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SOC14 Final Roundup & Randoms

kenda trials show

If you’ve never been, the Sea Otter Classic is a great show. No other event seems to be able to seamlessly combine such great racing with a massive expo area which seems to have become the launch pad for many 2015 products. In addition to checking out all of the latest gear, spectators are also treated to performances like Trials demos with Mike Steidley and his announcer/ride partner Dave Campbell. The two put on a great show and attracted an audience every time.

They might have been there to provide entertainment, but even they had some interesting parts to show…


SOC 14: New Budget CR1 & CR3 Disc Brake Model From Formula, Plus Fork updates

Formula CR1 Brake LeverWhile the official launch is slated for Eurobike, Formula has their new CR1 and CR3 brakes on display at Sea Otter. The brakes will fit between the C1 and R1 in the product line and will replace the RX model.

Both brakes will take advantage of the new SpeedLock system, which uses a quick disconnect system so the hose can be routed through frames without requiring a bleed. The technology is used in various industrial applications, including the tractor industry. They first showed off this particular tech at interbike, where they estimated they disconnected and reconnected the line some 200 times without any issues. READ MORE ->

SOC14: New Focus Mares Disc and Canti Equipped CX bikes


For the new model year, Focus has been counting grams, fine tuning the little things, and making some subtle changes to the geometry.

We spied some of these modifications earlier this year, but we got our first up close and personal look at Sea Otter, where 3x CX World Champ and Focus Founder Mike Kluge gave us a walk through….


SOC14: MRP Decapitator Bottle Opener, Prototype Handlebar & Fork Updates

MRP Decapitator Direct Mount CoverWith MRP just a few weeks away from shipping it’s new suspension forks, the big news at this year’s Sea Otter was their all new Decapitator. Designed for 2x deserters, the bottle cap slayer covers the unsightly front derailleur direct mount found on many modern full suspension. If you’re on a 1x drivetrain and tired of your bike looking unfinished, this made in America FD cover will set you back $29.99.

The company is also producing a blank plate for the 21 and under club, which retails for $19.99.


SOC14: Onza Introduces New Citius DH Tire, Plus Tanwalls to Class up your Mountain Bike

Onza Cittius DH TireThis year,  Swiss tire manufacturer Onza was on hand at Sea Otter to showcase their brand new DH tires. Developed for dry courses, the fast rolling Cittius tire features densely packed center knobs and aggressive side knobs. Designed to be the fastest tires on course, it derived it’s name from the Olympic Games motto of “Citius, altius, fortius,” which means “faster, higher, stronger.”


SOC14: Prestige MTB Offers Custom Stopping with Trickstuff Cleg 2 Brakes

Cleg Brakes (2)

Prestige MTB definitely had some interesting products on display at Sea Otter. As the US distributor, Marc Castellana showed us Black Mountain Cassettes, Zumbi bikes, and these Trickstuff Cleg 2 brakes. Produced in the Black Forest of Germany and assembled in Freiburg, Cleg brakes feature the level of precision you would expect from the Germans with full aluminum construction with the exception of the o-rings and stainless fittings.

Referring to the number of 22mm pistons, the Cleg 2 is a light weight brake system that Trickstuff says covers the range from XC to DH.

The Cleg 2 is definitely impressive, but it does come with a price…


SOC14: TRP Introduces More Affordable Dash Sport, 2 Piece SL Rotors

TRP Dash Sport Quaddium SL two piece rotor (2)

While many mountain bike brakes are getting extremely expensive, not all of the new developments are priced out of reach. In TRP’s case the company was showing their new Dash Sport which slots in under the Dash and Dash Carbon. Compared to the Dash, the Dash Sport uses a cast body with a forged lever blade for the radial mount brake lever. Priced at just $160 per wheel, the brake retains the tool free lever adjust and consistent performance of the other Dash models.

More on the Dash Sport plus TRP’s new two piece rotor next…


SOC14: Up Close with the Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Bike

Rocky Mountain Blizzard fat bike rockshox BLuto (5)

Not to be left out of the RockShox Bluto suspension frenzy at SOC, Rocky Mountain had their reincarnation of the Blizzard on hand as well. Managing to keep their entry into the world of fat bikes surprisingly quiet leading up to the release, Rocky dove right in with an impressive ultra fat bike with a unique frame bag worthy of the Blizzard moniker.

Check out the details after the jump…


SOC14: ProGold Gets Your Chain Bright with new Chain Shine Degreaser

Pro Gold Chain Shine chain cleaner (2)

Need to clean your chain but don’t want to have to remove the chain or invest in a chain cleaning machine? With ProGold’s new Biodegradable citrus based Chain Shine, all you have to do is use a brush to “paint” it on the chain, let it sit, give it a little scrub and hose off. It really is that easy according to the pro mechanics using Chain Shine, and at $12 a bottle it’s not too hard on the wallet either.