WILL Leather Goods Pays Tribute To Historical Cultures, Releases “One-Of-A-Kind” Bike Series

WILL Leather Goods One Of A Kind Bike Series Oaxacan Bike #2 Full View copy master

If you had $10,000 to spend on a new bike would you opt for one wrapped in vegetable tanned leather and embellished with custom wool knitting? What if it had leather pedals and Oaxacan wool rug panniers? Well, if you didn’t pre-order the $20k crocodile skin fixie, then you may not be WILL’s target market. But you might have a leather fetish, or you might just be curious nonetheless…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Agony Hill, The Philippines

bikerumor pic of the day agony hill the philippines

Photo submitted by Alejandro Rivera, “Riding my barely visible trusty Mach429 around Agony Hill in the town of Alimodian in the province of Iloilo, The Philippines.”

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Suspension Setup Series #1 – Set Your Sag Properly

bikerumor guide how to set up mountain bike suspension sag

At virtually every mountain bike and suspension launch we attend, we’re told to simply sit on the bike while someone slides the “fun-o-meter” ring to the base of the fork or shock, then we hop off and see where it lies. If it’s in the ballpark, we gear up and head out, fiddling with the settings as we ride.

Recently, I had some time with Rockshox brand ambassador and SRAM MTB marketing manager Duncan Riffle, who also happens to be a 2x U.S. National Downhill Champ and former World Cup DH competitor, so we discussed the finer points of suspension set up. The result is this 6-part series, with additional input from Manitou’s Eric Porter, who’s raced professionally in XC/DH/DS/DJ over the past 11 years, and Mark Fitzsimmons, Fox Racing Shox’s race program manager and pro athlete suspension tuner. As you’ll see throughout the multi-part story, there’s quite an art to getting it all dialed, but when you do, it’s pure magic on the trail.

So, ready to rethink everything about how your suspension is set up? Good. We’ll start with sag, which is the amount of travel your suspension moves through just by adding your own weight (body, clothes, pack, etc.) to the bike. This puts the suspension into an active state, letting it react in both directions, keeping your tire glued to the dirt. To get it right, there are two things to consider: Rider position and amount of sag. We’ll start with properly positioning yourself on the bike so that sag is set based on your actual riding.

But first, make sure your fork and shock both have their compression damping set to their fully Open/Descend positions, then hop on the bike…


Scott Jumps into 27.5″ for 2015 Gambler, Voltage FR, Plus New Genius 900 Tuned

Scott MTB 2015 gambler Voltage FR Genius LT tuned 900 mountain bike (2)

Ever since the mountain bike wheel size debate began, Scott has been taking advantage of the 27.5″ wheel size. From World Cup Level XC racing, to all mountain and Enduro, the wheels have been offered alongside their bigger 29″ siblings. In 2015, we see the middle wheel size make its way into the gravity world with a new Gambler DH bike as well as the all new Voltage FR. Not convinced that 27.5″ is the way to go for gravity use? Thanks to some innovative designs, both bikes can still run 26″ wheels without affecting performance.

Across the board, Scott’s mountain bikes for 2015 are impressively light and offer all of the techy details you’ve come to expect from the Swiss manufacturer. After a few days riding the new bikes in Deer Valley, UT, we’ve come away quite impressed. Details plus actual weights after the jump…


Ridley Adds 26″ Youth Road, Cyclocross Race Bikes…for Europe


So, maybe our domestic ‘cross scene hasn’t quite Belgained the f&*k up enough yet, ’cause Ridley’s keeping their 26″ wheeled youth cyclocross bikes over on the European scene for 2015. It’s joined by a road going version, too, though they share the same frame and most of the spec.

Built on a 6061-T6 sloping alloy frame with Tektro mini V-brakes, both models sport a Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain with 155mm cranks and 46/34 rings turning a 13/26 cassette. The alloy cockpit has a shallow reach 380mm wide handlebar and 27.2 post. Wheels are built with Alex 19 double wall rims and wrapped in Schwalbe CX Pro 26×1.35 tires.

The only difference on the road bike is the switch to Kenda RoadRace 26″ x 23c rubber, which means you could really buy either one and an extra set of tires to double it’s uses. Pic below…


Must Watch: Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films Tease World Record Front Flip

Just shortly after the news that Cam Zink will be attempting the world’s biggest back flip at Mammoth Mountain in August, this teaser pops up with what may be a world record front flip. As a sneak peek at their upcoming movie Unreal, Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films capture Tom van Steenbergen stomping what looks to be a mega front flip. It’s so massive the helmet cam footage seems to be in slow motion. We can’t wait to see the other angles…

Photo Epic: Seek & Diverge – Hunt 4 w/ Deux North

It’s easy to fall into a pattern where riding sometimes feels more like a chore than my favorite past time. It’s easy because my email inbox is full, there are at least three important life deadlines looming, and the sky has been overcast for several days.

Once a week though, I ride out from my house to the top of a nearby mountain a few hours before sunset to meet up with the boys. We drink beers in the tall grass, throw rocks at stacks of cans, talk shit, and then race each other down and back up. It’s in those moments I remember why I love riding bikes.

For brothers James and Dylan Nord, the story is not that different. Growing up, they rode bikes, played pretend, and discovered new haunts, but felt like they lost that spirit of adventure as they grew up. To help rediscover that feeling of childhood excitement they created Deux North. It’s little more than an excuse to gather friends together to chase down future memories, but it provides the rest of us with inspiration and some pretty pics.

As part of the project, the boys go on hunts to explore new roads, meet new people, and adventure. As the number of the hunts increase, so do the stakes. For Hunt Four, nine cyclists from all over the world met in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley at the invitation of James’ long time friend Chris Riekert. A Specialized employee, Chris had asked the group to join him on a 300 mile journey, with 30,000 ft of climbing, to test ride a new adventure bike the company was developing.

Head past the break for images and a few words from Chris about their epic ride along the golden California coast…


Review: New Vee Rubber XCV and Speedster Dirt Jump Tires

Vee Tires XCV Tires (3)While the bleeding edge of innovation in the trail/enduro/and all mountain segment of the markets have been steadily pushing for the complete eradication of the 26″ wheel, there’s one realm in which the wheel size will always be appreciated.

For dirt jumping, pump tracking, street sessions, and casually cruising, there’s nothing better than a hardtail. So we were pumped to hear that Vee Rubber is still releasing new tires for our favorite red headed step child. READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Round Lake Trail, CA

bikerumor pic of the day Bear Lake

Photo submitted by Mark Norstad, “This is my current favorite bike, a 29″ Independent Fabrication hardtail that was a show bike at 2013 NAHBS. The photo was taken on the Round Lake Trail, about 10 miles north from Packer Saddle, the beginning of the Downieville downhill. Bear Lake is in the background. Great riding in this area, the trails are maintained by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. They do an outstanding job keeping it all working.”

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