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Brooks Lays Up the New C13 Cambium Details, Plus Intros a Wide Urban Bag Range


It’s only been a few weeks since we first heard about the upcoming C13 Cambium and its public test phase, and already Brooks has surprised us with the new saddle. We had been mildly led off the trail when we had asked about the possibility of Ti rails on the new saddle, with the tech team’s comments that tubular steel rails were as light as solid titanium. But that’s not we get here, in what is a striking departure from their brand norm, and not something realistically we would have expected from Brooks. A carbon-railed Brooks; who would have thought?

Jump over the break for details on the C13 and more from the Metropolitan bag range…


EB15: Fizik Steps It Up with New R1, R4, and M6 shoes, and more


Fi’zi:k has put both feet forward into the shoe market with three completely new pairs of kicks and a reworked last for all of the road line. The R1B sets the new top of the line with a two piece laser perforated Mircotex upper available in white or black and two BOA dials. Fizik built the 350€ shoe on an incredibly stiff full carbon sole that includes continuous internal channels to boost ventilation, and a removable heel puck. The vents are optimized throughout to maximize air movement, but indirectly to prevent water infiltration. The shoe was developed with both ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, and uses a smooth asymmetric tongue for precise fit and actually has a carefully placed second BOA that hides from the wind behind the first dial to offer twice the fit tunability with the drag of one dial.

Stick with us after the break to see a more affordable high performance road shoe, the most affordable BOA mountain bike shoe, and a new set of carbon-railed saddles…


Giro Takes on the Clock with New Race Inspired Chrono Clothing Collection


Now that Giro has perfected their style when it comes to the world of New Road apparel, the company is eyeing something a little faster. While New Road was meant to specifically not be your common road kit, Giro’s new Chrono collection is just that – with a hefty dose of Giro style.

Not necessarily designed for racing, Chrono is meant to be a high performance line of clothing for men and women that blends Giro design with Italian craftsmanship for a number of interesting looks…


Review: Suplest SupZero Entry-level Cross Country Bike Shoes


Having seen some of the high-end carbon-soled road and XC shoes from Suplest last year, we wanted to look a bit deeper into their line-up. The young Swiss-designed shoe company spreads most of the features of their top shoes all the way down, with differentiation primarily an issue of different sole constructions (and a bit with upper materials.) With a lot of cyclocross racing here in Europe, we wanted to look at something with a bit more flex for all of the running; so we passed on the full carbon soles, for a pair of good old fashioned reinforced nylon soles. Suplest does a pretty solid job with even this mid-level SupZero mountain bike shoe, and I was never really left wanting for a stiffer shoe during a wide mix of cross, road, and mountain riding and racing.

Follow me past the break for a look at how the shoes help up to 4-season riding, some of their details, and pricing…


Crankworx 2015: Fox’s MIPS DH Helmet

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon with MIPS, display

While it isn’t exactly trying to compete with Interbike, Crankworx annually features a large demo zone and a few dozen exhibitors tents scattered throughout the village. The event also tends to serve as an introduction for new bikes or products, especially gravity-oriented stuff like the Rocky Mountain Maiden we also previewed early this year.

There were quite a few display booths at Crankworx with some nifty things to be found by snooping reporters. Fox has stepped into the MIPS game with their new Rampage Pro Carbon DH helmet, and had an awesome custom painted Rampage on display at their booth. Drop in for more…

Crankworx 2015: Make Your GoPro Footage SoPro with Chin-Cam Action Mount

SoPro POV chin mount, yellow helmet

Two riders from Seattle named David and Brock decided they really didn’t like the semi-obstructed view or the ‘teletubby look’ of traditional top-of-helmet mounts for their POV cameras, so they came up with the idea to create a new mount which uniquely fixes to the chin bar of your DH lid. The pair founded SoPro Mounts, and came to Crankworx Whistler this year to show off their wares.

Strap in below for more pics, details, and pricing….


Crankworx 2015: Oakley Sees the Trail in New Light with Off Road Prizm Lenses

Oakley prism trail display

Not long ago Oakley released their Prism Road sunglasses, which feature specially tuned optics that accentuate specific colors to provide better visual definition. Little did we know that Oakley can tune their lenses to any sport application they want, so they’ve now released the Prism Trail lens for mountain bikers. They work the same as the road version, but the lenses are (in layman’s terms) tuned to colors you’d see while riding off road trails, primarily greens and browns…


Crankworx 2015: Five Ten Steps into New Women’s Models, Kestrel Lace, Non Marking Freerider, Sam Hill, More


Thanks to the absence of Teva, Five Ten is having no trouble swooping up even more of the mountain bike footwear market. Recently, their focus has shifted to women’s footwear which was an obvious hole in their lineup. Introducing the women’s Freerider Contact as well as both a men’s and a women’s version of the new Kestrell Lace, Five Ten is starting to fill that void.

While those two are the big new releases, Five Ten was also showing a few sneak peeks of things to come including a new Freerider Lace Cover and the return of the Sam Hill signature shoe…

Crankworx 2015: Dainese Shows Next Gen Hardshell Armoform Knee Pads, Layers Up with Altitude Clothing

Dainese 2016 peotection clothing

Hardshell protection is awesome for when your knee strikes that rock, but most of the time it means wearing protection that is hot and relatively uncomfortable. Dainese’s latest kneepad addresses that very issue with yet another design that is inspired by nature. Taking cues from fractals which are how many structures found in nature are created with repeating shapes, the new Armorform kneepads use an interesting design that results in a strong but comfortable shape that is also quite breathable.

In addition to the new Armorforms, Dainese is also introducing the new Altitune clothing line, which is meant to be an adaptive layering system perfect for big mountain adventures…