2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod & CAAD12 alloy road bikes debut

2016 Cannondale SuperSix EVO carbon fiber racing road bike

Considering the prior Cannondale SuperSix EVO frame had already dipped below 700g and been successfully raced on the UCI grand tour circuit, they knew the next Evo would really have to do something big to make an improvement over the prior version.

Starting at the fork, they molded the lower bearing race into the crown, eliminating both the sharp bend to make it stronger and eliminating the need for an alloy part to save about 30g. And that’s just the beginning. Each side of the rear triangle is made in a single piece, with size specific layups for each size, saving weight by eliminating the overwrap required to join a separate dropout piece with separate tubes.

But the changes go beyond just saving weight. The BB is wider and asymmetric, pushing the non drive side out 5mm to make it 73mm. And the chainstays are flatter than ever to get 11% more compliance. It’s called the Balance of Power, offering more traction and comfort without sacrificing efficiency…



Ain Bicycles Seeks Funds to Create a Cycling Community Center in Cairo, Egypt

While some global cities have long looked to bicycle transportation to ease traffic congestion, cycling hasn’t really taken off in Egypt. Despite the debilitating gridlock, it’s hard to blame Cairo’s people for not riding bicycles – there simply weren’t many suitable commuter bikes available, and finding a skilled mechanic wasn’t easy either.

Ain Bicycles’ Karim Abbany and Dirk Wanrooij set out to solve these problems. The two started out by building a bike for Karim’s brother, then pushed their friends to start cycling too. The trend quickly grew beyond their circle of friends and Ain now operates as a boutique bike shop, building custom one-off commuter bicycles.

Ain now wants to take their company and cycling advocacy further, by building a community center for people to learn about riding and maintaining bikes. The idea is being crowdfunded through an Indiegogo campaign, which has a few days left and still needs significant support to reach its goal…

Trek’s All New Madone: IsoSpeed Comfort + Aerodynamics + Integration = Ultimate Race Bike?

New Trek Madone Aero road bike 2016 (13)

Right off the bat, Trek is calling their new Madone the “ultimate race bike.” That’s a big claim for sure, but one that Trek doesn’t take lightly. We’ve seen a number of new aero bikes flood the market recently, but for the Madone Aero is only part of the story. In order to be the Ultimate race bike, it needs to be comfortable for the long haul. It also needs to work with all of the latest component systems in a way that is both user friendly and aerodynamically efficient. There is a lot of hype surrounding the new Madone, but does it live up to it’s billing as the Ultimate Race Bike? You be the judge after the break…


Trek Smooths Out XC Racing with new IsoSpeed Procaliber SL, and Revamped Top Fuel


At this point you could guess what was coming, but now it’s officially here. Trek just dropped two new bikes aimed at high level XC racing whether that means a hard tail or a full suspension rig. However, as XC World Cup courses get more technical, racers are looking for bikes that will take the edge off but still remain as energy efficient as possible since it is XC racing after all.

Ever since Trek’s clever IsoSpeed Decoupler was unveiled on the Domane it seemed like a natural evolution would be to migrate it to hard tails. That’s exactly what Trek has done after first outfitting their Boone cyclocross bike, and now the new Procaliber SL. When the trails get really rough (for XC racing) Trek’s racers will be able to reach for the new Top Fuel which serves as the replacement for the Superfly FS…


All-new Canyon Ultimate CF Evo road bike runs €13,000 for sub 5kg – Plus SLX actual weights!

2016 Canyon Ultimate CF Evo ultra lightweight road bike with actual weight under 5kg

Just last week, Canyon unveiled their all-new Ultimate CF SLX for Movistar to race in this year’s Tour de France. It introduced a new aerodynamic design to the already stiff, light and comfortable Ultimate heritage. Now, they’ve shown us their halo product, the Ultimate CF Evo.

Yes, the weight and the price are insane, but the madness is tempered with parts that they say makes the bike actually ridable on a daily basis with no compromise in performance or durability.

So, how can they do that and get a bike under 5kg?


Project XC Race Rocket: Wheels, Tires by Nox Composites, Project 321 & Schwalbe

XC race rocket project bike with Nox Composites Skyline XC hookless carbon rim wheels and Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires

The Project XC Race Rocket bike would be nothing without some lightweight wheels to complement the frame, fork and cockpit. So, for the rolling stock, we pulled in parts from Nox Composites (with Project321) and Schwalbe.

That combo yielded a sub 1,500g wheelset with all the accoutrements necessary to mount the tires, and if you know Schwalbe, you know they make some of the lightest full featured tires on the trail…


PC15: Cannondale Airs Out New Mountain Bike Helmet For Shaved Heads, Plus Combo Tire/Shock Pumps and more!


“I’ve been looking forward to [this model year] for a long time because there is just so much good product,” said Cannondale North American PR Manager, Bill Rudell. Here, we’ll focus on some of the compelling helmets and accessories that are flushing out the line. There is something for everyone.

On the off-road side of helmets, we have the new RykerAM Helmet which features special heat-sealed moisture wicking, anti-microbial air cushion pads. Cannondale claims that pads are especially comfortable with the clean-shaven headed riders as they keep soggy foam pads off bare skin, helping skulls stay cool and dry. These pads also aid in protection, boasting a 15% impact redirect in the case of a crash… READ MORE ->

PC15: Cannondale Revamps Entry Mountain with Foray and Catalyst 27.5 Hardtails

For model year 2016, Cannondale has a variety of products that consumers have been asking for, or didn’t know they needed yet. Chief among these are the new Foray and Catalyst models. Using 27.5″ wheels the 6061 alloy hardtails are designed to address a market need for reasonably priced entry level mountain bikes, starting at $379. The hope is that these models will help to lower the barrier to entry in youth mountain bike leagues such as NICA and help get more kids on bikes… READ MORE ->

Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Maroon Bells – Aspen, Colorado

bikerumor pic of the day maroon bells aspen colorado bike ride

Photo submitted by Joshua Seymour, “Taking a few minutes to enjoy the view before a long, fast descent back to town. This was taken on Father’s Day 6/21/15.”

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