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Review: Pump Up The Jams With Spin Doctor’s Pro HP Floor Pump


Performance Bike’s house brand of accessories, Spin Doctor, offers products that are similar to major brands, but generall at a better price. Often produced in the same factory as larger brands, they can be a great way to build out a bike tool kit without breaking the bank. The Spin Doctor Pro HP floor pump has a nice dual-textured handle, aluminum alloy barrel and base, aluminum switchable head, and a 160psi gauge with high-contrast red needle.

The $59.99 pump packs a punch similar to its mini-pump siblings we reviewed last month. So what are the trade-offs of private-labeled ODM products? Take a read inside to see how the Pro HP pumps up…


Review: Compact and Powerful, the Lezyne Super Drive XL & Power Drive XL Shine Through


Self-contained lights are becoming seriously impressive. We got a first look at the Lezyne Super Drive earlier in the year, and now we take a look at its sibling the Power Drive XL, and compare the two lights. These small self-contained lights are targeted at commuters and recreational cyclists, and include simple, easy to use handlebar mounts.

In typical Lezyne style, they cost similar to lights of similar lumen ratings, but come with a full aluminum enclosure and feature the nice touch of a replaceable internal battery.

We tested both lights back to back commuting in the city, and riding singletrack in woods. What is the difference between them, and which one is the winner? Click more to find out…


Review: The lightweight, eensy-teensy Birzman Zacoo Macht shock pump


Considering shock pumps come with any new air suspension equipped mountain bike and with any air shock or fork purchase, most riders that aren’t a pro team mechanic give little thought to an aftermarket pump until the freebie fails.

Should that happen, or your just looking to lighten your load, the Birzman Zacoo Macht is the smallest full featured shock pump I’ve seen, and it’s held up really well to a year of regular use. It’s not only small, but it’s light. And it works great, with well thought out features and shapes that make it a joy to use. Things like their Air-Lock valve head that prevents air loss when threading it on or off, which is more than just an annoyance on other pumps – it can actually hurt performance if you’re not getting it right.

Ready to get pumped?


Clothing Round-Up: From Vintage to Victoria’s Secret

Spitfire Cycling Club Vintage Word Champ Jersey Merio Wool Victoria's Secret Incredible Bra Heart Rate Monitor

Christmas is right around the corner and if you are stuck scrambling for unique gift ideas we’ve got a few good ones for ya. Hit the break for the goods: a killer “Après” jacket to keep you warm and lookin’ good post ride; a truly vintage, hand-crafted merino wool jersey direct from England; and yes, Victoria’s Secret’s first ever heart-rate bra…


Wear Some Reflective Sharrows With New Start Up Bike and Arrows


Taking visibility to the next level, Bikes and Arrows is a new company out of Maryland working to keep cyclists safe by keeping them conspicuous. Intended to be better looking than a neon safety vest, they are “safety conscious for the style conscious cyclist”. The Enhanced Visibility Long Sleeve Workshirt pictured above sells for $50 and features a full button front, reflective graphics, and is machine washable.

The work shirts are a durable and brightly colored 100% polyester in both long and short sleeved versions. Available in safety yellow with safety orange embroidery, safety orange with safety yellow embroidery and black with safety orange embroidery, they are sure to make you noticeable in the bike lane.

Jump past the break to take a high visibility look at the rest of the line…


Carry Everything with the new Salsa Anything Cage HD


All photos c. Salsa

To many, the new Salsa Anything Cage HD probably doesn’t look like much, but to a seasoned bikepacker, it looks like options. Options to carry just about anything on your journey from small stuff sacks to Nalgene bottles and more. While the original Anything cage was a favorite among adventure cyclists, when it came to the new design Salsa wanted to make something that was more durable and even more versatile.

Passing on the traditional metal construction of the original, the Anything HD opts for injection-molded impact resistant nylon. After several designs were tried out through 3D printing, the final design emerged from the mist…


Stay Warm & Dry This Winter With New Cold Weather Clothing From Rocky Mountain, Rapha, Twentyeightco & More


Cold winter weather is here, and to continue riding through the chill, you need the proper clothing. The definition of winter can be very different between Minneapolis and Miami, so we have compiled a list of new cold weather gear to choose from. Whether you need protection from the chill or the wet, there is clothing out there to help you continue cycling through the darker months.

Click into the post to see wool jerseys from Rocky Mountain, water repellent jackets from Rapha and Huez, and a new line of look-good clothing from Twentyeightco…


New Ideas To Help Your Bike Commute From Lumo, Morpher, Ellaspede & More


The market of cycle commuters is not huge, and not as sexy as road or mountain bike racing. Typically underserved, Kickstarter has offered a way for a lot of ideas for commuting cyclists to come to life, offering exposure and funding for these ideas, as well as a quick test of the market reaction to the idea. With these three parts of going-to-market rolled into one service, its a nice easy way to get ideas out there. The service requires that inventors make a design and prototype before posting on the site, which can already help weed out the good from the bad. It is also a lot easier to pitch an idea with pictures and physical samples to show. For instance, did you know the jacket above features LED lighting so the rider can be seen better?

Check out the ideas for clothing, gear storage, foldable helmets and more after the jump…


Selle San Marco Joins Up With Team Cinelli Chrome For A Concor Saddle Collabo

CinelliXChrome-Concor-Saddle The Selle San Marco Concor saddle has been around since 1978, long enough to have a cult-like following. The first-ever anatomically designed saddle revolutionized the industry, using a nylon base and foam padding. While not exactly the same as the famous original, the current Concor uses the advances of modern technology, now featuring Bioform padding, carbon fiber reinforced shell, and a Leather/Microfeel cover.

Cinelli has teamed up with Selle San Marco for a new collaboration for the Cinelli Chrome team. The $118.03 saddle is based on the Concor UP model, and features custom graphics for the team. The Bioform padding is a closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, and the Microfeel fabric cover has a grippy anti-ski property, perfect for the fixie racing team. Combine that with the Xsilite rails, and you have a nice high-end saddle worthy of the Concor name.

Jump past the break for glamour shots and a link to Cinelli’s Winged Store, where it is available…