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Ice Bucket Challenge: Mike Sinyard & Specialized Bicycles Raise Funds For ALS

Everyone from Oprah to Bill Gates has been taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I’m pretty sure Specialized did it best. Not only did they raise funds for a great cause, but it looks like they had a great time doing it.

Specialized Dealers, Lululemon, and Team Astana at the Vuelta, you’ve been called out!


First Impressions: Shimano XTR Di2 & Mechanical Mountain Bike Groups

Shimano XTR Di2 9000 electronic mountain bike group first ride review and technical details

The new XTR Di2 M9050 has ushered in the era of official electronic shifting for mountain bikes, and we have a feeling it’s going to shake things up quite a bit. Announced all the way back in May, it’s still not really available as of this post – only a handful of pros are racing on it. Fortunately, four of the new Orbea Oiz test bikes we just rode had it installed, giving us a chance to run it through the gears.

Over two days of riding XC and enduro-ish segments, the XTR Di2 showed why it’s going to be popular. Instantaneous shifts, effortless transitions under power and the ability to choose just the right gear combo for you. Heck, you can even customize it to work just the way you want, from which buttons do what to how and when it shifts between chainrings in Synchronized Shifting modes. That’s right, plural – modes. You can set two shift maps and swap between them on the fly while riding.

Add in the legendary stiffness and precision for which Shimano’s top level groups are known and, well, I just rode the future…


PDW’s new Ninja Pump and BarKeep Inflation Tools

pdw ninja pump

Portland Design Works (PDW) has recently expanded their inflation tool lineup with two new models. The Ninja Pump is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.  The BARkeep is both a pressure gauge and a CO2 inflator.

The PDW Ninja Pump is the MMA fighter of the mini pump world.  It has trained hard to master the art of Presta and Schrader.  CO2 inflation is a breeze with the airflow control knob.  The alloy mini pump is capable of conquering the toughest 120psi tire.  It’s lightweight at 76 grams.  And, it mounts under your bottle cage.  You’ll find one in my Ride Pouch.  Add one to yours for $35.

Breeze through the break for the BARkeep.


Niner ROS9 Plus IMBA Edition Auction Closing Soon, Bid Now

Did you miss the gorgeously painted Niner ROS9 Plus limited edition IMBA bike from last week? Check them out and you’ll wanna make a bid for one of the nine complete bikes being auctioned off to raise funds for the trail building and advocacy group we all know and love. And here’s a little video to help. Auction closes August 24, 2014. More details here.

Friday Features: Cam Zink Nails It, Claudio Previews Meribel, Plus All Steps to the Top

In spite of ESPN doing their best to keep us guessing as to which channel it would be on, Cam Zink made history last night by pulling off a world record back flip on live TV. Cam made the landing so smooth that it made the whole backflipping 100’3″ look almost too easy. According to Cam’s interview after the flip, he not only came home with the Guinness World Record for the longest back flip, but the longest unassisted dirt to dirt straight air as well traveling some 120 feet. Nicely done, Cam.

There’s another World Cup this weekend. You know what that means – another course preview with Claudio Caluori! READ MORE ->

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Supports Arab and Palestinian Youth Of Israel

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Mahogany On Mountain Bike

Nisnas Industries of Israel does astounding woodwork. Already well versed in multiple products for both on and off the bike use, including wooden fenders and leather/wood bags, recently Nisnas turned their craftsmanship toward a gorgeous wooden bicycle grip. But Nisnas is not primarily focused on the bottom-line like most companies. Rather, with all designs and products creating a profit sharing project, Nisnas Industries is focused upon creating opportunities for the local youth of Israel. But this story is not only about Nisnas’ business model, their new Daily Grip appears to have been executed so well it may just make you want to ride your bike more.


The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection – Part 1

Ever wonder where the design of bike locks comes from? Judging by the amount of bike thefts reported on social media, peace of mind is still hard to come by when locking up your baby on the mean streets. In the process of designing a new Messenger Collection, Kryptonite looked to direct feedback from professional messengers across the country to help develop the next generation of locks. Look for the Messenger Collection to be launched at Interbike, and in stores late this year.

Merckx Releases Mourenx69 Endurance Bike

Merckx Mourenx69 Ultegra Di2

Eddy Merckx cycles just released details on one of their four new top-tier bikes for 2015, the Mourenx69. The new bike (pronounced MORE-awn) is named for The Cannibal’s massive win at the 17th stage of  the 1969 Tour de France, when he attacked at the top of the Tourmelet to execute a solo breakaway for the final 140km to the finish. Built for endurance racing, the bike has been designed to reduce rider fatigue while still promising top level performance. Key specs include long seatstays, a shrunken bottom bracket shell, and a square profile seat tube all designed to maximize shock absorption, along with a shortened top tube and tall head tube to accommodate a more relaxed, upright riding position.  The bike will be available in four builds, each with an optional wheel upgrade, or as a frameset.

The endurance road market is getting a lot of play, as most riders pay for bikes by working jobs that tie them to a desk, inhibiting the flexibility demanded by ultra aggressive race frames. Endurance bikes also embrace the theory that reducing rider fatigue can be of greater benefit than maximizing the efficiency of power transfer. The Mourenx69 responds by providing a more upright riding position and more supple frame design than their “pro” oriented race machines. By comparing the Mourenx69 to Merckx’s 2014′s flagship bike, the EMX-525, we get a better understanding of what makes the new bike an endurance racer.

Complete build details, geometry, prices, and a cool promo video after the break…


CrankWorx Stories: Steps to the Top with Finn Iles, Brandon Semenuk Dominates Slopestyle

There was a lot going on this year at CrankWorx, but one one of the biggest stories had to have been the saga of Finn Iles. The 14 year old Whistler local grew up riding the same trails that the Whip Off World Championships are held, but soon learned that due to his age he wouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Adding another anecdote to the power of social media, a #LetFinnIn hashtag was started and thanks to overwhelming support of the mountain bike community, Finn had his day. Not only was Finn allowed to compete, but he also walked away with the top spot and a big check thanks to his impressive skills on a bike almost as big as he is. Much like Nicholi Rogatkin, Finn Iles is likely a name for the future. Follow along with Finn’s story with SRAM’s Steps to the top.

Slopestyle is always one of the biggest draws at CrankWorx, and this year was no different. Check out Brandon Semenuk’s video game worthy winning run after the break…