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Breezer’s NuVinci-Equipped Uptown Infinity Commuter Bicycle Now Available

breezer uptown infinity commuter bicycle with nuvinci 360 infinitely variable internal planetary geared hub

Breezer’s Uptown Infinity, their top of the line commuter bike, is now shipping. Designed to offer every convenience and utility one may need for getting to and from work or errands, the big premium on the Infinity version is the use of Nuvinci’s 360 internal planetary geared hub that offers an infinite range of gearing between the hardest and easiest settings. Simply twist the dial (which is pretty effortless) and the effort changes instantaneously and without fuss. If you’ve never ridden one, it’s pretty smooth, and since it’s all enclosed in the hub, should be virtually maintenance free.

Highlights include full fenders, rear rack, full chaincase guard and integrated Busch & Muller dynamo powered head and tail lights, which are considered to be the best and brightest of the category. Most of the cockpit is Breezer branded alloy bits, including a suspension seatpost. Cranks and front dynamo hub are Shimano.

Lastly, it includes an AXA solid ring lock built into the seatstays to make quick coffee shop pit stops easier. Engaging the lock immobilizes the rear wheel. Price is $1,269, and it’s available in a low-step frame version also, shown after the break…


Nuvinci Unveils New N360 Internal Planetary Gear Hub – Lighter, Better Gear Range

Nuvinci / Fallbrook Technologies’ new N360 hub drops size and weight while increasing its gear range over their original model. In the process, they seem to be picking up quite a bit of regular and e-bike OEM placements both here and afar.

Gepida, Mosquito, Raleigh, Victoria, Ellsworth, Breezer and Organic have all spec’d the new N360 on their bikes for 2011. The system will also be available as an aftermarket kit for those wanting to convert their current cruiser or commuter.

The system uses a CVP (continuously variable planetary) transmission that replaces gears with spheres. This gives it an infinite number of ratios between the lowest and highest setting. There is a 360º range of gearing available, which is slightly less than the 409º on Shimano’s new 11-speed Alfine, which relies on individual gears.

The new N360 reduces the amount of shifter rotation required to change the ratio, and it shifts easier under load. For e-bikes, being able to shift when stopped will help reduce power usage by getting into an easier gear for takeoff without having to be moving to change.

Nuvinci Releases New Continuously Variable Internal Gear Bicycle Hub

PRESS RELEASE: Fallbrook Technologies Inc. (Fallbrook), a technology company dedicated to improving the performance and flexibility of transmissions for engine- and human-powered devices, today announced and displayed its new NuVinci 360 CVP bicycle drivetrain (N360) at the Taipei Cycle show in Taipei, Taiwan.

The N360 represents a major update and enhancement of the NuVinci bicycle drivetrain. As with previous NuVinci hubs, the N360 uses spheres instead of gears to transfer torque, but the number of spheres has been reduced from eight to six.

The N360 is 30% lighter, weighing just 2,450 grams (5.4 lbs), and has a 17% smaller overall diameter than previous NuVinci models. Shift effort is significantly reduced, even under high pedal forces. Nominal ratio range is 360%.

The N360 also provides an enhanced shifting interface. There is a more direct feel for the rider, with 50% less shift grip rotation required between the lowest and highest ratios. Because shift effort under pedal torque is also less, riders can shift easily at any time, in practically any condition. The sleek, newly-designed shifter and shifter display now includes the icon of a rider on its unique “inchworm” indicator. Additionally, the new hub interface is inside rather than outside the frame dropout, reducing the likelihood of damage in the event of a fall.


Road to NAHBS 2015: Stijl Cycles and LocoMachine

STIJL NAHBS 2015 breakaway 3

Since LocoMachine and Stijl Cycles will be bunking together at NAHBS this year, it made sense to group them together here.  Hinmaton Hisler talks about emerging trends in the small builder industry, going deep with titanium, and branching out after the jump. READ MORE ->

EB14: Roundup – Coffee Bikes, Cargo Bikes & The World’s Smallest Tandem!


Mmmm, coffee. Anytime we find the two combined, we stop. Fortunately this fine young lady was pressing some amazing espresso and capuccinos. Once properly rejuvenated, the bike came into clearer focus. The frame was built by Nicolai and incorporated a Bosch motor at the crankset, angled to maximize ground clearance. From there, it used a nifty mix of Nuvinci Harmony internal gear box, chains and belt drives to put the pedal power to the rear wheels.

Pour your own cup and dive in for other great bikes…


Visiobike Could Be Best e-Bike Ever – Brings Features We Want on Regular Bikes, Too


The Visiobike is a new crowd funding option that brings together top shelf components on a carbon fiber frame and perhaps the best cycling app we’ve seen.

Aesthetically speaking, we prefer a slightly more traditional looking frame like the Specialized Turbo, but beyond that, the Visiobike brings everything together in one of the best packages around. It starts with a custom, EU-made carbon fiber frame fitted around a MPF motor and massive Panasonic batteries. Power assists your pedaling efforts and is driven to a NuVinci infinitely variable transmission hub, which you can slow with the Magura hydraulic disc brakes. All well and good, but it’s the electronics that put it over the top…


NAHBS 2014: Calfee Builds a True Workhorse, Plus more Custom Gates Equipped E-Bikes

Craig Calfee Workhorse e bike saw blad disc rotors (2)

Quick, what can you make from some wood, axe and hammer handles, some pipe, saw blades, and a handfull of bike parts? Answer – Craig Calfee’s humorous take on the “workhorse” bike. Easily one of the most creative uses of non-bike-parts-as-bike-parts of the show, the Workhorse is definitely hand built, and definitely unique…


Road to NAHBS 2014: Rob English Electrifies Things

Rob English Cycles custom e-bike with Bosch motor and Gates Belt Drive transmission

Over the years, Rob English has shown us some of the lightest bikes around, which is saying a lot since he builds from steel! And usually, at least one of the very impressive bikes in his booth is for himself. And those bikes usually push the limits of what’s possible to streamline aerodynamics and shave grams. Look here, here and here for examples that’ll blow your mind.

This year, at least one of his bikes will be heavy, yet still likely very quick. The big guy shown above is part of the Gates Belt Drive e-bike competition at the show.  In his own booth, look for While he won’t have his own booth this year, opting to just send the motorized beaut for Gates’ expo, here’s what else he’s been up to along with several customer bikes…

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

ENGLISH: Fillet brazed steel with the occasional carbon or titanium tube.

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

ENGLISH: Up until last year’s show I was still working part time as the engineer for Bike Friday. Shortly after I made the decision to concentrate full time on English Cycles, and also to support my wife’s new venture of Velo B&B. The extra time has enabled me to build a few more bikes and take on some additional design work.


REI Lightens Up the Gotham, Launches The Arkham Belt Drive Commuter and Barrow Cargo Bike plus Barrow Basket

2014 REI Novara Gotham profile

In 2012 REI dropped the Novara Gotham on us.  At the time, it was a steel framed, belt drive commuter making use of the NuVinci N360 internally geared hub.  The bike was pushing 41 pounds fully kitted with a rack, fenders, and lights.  For 2014, REI (and house brand Novara) looked to shed some pounds.  To do this, the frame is now produced in aluminum, dropping the weight to around 34 pounds.

The bike still comes specced with the N360 rear hub and a belt drive.  Tektro Gemini hydraulic disc brakes and included fenders should make dealing with the rain more palatable.  The included rack, plus front and rear lights make this a turn key commuter right off the store floor.  There are three sizes to choose from, and MSRP is set at $1399.

Head past the break for the Gotham’s sibling, the Arkham, plus the new Barrow cargo bike and basket.