Quarq Brings Crank-Based Power to the People With New Affordable Riken AL

quarq riken al 110bcd chassis front

Following the recent price drop of the RIKEN R, Quarq is apparently furthering its march towards bring crank-based power measurement to the masses through the release of their new RIKEN AL. The new system, priced at a very competitive $799 MSRP (GXP configuration), is available now consumer direct through the Quarq website, and will begin shipping April 23rd. A closer look after the jump… READ MORE ->

Support Your Team and Your Cheeks With FI’ZI:K’s New Aliante Team Edition Road Saddle

Fizik 2015 team Edition Saddle- Team Sky rider

Comfort-wise, there’s no more important part of your bike than the seat. Thankfully today there are a number of companies like FI’ZI:K that put serious consideration into creating a selection of saddles so every rider can find something that works for them. FI’ZI:K’s Aliante series saddle has proven to be a favorite of so many riders, including a long list of professional World Tour racers, that it has been on the market for no less than 16 years. Its carefully balanced design seems to agree with a wide cross-section of cyclists, as the company states in their press release;

“It’s blend of great support, power transfer and comfort helps push riders along faster – and further – whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast.”

The Team Edition is based on FI’ZI:K’s Aliante R3 K:IUM model, but comes emblazoned with the colorways of FI’ZI:K’s sponsored race teams. For 2015 the shape has been refined and improved, plus they’ve employed some new technology and materials to make this their lightest Aliante saddle ever.

Sit down and get comfortable for more details and colorways after the break…

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Olympic Adventure Trail – Port Angeles, WA

bikerumor pic of the day My Funner trail bike hanging out in the living room on the Olympic Adventure Trail, Port Angeles, WA.

Photo submitted by Paul Ainsworth, “My Funner trail bike hanging out in the living room on the Olympic Adventure Trail, Port Angeles, WA.”

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SOC15: Hands on with the Recon Jet Smart Glasses

Recon jet smart glasses sea otter hud heads up display (1)

The future is a confusing place. Cars are still on the ground, I have to pour my own coffee in the morning, and a complete meal still isn’t able to fit inside a tiny pill. However, one bit of futuristic cycling technology is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the latest axle standard for the next generation of tires, but a cycling HUD.

Technicaly, you could view Google Glass or Recon’s own goggles as the first Heads Up Displays available to the cyclist, but the Recon Jet has been designed from the ground up for your athletic pursuits, no goggles required.

Packing an incredible amount of functions into a sleek but somehow awkward looking package, Recon is finally shipping their long awaited Jet smart glasses. The company is still in the process of fulfilling their preorders, but Jets will soon be available for sale if you can see past the price…


SOC15: Race Face Atlas get forged, switch to Cinch chainring mounts, new colors for pedals

race face atlas cinch crankset with direct mount chainrings

With the Next SL, SixC and Turbine having all switched to Race Face’s spectacular Cinch chainring mounting system, it was only a matter of time before the Atlas alloy all-mountain cranks joined them. That time is now.

The move lets you easily swap between 1x rings and double spiders. It’s more than just the new ring mounting interface, though. The arms themselves are now forged instead of machined, which dropped 33g for the combo of a 34T chainring and new crankset. The cranks are only a hair lighter, most of the weight savings comes from using a direct mount chainring versus the old spider-and-chainring combo.

But, it’s much stiffer lateral thanks to the 3D forged back pocket system. The old I-beam design was stuff up and down, but not as much laterally, so they’ve improved upon the cranks without changing their burly appearance.


SOC15: Raleigh Adds More Carbon, Thru Axles, and Light Weight RX Women’s Elite Cross Bike

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (4)

Raleigh has a history of introducing new models at Sea Otter and 2015 is no different. Along with a few bikes that are completed and ready for production, Raleigh had two new prototypes on hand that will expand their carbon foot print. Following in the footsteps of the 29″ Skarn full suspension which marked their return to full suspension XC bikes, the next logical progression is to offer it in carbon.

Popping out of the mold just two weeks ago, this current carbon version of the frame manages to drop 300g from just the front triangle. Technically the alloy Skarn already had a carbon seat stay and link, and the Skarn carbon will keep the aluminum chainstay so the weight savings will be limited to the front of the bike. After the first version of the frame didn’t result in the stiffness they were looking for, Raleigh used an interesting rapid layup process that adds layers of carbon directly to the finished frame allowing engineers to tweak the frame characteristics without molding an entirely new frame.

The result is a frame with the same handling, lighter weight, and improved ride characteristics..


SOC15: Advocate Cycles Builds New Plus Size Bikes and Advocacy Based Business Model

Advocate cycles hayduke 27 plus (9)

The bicycle industry is getting to be a pretty crowded place. As more and more brands seem to emerge from the primordial ooze that is the intersection of passion and ideas, it’s getting harder to stand out.

A long time industry veteran, Tim Kreuger knows his way around a bike. After working for years as the project manager for Salsa Cycles, when it was time for a new adventure Tim was looking for not only a way to pursue his passion for bicycles but also for bicycle advocacy. Hoping to continue giving back to the community with events like the Chequameggon 100 that he has run for years (with all of the profits going back into the trails), Tim learned of a new type of business arrangement that is recognized by the state of Minnesota where he calls home.

Instead of operating as a 501c3 non-profit, Advocate Cycles will run as a Special Benefit Corporation (SBC) which falls into one of three categories – sharing, giving, or helping. While designed to give all of the profits back to cycling advocacy, the SBC is not tax exempt which and is really only recognized by the state of Minnesota. The Advocate Cycles site has a break down on how all of the tax structure will work out, but the main story is that the company is organized to give back.

And make cool products – starting with the new Hayduke mountain bike. It’s 27+. It’s 29″. It’s Boost or standard 142. It’s all of the above…


SOC15: White Industries launching new XMR “Cross / Mountain / Road” 6-bolt hubs

White Industries XMR 6-bolt disc brake hubs for all types of bicycles

If you recall our NAHBS coverage of White Industries, they showed an early prototype of some new 6-bolt hubs. Now, they have a name and Alec White was ready to reveal the new internals.

A new pawl mechanism doubles the number of teeth on the ratchet ring and puts two teeth per pawl. That not only doubles the pawls’ grabbing points for better bite, it also doubles the possible points of engagement to 48. The result is a snappier 7.5° engagement, half of the originals.

This new pawl and ratchet system will launch on the new XMR (‘Cross / Mountain / Road) hubs, which will replace the MI6 and CX11 as the 6-bolt offering.


SOC15: Haro bringing back full suspension mountain bikes, updates carbon hardtail

2016 Haro Shift full suspension mountain bikes

After a few year hiatus from performance oriented full suspension mountain bikes, Haro is back with a three-model collection called Shift.

There are two frame models, a single pivot and a four bar linkage, all using 27.5 wheels and the same front triangle for the most part, with only the pivot placements being different. The same tubing is used on all of the rear triangles, too, with the single pivot getting struts added to the front. And it’s all 6061 T6 alloy. The four bar linkage model will come in two versions, one with normal wheels and one spread wider for 27.5+ tires.