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POC Introduces Eye Park, Offers Sunglass Stowage on the Fly




Recently, we found out a bit ahead of time that POC was going to be offering a new version of their radical Octal helmet with the added protection of the MIPS system. What we didn’t know at the time was that along with the Octal MIPS, POC was working on a new sunglass stowage device called the Eye Park. Designed in conjunction with the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling team, Eye Park was created to address the need to temporarily remove your dark shades in order to see the road surface. Whether that means riding through a tunnel, or a dense forest, there are times when sunglasses are simply too dark to properly see.

For Garmin-Sharp, one of the big motivations for the idea were the tunnels on the Giro d’Italia. The rapid transition from full sun to very dark while racing in the pro peloton is apparently pretty scary, but due most of the pros don’t want to take the glasses completely off. The answer is the Eye Park – a system of magnets on both the helmet and the glasses.

“The idea was born at a training camp in Mallorca. I shared a thought I had about using magnets on the helmet and eyewear, to avoid having to take your glasses on and off and put them in pockets or the team car. POC listened and here we are”, says Nathan Haas from team Garmin-Sharp. “Having a responsive sponsor like POC as part of team Garmin-Sharp is so imperative to our performance because their mission to make safer and smarter products isn’t just talk. POC listen, innovate and create. It’s that simple”

The system allows rider to simply lift up the glasses and the magnets will connect, keeping the shades just high enough to see the road. When you’re back into full sun, simply give the glasses a tug and they’re back in place. The set up allows for visibility at a moment’s notice without the hassle of taking them completely off to stow in the Eye Garage, jersey pocket, etc. Eye Park appears to be a separate option aside from the Octal, but we’ll get more details on pricing and compatibility next week at Eurobike.


Giro and Red Hook Crit Team Up for Limited Edition DND Glove for Barcelona

redhook crit giro dnd glovesv

Following in the footsteps of the Giro X Cinelli C Wing gloves and the N0. 7 gloves for the Brooklyn Red Hook Crit, Giro has unveiled their latest limited edition. This time the gloves are to commemorate the Barcelona edition of the famous fixed gear criterium which will take place on August 30th at Parc Del Forum in Barcelona. Emblazoned with the Red Hook Crit and Rockstar Games logo, the DND gloves will be available at the Barceloneta Bikes x rhc pop-up shop or at the race.

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Supports Arab and Palestinian Youth Of Israel

Nisnas Industries’ Daily Grip Wooden Brass Mahogany On Mountain Bike

Nisnas Industries of Israel does astounding woodwork. Already well versed in multiple products for both on and off the bike use, including wooden fenders and leather/wood bags, recently Nisnas turned their craftsmanship toward a gorgeous wooden bicycle grip. But Nisnas is not primarily focused on the bottom-line like most companies. Rather, with all designs and products creating a profit sharing project, Nisnas Industries is focused upon creating opportunities for the local youth of Israel. But this story is not only about Nisnas’ business model, their new Daily Grip appears to have been executed so well it may just make you want to ride your bike more.


The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection – Part 1

Ever wonder where the design of bike locks comes from? Judging by the amount of bike thefts reported on social media, peace of mind is still hard to come by when locking up your baby on the mean streets. In the process of designing a new Messenger Collection, Kryptonite looked to direct feedback from professional messengers across the country to help develop the next generation of locks. Look for the Messenger Collection to be launched at Interbike, and in stores late this year.

50 Cent Gets Up In Your Ear Hole With Heart Rate Monitor Earphones

SMS Audio CEO Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson shows off a pair of the new SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel alongside NY Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony

SMS Audio CEO Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson shows off a pair of the new SMS Audio BioSport In-Ear Headphones powered by Intel alongside NY Knicks basketball star Carmelo Anthony

Hip hop star 50 Cent’s company, SMS Audio is partnering with Intel to offer the new BioSport In-Ear Headphones with an integrated biometric sensor to measure your heart rate. The wired headphone/HR monitor is powered through a 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack thereby circumventing batteries and bulk, and the Stay-Fit Wing design should help prevent it ending up in your spokes. The BioSport promises sound quality on par with the SMS STREET by 50 In-Ear Wired Sport Headphone, and has an inline microphone for call integration. We presume there will be sound/music/app control buttons similar to the MFI controller on the STREET, but details are not available.

The product’s suitability for cycling and multisport training is not too clear.  Currently, the unit is only compatible with the Runkeeper fitness app, but SMS claims additional app integration is in the works. Also, while the headphones are IPX4 rated for resistance to “a splash of water from any direction for five minutes,” they are not rated to withstand a swim workout. Furthermore, it is illegal for cyclists to wear headphones in Florida and Rhode Island; California, Delaware and Maryland require that one ear remain uncovered while riding. However, should Strava, MapMyRide, et al become integrated, and if you are someone who prefers to minimize the number of devices and hates wearing a chest strap, the BioSport will deserve serious consideration…


New Silca SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump Inflates the Standard

2014 Silca SuperPista Ultimate floor pump

In 1917, Silca pumped up the cycling world with their original floor pump. Built strong and sturdy and completely rebuildable, the latest iteration is the SuperPista Ultimate, and it looks to uphold the tradition.

From top to bottom, premium materials mean it’s more than just hot marketing air under the new ownership. The frame is metal on metal on metal, with rosewood handles, a magnetic chuck cradle and highly accurate gauge adorning the polished body. Whoosh on down for all the details that justify the $445 price point…


MagZip is the Zipper All Cycling Jackets Need Right Now


OK brands, pay attention. This is the zipper you need on your next generation of cycling jackets. It’s called MagZip and it works with one hand.

I’ve fumbled with cycling vest and jackets with one hand (in vain) while riding too many times to count, and I have an almost 100% failure rate. I’ve either ended pulling off to zip up a jacket or tried doing it with both hands off the bar, which is somehow much harder than it should be considering I can ride no handed just fine when I’m not trying to do anything with my hands. I’m sure I’m not alone.

The MagZip could solve all of that. It uses tiny neodymium magnets to pull the base of the zipper together and position it in perfect, closed alignment. Then, it can simply be pulled up with one hand. Brilliant, but it took quite few years to develop. Video and more below…


First Look: Giro bring snow tech to Blok MTB goggles, Launches new Quarter and Dime Helmets

Giro Quarter and MTB Goggle 2015_4

While Giro may be best known for its helmets in the cycling world, the company also has a healthy snow division, which produces helmets and goggles. While snow sports may seem far removed from our favorite two wheeled sport, many of the technologies developed translate between the two.

Case in point, many of the Giro employees ride bicycles (they’re based in Santa Cruz, so they’d be crazy not to) and wanted a mountain bike google. So the brand reworked one of their popular snow models, the Blok, for the trails. READ MORE ->

First Look: All New Five Ten Kestrel Clipless Shoes, Women’s Models, and New Lifestyle Kicks

Five Ten Kestrel000

After four years of development and being written off by many consumers as vapor ware, the long awaited Kestrel clipless shoes from Five Ten are finally ready for production.

The shoe is intended to compete against the Specialized Rime and Giro Terraduro in the ultra hot Enduro race market and differentiates itself with it’s distinct styling, use of a BOA closure system for precise fit, and a mixture of Five Tens proven rubber sole compounds.