SOC15: Borealis Introduces More Affordable Echo GX

Echo gx Borealis

The fat bike market seems to be heating up just as quickly as the summer weather, which turns out to be good news for consumers. On one hand, technology is improving and the bikes are getting better all the time. On the other, increased competition is making it more important than ever to have at least one bike in the line up that is considered “affordable.”

We know that a $3k fat bike may be a stretch to call it affordable, but the impressively equipped Echo GX is a relative bargain when compared to its much more expensive siblings…


Just In: Foundry Overland Titanium Gravel and Cyclocross Bike


Coming from a “Racing Matters” background, Foundry Cycles designed the Overland to be the most versatile of all the ‘cross bikes they offer. Specifically, they refer to it as a Drop Bar Course Killer. With a frame constructed from titanium, this bike is strong enough to handle the rigors of a six hour gravel race, yet nimble enough for racing cyclocross in the fall.

Where the Overland differs from a regular cross bike is in the bike’s geometry – it’s designed to accommodate varying road surfaces and types of riding. Starting with a 68mm bottom bracket drop for better cornering stability, the theme continues with an increased tire clearance of 41mm, and compact 425mm chainstays built to tuck in the rear wheel for improved traction. Traction is handy in cyclocross and UltraCross, another area the bike excels at. Think tackling rocky and rooty terrain, and you get the picture… READ MORE ->

Brooks Carves a Hole in the New Cambium C15 Saddle


Even though it’s quite a departure from the iconic riveted leather saddles that Brooks is known for, their Cambium line has been quite a hit. Using a vulcanized rubber base with an organic cotton covering, the saddles still manage to stay true to the Brooks aesthetic while offering modern performance. Now adding even more options to the line up, that latest Cambium ships with a gaping hole in the middle…


JET Roll III Wraps up Your Phone or Tools, Plus New Lightweight SuperSonic Models

Jet roll supersonic tool wrap phone roll iii (5)

You’ve already seen the standard JET Roll tool roll, which conveniently stores essential tools and a replacement tube, making it a great option to hang off your saddle or stuff into your jersey pocket. Better yet, it keeps all of your gear in one easy to locate package so you aren’t racing around the house trying to put together a flat kit every time you’re going out for a ride (guilty).

While the original JET Roll is perfect for a flat kit, Just Enough Tools has a new version meant for your other ride essentials. Namely, your phone, keys, money/cards, or even a small camera. For those items, check out the revised JET Roll III and the new JET Roll SuperSonic light weight wrap…


Brompton Releases Limited Black Edition Folding Bike

Brompton Black Edition folding bike

Whether you prefer to call it ‘muted’ or ‘murdered out’ there’s something about a solid black bike that gives it a classy, composed aesthetic which seems to look equally impressive on road, MTB or even folding commuter bikes.

The UK’s Brompton is known for their folding bicycles that offer a high level of customization, typically including lots of choices for color combinations. Inspired by urban night riding (though not necessarily the best color for riding at night), Brompton has released a limited run of Black Edition bikes with special matte black componentry for those who like it simple and stealthy.

Click below the break for more photos and details on the Black Edition…

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Winnetka, IL

bikerumor pic of the day Winnetka, IL

Photo submitted by Nels Hackl, “Early morning fog over Lake Michigan. Winnetka, IL.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Troy Lee Releases A1 Helmet in Three Limited Edition Colorways

TLD A1 Helmet, limited edition drone turqouise, angle

Even if ten years from now the current frenzy for enduro racing has completely died, there’s one thing it’ll leave behind as a legacy- the development of more protective trail riding helmets. In a season or two, what we initially called ‘enduro-style’ helmets have all but replaced the XC lids from yesteryear, and they even brought Troy Lee back into the half shell market.

The A1 helmet was greeted with a warm reception, as the stylish lid has already found itself on several industry ‘top ten’ lists. In addition to the numerous stock choices available for 2015, three new limited edition color schemes of the A1 have just been announced. Customers can now get the A1 in Camo desert, Camo Midnight and DRONE Turquoise color schemes alongside the rest of the TLD 2015 Collection. More photos below…


Drop some Weight, Pick Up Power with new Powertap G3 Disc hub


The need for power isn’t just a roadie thing. With more and more mountain bike racers looking to wattage for training purposes, the off road power meter market is experiencing a similar evolution as road. For Powertap, that means taking their already popular mountain bike hub based powermeter and dropping a big chunk of weight. Compatible with both quick release and thru axles dropouts, the New Powertap G3 rear disc hub clocks in at more than 30% lighter than the previous model…


Fat Bike Fill Ups Made Easy with PDW’s new Fat Stevens Fat Specific Pump

PDW Fat Stevens fatbike pump bike high volume kickstarter (2)

Thanks to the huge amount of air volume in a fat bike tire, the bikes are a blast to ride on just about any surface. What’s not so fun is trying to replace that volume of air if you are unlucky enough to get a flat. Either you’re going to have to carry a number of co2 cartridges or hope that your standard mini pump doesn’t lead to death by 1,000 strokes.

Of all of the fat bike specific parts and accessories, one area that has been conspicuously absent is a purpose built portable pump. There are a few that have oversized barrels or two stage designs meant to make inflating high volume tires easier, but when it comes to something specifically geared towards fat bike usage, portable pumps have been mostly left out – until now. Well, at least until the end of Portland Design Work’s Kickstarter campaign which will introduce the Fat Stevens fat bike pump to the Wild World…