Wolf Tooth Components Teases Replacement Derailleur Cage with 3D Printed Prototype

wolf Tooth components lindarets goat link derailleur adapter (8)

We joke around that Wolf Tooth Components turns out new products fast enough that we have to visit their booth every day at trade shows just to make sure we don’t miss anything new. In all actuality, we’re only partially joking. After checking out the new stainless direct mount rings, prototype oval rings, and the new 64 BCD rings and bash guard, we stopped by the very next day and WTC had the new Lindarets X WTC GoatLink, plus this interesting blue derailleur cage.

Still very much in prototype phase, the 3D printed cage hints at what’s to come in the near future…


Eric Porter Shreds Underground at the Mega Cavern

There’s no place like home. Well in Eric Porter’s case, his home town of Louisville, KY has a new attraction – the Mega Cavern Bike Park. The facility currently has about 320,000 square feet of dirt jumps, rollers, and XC trails. Eric got a chance to check out the cavern with his kids ripping around on their little DB machines! All in the DiamondBack family. Video by Justin Olsen.

Whisky Shows off New No.9 Carbon Thru Axle CX forks with Incredible Retrotec Build

Whisky no 9 carbon fork thru axle retrotec matt larson (7)

Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you hoped. That seems to be the case with the original Whisky No.9 disc fork which was pulled after their supply chain couldn’t keep up with the demand. Going back to the drawing board along with a completely new vendor, Whisky took the chance to rework the No.9, building on the success of the original. Now with an increased front to rear compliance of 15% while increasing torsional stiffness by 17%, the fork is better than ever and ready for a full relaunch.

Following up the incredible Inglis fat bike build we saw out at Saddle Drive, Whisky Brand Manager Matt Larson had this absolutely gorgeous Retrotec on hand to show off the No.9 fork. More than just a beautiful bike though, Matt incorporated some touching tributes to his and his wife’s late grandfathers which take the build to the next level….


Easton Finds the Limit with New 32mm Long Haven 35 Stem

Easton Haven 32mm stem  (2)

If you were wondering just how short enduro stems could get, you’re looking at it. At 32mm long, the new Easton Haven 35 stem places the handlebar just 0.5mm away from the steerer. Any shorter and you would have to make the stem vertical, or run it backwards for a negative length. Built to accomdate Easton Haven and other 35mm handlebars, the CNC machined aluminum handlebar joins the rest of the Haven 35 stem line for options from 32-90mm long.


Problem Solvers Adds New MisMatch Adapters, Bar Plugs, Top Caps, and a few Surprises

problem solvers i spec bar plug top cap sketch book dorque test (4)

You can always count on the Problem Solvers booth at Frostbike for two things: clever new products, and feats of skill. Or in this case torque. You know there is always that battle between mechanics of the use of a torque wrench vs. the calibrated arm? Thanks to the Problem Solvers dorque test, the potential for mechanics to tighten a bolt to a specified torque was finally put to the test. PS had confident mechanics choose their weapon (3 way, multi tool, or L wrench) and then try to tighten a bolt to 5.6 Nm. Me personally? I was a bit under on the first go, then nailed it on number two. I suppose that’s better than going over?

While the dorque test was an easy distraction for the mechanically focused among us, in typical Problem Solvers’ fashion there were a few new products that are definitely worth a look…


Reynolds Cycling ATR gets official, new carbon wheels for gravel & cyclocross!

Reynolds ATR 2015-3

We first spotted these at Interbike last year where they were hidden behind the desk as a spiff for dealers that signed on to stock Reynolds wheels for 2015. Plans for production were nonexistent, but interest must’ve been pretty high because now they’re available to all.

With the burgeoning participation in gravel riding and cyclocross racing, the new Reynolds ATR (All Terrain Road) disc brake carbon wheelset is their answer to the varied terrain those disciplines see.

The wheelset uses their tubeless ready Trail carbon mountain bike rim drilled with a lighter spoke lacing pattern and their road disc brake hubs. That means lighter weight than if you were to use a 29er MTB wheelset, and the wide profile rim should provide plenty of durability over rough and loose terrain and let you run low, tube-free air pressures for more comfort and traction… READ MORE ->

Gerard Vroomen & René Wiertz take over 3T component brand


Cervelo co-founder and co-owner of Open Cycles Gerard Vroomen has partnered with current 3T CEO René Wiertz to acquire all shares in 3T Cycling.

Cervelo’s had always used a healthy dose of 3T components on their bikes, and now the famed designer will help push the brand forward.

“He will help us to develop even more original high-end bicycle components and he will inspire and coach our young engineers to do even better,” says Wiertz in the press release. “His experience in building Cervélo and as a long-time 3T customer will also ensure we address the needs of our OEM and aftermarket customers even better.”

Vroomen added “3T is one of the true originals of the bike industry, its inventions and designs have shaped our sport for more than 50 years. 3T has always been on my – very short – list of favorite companies so I was thrilled when this opportunity arose.”

“Furthermore, I’ve known René since he resurrected 3T in 2007 and I really like his professionalism and work ethic. He’s done an exceptional job, starting from zero and rebuilding 3T into one of the leading component brands globally. At Cervélo, we were his very first customer and he became one of our most reliable suppliers. That’s not easy in this industry and I know that with René at the helm, 3T will continue to excel in the years to come.”

Check out 3T’s latest additions from our Eurobike coverage here and their glow-in-the-dark components here.

Road to NAHBS 2015: Calfee Design

Calfee NAHBS 2015 Carbon Road 1

As the thirtieth anniversary of his first carbon prototype frame approaches, Craig Calfee continues to push the design and process envelope.  Having debuted a tandem-to-solo conversion bike last year, and a new 3D printing process for custom, one-off carbon lugs on their Manta endurance road frames, it will be interesting to see what surprises Calfee has in store for this NAHBS.

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

Craig: Carbon fiber, bamboo and hemp. And to a lesser extent, titanium and Douglas Fir tree branches. READ MORE ->

Review: Louis Garneau WINDTEX Eco-Flex II cold weather gloves

Louis Garneau Windtex Eco-Flex 2 gloves

Back when I was a BMXing teen in Ontario, I decided a good pair of cold weather gloves would be worth buying. A car was still a few years off, and the weather wasn’t going to keep me from hanging out with my friends in June, October or January. I bought a pair of Louis Garneau winter gloves and instantly loved them for being thin but surprisingly warm.

Unfortunately, I lost one of those gloves and missed them dearly for several years. After finding a new home in Pemberton, B.C. and diving into the MTB scene, I finally decided to get another pair for last fall’s final trail rides. I found the updated gloves, now known as the WINDTEX Eco Flex 2 and reunited myself with an old friend. As suggested by the above photo, I’m quite happy with them.

Find out why the Eco-Flex 2 deserves two thumbs up after the jump…