Kinetic Introduces Ergonomic Twenty20 Water Bottle Cage

kinetic twenty20 water bottle cage (4)

Quick – you’re reaching for your bottle. What hand do you use? According to Kinetic, if you’re like most riders you favor a particular hand, likely your dominant one. That begs the question, if you’re constantly grabbing the bottle from one side of the frame, why do most bottle cages only have the split located dead center on the frame? Filed in the category of why didn’t I think of that, the new Kinetic Twenty20 water bottle cage addresses that very issue.

Simple, affordable, and light, the Twenty20 cage may have you rethinking your current bottle holders…


Vee Tire Adds More 27.5+ Sizes, Introduces White Fat Bike Treads

Vee Tire Co 27+ white fat bike tires (1)

Just under a year ago, we caught wind of the first 27.5+ offering when Vee Tire Co. informed us that their Trax Fatty model would soon be available in a 27.5×3.25″ model. Looking around the show there were a few generic bikes fitted with the new tire size, but nothing that would have suggested it catching on in a big way. Now, headed into Taipei show and Sea Otter season there still aren’t a ton of options but it seems like the tide is swelling.

Originally planning just to offer the 27.5×3.25″ size, Vee is introducing two more widths to round out the line. Meant to fit better in smaller frames, Vee sees the Semi Fat market exploding in the coming year…


Road to NAHBS 2015: Retrotec Returns To Fat

Retrotec NAHBS 2015 head tube fillet di2 port

Due to a last minute change in plans, the ever-charming Curtis Inglis of Retrotec is suddenly making an appearance at NAHBS this year.  Having taken a few years off of showing fat bikes, we can look forward to Curtis making a triumphant return to the category with a Twin Fat featuring state-of-the-art specifications.  Also, be sure to look out for a deeply custom Sierra Leone-themed 29+ non-suspension corrected build.  Curtis and his legendary sense of humor after the jump. READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Jackson Hole Valley, WY

bikerumor pic of the day Here is a picture of my Chesapeake bay retriever,  Fatback Grand Teton, jackson hole.

Photo submitted by Dan Durkin, “Here is a picture of my Chesapeake bay retriever Chester posing in front of my Fatback with the Grand Teton in between saddle & handlebar in sunny but cold Jackson Hole.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

All2Ride Takes New Canyon Stitched Dirt Jumper on the Road


We recently spotted a nice shot of Canyon’s new Stitched 360 dirt jumper hanging out on a Barcelona beach on Canyon’s Instagram, and dreaming of warm weather remembered seeing the bike at last fall’s trade shows. The Stitched is a 7005 T6 aluminum bike build to tackle dirt jumps or urban riding. After having been out of their catalog last year, Canyon brought the bike back by popular demand. The Stitched joins their Torque DHX in their gravity line to support their Canyon Factory Freeride Team, but Canyon also has partnered with some more alternative athletes. The two we found here are german Gravity Mountainbike Magazine editor Fabio Schäfer and professional freelance photographer Jannik Hammes. We reached out to Jannik who took the photo we first stumbled on (thanks to him for their beach photos, and found out some interesting info about their All2Ride Team and the way they set up their bikes.

(Dirt) jump past the break to find out more and see one of their bizabizarrely entertaining videos….


Pedal at Highway Speeds with the RAHT Racer


For some, commuting to work by bicycle can be a drag. There is the preparation time required to kit up, packing lunch, packing clothes and the motivation factor. Sure, you may be the type who is organized and carted the week’s clothes into work last Friday, but swinging a leg over the top tube when the temperature is below 32º Fahrenheit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And, there’s the complication of lugging around a laptop or running errands during a lunchbreak.

However, for those who like to commute to work by bicycle, but are looking for similar benefits offered by an automobile, there may be a solution for you, RAHT Racer; Recumbent-Automotive-Human-Transport. It takes pedal power to a whole new level… READ MORE ->

Wolf Tooth Components Teases Replacement Derailleur Cage with 3D Printed Prototype

wolf Tooth components lindarets goat link derailleur adapter (8)

We joke around that Wolf Tooth Components turns out new products fast enough that we have to visit their booth every day at trade shows just to make sure we don’t miss anything new. In all actuality, we’re only partially joking. After checking out the new stainless direct mount rings, prototype oval rings, and the new 64 BCD rings and bash guard, we stopped by the very next day and WTC had the new Lindarets X WTC GoatLink, plus this interesting blue derailleur cage.

Still very much in prototype phase, the 3D printed cage hints at what’s to come in the near future…


Eric Porter Shreds Underground at the Mega Cavern

There’s no place like home. Well in Eric Porter’s case, his home town of Louisville, KY has a new attraction – the Mega Cavern Bike Park. The facility currently has about 320,000 square feet of dirt jumps, rollers, and XC trails. Eric got a chance to check out the cavern with his kids ripping around on their little DB machines! All in the DiamondBack family. Video by Justin Olsen.

Whisky Shows off New No.9 Carbon Thru Axle CX forks with Incredible Retrotec Build

Whisky no 9 carbon fork thru axle retrotec matt larson (7)

Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you hoped. That seems to be the case with the original Whisky No.9 disc fork which was pulled after their supply chain couldn’t keep up with the demand. Going back to the drawing board along with a completely new vendor, Whisky took the chance to rework the No.9, building on the success of the original. Now with an increased front to rear compliance of 15% while increasing torsional stiffness by 17%, the fork is better than ever and ready for a full relaunch.

Following up the incredible Inglis fat bike build we saw out at Saddle Drive, Whisky Brand Manager Matt Larson had this absolutely gorgeous Retrotec on hand to show off the No.9 fork. More than just a beautiful bike though, Matt incorporated some touching tributes to his and his wife’s late grandfathers which take the build to the next level….