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Frostbike: Dress up your Aluminum Cranks in new Crank Boots from Race Face

Raceface alloy crank boots (1) - Copy

Raceface alloy crank boots (4) Raceface alloy crank boots (3) - Copy

Why should carbon cranks have all the fun? We all know color matching improves performance, especially if it’s Enduro Blue (right Dicky?). Now, even if you’re running aluminum cranks, any aluminum cranks, you can add a bit of style and protection with Race Face’s new Aluminum Crank Boots. Race Face says that the boots will fit most aluminum cranks for other brands and will retail for $9 per set in the full range of colors.

Frostbike: iSSi Spins Colorful New Clipless Pedals, Prototype Trail Pedal

iSSi pedals xc and trail (1)

Pedals were big at Frostbike this year. Everyone was very diplomatic stating that the new companies were designed to give consumers more options and bike shops better margins, but we’re guessing the hole left by Shimano after they pulled their pedals from QBP’s distribution network has at least something to do with it. In the end, it does mean more options for the consumer especially if you like color. As one of two new pedals companies under QBP’s roof, iSSi is putting their strong foot forward with the iSSi pedal in 8 different colors. The 312g pedals use a single outboard bearing and inner DU bushing stock, but will have an upgraded Duro version available which uses dual outer bearings and a single inner bearing that replaces the DU bushing. iSSi will also have +6 and +12mm spindle length upgrade kits available as well.

If trail pedals are more your thing, check out their prototype next!


Frostbike: ODI Transitions into Tri, Andreu Lacondeguy gets his grip on Sensus

ODI grips lacondeguy tt aerobar grip (3)

Triathletes look here! Yes, ODI of mountain bike grip fame has a product for triathletes, specifically aerobar extension grips. We feel like someone has to have done this before, but this is one of the first aerobar specific grips that we have seen. Whether you’re looking for more grip or better vibration absorption, ODI’s new aerobar grips enter a new product category for the company.

Is this the first ergo Triathlon grip? Check it out after the break.


Frostbike: Get your Growler There in Style with Fyxation Tannery Collection Leather Goods

Fyxation Leather goods growler carrier (3)

Growler transportation seems to be in high demand. First it was the Growler cage, and now Fyxation is joining the party (literally) with a their Growler Caddy. As one of the newest offerings in their tannery collection, Fyxation is offering a number of 100% made in Wisconsin leather goods to carry your goods.

Outfit your ride with some leather after the break.


Frostbike: Birzman’s New Tool Kits, Shock Pump, and More


Park Tool has their blue, Pedros has yellow, and Birzman seems to have settled on bright green. Well, that and a lot of black and chrome. Relatively new to the US, and brand new to Frostbike, Birzman had a few new items on display manage to blend style and function in to some beautiful tools. Most of what we’ve seen from Birzman so far has been a hit, so it should come as no surprise that their booth had nearly constant traffic.

If you’re looking for some new tools to stash in your car or a kit to deck out your bike building studio, Birzman’s new tools are worth checking out.


Frostbike: xpedo Shows new Jek Platform Pedals, Varying Spindles for Thrust 8s

Frostbike: xpedo Shows new Jek Platform Pedals, Varying Spindles for Thrust 8s

If you’re looking for lightweight pedals that won’t break the bank, Xpedo’s Spry pedals are still very hard to beat. In addition to the flyweight magnesium pedals, Xpedo is introducing a new platform pedal that is slightly heavier and slightly more expensive. Wait, what? While the Sprys proved to be quite durable under Saris’ feet, the new Jek aluminum pedal is designed to be even more durable with a fully CNC machined body, and a full length spindle. The result is a full bodied flat that should offer plenty of grip and still at an impressive price.

Actual weight plust Xpedo’s new axle system after the break.


Frostbike: Time Refines MX Trail Pedal Design

Time Pedals new MX (2)

Over the years, Time has gained a lot of followers for their pedals thanks to the buttery float and ATAC springs. Like all things solid competition from other pedal makers is keeping them on their toes and updating products like the new MX line of trail pedals. Much smaller than the X-Roc, but bigger than the standard ATAC, the MX continues to look like the perfect pedal for Time fans who want a little more platform under their shoes.

Actual weights after the jump.


Frostbike: VP VX Series Pedals Shipping soon, Ripping Soon Under Ben Cruz and Marco Osborne


Frostbike: VP VX Series Pedals Shipping soon, Ripping Soon Under Ben Cruz and Marco Osborne

First spotted at Interbike last year, VP is poised to enter the clipless pedal market with a full line that goes from race to adventure. There were a lot of new clipless pedals on the Frostbike show floor, but the line from VP looks to be the most complete. Called the VX line, pedals will include the XC oriented VX, the VX Trail for obvious purposes, and the VX Adventure which offers an even larger platform. Pedals will be organized into the top tier Race models, the middle level VX line, and the entry level VXe.

Clip into the new models plus check out the killer clip VP put together of Ben and Marco shredding after the break.


Frostbike: Whisky gets deeper with new 50mm Rim, Adds Seatposts to the Mix

0222_Frostbike: Whiskey gets deeper with new 50mm Rim, Adds Seatposts to the Mix

When Whisky Parts Co. isn’t working on cool thru axle carbon forks that companies like Foundry and All City can throw on the front of their bikes, they’re busy expanding their line of carbon components. Newest to the group are their 50mm No. 7 carbon rims and all new carbon seatposts.

Pour a 50mm deep glass of Whisky after the break…