Club Ride adding more padded base shorts, plus a look at newer women’s mountain bike kit


This week, Zach’s been riding his way through the complete range of padded shorts from Club Ride and will have a review of those and complete future product preview coming soon. But, this little tidbit basically clears my Sea Otter coverage off the to-do list and shows some concept colors for the collection that may or may not make it to production.

Thus far, the collection has been mostly black on black with more black when it comes to their padded underwear and bike shorts. All are designed to be worn under something else, not as traditional bike shorts. But, in case you occasionally show a little waistband or just wanna feel special on the inside, they’re working on more options in red, plus these striped  and colored options. The women’s bikini brief would be a new cut, too, but everything you see above is concept only at the moment. Like it? Let ’em know in the comments.

Now, for stuff you can actually buy today…


Pinarello unveils Dogma F8 Disc, trickles down frame tech to more affordable Gan road bikes

2016 Pinarello Dogma F8 Disc brake aero road bike

Last May, Pinarello introduced the Dogma F8 as it’s top level racing road bike. It was the result of their collaboration with Team Sky riders and fellow team sponsor Jaguar, using the automotive partner’s expertise in aerodynamics to make their asymmetric frames slip through the wind better.

Now, that bike is getting a disc brake variant, likely to debut under Team Sky late in the 2015 racing season (disc brakes will be tested in two UCI events this year, starting in August).

Other than what you can see here, details are non-existent, but we can see that it’s using the new Shimano flat-mount disc brake standard and that they’ll be spec’d with hydraulic brakes, FSA Vision wheels and their MOST house brand cockpit.

And this isn’t the only new disc brake bike Pinarello’s bringing to market in 2016. The new Gan road bike line will offer three standard versions and one disc brake model, and there are some interesting brake specs on them…


Nove Mesto World Cup XC, Pro Bike Check: Kulhavý Wins on S-Works Epic


We featured previous World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Jaroslav Kulhavý S-Works Epic last year at the Méribel World Cup, but several things have changed since last season, plus this weekend he rode his new bike for the win at the first cross country round of the UCI World Cup at his home country race in Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic. His mechanics walked us through what they were calling a mostly stock bike build, with pretty much everything on the bike available to consumers. They also noted right off the bat that the crazy looking saddle angle was not a mistake, as Kulhavý favors this for better positioning while climbing. Kulhavý also has had a few injuries over the last year and seems to have tilted his Phenom saddle even more to this -14° angle that ends up pointing down directly towards his stem. The mechanics shrugged their shoulders a bit, saying who are they to question him when he’s winning.

Read on after the break for some more unique details and the bike’s actual race weight at the start of the season…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Central Park – New York, NY

bikerumor pic of the day Morning laps in Central Park before work, New York, NY

Photo submitted by Kristen Phillips, “Morning laps in Central Park before work, New York, NY.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Kask adds “Asian Fit” Mojito XL road bike helmets for larger heads


After testing different fits for months throughout several Asian countries, Kask has developed a larger size option for its popular Mojito road bike helmet.

Called the Mojito XL, it bumps the max head size it’ll fit to 64cm, up from 62cm for the size large. It’s also the shape that gets tweaked, too, and they say it serves a need in the Asian market. Of course, anyone that has an oversized noggin can appreciate another option, particularly a top level lid.

The standard Mojito features will carry over, including hypoallergenic eco-leather chinstrap, full in-molded polycarbonate shell that wraps around the bottom of the helmet, anti-bacterial/microbial Sanitized pads, and vertically adjustable cranium cradle with gel padding.

More pics below…


Rudy Project gets clearer and darker and does it faster with new ImpactX-2 lenses


Originally designed for the Apache helicopter’s windshields, the new Rudy Project ImpactX-2 polyurethane lens material is virtually unbreakable, and it offers better, faster photo chromatic changes and prescription compatibility.

Compared to ImpactX, the new X-2 iteration’s photochromatic range is wider, letting them go clearer and darker on either end of the spectrum, and it reacts to UV light 25% faster than before. Another bonus to the new material is that it’s sensitive to light outside of the UV spectrum, letting it partially darken even behind windows, like when you’re driving. Fortunately, that doesn’t include the LED lights used for cycling in the dark, which means the clear-to-dark lenses will still work for night riding.

The new ImpactX-2 is available in clear to dark, clear to brown and clear to red, and the black and red are available in standard and mirrored “laser”, making five options total. Clear to dark originals went from 18% to 78%, the new ImpactX-2 changes from 9% to 74%.

It’s available on a wide range of their cycling and sport models, including the Rydon, Agon, Proflow, Noyz and Genetyk.


BKool Adds 3D Real Weather Simulator to Virtual Training System

For the last few years, BKool has been making incremental improvements to their virtual reality based training programs. First they offered video simulations, then went 3-D, and then BKool started adding in real-world conditions like wind resistance. Their latest software extension adds a whole new level of realism to indoor training, and it’s based on what’s really happening outdoors.

The company’s newest innovation is called BKool 3D RealWeather technology, which recreates the current weather conditions on any route in the world. If you’d like to see what a rainy ride around London or a sunny cruise of coastal California would be like, check some actual weather reports and virtually warp to your ideal conditions and location, all from the comfort of your indoor training area…

Put All-Day Power in Your Pocket With the Go Puck

Go Puck portable power bank, title shot cropped

The amount of electronic devices we carry around these days would likely surprise even the most creative science fiction writers of the past. As more and more cyclists are taking GPS, POV cameras, and smartphones on rides, tech companies are chomping at the bit to make using, carrying and powering these devices easier for us.

At a young age, auto racer Blake Fuller and a small crew started developing a lighter weight battery for his car. They wound up replacing his 45lbs. battery with an 11lbs. unit, and founded a company called Braille Battery. Several years ago, Fuller was travelling with his new iphone when he decided Braille Battery’s technology could be adapted into compact, portable power banks for mobile devices. The Go Puck was then designed to provide multiple phone charges in a small enough package to be very portable, or even wearable…

Unboxed & Weighed: Rever MCX1 dual piston mechanical disc brakes – plus first ride impressions

Rever MCX1 mechanical disc brake dual sided pad movement details actual weights and first impressions

Designed around short pull levers for road and cyclocross use, the Rever MCX1 mechanical disc brake debuted officially at Sea Otter as only the second real option for anyone wanted both brake pads to move without going hydraulic.

Our test set arrived in two very beautiful boxes, complete with everything you’d need to install them on any disc-brake ready bike, from cables to bolts to adapters and more. And that’s part of their pitch: race-ready brakes in a box, just install and go, no need to dig around your own parts bin or head to the store for any adapters. As such, installation was easy once things were all playing nicely together. I used the cables and housing already on my bike since the World’s Funnest Bike is still fairly fresh, but some other parts created an issue that delayed my first ride by a day. Once that was resolved, it was off for a first ride…