Close Encounters with the Animal Kind – Cyclist Hits Kangaroo?


Not being from Australia, Kangaroos are sort of a mystery. Outside of a zoo, it seems the only time we get to experience the weird creatures with a pouch is when they are boxing each other in the street, or beating up a talk show host. Well, it appears they have it out for cyclists as well. While on a recent ride through Canberra Bronwyn Calver, a former Australian cricketer, was broadsided by a kangaroo just outside of the Capitol Circle.

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Wider 28mm Michelin Pro 4 Endurance Rolls out to Stores

It’s no secret that many riders are looking to wider tires for the road. Wider tires bring bigger contact patches for better traction, and the larger casing usually provides an improved ride quality that trumps overall weight for a lot of cyclists. Initially shown at Interbike 2014, Michelin’s latest big tire option comes in the form of the 28mm Pro4 Endurance.

As the first 28mm option for the Michelin Pro4 series, the Endurance is a likely place to start thanks to its improved puncture resistance. Due to the internal reinforcement, the tire is said to be 40 percent less likely to puncture over the closest competition. When you’re talking about wider, more comfortable tires, a tire that is less prone to flatting is certainly a smart move.

Available now through Michelin’s dealer network, check out the details on pricing, weight, and more after the jump…


RaceFace Goes Micro with New 24t Narrow Wide Ring and Bash Guard

Raceface Micro ring bash guard

Photo from the RaceFacebook

There’s no shame in admitting it – sometimes you just need a lower gear. Technically, the new RaceFace Micro ring could be used for anything with a 64 BCD, but more than likely this will appeal to those with the fattest tires. Depending on the crankset used, and the frame it’s mounted to, using the inner position on a double crank can result in a better chainline. More importantly though, the smaller BCD allows for a tiny 24t ring that mounts with standard chainring bolts. Update: As RaceFace mentioned below, they will be offering the 64 BCD in a 26t ring as well.

To go along with that Micro ring, RaceFace is also offering a Micro bash guard. When run with the guard the Micro set brings another benefit to the table – better rock clearance. If you find yourself rock crawling on your fat bike or smashing your chainring far too often on trail obstacles, the smaller ring should give you some much needed clearance. While you will lose out on the high range, the smaller ring should also allow the use of a standard 11-36t cassette for plenty of low gearing without resorting to a cassette adapter.

Whatever your set up, more options are always better. RaceFace is offering this 24t option for $59.99 as a set for the ring and the bash guard. Both are available now.


First Look: New Gamut Podium Pedals, Plus Cillos Bars and Direct Mount stem

gamut podium pedal

Sometimes company mergers result in some really cool products. In the case of Gamut acquiring Point One Racing, Gamut planned on redesigning a few of their key parts with the help of Jimmy Amaral from Point One. As one of the first true collaborations between the two groups, Gamut’s new Podium pedal is the evolution of what would have been the Point One Podium 2. It might get a bit confusing since Point One’s first pedal was called the Podium, but from here on out it will just be referred to as the Podium pedal from Gamut.

Differing slightly from the Point One Podium 2, the photos sent to us by Gamut represent the new Gamut Podium – a wide, flat pedal that should be popular for those who would rather not clip in…


adidas Runs w/ New Stealth Rubber Terrex Trail Cross MTB Shoes & Continental Tire Collaboration

adidas Terrex Trail Cross mountain bike trail shoe

adidas made proper cycling shoes back in the day, many of which can be found on eBay, and they continue to be involved at all levels of cycling from pro team kits to fashion collaborations.

They also acquired Five Ten, which gave them ready access to that brand’s premium Stealth Rubber compounds. Those grippy outsole materials have now found their way onto the upcoming Terrex Trail Cross shoes, a combo approach hiking shoe and flat pedal performer.

The treads are fairly low profile, angled and designed with three distinct sections. The toe’s treads are for climbing, the mid section is for grabbing pedal pins and the rear helps keep you from sliding down the declines when scrambling down the mountain. It’s all made out of Stealth Rubber, but those aren’t the only cycling specific features…


FOUND: Mcfk Carbon Rims Are Tubeless, XC Light and Enduro Strong


100% handmade in Leipzig, Germany, Mcfk has a new carbon rim design that is light enough for XC, but designed for Enduro, that has no weight limit.

Using an asymmetrical, hook less design, the tubeless rims are just 295g in 27.5″ size. Adding on that, they also mold in the nipple seat instead of drilling it, adding more stiffness since all fibers are continuous, so there is also no limit to the spoke tension.

Available in both 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, the rims have a very interesting sidewall design that is over 5mm thick. Attractive because they should be strong and impact resistant, the thick walls also reduce the inside width of the 35mm wide rims to 24.5mm inside, negating some of benefits of a wide rim.

Click more to see the specs and pricing…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria

bikerumor pic of the day Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria

Photo submitted by Michael Stix, “Enjoying a perfect winter day in Ramsau am Dachstein, Austria.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

First Impressions: Laché London’s New Season Kit with a Splash of Color - Preorder Open


courtesy Gunnar Eist

We’d had spotted some interesting looking designs from small upstart Laché London last fall and reached out to them for a bit more detail. Their designs seem to balance the fine line between a sensible solid-color kit and something a bit more flashy. Around the same time, we had been talking with Czech clothing maker Kalas Wear about their new fabrics and what they had planned for 2015. Since the Laché kit is made by Kalas, this was a unique chance to get ahold of some of the new unreleased pieces, with the bonus of getting to ride in a more unique kit. Plus, it lets us give a little exposure to a small European company which is always nice.

Some advance samples arrived back in November and we’ve been giving them a run through during cross season and winter training to let you know our thoughts now that the new line has just opened up for preorder this past Monday. Come past the break to see some more photos and what we think.


Jaguar Moves To Put Bike Sense Cyclist Protection System In All Jag and Rover Vehicles Within 2 Years


Following the same idea as Volvo and POC, Jaguar is starting to use high-tech vehicle features to protect cyclists and other non-four-wheeled users.

The Jaguar system called Bike Sense would be fit into new Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles over the next two years. There is a whole host of ways it can alert drivers with haptic feedback on pedals, door handles and steering wheel, visible color changes to interior parts, auditory alerts (including a bicycle bell!), and it could even tap the driver on the shoulder.

Using sensors around the vehicle, it can tell if cyclists, pedestrians or motorcyclists are in the path of the vehicle, or if moving the vehicle would cause a collision. Then, it can decide which is the best method of all the various notifications, and alert the driver to the situation. For instance, if a cyclist is coming up from behind, and opening the door could hit them, the car will buzz the door handle someone goes to open the door, or if moving the car forward would create a collision, it will buzz the gas pedal if the driver tries to accelerate.

Jaguar has thought through a lot of scenarios, and the resulting features cover almost everything. Click more to see a video showing the cool color changing interior to alert drivers to people in the blind spots…