Wear Some Reflective Sharrows With New Start Up Bike and Arrows


Taking visibility to the next level, Bikes and Arrows is a new company out of Maryland working to keep cyclists safe by keeping them conspicuous. Intended to be better looking than a neon safety vest, they are “safety conscious for the style conscious cyclist”. The Enhanced Visibility Long Sleeve Workshirt pictured above sells for $50 and features a full button front, reflective graphics, and is machine washable.

The work shirts are a durable and brightly colored 100% polyester in both long and short sleeved versions. Available in safety yellow with safety orange embroidery, safety orange with safety yellow embroidery and black with safety orange embroidery, they are sure to make you noticeable in the bike lane.

Jump past the break to take a high visibility look at the rest of the line…


Must Watch: Cyclist Gets Surprise Encounter with a Deer at 30 MPH

As if worrying about the cars on the road wasn’t enough, after watching this video it seems the wildlife is out to get us too. While cruising down the road in Sausalito, CA, this rider was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Bambi decided to spring out onto the road. Fortunately, the rider came away fairly unscathed. Hopefully, Santa isn’t missing  any members of his team…


How To Build A NAHBS Bike – Part 1: Starting The Process Of A Custom Bike


Bikes shown at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show are objects worthy of drool. For years, I have seen the art that passes through those halls, and dreamt of someday owning one of these rolling masterpeices. The most impressive are the bikes that can hold their own for finish quality, yet you know are going to be ridden hard once the owner takes it from the show hall.

A few months back, we covered new builder Matter Cycles. After striking up a conversation with the owner, Collin, he mentioned that he would be showing his bikes at NAHBS this year. When writing the original story on them, I was very impressed with the BeneFat, Matter’s take on a fat bike. The 420mm chainstay length is the shortest I have seen on any fat bike, and I was looking for a trail-oriented fattie. A Surly Ice Cream Truck is a part of my stable for winter fat bike riding, but I wanted more of a dirt-oriented fat bike. You know, long, slack and low for ripping the trail.

Most NAHBS show bikes are actually owned by the builder’s customers. Most small builders don’t have the resources to build show-specific bikes, and they work with their customers to show off some of their best work. In this series, we will be following the entire process of building a Matter BeneFat, custom for me, and crafted as a show peice for the show. Here’s how it starts…


Sneak Peek: Louisville Mega Cavern will House World’s Largest Underground Bike Park

Louisvill mega cavern bike park mtb bmx underground cave  dirt jump (5)

Beneath the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, there lurks a monster. But this is no horror story, it’s one of dreams. Specifically, the wild dream to turn the largest cavern in the state of Kentucky into a multi-faceted business park that will soon be home to the largest underground bike park in the world. What sounds like an absolutely insane idea comes to us from co-owners of the Louisville Mega Cavern, Jim Lowry, Tom, and Don Tyler. After all, as Jim told us, their motto is “you have to be a little crazy.”

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe the Mega Cavern itself. Opened in the 1930′s by Ralph Rogers as a limestone mine, the man-made structure had been mined 24 hours a day for 42 years straight. When the digging was complete it had left a massive cavern with 4 million sq. feet and over 17 miles of passage ways. Considered to be the largest building in the state of Kentucky, the decision to turn the Mega Cavern into a business park required the creation of new building codes due to the out-of-the-ordinary circumstances.

After purchasing the cavern in 1989, Jim and his partners began a recycling operation inside in 1992 which still runs to this day. It wasn’t until 1999 that they started building offices inside for local businesses to lease, which now accounts for a half million square feet inside the cavern. Before any businesses moved in, the owners were faced with an interesting dilemma. The ceilings were so high -more than 90ft in some spots- that prospective customers came in and couldn’t picture the space being utilized, so they left. Eventually, enough dirt was brought in to raise part of the floor 62 feet, leaving a 24 foot high ceiling which was standard for warehouses at the time. Above the 24 foot high ceilings, there is another 26 feet of solid limestone – enough for geologists to call it one of the safest places in Kentucky. So safe, in fact, that it was one of the largest fall out shelters during the Cuban Missile Crisis capable of housing 50,000 people, and still acts as a safe haven for vaults and other storage today.

