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Silca floor pump custom painted by Taylor Phinney on auction, supports Parkinsons


If you’re not content decorating your Silca floor pump with a bottle opener, then perhaps you’d like a one-of-a-kind hand painted one from none other than budding artist (and pro cyclist) Taylor Phinney.

Perhaps you spied them in Richmond, but here’s the full look at the first to go up for auction. It’s a Silca SuperPista Ultimate that’s being bid up on eBay. All proceeds benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation, his father’s charity organization, that helps people with Parkinson’s Disease live better lives.

Video and more pics, plus the link to the auction, below…


Martone swaggers in with new fashionable folding helmet for when you dress your best


Are you too sexy for your helmet? Though necessary and having been accepted as standard fare when riding, many helmets are still considered a tool rather than being fashionable. Martone wants to change that for those that have a more particular fashion sense.

Button up that shirt and venture down the catwalk to see the new “fashion-forward” helmets from Martone…. READ MORE ->

Dirtlej Protects Bikes and Gear so Everything Makes it to the Trailhead Intact


Just because our mountain bikes can handle the rough and tumble life of barreling down the trail, doesn’t mean they need to suffer the same torture every time on the way to the trail head. Almost every mountain biker throws their bike on a roof or hitch rack on a regular basis, while for many gravity riders the bikes get tossed in the back of trucks and vans after almost every run. The folks at Dirtlej, a young company from the southwest of Germany near the Swiss and French borders, are making a series of fairly simple easy on and off nylon pads that aim to offer optimal protection to the key parts of your bike that see the most impact and abrasion abuse in transit. So covering dropouts, frame, and pedal contact points, they’ll make sure that the only damage to your bike is rider-inflicted. Have a closer look after the break…


Finding a Star Wars x Fox R2-D2 V3 Helmet in stores may be your only hope

Fox star wars r2-d2 moto helmet dh kids (2)

Photos c. Fox

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope – that is, if your hope is to get your hands on the super limited Star Wars x Fox R2-D2 V3 moto helmet. Enduro racers, mountain bikers, and other cyclists got their chance for some limited edition Star Wars themed helmets earlier from Bell, and now it looks like the trend is continuing to the moto/DH side of things.

Technically a product through the Fox Moto division, the DOT certified, MIPS equipped full face could be used for downhill riding as well. Especially for those who both pedal and twist the throttle on the weekends. While the adult R2-D2 V3 helmet is already sold out online and likely to be very hard to find in stores, the youth version is yet to be released…


Wisecracker turns Silca’s Floor Pump into the Ultimate Bottle Opener

silca wise cracker pump bottle opener (1)

When it comes to floor pumps, the Silca Superpista ultimate is a work of art. An artwork that will keep your tires inflated for generations to come using both old school and new school manufacturing. So just how do you make the $450 Silca Ultimate Floor pump even better? Add a bottle opener, of course…


Mavic’s Got It Covered with Baselayers for All Seasons


Mavic_Cold-Ride-Tee_ss_background copy

Not content to stick to where the rubber meets the road, we’ve seen high-performing shoes and outerwear from Mavic over the last years, and now a full range of technical garments for all seasons. The new baselayers use fabrics from 37.5 to provide an optimal balance of wicking and insulation throughout the year. No matter what the weather, from a light mesh-like polyester for the heat of summer to a soft merino wool for the bitter cold, the cycling-specific baselayer tees aim to keep cyclists comfortable year round. Take a closer look across the fold…


A week in review: Tons of gift worthy items, more bike porn from Philly, a bolt on power meter, plus lots more!

Robert-D-Jones-Photography_The-Crankset-Project_All-Rights-Reserved_Suntour-Superbe PBE Bike Richard Sachs (1) PBE Bike Breismeister (6) Syzr Chrome-Moly 2

Check out more super cool items from the 2015 Philly Bike Show, one of the more intimate events we get to cover, plus lots of gift ideas for your fellow cyclist…. (or that said cyclists can point to their friends and family). Plus, the new Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on power meter, sub 900g wheels from Spada, Speedplay’s less costly SYZR pedals and Brett Favre’s sick new Project One.

Grab that last piece of pumpkin pie before anybody else notices and delve in to last week’s coverage…..


Roundup: Quirky new goggles, rims, freehub bodies, pumps, trunk racks & more!


Miles Wide Industries started out with the humble Sticky Pod, a jersey-pocket sized soft case that keeps the essentials safe and secure while you ride. They also work great stuffed in a hydration pack to keep tools, pumps, etc., from bouncing around or small parts from getting lost.

Since then, founder and Asheville, NC, resident Miles Schwartz has been busy creating a few other storage and protective devices. Like the PanoWraps enduro goggles shown above. Offered in dark smoke, orange and clear lenses, they’re super lightweight wraps that protect your eyes from wind, water and dust. They also have a sweet retro aviator look, and they’re just $30.

Check out lots more from them and others, below…


Nutcase’s Unframed Helmet Art Design Submissions are Pouring In


We actually mentioned it in one of our end of week round ups a little while back, but Nutcase helmets are holding a big international competition to design the artwork of their next Unframed helmet. They are getting a strong response this year and shared some of the fun and crazy submissions coming in from all over the world. The Unframed campaign was started as a way to bring even more creativity in their already unique helmet graphics and the limited edition helmets were a way to raise money to support World Bicycle Relief. Hop past the fold to get a sneak peek at some more of the submissions coming in…