Spring / Summer 2014 Kit Roundup – Rapha, Ground Effect, Swiftwick, Cinelli x Santini, & Foska

Rapha’s Spring / Summer 2014 collection seems to carry forward the same pieces, just with updated colors and a few highlights to call out: new Trade Team Jersey designs, brand new synthetic racing mitts, updates to Club Jerseys and Wind Jackets, the Rapha Cap’s new panel construction, and a new Brevet Jersey colour.

There’s also an ever expanding women’s collection. They’ve assembled it all into a rather elegant Look Book online that works quite well, so we’ll just share their video highlights here. Hit the link, then click on any page’s caption to see tech details for a particular piece.

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Bell-Riddell-Giro (BRG) sell Easton Cycling to Owner of RaceFace

RACE-FACE-LOGO-620x235Announced today, BRG (which stands for Bell, Riddell, Giro) will be selling it’s Easton cycling division to RaceFace Owner Chris Tutton. This announcement is not surprising as the company officially changed it’s name late last week from Easton-Bell Sports to BRG, although they declared their intent to due so in February, after selling of the Easton branded baseball and softball divisions.

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Mavic “Studying” Road Disc Brake Wheels with Felt, Others

Felt Disc cyclocross road f2x f1x f3x nine frd z2 disc (11)

Perhaps you noticed those as-yet-and-still-unannounced Mavic Aksium disc brake wheels on the new Felt F4X cyclocross bike. They’re certainly not a production model and, in fact, may have surprised even a few Mavic folks with their attendance at Sea Otter.

According to Mavic’s PR man Zack Vestal, the brand is testing Aksium Disc wheels with a few bicycle manufacturers to study demand. While we’d say it’s a foregone conclusion they’ll have them eventually, Vestal says “Mavic is working with a few OEM partners to assess the potential of select road or cross disc wheel models. Our product managers are always advancing wheel development in consideration of the needs of cyclists at every level.”

He added that it’s not a surprise to see things start with the Aksium line as it’s a popular OE price point model. We’ve heard Mavic has a few good sized announcements coming this year, so perhaps we’ll see something sooner rather than later.

SOC14: Coco Hydro Makes Coconut Water on the Go

coco hydro dehydrated coconut water powder

There are a lot of people touting the benefits of coconut water. The fact that it’s purely isotonic, high in potassium and minerals, and low in sugar and carbohydrates leads to claims that it is superior to an energy drink, and better for rehydrating yourself after a long ride. Whether you’re drinking it for the hydration benefits, or because you just like the taste you know that coconut water can be very expensive and also hard to transport. These are all reasons why Coco Hydro has created a dehydrated coconut water powder that can be used to mix up your favorite beverage anywhere.

Owned by Big Tree Farms, Coco Hydro is created by dehydrating the coconut water at the source in Indonesia which means they aren’t shipping water around the world. Using an enzymatic spray dry process, the nutrients are extracted and then mixed with sea salt for the sport version or natrual extracts for flavors and colors for the other versions.  Launched in 2011, Coco Hydro is available in single servings, 25 serving bags, or 30 serving tubs for the Sport version (which has more electrolytes). Original will be the flavor of choice for those who love plain coconut water (which was quite good I must say), while lemon-lime, pineapple, and pomegranate raspberry add flavor for those wanting a little more. Ranging from $1.59 for a single serving to $24.99 for the 30 serving Sport tub, Coco Hydro claims their product is about half priced compared to competing Coconut water.


Found: Nix Frix Shun Bicycle Chain Lube, Made for Real Ballers

ballers ride nix frix shun ultimate bicycle chain lube

Looking for a chain lube that’s baller approved? As in, the stuff made by people that build, ride and eat/sleep/breathe bikes for a living? NFS could be it.

Nix Frix Shun was developed by Josh Simonds, one of the main guys behind Velocipede Salon and The Baller’s Ride. It’s an industrial strength chain lube that needs only a minimal amount on the chain but lasts up to 300 miles per application. The formula quickly seeps into the chain, getting between the links and rollers for smooth, quiet operation while moving dirt, dust and gunk out to the surface to be wiped away. And that’s all the maintenance they suggest, just wiping the chain, until you start to hear your chain getting “dry”. At which point you simply use about 5 drops worth to restore lube levels and carry on. They say it’ll withstand moisture, whether it’s rain or bike wash stations.

The bonus? It supports the Baller’s Ride, which ultimately supports much of the innovation squirted into the industry by some of the best handmade bicycle builders around…


SOC14: Lightweight Osprey Rev Series Now shipping

Osprey Rev Series packs (3)

We first got a look at the new Rev series of packs from Osprey at Interbike last year, and true to their word the lightweight packs are now shipping. Initially designed as more of a runners pack, it was discovered that cyclists like the lightweight construction and close fit so a few design changes were made to make it more of a universal application.


Spotted: Prototype 170mm Rohloff Speedhub for Fat Bikes!

Rohloff 170 speed hub fat bike 2

It seems that lately one of the main arguments for offset frame designs on fat bikes is the ability to run IG (internal gear) hubs. That makes a lot of sense considering the hubs have all been limited to 135mm widths, though it looks like that won’t be the case for long. Spotted by Cycle Monkey (who happen to be the sole North American Service Partners and experts when it comes to the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14), this 170mm prototype Rohloff was on display at the Bespoked UK Bike Show. The wider spacing would allow symmetric wheel builds for fat bikes and even other bikes that want to take advantage of the wider rear end for increased wheel stiffness.

Details are still very limited, but perhaps even more exciting than the fact that a 170mm option will exist is the fact that there is a rumor that it will be available as a retrofit option for current Speedhub Owners! If you’ve ever priced out a Speedhub, you know why this is exciting news. It is also exciting news for Rohloff themselves, as it would mark one of the major design changes in years.

More when we have it.

Monday Mystery Pic

bikerumor monday mystery pic submitted by University Bicycles in Boulder, Colorado,

Photo submitted by Andy Wiedrich, Warranty Manager at University Bicycles in Boulder, CO,

SOC14: Steve Smith’s 2013 Devinci One-Off World Champs 650B Prototype

Steve Smith 650b Proto (10)

This year, Steve Smith took time from the busy World Cup schedule that kept most pros from attending Sea Otter to walk us through the highlights of the one-off prototype frame he raced last year at World Champs. And when we say “walk” us through the details, he mostly just stood there holding this pose until the wind knocked him over. That said, he was a really friendly guy, and took photos with everyone who stopped by!

Now back to the frame…..