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Dirtlej Protects Bikes and Gear so Everything Makes it to the Trailhead Intact


Just because our mountain bikes can handle the rough and tumble life of barreling down the trail, doesn’t mean they need to suffer the same torture every time on the way to the trail head. Almost every mountain biker throws their bike on a roof or hitch rack on a regular basis, while for many gravity riders the bikes get tossed in the back of trucks and vans after almost every run. The folks at Dirtlej, a young company from the southwest of Germany near the Swiss and French borders, are making a series of fairly simple easy on and off nylon pads that aim to offer optimal protection to the key parts of your bike that see the most impact and abrasion abuse in transit. So covering dropouts, frame, and pedal contact points, they’ll make sure that the only damage to your bike is rider-inflicted. Have a closer look after the break…


A week in review: Tons of gift worthy items, more bike porn from Philly, a bolt on power meter, plus lots more!

Robert-D-Jones-Photography_The-Crankset-Project_All-Rights-Reserved_Suntour-Superbe PBE Bike Richard Sachs (1) PBE Bike Breismeister (6) Syzr Chrome-Moly 2

Check out more super cool items from the 2015 Philly Bike Show, one of the more intimate events we get to cover, plus lots of gift ideas for your fellow cyclist…. (or that said cyclists can point to their friends and family). Plus, the new Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on power meter, sub 900g wheels from Spada, Speedplay’s less costly SYZR pedals and Brett Favre’s sick new Project One.

Grab that last piece of pumpkin pie before anybody else notices and delve in to last week’s coverage…..


Bicitractor lets you harvest parts and build your own pedal-powered tractor


Admittedly still a work in progress, Farm Hack’s Culticycle and Bicitractor concepts were created to bring affordable and sustainable tractors to Mexican farmers. In areas where the alternatives are unattainable or unmanageable loans to get expensive tractors and other equipment, these pedal-powered options are more than affordable, they can be built and maintained on site.

Check the videos below to see them in action, plus links to download your own instructions…


Roundup: Weird & wonderful racks, lights, bags, helmets, aliens and things to keep you aero


With several of us also being fans (or wanting to as midlife approaches, anyway) of motorized two wheel transportation alongside our bicycles, finding ways to combine the two always catches our eyes. This rack from 2×2 Cycles lets you take along a couple bikes, a skateboard and your bags.

Throttle past the break to see it and a whole lot more random things…


Hack: How to prevent SRAM DoubleTap shifter levers from sticking (updated)

how to prevent sram double tap shifter levers from sticking at the top of the shift

The more I use SRAM’s DoubleTap road group, the more I like it, and I’ve been riding it for years on several of my road and cyclocross bikes. The one issue that’s persisted across groupsets during that time is the shift lever occasionally getting stuck at the top of its movement. That is, when pushed all the way in to move the chain up several cogs at once, the shift lever can kind of grab the rubber hood on the way back down and stick partially depressed. The shift action isn’t affected, but in the heat of a ‘cross race or group ride, it’s a mental distraction that takes its toll over time.

Also, it’s really easy to fix…


How To: Problem Solvers Shows How to make Sram Shifter into Dropper Post Remote


Perhaps more than anything else, dropper posts seem to be one of those products that riders are willing to tolerate some quirks for the overall benefit. Specifically, one of the biggest areas of improvement seems to be the remote levers themselves. Why else would there be so many replacement levers, adapters, and hacks to create something different to control the posts?

Anyone who has used one of the Specialized Command posts with their SRL lever can attest to the excellent ergonomics and function of a lever that closely resembles a shifter. Specifically, the lever is very similar to a SRAM shift lever, so why not make a SRAM shift lever into a dropper post remote? Problem Solvers likely isn’t the first entity to hack a SRAM shifter for a dropper post lever, but they are giving you the play by play…


A Week in Review: Rad Kid’s bikes, Rapha’s Thermal Aerosuit, and a Roundup of some Awesome Tools and Hacks

Atherton Racing BSX-Insight_muscle-oxygenation-tracking

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (5) reset-components-bearing-press-tool01

Tired of measuring power and want something even more involved to measure? We check out BSX’s updated Muscle Oxygenation sensing device. We also take a behind the scenes look at how Scott goggles are made, and find out what those Atherton siblings are up to.

Catch up on last week’s material and be sure to check out the comic strip of Yehuda Moon and how cynical and funny cycling can be….


117-foot truss bicycle almost sets world record, still gets into Guinness

Guinness Book of World Records longest bicycle 2016

Using the same type of trusses that hold the lighting and other theatrical equipment for concerts, members of Dutch cycling organisation the Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg put together a bicycle measuring 117 feet, 5 inches (35.79 meters) to get into the record books. And it’s official, thanks to documentation and inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records for 2016.

Stretch past the break to check the video and another pic of the end of the bike, where one poor soul has to pedal it all…


How Our #BikeStartup Just Raised One Million Dollars

Dr. Evil Bicycle

#BIKESTARTUP is a scrappy, in-the-trenches guide designed to turn your idea into a full-fledged bike business. We’ve covered customer research, prototypingmanufacturing, and raising money without investors. Now let’s talk real money.

The last six months on the fundraising warpath was one of the most emotionally challenging experiences of my life. If you can start and grow a business at a speed that makes you happy, then don’t raise money. There are many fundraising options, like Kickstarter, that don’t require investors. But if you’re ambitious (read: impatient) and organic growth is not fast enough, then fundraising is the startup steroid you need.

When I say raising money I’m not talking about borrowing $20K from your friend’s rich dad. I’m talking about finding experienced, professional early-stage angel investors and venture capitalists (VCs), who will inject funding into your company and expect a big return. And believe me, this looks nothing like an episode of Shark Tank.

Here’s what we did to raise money…