SKS Helps Fatter 29″ Tires Cover up with New X-Tra Dry XL and Shockboard XL Fenders

SKS X-tra dry xl shockboard mtb mountain bike fender (5)

If you’re lucky enough to have somewhere to ride your mountain bike when it rains, decent fenders can be a helpful addition to your bike. But since no one really likes to ride around with fenders when it’s dry out, it helps if the fenders can be quickly removed and installed – otherwise they’re going to sit in your garage unused. As tires continue to get bigger, so must the fenders which is why SKS has introduced the new X-Tra Dry XL rear and Shockboard XL front fenders. Designed to provide more coverage, the X-Tra DRy XL measures in at 80mm longer and 10mm wider than the original, while the Shockboard XL adds 60mm in length as well.

Still just as easy to put on and take off, the pair is worth a look for anyone riding 29ers or fat 700c tires…


Let Your Mind Flow Down The Singletrack With Twisted Trails, A Collection Of Short Mountain Biking Stories from Alex Hutchinson


Mountain bikers like to trade stories. Maybe it about that time you took that really huge superman, or the time you had to backtrack to find your lost keys and saw Cougar prints on top your tire tracks. Most cycling print though is dedicated to the shiny bits, when all we really want to do is re-live the experience of the trails over and over in our minds.

Alex Hutchinson loves to tell tales, so he has created his first collection of short stories. Published via e-book, it will keep the price low and easy to reach, since he says his e-books outsell his printed ones 4 to 1 anyway.

“From the first day I climbed on a mountain bike, I felt the need to write about the experience. Freedom, independence, self-propulsion and exploration are concepts so revealing of our nature that they beg for the loving embrace of short story fiction. These past six years have provided me with a wealth of interesting characters, intense races and natural beauty. All of which made it easy and fun to write these stories.”

So next time you think you have spent way too much time reading about carbon fiber rim stiffness, take a break and let your mind wander to where it really wants to be, on the trail.

Alex says Twisted Trails will be released February 15th, consisting of 9 stories that are fictional tales about the sport. Best of all, it’s only $1.99 on pre-order for Kindle.



Chumba Cycles Teases URSA Major Prototype Titanium Fat Bike

Chumba Ursa major titanium fat bike (1)

After their rebirth at Interbike last year, Chumba Cycles is settling into their new Austin, TX home. Led by new owner Aaron Foreman, the company has gotten back to their made in the USA roots. Gone are the slacked out, long travel DH machines only to be replaced by a new generation of Chumba bikes that focus more on adventure and pushing past personal limits. That means some very interesting steel hard tails, and in this case, their newest bike will be clad in titanium.

As their first full sized fat bike, the URSA Major will be sold alongside the URSA Minor – their  midfat 29+ option. While many of the details are still shrouded in mystery, we did get a few tidbits straight from Chumba. You’ll have to wait for the actual release of the bike, but read on for a little tease…


Ride Review: Vee Tire’s H-Billie Fat Bike Tire Brings Tubeless Tech Below $100


Vee Tire rolled into the market a few years ago with some of the first “affordable” fat bike tires. They have grown rapidly, with 9 different fat bike tire models (including the plus-sized Trax Fatty), and their growth was primarily fueled by consumers being able to get fat bike tires without a home refinance loan.

The H-Billie is folding bead, tubeless ready, and claimed at 26×4.25″, aiming for the lighter fat bikes with 4″ tires that still make up the vast majority of the market.

We took a ride on the H-Billies, and found them to be pretty good, especially for the price. Take a look inside to see how a tire at half the price stacks up…


Home Workshop Series – Part 4: Getting into the Big Tools


From the first three articles, someone could easily put together a home shop to do 75% of the repairs on their bike. But once you get past the surface of adjustments and basic components, it is gonna take some pretty large and expensive tools to start working further.

A lot of home mechanics have low-buck ways of replicating these tools, and those methods probably work. Coming from a shop background though, we recommend using the right tool, or taking it to a shop. While you might save money making your own headset press from threaded rod, nuts and washers, the cost savings evaporate if you accidentally wreck that new Chris King headset. A proper headset press will keep the surfaces parallel, and with the proliferation of press-fit bottom brackets, they now double as BB installation tools, so much that Park re-named theirs “Bearing Cup Press” instead of “Headset Press”.

A caveat applies to this post in the series, that all these tools need proper training. Any of these large special tools can do a lot of damage if used wrong, so if you don’t know what you are doing, it would still be best to pay a pro for installation or removal. Or take a class.


How to Break Into the Cycling Industry – Transition Bikes’ Kevin Menard


Kevin’s business card at Transition Bike Co.

It’s a new year, and perhaps your resolutions of shedding the shackles of corporate life for the fun and adventure of cycling are still fresh in your mind. Here, as inspiration (or a kick in the butt, take it how you will) is proof positive that it doesn’t much matter what you’re doing now, you can indeed break into the cycling industry…

BIKERUMOR: Who are you and what are you doing here?

KEVIN: My name is Kevin Menard and I own 50% of Transition Bikes. As an owner of a small business you end up doing a ton of things on a daily basis but my main title is sales and marketing director. I drive the brand direction and image of the company and all the relationships with our fine customers.


Found: Clug – The World’s Smallest Bike Rack

clugWe missed the CLUG during their Kickstarter last June, but it didn’t seem to matter. The company crushed their $32,000 funding goal, and raised an impressive $107,947 CAD. That’s a lot of money for something so small – actually, what CLUG is calling the world’s smallest bike rack. Originally created with a 3D printer, CLUG is a simple clip that is mounted to the wall. Your bike’s tire then snaps into the clip, leaving your bike supported and your home or office space de-cluttered.

During the Kickstarter campaign you could pledge just $5 to get your own .stl file to print your own CLUG and the early bird supporters were sent 3D printed first run CLUGs while the actual CLUGs were being manufactured. Certainly an interesting use of 3D printing to bridge the gap between concept and production. Soon with three options to choose from, CLUG is looking like an intriguing storage solution for your home…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Near Grazalema, Spain

bikerumor pic of the day cadiz spain

Photo submitted by Jesus Matute Carrasco, “Before you go down, we need to push… at southest of Spain, near nice town Grazalema (Cádiz), where snow is a gift unusual…”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Hunt Bicycle Wheels starts the chase w/ road tubeless from UK

Hunt Bike Wheels tubeless ready road bicycle wheels with Mason Cycles

Hunt Bike Wheels is a startup from the UK, coming from Tom Marchment, who formerly worked with distributor iRide. Their stated goal is to combine the best components they can find into a high quality wheelset that doesn’t break the bank, and the first offering seems to do just that while being fully modern.

Having been in the industry for a while, Marchment knew where to look for parts. This means triple butted Pillar stainless steel spokes, EZO bearings and manufacturing partners shared with some of the largest brands in the world. The results will be fully divulged this spring, but for now they’ve put together a special edition wheelset for another UK-based startup, Mason Cycles…