First Look: Lezyne’s Classic & Steel Floor Drive Pumps Are Budget-Minded and Built To Last


Lezyne makes high quality, well built bike accessories, and mostly from metal. Metal tends to be more durable, and the heavier, solid weight in your hands makes you think high quality.

Lezyne’s products are aimed a bit more at the higher end, so their entry-level pumps are more in the middle price range of the whole market. We take a close look at the Classic Floor Drive and Steel Floor Drive, with their machined steel barrel, varnished wood handle and cast aluminum base. See our thoughts after the break…


Kickstarter: Keep Your Earbuds in Place with Budstraps



For those audiophiles who like to listen to music on the go without any of the loss in quality associated with bluetooth devices, a kickstarter project named BudStraps promises to improve headphone cable management.

The design consists of a soft strap which rests across the neck and and clips on either end which grab the headphone cords. This system keeps your earbuds tangle free and within easy reach, while also reducing the tension on your ears. Head past the break to see the BudStraps in action.  READ MORE ->

Sinewave Cycles’ Streamlined USB Charger Headset Cap Tops Off Your Steerer & Your Phone

sinewave cycles reactor usb charger headset cap for bicycle dynamo hubs

We first spotted these guys a couple years back when they were showing off the first prototypes, which had a hardwired connection at the base of the Sinewave Reactor  USB charger top cap. Now, they’re in full production and have made a few mods to make them more user friendly.

The Reactor is a sealed USB port that connects to a dynamo hub to charge anything that’ll pull power through a USB cable, and it’s conveniently located on the bike’s steerer tube. The main change is a snap connector at the base that allows the top cap to be removed without having to pull wires all the way up from the hub…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Sandia Park, New Mexico

bikerumor pic of the day Late autumn day in Sandia Park, New Mexico I had stopped to let the horse pass.

Photo submitted by Eric K., “Late autumn day in Sandia Park, New Mexico. I had stopped to let the horse pass.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Bandha Bikes Is Crowdfunding To Build Bamboo Bikes for Uganda

Bandha Bikes is a project to increase access to transportation for people in Ugandan villages. By creating and distributing bamboo bikes, they can help the residents achieve basic needs and access to resources. Most Ugandans spend their time walking since there are no other options, and they need to get to places where they can find food, water, schools, work and health.

Riding a bicycle is four times faster than walking, so they can have more access to the things they need. They have identified several local sources of mature bamboo to sustainably harvest. Then, they are importing the hemp wrap for the joints and the epoxy, with an estimated total build cost of a complete bike is $250.

Bandha is seeking donations to bring these bamboo bicycles to Uganda. They are running a crowdfunding campaign where donations are tax-deductable, and all funds raised will be to run a pilot program in Lwanda village.

PBE14: Astoundingly Detailed Lugwork from Custom Framebuilder Cycles ED


As I wrapped up with Hinmaton at Stijl Cycles, he pointed me to the adjacent booth. There, with quite a few bikes standing in a small 10×10 footprint was Ed Jones, who had mentored and inspired Hinmaton and is the man behind Cycles ED. Or CED for short.

CED’s bikes have a unique appearance even from afar, thanks to the tube shapes and connections, but when you get up close is when you see the real artistry. We’ve seen plenty of amazing lugs before, but nothing like this. Three dimension doesn’t even do it justice; they’re just layered and shaped and painted in ways that bring new visual depth and delight to artisan bicycles.

Click through for some amazing artwork…


PBE14: Vlad Cycles, Coast & Royal H – Custom Steel w/ Mavic Mektronic Electronic Shifting!


Some custom builders are new, like Vlad Cycles out of Boonton, NJ, who’s been at it for just two years now. Others have been at it for a little longer, over the years, have accumulated some interesting parts to hang on their show bikes…like a very fresh looking Mavic Mektronic electronic group.

Above is Vlad’s Troika head badge, designed by Jen Green. In Russian, he says, the troika is three horses harnessed abreast to pull loads across the vast Russian landscape. Vlad started out fillet brazing, but after a frame building course by Carl from Vicious Cycles, he turned to TIG welding and hasn’t looked back. The headtube above is part of a disc brake road bike, shown below.

Read on to see more from Vlad, Coast and Royal H, the latter of whom had the motorized group on display…


Showers Pass Debuts Better Baselayers through Body Mapping


It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but body-mapping is all about ventilation. With their new baselayers, Showers Pass is entering into new territory, but one that they feel is an easy fit for the brand.

“Baselayers are a natural extension of our product line, but it’s a new category for us.  So we wanted to make sure we got it right before bringing it to market.” notes Kyle Ranson, president, Showers Pass. “We surpassed all of our design goals, and are excited to round out our line and offer our customers another well-conceived high performance garment.”

After working diligently to come up with the perfect fiber content and body hugging fit, the new Body-Mapped baselayers are designed to be the perfect compliment to  the best selling jackets in the Showers Pass catalog. That’s actually a pretty crucial design element – you can have the best wicking baselayer in the world, but if it manages heat and moisture better than the layer on top of it, you will still end up wet – not so good for cold weather activities.

Fortunately, the Body-Mapped Baselayers are specifically constructed to vent out the most heat where you tend to sweat the most. These areas also happen to coincide with the excellent vents found on their jackets. The result should be a warm, dry, and happy you as you pedal away this winter…


PBE14: Santana Goes Really, Really Big with Cirque Fat Bike Tandem!

Santana Cirque fat bike tandem prototype mountain bike

The great thing about smaller shows like Philly Bike Expo is the laid back atmosphere, where we have time to hear the stories behind more than just the latest and greatest. Last time, Santana’s owner, Bill McCready, gave us a fantastic materials science talk. This time, he had less to say, mainly because this monstrous bike was built in his absence.

Santana leads group tandem tours overseas. On their last trip, while they were nonchalantly letting participants play around on the BionX equipped e-tandem shown at the bottom of this post, his employees were busy welding together this prototype fat bike. The expo was the first time anyone else had really seen it, and it was hard to miss…