IB15: Barfly Now Mounting Fenders and Grips to you bike, Plus new Carbon and Aluminum Computer Mounts

Barfly IB15-9

Barfly, the company that developed one of the first ever out front mounts for the popular Garmin computers has expanded their line to an impressive number of offerings in just a very short 4 years. Adding to the recent release of their new SLi mounts we saw at this year’s Sea Otter, Barfly is adding even more mount options including carbon, and has expanded into fenders and grips.

Fly past the break and see how many more things you can mount to your bike now….


California Governor signs bill legalizing e-bikes on the streets, bike paths


Rockets like the Haibike e-Road Bike now have a home in California.

California, a state that tends to influence policy and law in many other U.S. states anytime it makes changes, has codified and legalized electric-assist bicycles for use on various paved surfaces.

Depending on how fast the bike’s assistance goes, e-bikes whose motor assistance caps out at 20mph will be allowed on bicycle paths. Those that reach 28mph of assisted pedaling will be allowed on the roads with the same rights and responsibilities as traditional cyclists. That means no more licensing and other restrictions that apply to mopeds and scooters will affect the use of e-bikes. It’s worth noting that local officials will have the final say on which paths will allow which version, but it provides a framework that many other states are likely to adopt in short order.

The bill does nothing to cover e-mountain bikes, and it only mentions to e-bikes with a pedal assist rather than a throttle that keeps you moving without any human powered input. Full PR below…


EB15: Rie:sel Zips from Fenders to 94g Carbon Stu:hl Saddle, Plus rear Fenders and Stem Caps

reisel fender carbon sADDLE (4)

After initially wandering over to rie:sel’s booth at Eurobike to see if they had any wild new fender designs, we were caught a bit off guard by what we found. As a company that started with colorful fenders that attach to the bike with zip ties, rie:sel is making what seems to be a big leap into carbon components.

If you think about it though, the concept does make some sense. As fenders go, it doesn’t get much lighter than the 19g schlamm:PE. If you use that line of thought, a 94g saddle should fit right in…


IB15: Kopin Solos looks forward with miniature heads up display for cycling sunglasses

Kopin Solos heads up display cycling sunglasses

Kopin, a brand calling themselves the world’s leading supplier of wearables and micro displays, has primarily focused on high end and military applications for many years.

More recently, as the cost of those displays has come down, they’ve found ways to commercialize those displays with some of the 3D virtual reality headsets making their way to market. For athletes, that also includes products like the Recon Jet, for which which they made the screen.

As these consumer products started taking off, they asked themselves “What are the changes in user behavior around devices?”

The answer would help them adapt the devices to modern users. That meant smaller sizes and better battery life. And for most folks, it meant their smartphone was tagging along for the ride. So, they could focus not on recreating a miniature computer, but on their their specialty: Micro displays.

The result is Vista, which is about one quarter the size of anything else out there. And they’re putting it on their new Solos sunglasses…


IB15: Basso Cuts the Mud & Wind with Full Thru-Axle Fast Cross Disc & Konos TT/Tri Machine; Plus New Price Point Venta

Basso IB15-1

Basso bikes brought 3 new models to Interbike this year including the Fast Cross Disc and new entry level carbon bikes. The new Fast Cross runs thru-axles at both ends while the Konos TT bike is not only nice to look at, but has some nice features including their new Micro Tech seatpost and handlebar system.

Draft past the break to see them up close, plus their new price friendly Venta models…..


EB15: FABike adds new Titanium T1 and upgrades Carbon C2 to Disc Brakes


After having spent a good bit of time last year riding FABike’s first generation carbon bike on a mix of road and trails, we came away pleased but wondering how flexible and adjustable the bike really was, being stuck with rim brakes. Well, Fabike heard our thoughts, and now with the updates of their second major iteration of the carbon frame – the C2 – has added compatibility with both flat or post mount disc brakes and their own in-house aero v-brakes (with completely removable posts.) But also new from them at Eurobike was the T1, a titanium version of their flexible & adjustable concept that is disc-brake only. Jump past the fold with us for the full details on both of the new bikes, plus new carbon and alloy tubeless ready, disc-brake wheelsets to complement the bikes…


IB15: Excellent new post-ride massage tools from Triggerpoint Therapy & RollingFWD

RollingFWD vibrating massage foam roller

We’re all familiar (or should be) with foam rollers. And we’ve probably all wandered into a Brookstone and given in to the guilty little pleasure that is the vibrating massage chair. Now, combine those two and you get the RollingFWD massage roller with vibration.

After shamelessly rolling around on it for a few minutes at Interbike, it’s now at the top of my wish list. The core is solid, covered by enough foam to be comfortable yet still press deep enough into the muscle. Once turned on, there are three levels of vibration intensity, which helps boost blood flow for even faster recovery. It’s rechargeable and will come in 18″ and 36″ lengths and should start shipping in March.

Roll on down for more details and other new things to keep those muscles loose…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Alentejo, Portugal

bikerumor pic of the day alentejo, portugal

Photo submitted by Alcides Canivete, “One of my last bike trips took me throughout an abandoned highway in Alentejo, Portugal.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

IB15: Gripping Round-up: Lizard Skins Adds More Colors; ESI Contours Grips & Says Death to Electrical Tape!

Lizard Skin ESI-1-4Lizard Skin ESI-1-2Lizard Skin ESI-5

A couple of names synonymous with grip continue to grow and expand their current offerings to keep your hands on the bars. ESI and Lizard Skins, both known for their ability to remain grippy in both wet or dry conditions had some colorful and new things to show us.

Grab a firm hold and see what these two masters of grip have on hand….