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SOC 14: Diamondback Redesigns the Mission, 27.5″ Wheels, Improved Suspension, and More

Diamondback mission 275 650b knuckle box enduro orange eric porter (2)

Joining most of the other bicycle manufacturers, Diamondback is joining in on 27.5” with the all new Diamondback Mission. Originally built with 26” wheels, the medium wheeled Mission completely replaces the 26” bike and also replaces the Scapegoat. In order to accommodate the larger wheels, the Mission gets what Diamondback is calling the Knuckle Box migration where the link is getting lower, farther forward, and more compact. The result is a stiffer, lighter bike with a lower center of gravity that pedals with the benefits of the bigger wheels.

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SOC14: BOS Reveals Radically Shaped Prototype XC Shock

BOS Prototype XC Shock

Long recognized as one of the premiere suspension manufacturers in Europe, it is only recently that BOS suspension has turned their attention to the US Market. Over their history, they’ve largely focused on the downhill and Enduro market, but with the recent introduction of their first 29er XC fork, the Dizzy, they finally started to give the spandex market some well deserved love.

Their prototype XC shock project began around a year ago, because BOS wanted to create a lightweight solution that would be capable of matching the performance of their Dizzy XC Fork. They wanted to build something small, easy to tune, and quickly adjustable. With this radically shaped 186g shock they feel they have finally achieved those goals.

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Sneak Peek: Box Components’ Prototype 1x Drivetrain with 11-42t Cassette, Clutched Derailleur

Box Components 11-42 cassette 1x drive train derailleur20140413_0899

For those of you clamoring for a company to develop a reasonably priced wide range cassette alternative, Box has your number. It should be said that the 1x drivetrain from Box is still very early in development, but they are working on it. Along with the development of their 10 speed mountain bike drivetrain (which should finally be available this winter), Box has been quietly developing an alternative to SRAM’s XX1/X01 and now Shimano’s 1x XTR. A number of the details are still being worked out, but we got a sneak peek of the prototype cassette and 1x and clutched derailleurs with a run down from the system’s designer, John Calendrille Jr. himself…


SOC 14: Raleigh Shows off Prototype Full Suspension 29er

raleigh full suspension 29 mountain bike prorotype (2)

It’s been a while since Raleigh has offered a full suspension bike. But with the brand’s resurgence of the past few years, and pumping out awesome bikes, Raleigh is ready to take another crack at it with their new prototype 29er full suspension.  Currently in development and being tested with the Raleigh Clement racing team, the Gulf Racing colored fully shows a lot of promise for Raleigh’s future in mountain biking…


Sneak Peek: Magura’s New 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brake

Magura New Hydraulic 4 piston brake 20140410_0885

Lurking behind the curtain at the back of their booth, Magura had a special new brake that isn’t quite ready to be released. The 4 piston monster looks like it will be an answer for those looking for gobs of power mated to a light weight design. The brakes won’t officially be released until later this year, but we have a bit more information after the break…


SOC14: Manitou McLeod Rear Shock Digs Up Massive Adjustability in Modern Air Platform

2015 Manitou McLeod rear air shock for mountain bikes - internal parts actual weights and tech details

Teased earlier and thought to be a new suspension fork, the Manitou McLeod turned out to be a rear shock designed to pair with their new Mattoc fork.

The shock is aimed at the high end, with full featured external adjustments, a slew of impressive compression and rebound damping technologies. All in a package with less moving mass for faster response to changing conditions and multiple platform settings to fine tune the pedaling to your liking. It all sounds impressive, suggesting performance could be on par with some of the best air cans out there.

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First Look: All-New Shimano XTR M9000 Race & Trail Brakes, Plus New Carbon Wheels

Shimano XTR M9000 Race and Trail brakes

Like the all-new XTR drivetrains coming in 1x, 2x and 3x systems, the new XTR M900 brakes get both Race and Trail tuned iterations to fit different types of riders.

Their last major mountain bike brake update introduced the IceTech finned pads and Freeza rotors to drastically reduce heat build up. Now, they’ve further improved thermal management by 10% with insulated pistons and pad coatings. Other refinements make for smoother lever action and increased user tuning.

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First Look: All-New Shimano XTR M9000 – 1x, 2x and 3x 11-Speed MTB Groups

XTR M9000 Race001

Chances are good most of you don’t all have the same riding style. Some of you probably ride for a physical challenge while others ride for a technical challenge. Some for both. Some of you have specialty bikes devoted to one specific type of riding, while others a quiver of one that’s as versatile as possible.

The point is, when Shimano set out to create the next version of XTR, they didn’t feel that one drivetrain system would fit all riders. Calling on their 22 years of experience in making things shift, Shimano has introduced a new XTR M9000 group to be as versatile and capable as the riders it’s built for.

Those looking for an answer to the 1x trend will happily find it with 9000. And those looking for one of the widest range triples in history will find it as well. Details after the break…


First Look: Borealis Builds a Fat Bike for the All New RockShox Bluto Fork!

Borealis Echo suspension fork fat bike RockShox Bluto (7)

Possibly one of the worst kept secrets in fat biking, RockShox’ first fat bike suspension fork is now official. A better kept secret is the new Borealis Echo, the first bike we’re aware of to be developed specifically for the new fork. Built with a suspension corrected geometry that is designed for more of all around trail performance, the Borealis Echo further blurs the line between between fat bike and mountain bike.

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