SOC14: A Closer Look at the 2015 Fox Shox Product Line

New Fox 36 2015 FloatEarlier this month we took a quick look at the big 2015 Fox product launch, but we finally had the opportunity to put our greasy paws on the new product at Sea Otter. In addition to snapping some photos and turning knobs, we also had the opportunity to sit down with Global Marketing Manager Mark Jordan to learn a little more about the new toys.

For this year, the big story is the revamped 36 fork. This is the model we all used to lust over, but it had fallen out of favor in recent years due to the emergence of the new 34mm standard.

So why does this new version of one of our favorite forks have us so excited? READ MORE ->

Life Behind Bars: Season 3 Premiere

Life Behind Bars is one of the few mountain bike shows that get our non-riding friends stoked, so we thought we’d share the season premiere of the latest season

Transition Introduces Two New Klunker Color Options

Transition 2014 Tonka Truck Yellow Klunker OutsideThe Transition Klunker is about the most fun a mountain biker can have on a rigid frame. Despite it’s lack of gears, suspension, and hand brakes, this bike and it’s 26″ wheels are all about keeping things simple.

If that’s your style, then you’ll be excited to hear that Transition has new frames and colors in stock. Having ordered two Klunkers myself in the past, I can tell you they can be hard to catch in stock. READ MORE ->

Null Winds’ Upper Wheel Fairings Blinds Headwinds with Science


Null Winds Technology has taken their Upper Wheel Fairings to Kickstarter to bring wind cheating shields to the masses.

Admittedly, they’re not for racers. And they’re different looking. But the science is interesting, so let’s have a look. Inventor Garth Magee says wind speed affecting the top of the wheel is up to 3x the speed of the headwind. That’s because the tire and spokes are all rolling directly into the wind at twice the speed of the bicycle. Of course it’s variable based on head wind speed and bicycle speed, but the power needed to overcome the drag rises in proportion to the cube of the wind speed. So, the faster the wind and the faster you try to go, the more power you’ll have to pump out for smaller and smaller gains.

His Upper Wheel Fairings block the spokes from “fanning” the wind against your efforts. Magee says the result is up to 20% more speed for a given effort…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Oulu, Finland

bikerumor pic of the day 29er bike riding oulu, finland

Photo submitted by Sami Hiltunen, “Trails are beginning to dry at last after an exceptionally wet and slushy winter here in Oulu, Finland, so I took the time go a bit offroad with my 29er today. I just had stop and take this photo when I saw the light filtering though the trees. Good feelings, spring is finally here!”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.


SOC 14: Fezzari’s Prototypes Lighten up for Road, Add Discs and Thru Axles for Road and CX

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (3)

After a strong showing at last year’s SOC in the mountain bike department, Fezzari was back for 2014 with 3 new skinny tire prototypes. Whether you’re looking for standard road, road disc, or disc CX, Fezzari will have an option for you in the near future in line with their consumer direct sales model. That’s not to say the new bikes aren’t impressive looking machines though – Fezzari’s newest bikes look to be just as, if not more up to date with the latest trends as most major manufacturers.

Details next…


SOC 14: Lapierre Shows off Aircode and Pulsium Road Bikes, Introduced Overvolt MTB

Lapierre Pulsium Aircode Overvolt (4)

After introducing both the Aircode aero road bike and Pulsium endurance road bike earlier this year, we finally got a chance to see both bikes up close and personal. Of course, one of the biggest things we wanted to check out was the elastomer “suspension” on the Pulsium and find out just how it worked.

While the mountain bike line up will see a few changes to their OST and IE platforms for easier use, the big news on the mountain side is the new Overvolt line. Just what are the Overvolt bikes? Well as a hint it has something to do with volt, and nothing to do with my last name…


Feedback Sports Adds Bicycle Maintenance App, Records Components & Services

feedback-sports-bicycle-maintenance-and-service-record-keeping-appIf your workbench has a ratty old notebook with as much grease on it as chicken scratch, then Feedback Sports has the app for you.

Their new Maintenance Tracking App lets you create a bike and list all of its components (and their weights, price paid and any other details) then track your maintenance on every one of them. You can even set up reminders to ensure you’re doing it all at regular intervals, too. They say it not only helps keep your bike in great shape, but could help you sell it since the service records can be exported and shared with a potential buyer.

According to Doug Hudson, Founder / President of Feedback Sports, “Our goal was to consolidate users’ bicycle maintenance and component lists into one place with a simple, effective app. We wanted to rid their workbench of random notebooks and unorganized pieces of paper. We are happy to say that our app achieves this goal.”

It doesn’t include instructions or videos for how to do any maintenance, it’s simply a log book for your efforts. Screen shots and links below…


CYLO “Ultimate Urban Bicycle” Debuts from Former Nike Advanced Concept Designer


CYLO is a new Portland, OR, based bicycle brand started by a former Nike design director and his brother. The name comes from a mash up of the American “cycle” and French “Velo”. It was designed in Paris by but will be manufactured and assembled in Portland. A fitting blend from two cycling fanatics raised in France but who’ve been fully immersed in US business and culture. And they’re both cycling fanatics.

The CYLO One is dubbed the “Ultimate Urban Bicycle” and is designed to be the one bike for any and all city riding. To climb that steep hill of a goal, it’s made from a durable yet lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. A dynamo hub powers front and rear integrated lights, including a brake light, and Shimano mechanical disc brakes and a Gates Carbon Belt Drive with 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub keep it all tidy and efficient…