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Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company Trailer

Looks like we have another killer mountain biking video that’s set to be released soon. Consisting of a riding cast hand picked by Semenuk in all disciplines of mountain biking, and brought together by the crew of Red Bull Media House and New World Disorder Films, Rad Company features riding on location in Fiji, Retallack BC, Sunshine Coast BC, Pemberton BC, Kamloops BC, and Utah. The World Premiere is set for June 7, in North Vancouver BC – you can pick up tickets, here.

Wednesday Group Ride – Fresh Goods from Selle Anatomica, CDI Torq Tools, Profile Designs, Restrap & More

CDI Torq Tools adjustable t-handle torque wrench

A while back, we reviewed CDI’s miniature T-handle torque wrenches positively for their ease of use and convenient one-torque setting. But, with the myriad torque requirements of stems, handlebars, seat posts and saddle clamps, it could very easily become a wall full of individual wrenches.

Now, they’ve got an adjustable TorqControl wrench, spanning from 2nm to 8nm with a cam-over-clutch design for error proof settings. It uses a magnetic tip that holds standard 1/4″ bits and comes with 4/5/6mm and T25 Torx bits plus 4″ long 4mm and T25 bits. And a certificate of accuracy. Retail is $80, available through

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SRAM Hydraulic Road Brakes Recall Update – Production Started on New Units

In a nutshell, production on the new units has started as promised in the second half of April, and we should have technical details on the changes and what’s new in two or three weeks. Warranty customers will get the first units, followed by shop and OEM orders.

Cute Overload: Four Year Old Kids Crushing It (and Occasionally Crashing)

Even if you don’t like kids, you can’t help but let out at an “awwww” at these twins’ antics.

It takes 6 GoPro Cameras To Create This Trippy Bicycle Ride

To record this trippy 360 footage, Jonas Ginter used a 3D printer to create a mount for his six GoPro cameras. He then used software to stitch together the footage into a spherical panorama.

Check out the crazy mount after the break. READ MORE ->

GT Ready to Unleash The New Sanction, A Trail Sized Version of the Fury

The new GT Sanction is just one in a long line of new drool worthy products that the New GT Brand has launched over the past year. Details are relatively scarce, but this new models looks like a scaled down version of the highly regarded Fury downhill bike which was recently revamped, and will be officially launched at Sea Otter.

It has been under development for two years under the Atherton racing team and has already been raced extensively on the Enduro world circuit under rider Dan Atheron. Considering that European Enduro courses are generally as rough as World Cup tracks, but raced on shorter travel bikes, we can only assume the new Sanction is ready to rumble.

Ibis Introduces New Ultra Wide Carbon Rims

Ibis-Wide-carbon-fiber-mountain-bike-rims-wheels1There’s a new industry trend afoot that won’t send you into an apoplectic fit of new-standard-itis. It’s called wider is better and Ibis Cycles wants you do adopt it as the New Normal for a variety of compelling reasons. We’re sure having an OEM spec option for their phenomenal Mojo and Ripley mountain bikes is part of that equation, but we can’t overlook their desire to follow the tenants of the ancient mountain bike proverb - “You can’t have too much traction.”

In their pursuit of this higher commandment, they looked to their elders and discovered that in a past not long forgotten rims used to be wider. In those earliest days, the defacto rim of choice was the Araya 7x. A rim born for BMX and adapted to 26″ cruiser bikes. They were wide by modern standards (they had a 25mm internal width), but their method of construction was lacking. So early shredders soon discovered the channel section rims were neither light nor strong.

Our distant cousins known as road bikers had already discovered that a box section design offered superior ride dynamics and soon mountain bike legend Keith Bontrager was cutting down Mavic MA2 700c to OG dirt size. While this process brought lightweight rims and the benefits of lower rotational weight to the forefront of mountain biking, the rims began their lives destined for the road and were designed for racing slicks and not big knobbies. Weight being king though, mountain bikers sucked it up and pumped up their tires for the next thirty years.

Today, the proliferation of new materials promises to bring an end to years of compromise. So jump past the break to learn more about why wide rims are better…. READ MORE ->

Video: Evolution of the Bicycle

Great little one minute video from Visual Artwork showing the evolution of the bicycle from hobby horse to it’s current double triangle design. We’d love to see one of these cycle through all the full suspension platforms! Via BicycleTimes.

Must Watch: Curtis Keene Chased by a Helicopter, plus more from Cedric, Peaty, Smith and Jeep

In a film with cinematography worthy of Hollywood, it’s fitting that Curtis is flying down a mountain in LA aboard his Specialized Enduro 29er. The RedBull film captures him from the helicopter, the ground, and from his bike as he rips just 5 minutes from downtown LA. Want to see the footage from his bike? Sure you do. Find it after the break…