Found: DIY Cycle Chaser Projector Casts Your Images On The Road


Ingenuity has been making the commute safer for cyclists. Ideas like the Blaze Laserlight put images on the ground that are more visible to drivers.

The Cycle Chaser is a ‘weekend project’ that can take bike light design from Raspberry Pi and improve on it. By adding a battery powered projector, it can put images on the ground that can be programmed by the user.

Raspberry Pi is an online resource to make your own projects, and every person does their own soldering, wiring and assembly. Needless to say, this is not for the simple beginner, as you will need to understand the basics of programming, be able to read technical schematics, and trouble shoot the thing once you have it all together. See how it works after the jump…


Win the Ultimate Paris-Roubaix Experience with Mavic Special Service Course

photo 3

If you’ve watched any of the big cycling races, then you’ve undoubted seen the Mavic Yellow Car. Since the early 70′s, yellow has meant neutral support with the Mavic logo leading the way. While the technology has certainly changed, the idea is the same and Mavic wants to give you a chance to experience it for yourself. By entering their Paris Roubaix contest, you’ll be up for a grand prize that includes travel to the “Hell of the North,” plus accommodations, dinner with the SSC crew, and a race day ride along in the Yellow Car. Something tells us that even in a car you’re going to feel the cobble stones juuust fine…

You have until March 9th, to enter, and must live in Europe, Canada, or the United States. Enter by following the link below.

Dan Milner Shows How To Pack A Bike For Travel So It Arrives In One Piece

Packing a bike for travel can be a harrowing experience. Putting your ride into the hands of other people can cause all sorts of stress, and if the bike actually gets mishandled along the way, it can make for a pretty bad trip.

The best way to learn to pack your bike is from experience, so if you don’t have a few million frequent flier miles under your belt, take it from pro photographer Dan Milner on how to take your bike with you, he may have done it a few times before.


Feedback Sports Updates Maintenance App, Puts All Info In The Cloud For Easy Access


Feedback Sports created an maintenance app last spring, and has now taken taken their customer’s feedback to keep it up to date, and helping keep customer’s bikes properly maintained.

The biggest improvement is that all data is now kept in the cloud, so if the user changes phones, has two devices, or needs to log in from a device that isn’t their own, it is all possible now.

If you haven’t heard of this app, it can help you keep track of all your bikes, their components, and the maintenance that has been done to them. It can also allow multiple users to log into the same list, so it can possibly be used for teams or other groups to manage a fleet of bikes. The greatest thing is the free app does not try to sell you anything, so there may just be a free lunch after all.

Check it out at Feedback Sports.


Just In: Rocky Mountain’s Blizzard Busting Fat Bike

Rocky Mountain blizzard fat bike review (3)

To get an idea of how quickly the RockShox Bluto has been adopted by the fat bike scene, the launch of the Rocky Mountain Blizzard was a pretty good indication. At the time, it was one of just two bikes announced that would use the fork which were launched the very same day. Introduced right before the Sea Otter Classic, it was like Rocky Mountain was waiting for the perfect bike to give new life to the Blizzard name – and what better bike than a fat bike?

For their very first attempt at a fat bike, Rocky took the approach of many larger companies with cautious optimism. Instead of going all out with high end carbon rigs, the Blizzard would be a simple yet well thought out aluminum bike with a solid spec and an affordable price. Because of that, the Blizzard is extremely intriguing. On paper, the Blizzard seems to have just about everything you would want in a trail oriented fat bike with enough money left over to buy some Winter riding gear.

Even though we aren’t dealing with the same blizzard on the East coast, our own Blizzard just blew in for a first look…


Orange’s Long-Running Five Is New Again, Longer, Slacker & Stiffer


The Orange Five has been around for over 10 years, and continues to run in all of its simplistic, single pivot glory. Updated in 2013 for 27.5 wheels, it also received a through-axle update at that time. Now, the front end gets an update, moving from a bent top tube, to a straight one with a jump brace that will increase front end stiffness by 15%.

Available mid-February, they are just showing it off now at Silverstone. The British brand’s best selling model keeps going strong since the mud-prone country loves to keep their bikes simple and easy to repair.

It will be available in three colors and builds, check out the pictures and geometry of the new model after the jump


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Fatbiking, Russia

bikerumor pic of the day fatback russia

Photo submitted by Valentin Nikotin, “It’s one of the first rides on a new fatbike. Testing traction on icy hills.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha road bike wheels hit the streets

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha silver alloy road bike wheels

Rolf Prima has released another limited edition of their Vigor wheels, this time for standard road bikes. Last month it was the Vigor FX for track bikes, and this January it’s the Vigor Alpha road wheels.

Their best selling model, the Vigor Alpha comes in at just 1450g with their 33mm deep rim. These special edition ones add two more spokes to the front and come in at 1510g for the pair. Rolf’s folks told us the extra spokes (which is the same count they use on their Vigor Alpha tubulars, BTW) ads just a bit more stiffness and gives them a slightly differentiated look beyond color.

Rim width is 22mm, and they include the usual premium features like Enduro ceramic bearings, titanium freehub body and bladed Sapim CX Ray spokes.


Louis Garneau Unveils 2015 Dream Factory Custom Paint Program

Dream Factory 2015 options 2

Even when you’re buying a bike “off the rack” in terms of geometry and spec, custom paint can’t be overlooked in terms of cycling panache. Whether you’re trying to match your team kit, your favorite sports team, or just your favorite colors, LG is continuing to bring custom creations to life for 2015. Their Dream Factory Custom Paint Program ranks among a few other companies offering custom paint on a large scale in spite of the logistical concerns to make it work.

In 2015, the program applies to five different bikes in a number of builds, including framesets. Details on the Dream Factory next…