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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Allow Mountain Bikes in the Wilderness Study – Voice your opinion – 100,000 Signatures are needed by May 18th so visit to ask President Obama and the Forest Service to leave these remote areas open to mountain bikes. Do it!
  • 30-Year Old Bike Virgin – Safety concerns and access to a working bike are some of the main reasons why adults don’t ride. PeopleForBikes’ recent U.S. Bicycling Participation Study found that 60% of Americans aged 3-9 biked once a year, compared with 36% of adults ages 25-34. PeopleForBikes talked to two adults who each had their own stories to share about how they became bike riders later in life. Check out the blog post here!
  • ‘Wheels for Meals’ Fundraising Event – The Wheels for Meals Bike Challenge features three community bike rides and three sponsorship levels. Both riders and sponsors are needed to make the event a high-speed success. To be held rain or shine on Saturday, May 30th, this year’s event offers something for everyone with three race levels, a Bike Rodeo for kids and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. For more information or to register for the Bike Challenge please visit


SOC15: Hands on with the Recon Jet Smart Glasses

Recon jet smart glasses sea otter hud heads up display (1)

The future is a confusing place. Cars are still on the ground, I have to pour my own coffee in the morning, and a complete meal still isn’t able to fit inside a tiny pill. However, one bit of futuristic cycling technology is finally here. No, we’re not talking about the latest axle standard for the next generation of tires, but a cycling HUD.

Technicaly, you could view Google Glass or Recon’s own goggles as the first Heads Up Displays available to the cyclist, but the Recon Jet has been designed from the ground up for your athletic pursuits, no goggles required.

Packing an incredible amount of functions into a sleek but somehow awkward looking package, Recon is finally shipping their long awaited Jet smart glasses. The company is still in the process of fulfilling their preorders, but Jets will soon be available for sale if you can see past the price…


Kickstarter: LucidBrake 2.0 Acceleration-Sensing Wireless Brake Light for High Visibility and All-Weather Conditions


Having made their first successful batch in 2013, LucidBrake debuts their second generation wireless, weather-proof, acceleration-sensing brake light. Early adopters of the LucidBrake 2.0 can look forward to improved power management, motion-activated on and off switches, and beacon modes that align with EU requirements. Onward to your new and improved beacon of safe mobility after the break… READ MORE ->

SOC15: Give Your Eyes 100% Coverage with the Enduro Focused Speedcraft Sunglasses

100 percent speedcraft sunglasses dh carbon helmet (18)

If you want the ultimate protection for your eyeballs on a mountain bike, downhill goggles are probably your best bet. But what about those days when goggles are simply overkill? If you’re a company like 100% who started in the goggle market, the answer is simple – build a goggle without a strap.

Ok, maybe not a goggle, but something that offers a ridiculously wide field of view. Already known for their goggles which offer a less obstructed view of the trail, 100% applied that same philosophy to their latest sunglasses. Called the Speedcraft, these modern incarnations of retro shields bring goggle level protection to a lightweight pair of shades…


New Pahoj dual purpose child seat lets you ride with your stroller

Pahoj stroller child seat

It’s always cool to see a product come through Kickstarter, especially when it strives to resolve basic experiential gaps in cycling. The innovative Pahoj easily falls under this category by creating a bicycle child seat that doubles as a stroller, making child-wielding more reasonable while maintaining an active and car-free (or at least limited) lifestyle.

Check out how the Pahoj will replace both your child seat and stroller after the jump…


SOC15: Specialized launches Fuse, Ruze 27.5+, new Rumor 650 trail bike, Command Post & more!

2016 Specialized Fuse 275+ 6fatty hardtail mountain bike

The new Specialized Fuse (men’s) and Ruze (women’s) trail hardtails are built from ground up for their 27.5+ (6fatty) wheels and tires, tailoring the geometry to the new tire size and introducing new parts and frame designs to go along with it.

Both bikes will come with new Ground Control 27.5 x 3.0 tires that tip the scales around 900g, and they’ll have Purgatory 27.5 x 3.0 (around 1000g) available separately if you need something more aggressive. Both have a 60tpi folding bead tubeless ready carcass, and the Pro model will have them wrapped around new 38mm wide (inside) welded alloy Roval Fatty rims laced to Boost 148 and 110 hubs.

The tires may have inspired the new bike, but it’s the unique design that makes them fit…


SOC15: Oakley looking up with new Radar EV cycling sunglasses

Oakley Radar EV extended view cycling sunglasses

Following the oversized debut of the (debut of the oversized?) Jawbreaker sunglasses designed with Mark Cavendish, the new Oakley Radar EV take the extended view design and apply it to one of their more popular sports shades.

They bent the bridge and added a little more lens to fill the area at the top, effectively extending the field of view at the top a few millimeters. The idea is that you’re not sitting up straight peering with level eyes on the bike. We’re typically bent over, with eyeballs tilted up, so the extra lens at at the top helps you see better in the cycling position.

Those aren’t the only changes, though…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Little Bellas Kids 

  • Empowering the next generation of female mountain bike shredders – While walking the grounds today at the 25th Annual Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, I saw these little girls in matching jerseys  rooting on the pro women’s short track cross country race. The young ladies are a part of The Little Bellas which is a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling. After the short track race, the pros had a Q & A session with the Little Bellas at Primal Wear’s exhibit tent. (Primal Wear provides the jerseys to the Little Bellas) The future racers asked questions like “What do you do to get pumped up before a race?” and my favorite, “What’s your most embarrassing moment at a race?” where the answer involved jumping out of a port-a-potty naked. It’s great to see the current generation of pro women mentoring and sharing their passion, knowledge and good times with the future of women’s mountain biking. Visit to find the program nearest to you.

More racing news and Sea Otter highlights after the break! READ MORE ->

Berliner 2015: Classic and Urban Lace-up Appeal from Quoc Pham Shoes

Quoc-Pham_classic-casual_cycling-shoes_tourer-black-riding Quoc-Pham_classic-casual_cycling-shoes_tourer-black

Quoc Pham Cycling Shoes have been around for several years, but we hadn’t really gotten around to them in much detail, really only mentioning them in passing and in their collaboration with Ergon on a unique Bavarian leather grip. They are a small UK-based company intent on bringing classic styling and hand-lasting to high-performing cycling shoes. Working primarily with full leather uppers, they have developed a line of traditional-looking shoes for urban cycling and touring that don’t shout bike shoes, allowing them to blend in off the bike while offering efficient functionality while pedaling. This goal of an all-day cycling shoe has led them to develop some great looking shoes that we wouldn’t have expected to be SPD-compatible at first.

We got the chance to chat briefly with company director Quoc Pham at the Berlin Bike Show about his eponymous shoes and their motivations, to have a look at their first non-leather offerings, and talk about what they have in the works. Step past the fold for some detail shots, their typical pricing, and some more info…