shows Sub 19lb Team Build Whiteout Fat Bike, Updates Slider Aluminum Frame, Teases Carbon Rims

9zero7 fat bike team issue superlight silder aluminum carbon rims (7)

It seems that no matter where I go with a fat bike, people still look at it and say,”man, that must be heavy!” Only for them to pick it up and go on to exclaim that they can’t believe how light it is. Imagine my surprise when I was that person after picking up the 9:zero:7 Team Edition built up for co-owner James Stull.

It wasn’t just the build that was light, however. The frame sees a number of updates that find their way across the Whiteout range. But it also gets a few improvements of its own…


Project Disc Cross: SRAM Red Hydro R WiFLi groupset – Long-term test


Midway through cyclocross season last year we undertook a project to rebuild a lugged steel cyclocross bike, with the idea of upgrading it to disc brakes. Our rationale was both to see how feasible the process would be and to compare the ride of a modernized traditional steel bike with some of the high-end disc brake cyclocross bikes that come through our office. The impetus of the project was probably the availability of the new Ritchey WCS Disc Cross fork with its all-carbon construction and straight 1 1/8″ steerer. Without that fork the bike would probably have not seen this new life (and we will review it in full, next week), but the other big push was to put in a solid amount of time on the updated SRAM Red HydroR groupset after it was overhauled following its rocky start. For a bike that was going to see a lot of types of riding in a mix of conditions the WiFLi configuration of Red22 promised to get us over hill and dale.

Come with us across the break for a full breakdown of the group and our thoughts on how the project bike and SRAM group have fared from last autumn until cross season begins again…


EB15: Kore flexes creative muscle with fused saddles, wider rims & more

Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

The new Kore Fuze saddles rethink typical construction by vacuum bonding a waterproof microfiber cover to a lightweight polyurethane foam, creating a one-piece upper that’s impervious to moisture. Then it’s bonded to a flexible nylon fiber shell, which holds onto hollow chromoly rails.

It’s available in two versions, offering different thicknesses and slightly different width and length, both in a variety of colors. Check out the details, plus new rims, pedals and chainrings, below…