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EB14: Randoms – Sweet Travel Cases, Locks, Folders, Racks, Trailers & More


Polaris showed off what happens inside their Bike Pod Pro, a hard shell version of the EVA Bike Pod. It locks everything down so it won’t rub, jostle or shift. Fortunately, retail versions are solid green, red or black, so TSA will actually have to open it to see if you’re bike’s worth losing.

Supposing you travel with something that folds, B&W have something smaller that might escape baggage fees below. Click through for more things that fold, jolt and amuse…


Long Term Review: Osprey’s Raptor 6 Hydraulics Pack

Osprey Raptor 10 Outside

Osprey has been making backpacking packs since 1974, and have built a reputation for themselves as one of the most durable pack makers. In 2009, they introduced the Hydraulics line, aimed at cyclists and runners, these are smaller packs that have specific designs and integrated hydration bladders. The Raptor series is for mountain biking, trail running and light hiking, and were re-designed in 2012 with easier bladder removal, a tool pouch, lighter shoulder straps and better ventilation than the first generation.

I have used this pack as my go-to for day rides for the last two years, trying to get to the edge on that legendary Osprey durability. It has been crashed, submerged, rained on and sweated in. Here’s how it held up…


EB14: Scott’s Award Winning RC ProTec Clothing Could take the Sting Out of Road Rash

Scott clothing (2)

Buried in a mountain of Eurobike and Interbike coverage was this gem – Scott’s new ITD ProTec kit. If you haven’t seen it yet, the ProTec gear won a Eurobike award for a good reason, it may just let you keep that patch of skin in a crash. Working together with Schoeller fabrics, the ITD ProTech technology uses knit carbon yarn which makes the fabric much more resistant to tearing. Then the fabric is printed with a ceramic pattern on top to create a surface that is very abrasion resistant at high speeds.

Based on how many times we’ve seen tattered kits ridden across the line, it’s clear that crashes don’t always knock riders out of contention. But anyone who has ever dealt with severe road rash knows how unpleasant it can be. If the Scott RC ProTec kit can really perform as advertised it should be a huge step forward in rider protection.


Set Up Camp With the New Blackburn Outpost Adventure Bags


If you’re daydreaming at your computer thinking about your next big adventure, toying with the idea of bike packing, you’re going to need some bags. Packing light is key, but you still need a way to carry the essentials. As bikepacking has become more popular Blackburn has used their Ranger ambassador program to help develop some killer new bags that will get you out there and get you back home.

Capable of crossing the Great Divide, or making sure you’re well stocked for a day trip, the Outpost series includes a Handlebar Roll, Top Tube Bag, and a Seat Pack. Certainly not your ordinary seat pack, the Outpost model provides an extra large capacity that will mount to nearly any bike. Adjustable to fit smaller or larger items, the Seat Pack includes a stuff sack  but is also compatible with standard dry bags.


First the Nutter, Now the Breaker – Full Windsor Reinvents the Multi-Tool (Again)

The breaker multi tool full windsor (1)

Anyone who has ever struggled to use a small, fiddly chain breaker that was part of a multi-tool take note. Based on a similar design to their popular Nutter multi-tool, Full Windsor is back with a new tool that forgoes the 15mm wrench in favor of an appropriately sized chain tool. Aptly named the Breaker, the tool manages to combine a chain tool with a tool grade stainless steel pin along with a number of other useful functions, a bit set, and even socket set.

The original Nutter was good, but for the average cyclist on a bicycle without bolt-on hubs, the Breaker looks even better. Wrap up the details next…


IB14: Morgan Blue Adds Matte Carbon Specific Cleaner, Electric Contact Spray, More

Morgan Blue new products (2)

Perhaps not as well known in the U.S. as some other cleaner and lubricant brands, Morgan Blue is extremely well known around the world – especially in the pro peloton. Said to have been on 60% of the chains and 20% of the legs of the World Tour riders, Morgan Blue has an extensive line of bike oils, protectants, and cleaners as well as a full line of massage products.

