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Project XC Race Rocket: The Rotor x SEOlite x SRAM x Absoluteblack 1×10 drivetrain

Project XC Race Rocket drivetrain overview with parts from Rotor SEOlite SRAM and Absoluteblack

For me, the most interesting (and daunting) part of building the Project XC Race Rocket bike was configuring the drivetrain. As I’ve upgraded most of my other bikes to proper, modern 1×11 or 1×10 drivetrains using entire groups, there was a growing collection of random parts collecting in bins. Could they be combined with a few select upgrades to create a full functional wide range drivetrain? Turns out, yes. Yes they can.

While any crankset could have been subbed in and outfitted with a narrow/wide chainring, I’d been wanting to test Rotor’s oval rings for a long time. And at the same time I’d resisted it for a long time. What if I loved them and couldn’t ever go back to round rings?


TDF2015 Tech: What’s inside the team cars, plus Team Sky’s prototype Jaguar F-Pace SUV

Jaguar F-Pace SUV crossover spy shots as Team Sky support vehicle

Let there be no doubt as to who’s the best funded team in the pro peloton. Team Sky wasn’t just rockin’ production Jaguar vehicles for sag wagons, they had this prototype Jaguar F-Pace SUV stealthily decaled. Word is, this model won’t even be formally introduced until the Frankfurt Auto Show, hitting showrooms in 2016 sometime. But here it is, and it’s gorgeous.

Ride on in for more pics of this and other cars from le Tour, including a look inside to see how they set them up to service the riders mid-race…


TDF2015 Tech: BMC molds insanely expensive one-off, one-piece custom TT fork-and-cockpit

Custom one-piece fork-and-handlebar-and-stem combo from BMC Pro Cycling for Tejay Van Garderen

In talking with a team rep, he said there aren’t a lot of prototype or fancy parts on the bikes because it’s helpful to the mechanics to have everything as similar as possible. And, as he put it, “special parts have special problems.”

That said, the bikes had mostly stock spec save for one very interesting custom handlebar/stem combo for Tejay Van Garderen. Made by joining standard 3T bullhorn bars and aero extensions into a single piece and then molding them directly to the steerer tube and fork, the entire front end of the bike becomes one giant carbon fiber piece. Here’s why…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Video Series

  • The Seasons Collection – A multi-media photography collection of adventure sports-driven stories about people who push the limits in pursuit of their passion aka LIFERS. The video highlights all that happened this past week at Windell’s Sports Camp as the team followed Cadence Founder Dustin Klein, Windell’s Sports Camp Director Jamie Weller and legendary action sports photographer Bryce Kanights. You can also watch all of the other video recaps here.

Father’s Day Deals and more after the break… 


Predator Cycles lets your re-roll your own with DIY carbon fiber repair kit

Predator Cycles DIY carbon fiber repair kit for bicycles

Predator Cycles has been doing custom carbon fiber repairs for years, but even they admit the cost of a professional repair service can sometimes get a little high when shipping and downtime is factored in. So, they’ve compiled their knowledge into a DIY Carbon Repair Kit that lets you tackle small to medium cracks and chips yourself.

The kit includes everything you need along with instructions, and they’ve put together a three part video tutorial (embedded below), too…


Give Your Neck a Break While You Ride with Bicycle Periscope: The Pedi-Scope


Frustrated by the pain in his neck while riding his beloved bike, Inventor and Brooklynite Mike Lane set to work to find a solution that would allow him to safely continue to ride while looking down rather than straight ahead at all times. With your help the Pedi-Scope, “the periscope for your bicycle,” can take flight through Kickstarter. Look out… READ MORE ->

Video: How to completely screw yourself up & forget how to ride a bicycle

SOC15: Project321 lets you add Lefty Supermax to more bikes (with Plus-sized tires!), shows new colors

Project321, which is known almost as much for their unofficial anodization of third party components like Thomson stems and Cannondale’s lightweight cranks, has added a new teal color to their own product lineup. Adding to the places you can put that new color, they’re working on Boost 148 rear and 110mm front hubs. Those will come soon.

They’ve also added a couple new Lefty fork steerer adapters that’ll let you use the long travel Lefty Supermax to non-Cannondale frames…


OneUp goes bigger with new 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog (UPDATED)

OneUp 44-tooth XX1 replacement cog

If everyone seems to be jumping on the oversized cogs and wide range hacks for mountain bikes these days, OneUp Components might just have the best solution yet with their new XX1 compatible 44 tooth cog.

Made to replace the 42 tooth cog on XX1 and X01 cassettes, the larger 44 tooth cog simply subs in with no further adjustments needed to most drivetrains, extending the range where it’s needed most with virtually no downside. If we’re being honest, and if we ride where there’s any real climbing to be done, then even with the modern wide range there have been times when we’ve gone to push the shifter just one click easier only to be met with disappointment. OneUp felt that pain, too, and the solution is this new super oversized cog that fits right in with existing drivetrains to add just a bit more range.

We got our hands on an early sample to test, here’s how it went…