EB15: Fizik Steps It Up with New R1, R4, and M6 shoes, and more


Fi’zi:k has put both feet forward into the shoe market with three completely new pairs of kicks and a reworked last for all of the road line. The R1B sets the new top of the line with a two piece laser perforated Mircotex upper available in white or black and two BOA dials. Fizik built the 350€ shoe on an incredibly stiff full carbon sole that includes continuous internal channels to boost ventilation, and a removable heel puck. The vents are optimized throughout to maximize air movement, but indirectly to prevent water infiltration. The shoe was developed with both ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, and uses a smooth asymmetric tongue for precise fit and actually has a carefully placed second BOA that hides from the wind behind the first dial to offer twice the fit tunability with the drag of one dial.

Stick with us after the break to see a more affordable high performance road shoe, the most affordable BOA mountain bike shoe, and a new set of carbon-railed saddles…


EB15: Get your Campagnolo Fix on with the New My Campy App


Bringing out new tech for over eighty years since the quick release, Campagnolo today announced the development of a new mobile app to manage cycling components and track rider data and usage. The new MyCampy App aims to be a free all-in-one digital tool to track cycling activities and wear and tear while riding and at home. It will keep track of multiple bikes, so cyclists withe an entire garage of steeds can keep them all up-to-date and operating in the pest condition. The app also will provide advances analysis of EPS drivetrains and help customize its performance. Read on for more details…


EB15: Rotor Uno hydraulic road group – first look & tech details!

Rotor Uno hydraulic shifting road bike group tech details and photos

Our discovery of Rotor’s hydraulic shifting patents turned out to be well timed, teeing up the group’s public debut nicely. Turns out, our technical breakdown of the groups functioning was nearly spot on, so we’ll recap:

By using a completely hydraulic system from the shift lever all the way to the derailleurs and putting the ratcheting mechanism on the derailleurs, Rotor was able to eliminate any slack from the line that could lead to loose shifting. The side benefits of such a system included lighter weight and plenty of functional improvements that simply can’t happen on a cable-driven or mechanical system.

The key to the system is precision and reliability. Hydraulics have been proven in everything from bicycles to airplanes to heavy industry, just not for bicycle shifting until now. Their motivation was to let customers looking at Rotor’s oval rings and lightweight alloy cranksets find an entire group with the same brand. Undoubtedly, it will also give them more opportunities to put the group on pro teams that may otherwise have to opt for SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo groups simply because of sponsorship programs dictating complete group use. And they hinted we might see some major teams on the group very soon. But that can’t be enough to justify the heavy time, energy and financial commitment the development of such a product can draw from a company. So, it needs create demand based on its merits. Of which, there are quite a few.

Check out the cutaway photos and tech details below, along with new carbon chainrings, and new 1x rings for road and mountain…


EB15: Hump Day will never be the same on Surly’s new Wednesday Fat Bike

surly wednesday fat bike_-10

In a sea of fat bikes, Surly’s newest creation had no problem catching our eye. While the world of fat bike tech has moved on from the original Pugsley, that steel beast still carries a loyal following. For those wanting to update their frame without moving too far away from the soul of those early Pugsleys, the new Wednesday looks like a winner.

Steel, symmetric, and extremely versatile, the Wednesday should be fun any day of the week…


EB15: ENVE’s Outrageously Light Full Carbon Road Hubs

Enve carbon road hub super light-4

Carbon rims are already pushing the boundaries of light weight, so how do you make your wheels lighter? In many cases, you could turn your focus to the hub. Utilizing carbon fiber is usually a good way to reduce weight, but building a hub out of it? Not so easy. Because of that, most manufacturers simply use a carbon hub shell with aluminum flanges which can handle the stress of the spokes. That still leaves a lot of weight on the table though which is why ENVE invested the time into a full carbon shell.

Several years in the making, ENVE is finally ready to launch their insanely light hubs to the world which are sure to equally lighten your wallet….


EB14: Stages adds power meters to carbon cranks – Campy, FSA & proprietary SRAM solutions


Stages Power has finally unlocked a way to bring their single sided power meter to left crank arms everywhere. Or, at least, to modern Campy, FSA and most SRAM cranksets.

To make it work with carbon,they had to develop a new strain gauge and assembly method – it takes about 30% longer to install them on carbon then on the alloy arms. They have to polish off the top clear coat layers, but don’t worry, Stages assumes the warranty from the original manufacturer should anything happen. The actual physical changes to the strain gauge and other internals are not something they would divulge. But they did say that one of the biggest challenges was keeping it accurate in fluctuating temperatures. Once they solved that, they were able to offer a product that doesn’t need to be zero calibrated when the temps change, maintaining its accuracy from ride to ride.


EB14: Crank Brothers is movin’ on up w/ Highrise dropper seatpost & all-new pedals

Crank Brothers Highrise dropper seatpost

Crank Brothers’ new Highline dropper post replaces the Kronolog, which was discontinued a little more than a year ago. The Highline has been in development and testing for two years, the goal being to have the most reliable dropper post on the market.

Internally, it’s using a swappable hydraulic cartridge that has been tested to 40,000 cycles, which they hinted is more than 3x that of a popular competitor. It’s cable actuated, with 125mm of infinite travel. Once dropped, it locks into place, so you can lift the bike by the saddle without the post rising first. They’re offering it only with internal cable routing, and the connection point is remarkable for it’s simplicity.

Check it out along with their completely redesigned pedals (and several all-new models) and more below…


Will Putting Larger Diameter Wheels on your Road Bike make you FASTER? CeramicSpeed thinks so

Rider Cropped
Two days into the whirlwind that is Eurobike, new products are already piling up. So far, we have not been disappointed, and CeramicSpeed is one of those reasons. Reminiscent of some of the blinded out wheels you were supposed to put on your ride half a decade or so ago, these wheels are HUGE, and from amount of material they used…. or lack thereof, these look as light as they do fast.

Check out why CeramicSpeed says these are the FASTEST pulley wheels on the market and see the data that backs it up…


EB15: Reynolds upgrades BlackLabel MTB wheels w/ Industry Nine hubs, Discontinues (almost) all alloy rims



Industry Nine, which has been running carbon rims on their own premium level mountain bike wheels is no stranger to partnering with Reynolds. Their first carbon rim wheels were using Reynold’s XC rims, and I9’s current carbon MTB rims are made for them in Reynold’s U.S. factory.

Now, the relationship is going the other way, too, as Reynolds announces that all of their BLACKLABEL mountain bike wheels will be built using Industry Nine’s U.S. made hubs. That’s a big departure from the DT Swiss 240s used when the BLACKLABEL series debuted in early 2014. The new I9 hubs are a custom design just for Reynolds with a Centerlock rotor mount, but will use the Asheville, NC, brand’s well known Torch 6-pawl internals.

The original XC, TR and AM wheels all carried a $2,400 price tag. With the new “Reynolds Straight Pull Hubs by I9″, the price changes to $2,500, but there’s much more to them than just new hubs…