Even though the cavern has a massive heating and air conditioning system, Jim said it’s never used. With a nearly constant 58º F temperature, body heat and heat radiating from computers and equipment is enough to keep it comfortable. That makes it ideal for an indoor bike park as well as the zip line and ropes course since it remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Considering how little we actually saw of the cavern, it’s hard to process just how big it really is. One of their biggest attractions this time of year is the Lights Under Louisville – a 1.2 mile drive through the cavern in the family vehicle to see an expansive display of 2 million Christmas lights. Even though they are adding a 385 thousand square foot bike park, it seems like they are just starting to scratch the subterranean surface…


FOUND: Squid Bikes Mixes USA Made Aluminum & Creative DIY Paint


Just started this year, Squid Bikes is a rider-owned company in Sacramento, CA. Working in aluminum, they are starting out making primarily cyclocross bikes, and sponsoring riders Anthony Clark and Emily Kachorek.

Making custom aluminum is not new, but also not very common. Aluminum bikes need some post-processes done after welding that require large machinery, typically making it cost prohibitive for small operations. But aluminum also offers the property of being more corrosion resistant than steel, so they can offer the really cool “Rattlecan” model. F0r $1600, you can get a California built frame and ENVE CX carbon fork, in a raw finish so that you can finish it yourself with rattle can paint from the hardware store.

Have a look past the jump to see the custom painted Emily Kachorek pro model…


Carry Everything with the new Salsa Anything Cage HD


All photos c. Salsa

To many, the new Salsa Anything Cage HD probably doesn’t look like much, but to a seasoned bikepacker, it looks like options. Options to carry just about anything on your journey from small stuff sacks to Nalgene bottles and more. While the original Anything cage was a favorite among adventure cyclists, when it came to the new design Salsa wanted to make something that was more durable and even more versatile.

Passing on the traditional metal construction of the original, the Anything HD opts for injection-molded impact resistant nylon. After several designs were tried out through 3D printing, the final design emerged from the mist…


One Ride Review: Trek Farley Fat Bike makes it easy to go big

2014 Trek Farley fat bike ride review and actual weights

While Zach and Tim are seasoned fat bike riders, I was uninitiated. So, on a short trip to Ohio to do a little long term editorial planning, I borrowed a Trek Farley from the local shop and Zach planned a ride.

Being a basically all-29er-all-the-time (with suspension) type mountain biker, this would be quite a different experience for me. Or so I thought. Turns out, it was just like mountain biking because, well, it is. Only with ridiculous amounts of traction and the ability to blow through soft, wet sections and stream crossings as though they weren’t even there. Yaaay Fat Bikes.

Now, about the Trek specifically. Without riding other fat bikes for comparison, all I can say about the Farley is they seemed to have nailed it. If there’s supposed to be a learning curve with fat bikes, there was none here. It rode great, handled great and, other than letting a stupid 1mm thorn force a pit stop, did everything a good mountain bike should do…


Found: Mongoose BMaX – the Mutant WalMart Offspring of BMX and Fat Bikes?

Mongoose BMaX fat bike bmx  (3)From the same company that brought you the Beast fat bike and the smaller, yet somehow better equipped 20″ Massif fat bike, we present the BMaX. Part BMX, part fat bike, all bizarre. Truthfully though, as far as entry level BMX bikes for kids go, it does look pretty fun. Built with 20″ wheels wrapped in 4.25″ wide rubber, if junior can’t turn the pedals at least the bike will turn some heads…


Stay Warm & Dry This Winter With New Cold Weather Clothing From Rocky Mountain, Rapha, Twentyeightco & More


Cold winter weather is here, and to continue riding through the chill, you need the proper clothing. The definition of winter can be very different between Minneapolis and Miami, so we have compiled a list of new cold weather gear to choose from. Whether you need protection from the chill or the wet, there is clothing out there to help you continue cycling through the darker months.

Click into the post to see wool jerseys from Rocky Mountain, water repellent jackets from Rapha and Huez, and a new line of look-good clothing from Twentyeightco…