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SOC15: Schwalbe Joins In on Plus Sized Fun with Fat Nobby Nic and Rocket Ron Tires


Schwalbe nobby nic rocket ron plusIMG_6263

Up to this point, the options for plus sized tires have been pretty limited. Sea Otter has been the launch pad for a significant part of the Plus sized wave, and with that comes a number of new products meant for the bigger bikes. Even with the momentum of the concept, we were still pretty surprised to stop by the Schwable tent and see not one, but two new Plus sized tires.

Rather than design a completely new tire around the size, Schwalbe has grown two of their most popular tires. Don’t tell them, but the Nobby Nic and the Rocket Ron have put on a little weight…


SOC15: Wheels Mfg adds BSA-to-BB386EVO and BBright bottom bracket conversions


Wheels Manufacturing’s latest bottom bracket conversions give you two more options for using modern cranksets on various frames.

The new BB30 Outboard Threaded unit lets you run a BB386EVO crankset in a BSA bottom bracket shell. You’ll need to run 386EVO cranks to have a long enough spindle, though, BB30 won’t work.

Below, the BBright is for the Cervelo’s 79mm wide BB shell and is a thread together design running a mix of their press-in (left side) and outboard (drive side) bottom bracket parts in a shell that threads together inside the frame.


SOC15: Chris King adds thru-axle rear road hubs & singlespeed hubs

Chris King 12mm front and 12x142 rear thru axle road bike hubs

Chris King has a new thru axle rear R45D hub to join the R45D front thru axle we spotted at NAHBS.

The front will only be available in 12mm for thru axles, and QR will remain in the line, too, using end caps to swap between the two. Likewise, the rear adds the axle ends to allow it to convert to 12×142 thru axle, so you can upgrade your current QR hubs if you get a new frame. Our guess is some Cielo bikes might be making the switch now that there are some house brand hubs to go with them!

Retail is TBD, available mid summer.


SOC15: Parlee Cycles builds all-new Z-Zero XD cyclocross bike, teases new parts

Parlee Z-Zero XD cyclocross and gravel road bike

Building on their top level, full custom road bike, the new Parlee Z-Zero XD disc brake cyclocross bike brings a few changes to the frame design that we hope will carry over to the pavement soon, too.

The XD, or “Cross Disc”, takes full advantage of the new equipment and capabilities Bob Parlee has been adding to his arsenal over the past couple of years. When we visited them for a factory tour, he had just acquired a roll press to make his round tubes. Since then, they’ve added more bladder molding equipment. This bike, from the headtube to the stays to the split wishbone behind the seat tube, is 100% designed and made in house in their Beverly, MA, facility…


SOC15: Hutchinson could take cyclocross tires wider for gravel, plus changes to road tires coming

Hutchinson Piranha cyclocross tires could go wide for gravel road bikes

According to some of the folks at Hutchinson, the Piranha 2 cyclocross tire is fairly popular here in the States, but HQ in France (home country of the brand) might want to discontinue it. However, not only is the U.S. team lobbying to keep availability but to get the pattern expanded to 40mm widths for gravel road bikes. The tread pattern certainly looks well suited to that use.


SOC15: Garmin makes power meter pedals easier to install w/ Vector 2.0

Garmin’s Vector 2 power meter pedal system has received a slight update to make it a bit more durable and a little easier to install.

Gone are the washers, replaced with a hinged clamp that simply wraps around the pedal spindle and bolts into place. That makes the pedal pods easier to line up in the correct position.

The pods themselves are made of a new, tougher material that’s the same as their out front mounts. They say that resin is actually tougher than the original alloy mounts. It wasn’t a matter of toughness under impact, because you’re not really going to hit them on anything if they’re positioned properly…it was more about holding up to repeated removal and installation.


SOC15: ENVE raises the bar for DH, widens XC and trail handlebars, plus new Garmin mount integration

After seeing Greg Minnaar and Syndicate riders using spacers under their direct mount stems, sometimes up to 50mm of additional stack, ENVE’s engineers started thinking. To make things safer and eliminate the use of long bolts that are seeing a lot of shear force, they thought a high rise DH bar would be a much better option.

And here it is, at the top of the display. Width is 810mm, rise is 46mm, upsweep 5° and backsweep is 9°. Weight is 267g. $175, same as the DH bar.


SOC15: Oakley looking up with new Radar EV cycling sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV extended view cycling sunglasses

Following the oversized debut of the (debut of the oversized?) Jawbreaker sunglasses designed with Mark Cavendish, the new Oakley Radar EV take the extended view design and apply it to one of their more popular sports shades.

They bent the bridge and added a little more lens to fill the area at the top, effectively extending the field of view at the top a few millimeters. The idea is that you’re not sitting up straight peering with level eyes on the bike. We’re typically bent over, with eyeballs tilted up, so the extra lens at at the top helps you see better in the cycling position.

Those aren’t the only changes, though…


Trek Gorges on Fatter Tires with All New Mid Fat Stache and New 26×5″ and 27.5×4″ Wheeled Farley Fat Bikes

Trek stache mid fatIMG_6324

After all the buzz around wider boost hubs leading up to Sea Otter, we weren’t surprised to see a new bike from Trek to take advantage of the added tire clearance. What we weren’t expecting from Wisconsin was an entirely new range of plus/mid-fat/and fat bikes with (even) more new tire sizes.

It’s getting to the point that just calling a bike “fat” doesn’t really mean that much. What started as basically just a 3.7″ tire has morphed into an increasing number of sizes that now will include even a 27.5″ fat. The way trek sees it, tire sizes from 2.8-3.25″ fall into the plus/mid-fat category while 3.25-5″ tires qualify as fat. Then there is the wheel size itself. Originally limited to 26″ hoops, now riders have the choice between 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels with varying rim widths.

Why so many? Well, as the fat bike continues to evolve, so does the manner in which they are ridden. While the Stache is what Trek thinks of as the “trail hardtail perfected,” the Farley gets broken down into different groups depending on the intended terrain. The stratification of the fat tires is intend to ultimately provide the most fun bike possible…