That’s One Hot Ride- Weltevree’s Portable Wood Fired Dutch Tub

Dutch Tub being towed behind bicycle

After seeing the above photo, I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing: Finally! A hot tub that I can tow around with my bike! The Netherlands’ Weltevree wishes to share with you ‘the essence of outdoor bathing’ with their portable wood-fired Dutch Tub.

The Dutch Tub is designed to allow outdoor bathing wherever you can bring it, and of course find 211 gallons of water to fill it up, and some wood to burn.

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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: O’Bannon Woods State Park, Indiana

bikerumor pic of the day O’Bannon Woods State Park, Indiana
Photo submitted by Alek Minkis, “This is a new trail that my boss and professional trail builder, Alex Stewart, and I, along with the help of some excellent volunteer work were able to complete to connect to some hand built trail this past weekend in O’Bannon Woods State Park, Indiana this past weekend.”

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NAHBS 2015: Sojourner Cyclery’s wooden beauties & Snyder’s new commuter, more


Sojourner Cyclery likes to use natural FRPs as opposed to man-made FRPs. Translation: Wood is nature’s “Fiber Reinforced Polymer”, which has been around long before carbon fiber was created in a lab. To be more specific, builder Jay Kinsinger uses walnut to create things like this disc brake road bike, a tandem that’s been ridden across the U.S., a tall unicycle and even a motorized mountain bike.

Pics of the show bikes, plus a “how he does it” video, and Snyder Cycles’ latest mountain bikes and more, below…


City Bikes get More Comfy with BAM City Flexible, Shock Absorbing Handlebars

bamcity 1

For most handlebars, seeing the ends droop towards the ground would be a cause for concern. If it’s a handlebar from the French company Baramind however, there is no reason to worry. In fact, it’s all part of the design. After launching their first flexible handlebar in 2012, the team has been hard at work developing new models that take advantage of their patented technology.

While most handlebars remain completely rigid, Baramind’s Bam bars use a combination of different materials sandwiched together to allow it to flex in a single vertical plane, while remaining stiff in all other directions. The idea may seem outrageous, but after introducing the Bam XC in 2012, the handlebars have been used by marathon cross country racers ever since. Now, Baramind is working on a wider Bam MTB and the more affordable Bam City…


TPE15: Woodman adds lightweight road, mountain disc brake hubs & more nifty components


Woodman has revised his hubs and added two new disc brake models, one for road and one for mountain bikes. Both use a Centerlock rotor mount.

Both also get a new external preload adjustment that allows you to adjust it while the wheel is in the frame. That way, it accounts for the pressure the skewers or thru axles are putting on the hub and keep the wheels spinning freely without any bearing play.

The road disc hubs are shown above. Detail pics of the rest, plus new headsets and more, below…


Bell Helmets 2015 Spring Classics: E3 Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem

After a cold and wet Milan-San Remo, Bell sponsored Team LottoNL-Jumbo is preparing for their next few classics, including E3 Harelbeke and Gent-Wevelgem. With Bell following along and breaking down each race with pre and post reports, the Spring Classics competition continues as the team heads to Belgium…


Vittoria Offers their Classics Pavé CG tire in All Black

Vittoria-SC-Strade-Bianche-2015-Pave-CG-green_Wiggle-Honda Vittoria-Pave-CG_All-Black_spring-classics_road-tubular-tires

As we watched Strade Bianche a couple of weeks back, it was pretty easy to spot all the riders that started the day on sponsor correct black or skin-wall tires and ended up on the Vittoria neutral support wheels clad in their uniquely green and rough road-proven Pavé CG tubulars after flatting. Now maybe as a bid to get more teams to sneak their excellent classics tires past their own sponsors, as well as to appeal to all those riders who want a better color match to their bikes, Vittoria has a new All Black version of the Pavé CG.

Join us after the break for details and pricing….


TPE15: IceToolz shows new disc brake bleed, alignment kits & mini torque tool

IceToolz disc brake bleed kit and caliper alignment tools

If you’re ready to tackle a hydraulic disc brake bleed, then you’re going to want the proper tools for the job. And each brand of brakes usually has some sort of kit available, though they vary dramatically in quality. Sometimes it’s better to look to the aftermarket, and IceToolz has a new kit that has everything you need to get the job done. Well, except courage, but it’s really not as big a job as you may think.

In the box are syringes, adapters to fit them to Avid, Formula, Hayes, Magura, Shimano and Hope brakes, gloves, hoses and flow-stop clips. To the left is their new piston and pad alignment tool, and on the right is a clever rim brake pad adjustment guide. Simply slide it onto your rim, roll the wheel until it’s under the brake pads, pull the lever to squeeze the pads onto it, then tighten them down. That should put everything into proper alignment and position, making the job simple and quick.

And if those pads need to be held at a certain torque, they’ve got just the tool to do that, too…


ENVE Twin Bolt Seatpost Gets Official Along with New Bottle Cage and Computer Mount


First spotted on a few bikes scattered throughout NAHBS 2015, ENVE is updating their seatpost with an all new clamp. Not just any clamp though, as the new twin bolt head combines the simplicity of a single bolt clamp with the ease of adjustment and reliability of a twin bolt, all while keeping the signature ENVE weight, comfort, and durability.

While single bolt clamps are great for ease of access with an Allen wrench, the design often leaves users struggling to get the clamp tight enough so it doesn’t slip. Once the single bolt heads are tight, it can also be a challenge to make micro adjustments in the future. ENVE’s new design addresses those issues and keeps the seatpost multi-tool friendly.

Along with the new post, ENVE is taking the opportunity to introduce a few new accessories that are sure to keep your water bottle and Garmin stylishly in place…