PC15: Alpinestars Introduces Paragon Hydration Vest, 2016 Clothing Line

Alpinestars paragon hydration vest evolution jacket press campalpinestarsIMG_7865

In spite of the recent improvements to the world of hydration packs there has been a steady movement to replace them for all but the longest rides. That of course presents the question of just how do you go about carrying enough water and gear for your ride. While some companies are adding pockets to bib liners or even integrating storage into the bike frames, Alpinestars is thinking outside the pack but inside the jersey.

Building on the success of their Evolution jacket, the new Paragon vest strips down to just the essentials – water, storage, and back protection…


PC15: Stan’s Builds New Carbon Road and Mountain Wheels Around Neo Hubs

Stans bravo avion carbon mtb road gravel neo ultimate hubsStans avion neo hubsIMG_8007

Stan’s No Tubes showed up to Press Camp with two new sets of carbon wheels, but the material of the rim is only part of the story. The key to the new hoops was the ability to to build them off of their all new line of hubs. For years, Stan’s engineers have been making their own changes to existing hub designs, but as Director of Sales and Engineering Mike Bush put it – only a ground up hub design would be able to accomplish all of their design goals.

So that’s exactly what they did. In the making for over two and a half years, the Neo and Neo Ultimate line represents a complete reboot of Stan’s hubs. Only available in complete wheels (for now), the Neo hubs are the perfect anchor for the new Avion and Bravo carbon wheels…


Trek Boosts Fuel EX with New Generation of 29ers


Before Trek was even done launching their new race bikes with the Procaliber SL and new Top Fuel SL, Waterloo was already working on the next release. Representing one of the most popular models in the line, changes to the Fuel EX platform aren’t taken lightly. While the Fuel EX 27.5 got its day in the sun last year at this time, the 29″ version was patiently waiting its turn.

Perhaps the wait was to see how the adaptation of Boost standards played out – or more likely just waiting for Boost compatible parts to become available. Whatever the reason, the new Fuel EX 29 is here and it looks like it was worth the wait…


Clothing Roundup- High-Tech threads from Hincapie, Shower’s Pass and Dare 2B, plus Chrome Upcycles Big Dickies

Chrome Dickies collaboration messenger bag, lifestyle shot

The deeper you delve into the cycling world, the bigger your closet will inevitably get. While re-dressing myself head to toe for a simple ride sometimes makes me pine for the old days of BMX street riding (got shoes on? You’re good to go) I definitely appreciate the benefits of technical clothing, and wouldn’t be caught dead riding trails or the bike park without a proper kit.

In this all-encompassing clothing roundup we’ll check out a stylish messenger bag made from Dickies’ legendary American work pants, some new summer items for women from Hincapie, a new all-season collection from Shower’s pass, and take a peek at Dare 2B’s new clothing technology for 2016…

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: La Plagne – The French Alps

bikerumor pic of the day La Plagne in the French Alps mountain bike ride

Photo submitted by Colin Sandie, “A slight pause during the awesome riding around La Plagne in the French Alps, courtesy of Sam and the amazing crew at BikeVillage. Ahead is about 5,000 more feet of single track descending – it doesn’t get better!”

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Must Watch: Brumotti – Road Bike Freestyle 2

All of the aero and comfort features in the world won’t help you ride like Vittorio Brumotti. Truthfully though, nothing will. We can’t see many riders mountain or road pulling off some of these moves. Don’t look down…

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2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod & CAAD12 alloy road bikes debut

2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO carbon fiber racing road bike

Considering the prior Cannondale SuperSix EVO frame had already dipped below 700g and been successfully raced on the UCI grand tour circuit, they knew the next Evo would really have to do something big to make an improvement over the prior version.

Starting at the fork, they molded the lower bearing race into the crown, eliminating both the sharp bend to make it stronger and eliminating the need for an alloy part to save about 30g. And that’s just the beginning. Each side of the rear triangle is made in a single piece, with size specific layups for each size, saving weight by eliminating the overwrap required to join a separate dropout piece with separate tubes.

But the changes go beyond just saving weight. The BB is wider and asymmetric, pushing the non drive side out 5mm to make it 73mm. And the chainstays are flatter than ever to get 11% more compliance. It’s called the Balance of Power, offering more traction and comfort without sacrificing efficiency…



Ain Bicycles Seeks Funds to Create a Cycling Community Center in Cairo, Egypt

While some global cities have long looked to bicycle transportation to ease traffic congestion, cycling hasn’t really taken off in Egypt. Despite the debilitating gridlock, it’s hard to blame Cairo’s people for not riding bicycles – there simply weren’t many suitable commuter bikes available, and finding a skilled mechanic wasn’t easy either.

Ain Bicycles’ Karim Abbany and Dirk Wanrooij set out to solve these problems. The two started out by building a bike for Karim’s brother, then pushed their friends to start cycling too. The trend quickly grew beyond their circle of friends and Ain now operates as a boutique bike shop, building custom one-off commuter bicycles.

Ain now wants to take their company and cycling advocacy further, by building a community center for people to learn about riding and maintaining bikes. The idea is being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, which has a few days left and still needs significant support to reach its goal…

Trek’s All New Madone: IsoSpeed Comfort + Aerodynamics + Integration = Ultimate Race Bike?

New Trek Madone Aero road bike 2016 (13)

Right off the bat, Trek is calling their new Madone the “ultimate race bike.” That’s a big claim for sure, but one that Trek doesn’t take lightly. We’ve seen a number of new aero bikes flood the market recently, but for the Madone Aero is only part of the story. In order to be the Ultimate race bike, it needs to be comfortable for the long haul. It also needs to work with all of the latest component systems in a way that is both user friendly and aerodynamically efficient. There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Madone, but does it live up to it’s billing as the Ultimate Race Bike? You be the judge after the break…