EB14: Konstructive Weaves A Brand from High End Carbon

konstructive  bikes carbon berlin (34)

While the big brands have mass produced carbon bikes on lock down, there is one area where the smaller brands will always have an edge – custom frames. If you’re spending big bucks on a carbon frame it should be to your liking, right? That’s where companies like Konstructive come in with the ability to offer extremely light carbon frames tailored to an individual rider.

Based out of Berlin, all of the Konstructive frames are designed in Germany and then produced inside of Europe. Utilizing a tube to tube construction method, the company is able to offer truly custom geometry with the expense of producing individual molds. Add to that a custom paint program on some extremely light frames and Konstructive’s edge begins to take shape.

Check out their impressive carbon construction plus a number of new frames next…


IB14: Wheels Manufacturing Eccentric Bottom Bracket Gets Official

We spotted the new Wheels Manufacturing eccentric bottom bracket in prototype form this summer, and now it’s official. The precision milled part will fit BB30 and PFBB30 frames, converting any into a singlespeed bike.

The Enduro ABEC5 angular contact bearings fit a 24mm spindle, with versions for Shimano definitely and SRAM GXP. The outer pieces are machined from aluminum and use steel bolts to snug it into the frame and hold position. It’ll fit both 68mm and 73mm BB shells.

Around $125 retail, price will be finalized and production started for November delivery. More pics below…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Coll del Reis, Sa Calobra – Mallorca, Spain


bikerumor pic of the day steel bike ride in Coll del Reis, Sa Colobra, Mallorca, Spain

Photo submitted by Martin Cashman, “Coll del Reis, Sa Calobra, Mallorca, Spain – October ’14 – Steel bikes can climb, taking a recently built up vintage Moser Leader Pro up the spiral Coll del Reis de Reis. Both the descent and climb are breathtaking and the little seaside village at the bottom is a wonderful spot for lunch, just don’t load up too much, the only way out by road is back up the 9.5km 7% climb.”

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Found: Repete Cycles Handmade Columbus Steel Frames From The Czech Republic


Repete Cycles was born from the desire of Mikolas Vovervka and Robin Fišer to design and create their own frames. Entirely hand built in the Czech Republic, the duo are creating the frames from Columbus Niobium tube sets right in the heart of Prague. While they make the frames, they are concentrating on the package of the entire bicycle, working with a wide array of component manufacturers, and custom painting or modifying the parts to create the custom bike as a complete package.

Starting with a road bike and a track bike, but promising more to come, the frames have a unique look for steel……


Clothing Roundup: Get Ready for Cool Weather with Hincapie, Bellwether, Funkier & Pere Performance


Depending on where you are in the country, the cool weather of fall is either coming very shortly, or has already arrived.  Here in Minnesota, we have already been riding with frost in the mornings.  Proper gear is essential to be comfortable riding, and as riders
all over stretch the seasons, lots of new cold weather gear is hitting the market.

Bellwether has been around since 1973, leading the way back then with some of the first lycra/nylon cycling shorts. They have been through some rough patches, and are now trying to re-establish themselves with a new line of products. Coldfront is the windproof side designed to minimize exposure, and Aqua-NO is waterproof so you can ride through the worst conditions. There is a large line of new products, but the riding jackets and gloves featuring the new technologies are leading the rebirth of the brand.


Abus Locks Up Value with new 410 Ultra Line of U-Locks

Ultra410HB140Just because you can’t afford the top of the line lock doesn’t mean you don’t deserve security. For ABUS that means the introduction of their new 410 Ultra series – a complete range of locks packed with the German lock maker’s technology at affordable prices. Meant to fill out their 400 series of U-Locks, the 410 Ultra locks are available in 4 different styles each with an optional Cobra Cable.


IB14: ISM Pads Their Saddles, Adds Triathlon Features & Recreation Models


The Adamo Attack is ISM’s most popular road saddle, but some riders wanted something cushier. The new PN1.1 uses same shape but gets more padding and switches from titanium rails to steel. PN stands for Performance Narrow, and the PN1.1 will retail for $149.95. Width is 110mm, length is 270mm.

Not shown, the PN2.0 is a new triathlon version that gets a hook under the rear of the shell to hold the the bike in a ready-to-go position in transition racks. It gets the thinner, firmer padding of the Attack, making it more of a racer’s saddle.

PR is their Performance Recreation line. Shapes are similar to others but with more and softer padding. That’s what’s new, but we’ve got a look at Michellie Jones’ custom Felt race bike after the break…


IB14: Hedrick Cycles Bends Convention w/ New Version4 Road Frame

Hedrick Cycles Version4 carbon fiber road bike frameset - BIKE

Hedrick Cycles is a California brand launched by Carson Hedrick to honor his late father, Steven, a longtime cycling staple of the SoCal scene. Walking through their booth, I noticed the distinct lack of variation, which was intentional. They want to build one bike for a category and they want it to be the best. The pictures here don’t quite do it justice – the unique angles and tube shapes are eye-catching without being obnoxiously different for different’s sake. And each bend, curve and turn serves a purpose.

Made in Taiwan, the frames are 100% designed by Hedrick and are their own. Carson told us: “We take a lot of time and pride in the designs that we release. For the current Version4 (our flagship model) we wanted to produce a truly all-around road bike. We have built in aero features, such as proprietary tube shapes and hidden brakes.”

After the frames are made, they head to CA for paint and assembly. Here’s how it all comes together…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: San Jacinto Wilderness

bikerumor pic of the day Riding Forest Service Road 5S21 outside of Idyllwild, CA. Emerging from the cool, crisp air of the tree cover to warm sun and sweeping views of the San Jacinto Wilderness was a real treat.

Photo submitted by Ben Cluff, “Riding Forest Service Road 5S21 outside of Idyllwild, CA. Emerging from the cool, crisp air of the tree cover to warm sun and sweeping views of the San Jacinto Wilderness was a real treat.”

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