Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Inishbofin, County Galway, Ireland

bikerumor pic of the day cycling ireland bogs

Photo submitted by Basil Lim, “Extremely rocky trails on the tiny island of Inishbofin, Co. Galway, Ireland. Despite the skinny tires sinking into bogland, managed to see some spectacular views.”

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EB14: Blktec’s Totally Unique Bar-Stem Combo, Aero Stems & Carbon Wheels

Blktec R3 handlebar stem combo

Blktec is a new company that quietly debuted at Taipei show earlier this year with a couple of wheels, but Eurobike saw the entire line roll out.

The highlight is definitely the R3 bar and stem combo shown above. Using a unique two-piece construction that bolts the handlebar directly to the stem, it forgoes the front clamp altogether but still allows 6º of adjustment by simply loosening or tightening the top or bottom bolts.

It, along with the other bars and stems, features clever internal cable, with some feeding everything through the stem to shield it from sight and wind…


IB14: VP Updates VX Clipless Pedals, Plus Harrier Flat Pedal Gains Altitude

VP VX Pedal 2014 Updates (2)

Last year, VP introduced a comprehensive line of clipless pedals for every price point. This year, they’ve made subtle but significant improvements to the design.

The cleat area is now more ramped, which helps shed mud, but also makes it easier to clip in. The redesigned pedals also have more side to side float, and the exterior platforms have been reshaped to reduce rock strikes. For the same price, the pedals are now roughly 25-30g lighter than last years models. READ MORE ->

IB14: Stealth Hubs go Mag, Road Hubs Now Go To 11 & More

Stealth Road Hubs (2)

Stealth is a brand that relatively few cyclists have heard of, yet it has accrued an impressive resume that includes several World Championships and Olympic Medals. Essentially a side project for a machine shop in Southern California, the hubs have gained a loyal following in the BMX world due to the their instant engagement, silent coasting, and reliability.

In addition to BMX hubs, the company also manufactures a line of Mtn and Road hubs. For this year, they’ve updated their road hubs to make them 11 speed compatible, and reshaped the hub shells. READ MORE ->

IB14: Moots Routt 45 Ups the Gravel Bike Game, Plus Updates Across the Range

Moots Routt 45 titanium adventure gravel road bike for light touring

Moots has switched things up a bit with their cyclocross bikes, turning some of them into adventure/gravel bikes. Last fall, they split the ‘cross line into a standard Psychlo-X and the racier Psychlo-X RSL, giving racers a snappier bike while relaxing the other one to fit wider tires and have a bit more universal appeal.

Somewhere between then and now, they decided to simply rename the standard Psychlo X as the Routt, and for Interbike 2014, they introduced the Routt 45, a longer, lower version perfect for light touring, bike packing and the freshly popular adventure/gravel bike segment…


IB14: Onyx Racing Products Hubs Offer Instant, Infinite Engagement w/ Low Drag for Road, BMX, MTB & More

Onyx Racing hubs fat bike road bmx color (2)

Imagine a hub that offered instant, infinite, and silent engagement all with extremely low drag. Sound too good to be true? Then you need to check out the hubs coming out of Onyx Racing Products. All of the hubs are manufactured in the United States out of their facility in Minnesota which is probably one of the reasons they’ve been able to make their hub work. Instead of the roller clutch that a few manufacturers have tried in the past, Onyx hubs use a sprag one-way clutch which gives the hub all of the above features. The catch? The tolerances have to be extremely tight. So tight that when they successfully created their first bicycle hub using the sprag clutch, the company that created the clutch visited them to see how they did it since many other companies had tried without success.

While their roots are in BMX, Onyx has expanded to offer just about every hub you could think of, including road and fat bikes. Get the details next…


Video: Behind the Scenes with Data Acquisition & Suspension Tuning Team Antidote Solutions

While the good old parking lot test is enough for most of us, racing at the highest level requires carefully tuned suspension to help carry as much speed as possible. In this video, Antidote Solutions gives you an inside look at the hardware they use for data acquisition and how they use that information to help riders win races. Skip ahead to the 5:30 mark if you’re just interested in getting the lowdown on the blackbox, but the full video is worth watching.

IB14: Easton’s New SL 38 Wheels, Stems, Graphics for Road & 27.5″ MTB Wheels – Plus Look Inside the 1050g E100 Tubulars!


Easton’s additions were small but important, rounding out the line with modern sizes, finishes and graphics, plus a couple new items…mostly for the road We also took advantage of an unassembled E100 wheel to check out the full carbon spokes and new hubs that make up the incredibly lightweight 1,050g tubular wheelset.

Above, the Haven and Havoc wheels both gain 27.5″ options for alloy (both) and carbon (Haven only) rim models. Spec sheets and more, plus all the rest of the goods, below…


IB14: New Formula HyperLight Carbon Wheels in the Wild

Formula XC HyperLight Carbon wheel AM  (2)

In addition to their brakes and suspension forks, Formula has also been producing wheels since 2010/11. New to the line up this year are the XC and AM HyperLights which get the weight down with carbon rims so you can reach hyperspeed. Available in XC 29 and AM 27.5 only, the wheels bring wider rims to Formula’s wheel line along with multiple axle configurations.

Get the Formula for carbon rims next…