Breezer’s NuVinci-Equipped Uptown Infinity Commuter Bicycle Now Available

Breezer’s Uptown Infinity, their top of the line commuter bike, is now shipping. Designed to offer every convenience and utility one may need for getting to and from work or errands, the big premium on the Infinity version is the use of Nuvinci’s 360 internal planetary geared hub that offers an infinite range of gearing […]

Nuvinci Unveils New N360 Internal Planetary Gear Hub – Lighter, Better Gear Range

Nuvinci / Fallbrook Technologies’ new N360 hub drops size and weight while increasing its gear range over their original model. In the process, they seem to be picking up quite a bit of regular and e-bike OEM placements both here and afar. Gepida, Mosquito, Raleigh, Victoria, Ellsworth, Breezer and Organic have all spec’d the new […]

Nuvinci Releases New Continuously Variable Internal Gear Bicycle Hub

PRESS RELEASE: Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook), a technology company dedicated to improving the performance and flexibility of transmissions for engine- and human-powered devices, today announced and displayed its new NuVinci 360 CVP bicycle drivetrain (N360) at the Taipei Cycle show in Taipei, Taiwan. The N360 represents a major update and enhancement of the NuVinci bicycle […]

Smarter bikes everyday, Vanhawks Valour leads the way & watches your back

There looks to be no slowing down of the trend to more and more connected bikes on the roads, and the VanHawks Valour is the most recent to hit the streets. We had a quick look at the bike a year and a half ago when it was just a Kickstarter in its designers eyes, but […]

IB15: Sweet Italian Trash: Italjet’s swank moto-inspired e-bike, a Fiat Abarth fat bike & Elite vintage water bottle system

In a sea of carbon, oversized tires, and gravel worthy machines, there is always some eye candy at Interbike, and nobody does it better than the folks who bring us Ferrari, MV Agusta, and great hair. When you look at something and immediately consider the passion that went into its design, you have to stop […]

EB15: Stevens Goes Big Boosting All 2016 Full-Suspension bikes, Gets a Fatter Mobster, and more on and off-road

Stevens was showing a bunch of new things from city bikes to an e-bike with automatic NuVinci shifting, but what first caught out attention was the fattening up of their mountain bikes (while still churning out a new 9kg carbon hardtail), and some updates to the cross bikes (including the race-winning Super Prestige Disc that we […]

PC15: Bosch Syncs Electronically Actuated Automatic Transmissions with eShift Systems, Coming soon

Bosch initially entered the American market with their Performance Line, a high capacity battery with high torque drive unit capable of a 20mph top assisted speed. As new product becomes proven in Europe, we will find more of their line trickling across the pond to fill in the gaps of their line-up. The Active Line, […]

Road to NAHBS 2015: Stijl Cycles and LocoMachine

Since LocoMachine and Stijl Cycles will be bunking together at NAHBS this year, it made sense to group them together here.  Hinmaton Hisler talks about emerging trends in the small builder industry, going deep with titanium, and branching out after the jump.

EB14: Roundup – Coffee Bikes, Cargo Bikes & The World’s Smallest Tandem!

Mmmm, coffee. Anytime we find the two combined, we stop. Fortunately this fine young lady was pressing some amazing espresso and capuccinos. Once properly rejuvenated, the bike came into clearer focus. The frame was built by Nicolai and incorporated a Bosch motor at the crankset, angled to maximize ground clearance. From there, it used a […]