IB15: Excellent new post-ride massage tools from Triggerpoint Therapy & RollingFWD

RollingFWD vibrating massage foam roller

We’re all familiar (or should be) with foam rollers. And we’ve probably all wandered into a Brookstone and given in to the guilty little pleasure that is the vibrating massage chair. Now, combine those two and you get the RollingFWD massage roller with vibration.

After shamelessly rolling around on it for a few minutes at Interbike, it’s now at the top of my wish list. The core is solid, covered by enough foam to be comfortable yet still press deep enough into the muscle. Once turned on, there are three levels of vibration intensity, which helps boost blood flow for even faster recovery. It’s rechargeable and will come in 18″ and 36″ lengths and should start shipping in March.

Roll on down for more details and other new things to keep those muscles loose…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Alentejo, Portugal

bikerumor pic of the day alentejo, portugal

Photo submitted by Alcides Canivete, “One of my last bike trips took me throughout an abandoned highway in Alentejo, Portugal.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

IB15: Gripping Round-up: Lizard Skins Adds More Colors; ESI Contours Grips & Says Death to Electrical Tape!

Lizard Skin ESI-1-4Lizard Skin ESI-1-2Lizard Skin ESI-5

A couple of names synonymous with grip continue to grow and expand their current offerings to keep your hands on the bars. ESI and Lizard Skins, both known for their ability to remain grippy in both wet or dry conditions had some colorful and new things to show us.

Grab a firm hold and see what these two masters of grip have on hand….


IB15: Atomik Carbon gets skinny fat w/ new tubeless road, 27.5+ and fat bike rims & wheels

Atomik Carbon tubeless ready aero road bike wheels

Atomik Carbon popped on the scene in March 2014 with some prototype carbon tubeless mountain bike rims that we had a chance to test ride prior to their official launch. When they did formally debut for sale, they introduced a few changes to the norm (for the time…things move quickly these days!) with width-specific designs and beefed up sidewalls. During that time, they moved quickly to go to a hookless bead and fine tune the design before launch.

And they’re still moving quickly, using a breakfast meeting to show us their new tubeless-ready aero carbon road bike wheels and new 27.5+ and fat bike rims, the latter getting foam core ribs to make it super stiff…


IB15: Blackburn lights up new, super versatile Central 300/700 Lights, Adventure Multitools


Blackburn’s new Central lights are designed for high functionality and adaptability. The light’s interface makes them interchangeable with your existing GoPro-style mounts, you can easily attach your Central to the helmet mount you already use for gnarly night trail rides if you’re into it. Also, catch the new multi-tools designed for your journey into the wilderness and the challenges therein after the jump… READ MORE ->

IB15: Nutrition Roundup – Powerbar drops gluten & sugar, plus new treats from Osmo, Kul, Rip van Wafel, Wcup, XRCel, Gatorade & more!

powerbar harvest snack bars are now gluten free

PowerBar is an interesting company in that their offerings overseas are so much broader, covering all the normal sports nutrition bases we know them for in the States, plus having a complete supplement line of specialty amino acids, vitamins, energy boosters, liquid sports pouch drinks, etc.

While we aren’t seeing any of that over here yet, we are at least seeing them step up their game nutritionally on some of their more popular items. The Harvest bars are now gluten free, opening them up to a much broader base of athletes looking to remove as many irritants as possible in the quest for optimum performance. Some of their other products are now lower in sugar, too, and they’ve got some real fruit gels!

Ready to get your snack on? Bite into the rest of the roundup below…


IB15: Polar Bottle Adds U.S. Made Zip Stream Nozzle, Updates Standard

Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (2)

If you ask any true water bottle snob, the only ones worth carrying are those with a hands (or teeth) free spout similar to the Camelbak Podium or Specialized Purist Hydroflow bottles. Polar knew for some time that they needed to provide a similar option, but wanted it to follow their current business model of being made in the U.S. of domestically sourced parts.

After quite a bit of time in development, that nozzle is almost here with the Zip Stream…


IB15: Fouriers Goes on a Bender at the Bar, Stashes Di2 out of sight, Plus Oval & N/W Rings For Shimano and SRAM!

Fourier IB15-7

We love stumbling across unique items at Interbike…. especially those that are so simple that you wonder why it took so long for somebody to try it. Fouriers showed us the new Control Bend Bars, with a slight arch in the grip area, that claim to reduce hand fatigue. They also had the new Stash Stem and Bars with Di2 routing and “first of their kind” features. Plus some new oval and narrow-wide ring options for Shimano and Sram.

Head around the bend to see what Fouriers has been up to…..


Get Trigger Happy and Comfortable with Revolver’s Rotating Bar Ends

Revolver Bar Ends 3

Yes, the fact that I would annoy my friends with the constant “pew pew pew” sound effects is almost reason enough to buy these. But aside from the trigger like mechanism there is a function to these that commuters, urban road warriors and long distance touring or mountain bike riders may find handy.

Fire past the break and see if you’d take these for a spin….