Beautiful Vandeyk x Crema Cycles VDX Collabo Dives into Cyclocross

VanDeyk VDX Rear

German builder Vandeyk has once again created a masterpiece of rolling art. The newest VDX is built in a partnership with Crema Cycles, and made out of a mix of Columbus Spirit and True Temper OX Platinum tubing. Paired with an ENVE fork, the VDX is the painted in the notable Vandeyk style, using high-grade liquid paints. They’re well known for creating absolutely stunning rides, such as the Machine for Riding and the Rapha Continental team bikes, that could hold their place in a museum.

But they’re are also meant to be ridden, with the VDX taking design input from former pro-crosser Ken Bloomer. If you’re not afraid to get something so pretty dirty, look past the break for pricing and more glamour shots…


A Tricycle That Leans Into Turns, Dreisch Teaches Your Kid The Feel Of Riding

Dreisch Leaning Trike

The reason balance bikes work so well compared to training wheels is they let toddlers lean into the turns, replicating what’ll happen on a regular bike and teaching them to stay upright and corner properly. While it’s rare to get a tricycle going fast enough to flip, Brothers Rich and Steve Thrush thought a trike that would teach children how it actually feels to ride a bicycle was a good idea. Apparently others agreed and the Kickstarter project met its funding goal and they now have their own company called Dreisch Leaning Tricycles.

The Dreisch is more than just a tricycle with a hinge on the back, it actually has a linkage arm that moves across the frame, and specifically turns the front fork in the correct amount of the lean, and keeps the trike from leaning to one side when going straight. This link also limits the lean angle of the trike to prevent mishaps. See what else it can do after the jump…


Fox Gets Colorful w/ Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Heritage Decal Sets


Using the same retro modern graphics they introduced on the 2015 Fox 36 fork, these limited edition decal sets celebrate the brand’s 40th anniversary while helping you color match your suspension to your frame. Offered in seven colors (Cyan Blue, White, Stealth Black, Tennis Ball Yellow, Red, Green, Heritage Orange), the $20 decal sets will fit any Fox fork and shock.

Hit up your local bike shop to order, and check the ridiculous install video below…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Folsom Lake, CA

bikerumor pic of the day folsom lake california

Photo submitted by David Almquist, “I’ll see your beautiful, exotic locations Bike Rumor; and I’ll raise you one drought-stricken, dwindling northern California lake. The water level should be up to the levee on which my bike is sitting. Folsom Lake, California.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

First the Nutter, Now the Breaker – Full Windsor Reinvents the Multi-Tool (Again)

The breaker multi tool full windsor (1)

Anyone who has ever struggled to use a small, fiddly chain breaker that was part of a multi-tool take note. Based on a similar design to their popular Nutter multi-tool, Full Windsor is back with a new tool that forgoes the 15mm wrench in favor of an appropriately sized chain tool. Aptly named the Breaker, the tool manages to combine a chain tool with a tool grade stainless steel pin along with a number of other useful functions, a bit set, and even socket set.

The original Nutter was good, but for the average cyclist on a bicycle without bolt-on hubs, the Breaker looks even better. Wrap up the details next…


Ritte Introduces the Rider Diaries: A Chance Encounter

In addition to putting out some beautiful bikes, the Ritte team has an excellent sense of humor. Case in point? Their newest video series, The Rider Diaries. Episode One focuses on a rider cruising through the streets of Malibu when a chance encounter leads to an interesting adventure.


Just In: Hayes Radar Disc Brakes Offer Mineral Oil Performance on a Budget

Hayes Radar hydraulic mineral oil disc brakes (13)

As a long time supporter of the use of DOT fluid for their disc brakes, the first Hayes brake based on mineral oil has arrived. While the company still believes in the use of DOT fluid for many applications, the fact that some OEM bike manufactures (mostly in Europe) are requiring mineral oil brake systems for their bikes has spurred the development of the Hayes Radar. The brake is the first to use the new Hayes Venom mineral oil, which like other mineral oil systems is non-toxic and safe for painted and finished surfaces.

The Radar is more than just a move to mineral oil however as the brake has been designed to use fewer parts and offer a simple, durable design. Fewer parts also means the system is easier to manufacture which ultimately results in a more affordable product. Expect the Hayes Radar to start showing up on complete bikes soon but we’ve got early report on their performance next…


IB14: Morgan Blue Adds Matte Carbon Specific Cleaner, Electric Contact Spray, More

Morgan Blue new products (2)

Perhaps not as well known in the U.S. as some other cleaner and lubricant brands, Morgan Blue is extremely well known around the world – especially in the pro peloton. Said to have been on 60% of the chains and 20% of the legs of the World Tour riders, Morgan Blue has an extensive line of bike oils, protectants, and cleaners as well as a full line of massage products.

Originally selling lubricants for the automotive and farm industries in Belgium, Morgan Oils as it was then called was asked to produce bicycle lubricants by former Lotto team mechanic Nick Vandecauter. As so many stories go, the products were a hit and the company began sponsoring pro tour teams without selling anything to consumers. It wasn’t until the company was working on developing a chain cleaner that Morgan “Blue” got their name after their degreaser turned blue as they were developing it.

Twenty years later and Morgan Blue had a catalog of 53 maintenance products and 15 skin care products in 2014. And that selection is still growing. Check out some of the more interesting new products next…


Factory Tour: The Garage Shop & Growth of Gamut USA

Gamut Chain Guide

The word Gamut means broad or far reaching, and judging from the Gamut’s presence at all levels of racing, it’s easy to imagine they’re a large corporation. Yet despite the polished website and big name sponsored athletes, Gamut is actually a small, rider-owned company.

Their idea for a better chain guide came about because Co-Founder Juan Graziosi wanted a lighter & more reliable solution for racing. Working in conjunction with his father Ed Graziosi, a machinist, they fabricated a working prototype in their garage. The idea would have likely ended there, but soon friends and fellow racers wanted guides as well, and selling the home made components quickly became a way for Juan to offset the cost of racing. The project began to look like a viable business venture when older brother Mateo and riding buddy Michael Poutre joined to to help crank up production and craft a business plan.

Today, Gamut continues to produce a large quantity of their products in the garage where Juan and his father created their first chain guide. Learn more about the process after the break…