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EB14: New Ritchey WCS Trail Wheels, 35mm Bar & Stem, Lightweight Carbon Road Components, Teasers & More!


As usual, Ritchey’s tradeshow booth was littered with new products for both road and mountain bikes, along with a prototype part. Technically, it’s a teaser to a possible prototype, but we’ve put the pieces together and it’s looking good.

As for production parts, the new WCS Trail 650B mountain bike wheels bring their wider, tougher component line to the middle sized wheel market. The hubs are convertible between QR and thru axles front and rear -including 20mm for the front- and the freehub can be standard or XD Driver. Disc mounts are Centerlock, sitting on forged hubs rolling on oversized sealed bearings. Inside width is 25mm.

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EB14: One Ride Review – Faraday Porteur E-Bike Rolls with Ease

Faraday Bikes e bike commuter townie (3)

Electric bicycles on mountain bike trails may be causing a stir, but the pedal assist market for commuting is booming. This may be more so the case in Europe where Eurobike was overrun by electric assisted bicycles, but the U.S. probably isn’t very far behind -  especially with new bikes like the Faraday Porteur making it to production. Originally part of a Kickstarter campaign, the Porteur is making its way into reality with a few changes. Compared to the original bike shown on Kickstarter the overall design hasn’t really changed, which is good – it’s one of best e-bikes we’ve ridden.

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EB14: Redesigned Arsis 10 speed Shifters from MicroShift, plus MTB thumb shifters and cassettes

Microshift_Arsis_10_speed_carbon_integrated_brake_shift_levers_brifters_shimano_compatible Microshift_Centos_10_speed_aluminum_integrated_brake_shift_levers_brifters_shimano_compatible_right Microshift_Centos_10_speed_aluminum_integrated_brake_shift_levers_brifters_shimano_compatible_left

The President and VP of Microshift were on hand from Taiwan at Eurobike to show a few new key pieces of tech they have recently developed. The 15 year old company isn’t really know to truly challenge the Big 3 component manufactures (Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM), but they do offer a good quality line of products at what are usually much more down to earth pricing. Although the bulk of road (and some mountain) drivetrains have moved on to 11 speed at the high-end, Microshift just introduced a new set of 10 speed levers at the show. The new shifters, which will be available in their top, carbon Arsis group, as well their third-tier Centos group, finally make the jump to cable routing beneath your bar tape.

The shape and function of the levers looks to borrow a bit from each of the Big 3, with a lever shape reminiscent of the previous generation of Campy, hoods that look a bit SRAM-ish and shifting that feels like a combo of Shimano and Campy. Take a look at the pics above, and if you like the looks of what they mash up, maybe they would make good replacements when you look to upgrade a lower-level group set.

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EB14: Kryptonite Launches Messenger Collection, Clever Features Make it Easier to Lock Up

Kryptonite messenger collection locks u lock  (2)

After working with a number of professional bike messengers, Kryptonite unveiled their latest locks – the Messenger Collection. As some of the heaviest lock users around, most messengers are pretty familiar with what locks work out on the streets. Before the first focus group Kryptonite wasn’t really sure what to expect in the way of requests from the messengers, but after that first meeting it was clear that they had some great ideas that could be incorporated into the existing products.

The result is a new group of locks that not only make your bike more secure, but also make it easier to transport the locks to your destination. Building on their 30 year relationship with messengers all over the world, the latest products answer the three needs that were expressed to Kryptonite – flexibility/fit, durability, and a one lock solution.

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EB14: Crank Brothers Launches Limited Edition Colors for Pedals

crank brothers limited edition colors for mountain bike pedals

Crank Brothers showed off the new entry level Cobalt 1 wheels, Y-tools and other products at Eurobike’s outdoor demo, covered here.

Inside the show, they showed us new, limited edition colors to their pedals that’ll be making their way to market this fall. The plan is an ongoing trickle of new colors, some entirely new, some just mixed-and-matched like the red/black Candies shown above. They’ll be produced in small batches, with limited amounts available to each distributor throughout the world. Your best bet for getting some? Keep on eye on this site for announcements, then hit up your dealer to order. For the U.S., distribution comes from Highway Two.

Closeups below…


EB14: Fizik Makes Kurve Re:Flex Saddles Comfier, Reshapes Aliante & Adds BOA Closures to Shoes


Fizik introduced their Kurve saddles concept in 2011 with alloy Mobium rails and an adjustable stiffness system that let you customize the already flexible shell to suit your needs. We reviewed those here.

For 2015, the new Kurve Re:Flex saddles replace the glass fiber base of the originals with Kevlar to make them more flexible under your weight. That lets the shell provide most of the comfort rather than relying solely on the padding. And indeed, it’s easily flexible at the edges of the shell and through the entire structure without feeling mushy. They also gain a carbon fiber rail option to save weight.

The Kurve models aren’t the only ones updated…the classic Aliante gets a refresh and the excellent Gobi sees a few tweaks, too…


EB14: Blktec’s Totally Unique Bar-Stem Combo, Aero Stems & Carbon Wheels

Blktec R3 handlebar stem combo

Blktec is a new company that quietly debuted at Taipei show earlier this year with a couple of wheels, but Eurobike saw the entire line roll out.

The highlight is definitely the R3 bar and stem combo shown above. Using a unique two-piece construction that bolts the handlebar directly to the stem, it forgoes the front clamp altogether but still allows 6º of adjustment by simply loosening or tightening the top or bottom bolts.

It, along with the other bars and stems, features clever internal cable, with some feeding everything through the stem to shield it from sight and wind…


EB14: Vee Tire Co Takes the Crown w/ New MTB Line, Updates Mission Fat Bike Tire, More


To help launch their new line of premium mountain bike tires, Vee Tire Co. has enlisted the help of Mike King. As a professional cyclist that started in BMX and later expanded to mountain biking, Mike is one of the few Americans to have won a World Cup in three different cycling disciplines. It’s safe to say he knows his way around a tire.

In addition to directing the new Rock Hill BMX facility in South Carolina, King is now the head of testing and development for Vee Tire Co.’s mountain bike category. To kick off the new line, Mike was showing off the new Crown Series – 3 different tires with versatile tread patterns for use in multiple conditions.

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EB14: WTB Shows Trail Blazer 27.5×2.8″ Tire/Rim, Plus Why 27.5+ May be the new 29+

WTB Trailblazer 2 8 27 + scraper rim (3)

Initially shown as a concept aboard the Rocky Mountain Adventure Bike Prototype, WTB’s TrailBlazer 2.8 tire has been turning some heads. It turns out, what we though was just a prototype was an all new tire coming from WTB that will be accompanied by a matching rim. According to Jason Moeschler, the project started with WTB Co-Founder Mark Slate tinkering on his own and experimenting with different tires on his rigid 29er. After some experimentation the 27+ concept was apparently more enticing since the tire and rim combination will still fit in most standard 29″ frames and forks. With almost identical diameters to regular 29″ and 26″ fat bike set ups, the 27.5+ is an intriguing size that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of, very soon.

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