Originally selling lubricants for the automotive and farm industries in Belgium, Morgan Oils as it was then called was asked to produce bicycle lubricants by former Lotto team mechanic Nick Vandecauter. As so many stories go, the products were a hit and the company began sponsoring pro tour teams without selling anything to consumers. It wasn’t until the company was working on developing a chain cleaner that Morgan “Blue” got their name after their degreaser turned blue as they were developing it.

Twenty years later and Morgan Blue had a catalog of 53 maintenance products and 15 skin care products in 2014. And that selection is still growing. Check out some of the more interesting new products next…


Chamois Butt’r Adds GoStik Lube Applicator & Kit Wash to Get it Off


Need a little chafe protection somewhere other than your privates? The new Chamois Butt’r GoStik packages 2.5oz of firmer body lube into a convenient stick applicator for use on the rest of your body. Aimed a bit more at triathletes and runners, it keeps your skin from being rubbed the wrong way by shoes, shirts, sports bras, etc. They say it has a higher melting point than competing products, so it’ll last longer, stay in place and not stain any fabrics. We tried it on a chamois, too, but the thick consistency doesn’t rub off well on the fabric, and we’re sure as sugar not gonna rub it down there. Best to leave that part of your body to the original. Retails for $14.99.

The Skin Wash shown above has been out for a bit and helps to more easily remove embrocations. It also works just great as a general cleanup if your ride finishes somewhere other than home and you need to freshen up a bit. Just pack a rag cloth, too. The Kit Wash is newer and is designed to remove embros, creams, body lubes and other such things from your technical sports wear. It’ll also help get chlorine out of swimwear and is safe for wetsuits, too. Available in the 16oz bottle shown or individual use packets for travel.

Oakley X Troy Lee Designs Collaboration Stays Bright, 6 New Models on the Way


Troy Lee Designs is already known for their mountain bike and moto helmets, so what is the company to do when it come to goggles? Join forces with one of the most iconic eye wear manufacturers of course. The collaboration between Troy Lee Designs and Oakley is nothing new as they’ve been working together for years, but it does routinely put out some awesome new goggles and sunglasses with the typical TLD flair.

Already piloted to a Guinness World Record, the Airbrake MX Thunderbolt goggles above join the Mayhem goggle and 4 new Troy Lee Color options for sunglasses…


BeBop Launches Wearable Smart Sensors, Coming to Cycling Clothing Near You?

BeBop Wearable Sensor & Controller with Smartphone

Sometimes it takes someone from outside an industry to come up with something revolutionary. When it comes to wearable data collection, BeBop’s entry into the world of flexible smart sensors stems from their experience with musical instruments. Keith McMillen is the founder of KMI, an instrument company out of Berkeley, CA that specializes in MIDI controllers and keyboards that have already been using a similar fabric sensor for years.

“BeBop is a natural step for KMI, where we have diligently tuned fabrics, geometries, and production processes allowing us to ship over 1 million sensors to some of the most demanding musicians in the world,” said Keith McMillen, Founder, KMI and BeBop Sensors. “All musical instruments are essentially sensors with forms of acoustic processing attached.  The same care and creativity used to build our instruments will serve well for our non-musical customers as we expand into the wearables market.”

Now with over 1 million of the sensors in current use, Keith is taking his sensor and eyeing a new market – anything that can be worn. Unlike any of the sensors currently on the market, the BeBop sensor uses a proprietary and patented monolithic design that is capable of measuring all components of movement including bend, location, motion, rotation, angle, torque. In addition to monitoring various physical vitals the sensors can also be used as wearable controllers for smart phones. Answer calls, change tracks, volume, etc. all while the phone remains in your pocket.

Obviously the sensor is just the beginning as it will take clothing manufacturers integrating it into their products for it to be really useful. But what are the possibilities? Try on a few after the break…