Swiss, Premium, Performance – BMC Release Their 2016 Mountain Bike Lineup

2016 BMC Trailfox TF01 XX1 mountain bike

As a company well known for its thirst for innovative design, BMC have just announced their most progressive line of mountain bikes yet. Of course the Swiss brand has been on quite the roll lately, having debuted the new Team Elite softail race bike as well the 650b Speedfox Trailcrew already this year. Looking to build upon that momentum, the 2016 model year signals a subtle change in direction for BMC, with bold colours and refined build kits highlighting their willingness to listen to rider demands. This year you’ll find BMC releasing new sport hardtails, an updated Trailfox long-travel 29er, and a plethora of new spec options for the existing Fourstroke and Speedfox lines. So read on for our first look of the 2016 BMC mountain bike range…


Unsupported Racing from Flanders to Istanbul: 3rd Annual Transcontinental Race 2015 – Photo Updates


Tonight at midnight local time, 200 racers from around the world will set off up the cobbles of the Muur-Kapelmuur on a amateur race to cycle across the entire continent finishing at the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul, where Europe stops and Asia begins. We at Bikerumor first found out about the event talking with one of its first finishers in Berlin last year following the inaugural running in 2013, and have been hearing about this edition now for the past few weeks as people and companies in our social media feeds have been finalizing their training and prepping their bikes and bags.

The event is 100% unsupported, to the extent that competitors aren’t allowed to borrow a pump from another racer, or even stop at a friends house along the way for water or a snack. That being said, publicly available services along the way are OK, so if your bike breaks down you’re welcome to hobble into a regular bike shop for repairs, and food and lodging purchased along the way are cool too.

This year’s event has four checkpoints along the way through southern and eastern Europe that each racer needs to navigate to on their own. Join us after the break for a glimpse of what they have in store…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Sa Calobra – Mallorca, Spain

bikerumor pic of the day bike riding mallorca, sa caliber, spain

Photo submitted by Richard Collingridge, “One way to get to the famous climb in Mallorca, Sa Calobra, is by boat. As a yacht captain I often get the luxury of doing this and doing the climb very early in the morning before any traffic.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

SR Suntour doubles down with new UnAir, DuAir shocks, shim-tastic dampers & easy change air volume Pipe

2016 SR Suntour UnAir and DuAir rear mountain bike shocks with new shim stack dampers and ambient negative chamber

Quietly introduced at Taipei Cycle Show earlier this year amidst plenty of new suspension forks, SR Suntour’s all-new air shocks bring a completely new shim stack damper, ultra simple blowoff valve and an incredibly user friendly (and tuner friendly) design.

Two models will be available, the UnAir for shorter travel bikes, and the DuAir for longer travel. Internally, they’re identical on the LO-R (LockOut-Rebound) model, and DuAir gets a second RC version with wider range rebound and compression adjustments. Other than that, the key difference between the two is the DuAir’s external air sleeve, called a Pipe, that allows you to quickly and easily adjust air volume to tune the ride.

Both shocks share new piston and seal designs that not only keep it moving smooth when perfectly straight, they even reduce friction when side loads are placed on the shock. It’s an impressive package that could have you hopping down the bunny trail with a whole new smile on your face…


MET Debuts Manta, Rivale super lightweight & wind tunnel-proven helmets in TDF peloton


Team MTN Qhubeka has been sporting some very heavy hitting, though lightweight, new speed gear in this year’s Tour. MET’s new MANTA closed aero helmet provides impressive aerodynamic performance for the gram while the Rivale is designed around maximal ventilation to keep hot heads cool in the Peloton. Both are designed for high speed safety utilizing MET’s HES impact distributing construction. Peek under the bonnet for more details… READ MORE ->

Commencal Releases 2016 Meta AM V4 Race mountain bike in Rockshox Red

2016 Comencal meta AM Race, rockshox red, title pic

When it comes to racing, we all know the pros get to ride the best quality parts and latest technology their sponsors can provide, but from a marketing perspective aesthetics are just as important. Bikes and components get a lot of visibility at big events, and Commencal blatantly states that their flashy Race models are meant to be a showcase of their brand, and the company’s sponsors and partners.

Following in the footsteps of 2015’s Rockshox inspired black colorway, the 2016 Meta AM V4 Race’s paint sports an eye-popping red and black scheme, matched to Rockshox’s Pike fork and Monarch rear shock. The Meta AM V4 was built with enduro racing in mind, and accordingly sports a nice selection of suitable componentry with front and rear suspension that’s specifically tuned for the Race model. Read on for more details on Commencal’s first bike from the 2016 model year…

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Shimano files patent for shiftable narrow-wide chainrings

patent application drawings for Shimano shiftable narrow-wide double chainrings

With the advent of narrow wide chainring designs, we’ve gone from worrying about dropped chains to full on all mountain riding with nothing more than a bare single chainring up front keeping our chain in place. Sure, clutch-equipped rear derailleurs help, and more aggressive riders still use a chain guide on occasion. But for most of us, the alternating tooth profiles are all we need to keep things running silent and smooth.

The tradeoff, of course, is that these chainrings couldn’t be used in a double crankset since there are no provisions for moving the chain from one ring to another. Whether it was simply an assumption that it couldn’t be done or a lack of interest in better chain retention on a double (or triple, for that matter), it simple fact is it wasn’t on the radar. Now, thanks to Shimano, it is, and we’ve got some good ideas on where it could be heading…


Rose Gets Aero with 2 1/2 New Bikes: X-Lite CW Road and Road Disc, and Aero Flyer Time Trial


German consumer-direct Rose Bikes introduced two completely new road bike platforms focused on aerodynamics this week, with one available in either caliper or disc brake builds for everyday riding and the second a dedicated aero machine for solo racing against the clock. The X-Lite CW was developed to be able to be built-up with either direct mount caliper brakes or disc brakes for two distinctly different rider types. The basic sculpted aero carbon frame is the same for either brake configuration, with the use of brake-specific forks and some modular mounting.

Join us after the jump for details on road vs. road disc, and a look at the Aero Flyer TT bike…