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Biketoberfest 2015: QBP Celebrates Lancaster Facility with first Dealer Show, Reno’s Next

QBP east Lancaster PA tour Biketoberfest 2015DSC07808

Dealer or not, QBP’s latest moves are worth paying attention to. Obviously, for dealers of QBP (Quality Bicycle Products), the opening of new distribution centers is great news as it should help cut down on delivery time. Consumers benefit as well, as the ability to get product to shops faster means you’re more likely to find that part you’re looking for without having to order it on line.

Earlier this year, QBP relocated from a leased facility in Middletown, PA to their new home – a purpose built, Energy Star certified 122,000 square foot building in beautiful Lancaster, PA. Showing their commitment to the area, the building is owned by QBP and was even built with one wall meant for future expansion. After starting out of Minneapolis, MN, QBP’s first expansion was to Ogden, UT. Now with Lancaster up and running, QBP is already set to open another distribution center in Reno, NV in December. Needless to say, business for one of the largest distributors in the U.S. is good and it bodes well for the cycling community as a whole…


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #2: Chosen goes for 12 Speeds, Cippollini Gets Aero, DT Swiss & HED Get Wider and MORE!

2016 Cipollini NK1K aero road bike2016-Trickstuff-Direttisima-lightweight-powerful-disc-brake-lever012016-Maxxis-DD-double-down-aggressor-enduro-mountain-bike-tire01Haibike_Noon-8-50_carbon-cyclocross-bike_complete

Welcome back to Eurobike coverage part deux! With more categories to cover than ever, this year’s show was huge and kept us on our toes more than ever. Pour yourself a well deserved scotch, kick your feet up, and travel into this week’s coverage of Eurobike 2015.

And in case you missed Week 1’s exciting coverage, check it out!


Frostbike Roundup 2: Bikes, Clothes, Grips, and more

frostbike roundup (3)

Continuing on with Frostbike coverage, TRP was on hand with the final production version of their carbon cross fork. Most of the fork’s specifications were decided when we first wrote about the fork earlier in the year, but TRP has now settled on the production finish. Using a two tone matte/gloss finish, there is a tastefully simple TRP logo on the upper quadrant of each leg.

More on the fork plus Foundry, Cogburn, Mechanical Threads, One, Odi, Ergon and more next…


Hands on with the Hope Crankset, Plus New Fat Bike Spindle and Boost 148 Hub

frostbike roundup hope (4)

After teasing us with the beautifully machined and anodized crank arms at a few different trade shows, Hope finally released their new crankset earlier this year. Adding to the expansive line of aluminum parts made in the UK, the modular crankset adds another option to give your self some drivetrain flexibility. Able to run either spiderless Retainer chainrings, single spiders for 104 BCD chainrings, or double 64/104 BCD spiders, the crankset also uses a swappable axle standard that we guessed would allow the crankset to be used on a number of different frames even though the initial launch was limited to 68/73 and 83mm options.

It didn’t take long before Hope made it to Frostbike where the new crankset was shown with an interesting new spindle…


Frostbike Roundup: Tires, Tubeless Accessories, Hubs, Rims and More

frostbike roundup vittoria 29 plus (2)

Judging by the amount of new product at Frostbike this year, 2015 should be a good one for both consumers and retailers. Even if brands didn’t have an expansive collection of new goods, most of them had at least one thing to show off like Vittoria’s new Bomboloni tire for the 29+ category. Aptly named after an Italian filled doughnut, the oversized rubber will be made available in both 29 x 3 and 26 x 4″ versions, but no word on any 27.5+ options just yet we just heard from Vittoria, and they will be offering a 27.5 x 3.0″ tire to go along with the other options!

Keep reading for the news from Vittoria, Kenda, i9, Onyx and more…


Pedro’s Goes Green with New Bike Care Products, Plus 10 New Hand Tools

Pedros new tools degreasers pig juice  (3)

Given the fact that Pedro’s NA is based in Boston, MA it’s impressive they even made it to Frostbike given the huge amounts of snow piling up, let alone with quite a few new surprises. Starting with hand tools, Pedro’s is jumping into pliers with the new Needle Nose and Diagonal cutters. Both tools feature self opening jaws that are designed for bike related tasks, especially the needle nose plies which feature notches for crimping, gripping, and cutting. Forged and heat treated with dual density grips, the 6″ long tools each sell for $26.

Another set of pliers is found with the new Quick Link Pliers meant to, well, open and close quick links. Not exactly a new concept, but the Quick Link Pliers will sell for just $15 and are an extremely useful tool to have around the shop. There’s plenty more Pedro’s yellow after the break including some prototypes and bike care products…


Five Ten Freshens Casual Line, Updates Freerider Contact, Kestrel Clipless Shipping Soon

5.10 casual line spitfire dirtbag sleuth shoes (7)

Even when they’re not on the trails, there is a good chance you can pick out a mountain biker by their footwear. That may not always be the case, but a number of the die hard mountain bikers I know live in their Five Tens, Tevas, or any number of BMX kicks both on and off the bike. Even with Teva out of the mountain bike footwear market, Five Ten isn’t slowing down. Instead, the recognized name in footwear has refreshed their casual line with new colors, cuts, and an all new Marathon micro dot rubber sole.

To satisfy your bike specific needs, Five Ten was showing off the new Kestrel and Freerider Contact as well…


JoeBlow Gets Fat Over Winter, New Floor Plump Dials in PSI Under 30

Toepeak Joe Blow Fat pump (2)

Judging by all the fat bike specific product popping up, you might think you would need all new everything to get your fat bike fix. While not totally true, there are a few things that would definitely make life easier – like pumps that are more accurate at low pressures. We caught wind of the new Topeak JoeBlow Fat at Eurobike, but it seems the company has made a critical change to the pump since we laid eyes on the prototype. Instead of making the pump just for fat bikers, why not build a low pressure pump that will fit the needs of most mountain bikers and cyclocrossers while they’re at it?

Thanks to a small tweak, anyone running pressures under 30 PSI should be a fan of the new JoeBlow family member…


Challenge Adds Wider MTB Two Tubular, Effetto Mariposa Develops Revolutionary Carogna Tubular Tape

Challenge Effetto mariposa carogna tubular tape (2)

Tubulars might not be the first thing on your mind for mountain bike tires, unless you’re a racer. Even then the number of mountain bikers running tubulars is fairly small compared to the road or cross. However, if you are one of the few gluing your tires to your rims for the dirt, Challenge has a new tire for you. Called simply the MTB Two, the new tire picks up where the original MTB One left off with a wider, more aggressive build.

If you look at the performance benefits of tubulars, it’s surprising they’re not more popular – until you consider the time and skill needed to glue them to the rim. But what if there was a better way? It looks like Effetto Mariposa may have answered that question…