Be on the Look out for Counterfeit 695 Carbon Frames


The latest version of “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” comes to us from Look Cycle. Stating that the sale of counterfeit 695 and 695 Lite frames recently came to their attention, Look is warning against purchase of Chinese copies. Closely resembling the Look 695, the bikes are not actually made by Look and will not be covered for defects, quality issues, or frame failures. Look stresses that since there is no control over the quality of the frames, the counterfeits post a safety threat to the rider.

After a quick search online, the frames in question are fairly easy to find and include a large amount of information copied directly from the Look catalog. Look recommends purchasing their bikes only through authorized dealers and distributors and asks for anyone with uncertainty towards the validity of a frame to email Look at

Review: Compact and Powerful, the Lezyne Super Drive XL & Power Drive XL Shine Through


Self-contained lights are becoming seriously impressive. We got a first look at the Lezyne Super Drive earlier in the year, and now we take a look at its sibling the Power Drive XL, and compare the two lights. These small self-contained lights are targeted at commuters and recreational cyclists, and include simple, easy to use handlebar mounts.

In typical Lezyne style, they cost similar to lights of similar lumen ratings, but come with a full aluminum enclosure and feature the nice touch of a replaceable internal battery.

We tested both lights back to back commuting in the city, and riding singletrack in woods. What is the difference between them, and which one is the winner? Click more to find out…


D.FENDER Brings Made in the USA Coverage to Blutos, Fat Bikes, and 29+

DFENDER Final Proof

The more we ride, the more fenders like the new D.FENDER seem like a great idea for year ’round riding. Currently one of the few fenders designed specifically for fat bikes that is actually shipping, D.FENDER boasts all of the benefits of similar designs. The minimal design provides just enough spray coverage to keep your fork seals, lower headset, and eyes/glasses/goggles clean, but adds hardly any weight and easy attaches to the fork.

Designed and developed by Jarrod Bunk of City Cycle Supply, D.FENDER is laser cut from temperature resistant Lexan plastic and fit specifically for the RockShox Bluto suspension fork. After beginning testing in July of this year, the fender is finally shipping to customers after 11 revisions in the design. According to Jarrod, the made in the USA aspect is important for all of the D.FENDER products so it took some time to find someone to cut and screen print the fenders locally.

As the original D.FENDER are rolling off the production line and shipping to customers, Jarrod is also introducing two more fenders that should keep the rigid fat bike riders clean and happy…


Must Watch: Lars Sternberg as the Loam Ranger is The Hero We Need

Between the trail, the drifting, and the music, this video with Lars Sternberg perfectly encapsulates the feeling of shredding mountain bikes. Here’s what Lars had to say about the video:

LOAM is a term I try and refrain from abusing. 

It used to be a word used only to refer to those really special conditions, days spent so deeply engulfed within it, that it was hard to see. To simply utter the phrase would result in an acknowledging nod from another member of the club. Like a secret password. A word shared between a few who were lucky enough to experience it. 

Today you can read and hear it in modern MTB culture everywhere. It’s become something used in so many incorrect ways it’s lost its effect. Everybody’s out there to get it, shred it, blow it up… what was once a word only to be busted out when trying to recapture those truly magical moments or trails, is now the primary candidate for many a jabrone attempting to recount their epicness. 


Review: The lightweight, eensy-teensy Birzman Zacoo Macht shock pump


Considering shock pumps come with any new air suspension equipped mountain bike and with any air shock or fork purchase, most riders that aren’t a pro team mechanic give little thought to an aftermarket pump until the freebie fails.

Should that happen, or your just looking to lighten your load, the Birzman Zacoo Macht is the smallest full featured shock pump I’ve seen, and it’s held up really well to a year of regular use. It’s not only small, but it’s light. And it works great, with well thought out features and shapes that make it a joy to use. Things like their Air-Lock valve head that prevents air loss when threading it on or off, which is more than just an annoyance on other pumps – it can actually hurt performance if you’re not getting it right.

Ready to get pumped?


Clothing Round-Up: From Vintage to Victoria’s Secret

Spitfire Cycling Club Vintage Word Champ Jersey Merio Wool Victoria's Secret Incredible Bra Heart Rate Monitor

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are stuck scrambling for unique gift ideas we’ve got a few good ones for ya. Hit the break for the goods: a killer “Après” jacket to keep you warm and lookin’ good post ride; a truly vintage, hand-crafted merino wool jersey direct from England; and yes, Victoria’s Secret’s first ever heart-rate bra…


SRAM Clarifies Direct Mount X-Sync Chainring Compatibility with Handy Chart

Recently, SRAM announced their new direct mount chainrings that take advantage of their patented X-Sync tooth profile. The chainrings follow an industry trend of offering lighter chainrings with more size options that highlights the advantages of a 1x system. Due to the different bottom bracket and spindle lengths, figuring out which offset chainring you need for your next build might not be as easy as you would hope. To help ease the selection process, SRAM put together a chart outlining what rings are compatible with which cranks.

All that’s left is to bolt it on and pedal away…


Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Lac Du Bois Grasslands, Canada

bikerumor pic of the day Crisp morning in front of a frozen lake at Lac Du Bois Grasslands in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. The temperature dropped 40 degrees overnight and resulted in my fork and rear shock losing all pressure.

Photo submitted by Andrew Spaulding, “Crisp morning in front of a frozen lake at Lac Du Bois Grasslands in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. The temperature dropped 40 degrees overnight and resulted in my fork and rear shock losing all pressure. It was like riding a chopper through the snow. Fun!”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Wear Some Reflective Sharrows With New Start Up Bike and Arrows


Taking visibility to the next level, Bikes and Arrows is a new company out of Maryland working to keep cyclists safe by keeping them conspicuous. Intended to be better looking than a neon safety vest, they are “safety conscious for the style conscious cyclist”. The Enhanced Visibility Long Sleeve Workshirt pictured above sells for $50 and features a full button front, reflective graphics, and is machine washable.

The work shirts are a durable and brightly colored 100% polyester in both long and short sleeved versions. Available in safety yellow with safety orange embroidery, safety orange with safety yellow embroidery and black with safety orange embroidery, they are sure to make you noticeable in the bike lane.

Jump past the break to take a high visibility look at the rest of the line…