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Specialized Clips Into new Era of Trail Mountain Bike Shoes with 2FO Cliplite


Photo c. Carson Blume/Specialized

In the grand scheme of mountain biking equipment, if there’s one area that has lagged behind in terms of options, in my opinion it would have to be shoes. Like a large portion of my riding buddies and the riding population, most of my riding fits in somewhere between XC and what we would now refer to as Enduro. According to industry lingo that would more or less fall under the “Trail” umbrella. Ever since I started mountain biking in the mid-90s, most riding shoes have typically been either too race-y for my liking or at the other end of the spectrum with a bulky shape and more protection than I really need.

Fortunately, along with the stratification of mountain biking has come an increased focus on what different types of riders expect from their equipment. The same thing that works for an XC racer is going to be very different than the needs of a recreational trail rider, and so on, and so on… Specialized certainly is not the first company to capitalize on this trend towards diversification, but they too wanted a shoe that was better suited to fast trail riding. Not quite Enduro/DH, not quite XC, with their latest footwear offering, Specialized is honing in on the perfect mix of Trail pedaling performance, walkability, and protection.

A natural extension to the 2FO footwear line, the 2FO Clip Lite could be considered the mutant offspring of the 2FO Clip and the S-Works XC shoes  – a shoe that is light and comfortable enough for all day epics, but still burly enough for when the trail gets rowdy…


Bell to Reveal Their First Road Helmet with MIPS Technology at the Tour De France

Bell Gage with MIPS helmet, Team LottoNL-Jumbo colors, side

Since their inception in a Southern California speed shop in 1954, Bell Helmets has grown into a major player in the protective gear industry, and are arguably the most recognized helmet brand on the market. The company now develops and produces purpose-built helmets for cyclists, moto riders and auto racers, striving to keep athletes safe when they ‘ring their bell’.

They’ve just announced their Gage road helmet will now come equipped with MIPS technology, and you’ll be able to see it in action very soon. The new Gage with MIPS will debut at this year’s Tour de France (July 4th to 26th) on the heads of Team LottoNL-Jumbo, in their special team colors.

Since investing with the Swedish developers of MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) last August Bell has released five MIPS helmets, but the updated Gage is their first road helmet with the technology. Check out the team-only and consumer models after the jump…

PC15: MIPS Equipped Smith Overtake and Forefront Helmets Now Available, Company Headed to Portland

Smith Forefront MIPS mtb helmetSmithIMG_8082

Unless you’re completely new to bicycle helmet technology, by now you’re probably familiar with MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and other methods of rotational impact mitigation. The thought is that while bicycle helmets have protected against straight impacts, they haven’t done much in the way of protecting the brain from rotational forces which are pretty common in most crashes.

One of the biggest players in the new protection game, MIPS is becoming easier and easier to find on helmets from most of your favorite brands. While Smith announced their MIPS equipped line a bit ago, they are just now becoming available – mostly due to the amount of customization they wanted for their low friction layer. As it turns out, not all MIPS helmets are created equal…


Bontrager Launches the Ballista Aero Helmet Along with Matching Kit


If you’re a believer in the aero helmet, you also probably know that the first generation of lids could get pretty hot. It turns out that all those vents that help keep you cool, aren’t that aerodynamic – at least not in certain forms. In the end you want an aero helmet to be as slippery as possible, but not at the expense of overheating. After two years of prototyping and testing, Bontrager thinks they finally have the answer.

Named after ancient weaponry designed to hurl projectiles a great distance, the Bontrager Ballista is meant to help launch one of Trek’s racers out in front of the peloton. Placing great emphasis on cooling as much as aerodynamics, the Ballista has been proven both in the lab and in big events like the Tour Down Under…


PC15: Introducing New KICKR SNAP Foldable Entry Level Smart Trainer By Wahoo Fitness


Training indoors is a bummer. So when Wahoo Fitness brought to market their trainer called the KICKR, it was designed to best replicate the inertial experience of pedaling outside. The Trainer included the development of a thoroughly engineered flywheel and was one of the first such trainers to be powered by an iPhone for seamless control and interactive possibilities galore through compatible apps. Wahoo’s development paid off within two years of the release when Team Sky selected KICKR for their off-season training platform.

Today, Wahoo announces the release of their new entry level smart trainer called KICKR SNAP – a foldable, tire based version of KICKR. It has the smart functionality and strives for a similarly high level of riding experience and feedback, but in an easy to use, smaller, more affordable package. SNAP into this smart new equipment after the jump… READ MORE ->

PC15: Alpinestars Introduces Paragon Hydration Vest, 2016 Clothing Line

Alpinestars paragon hydration vest evolution jacket press campalpinestarsIMG_7865

In spite of the recent improvements to the world of hydration packs there has been a steady movement to replace them for all but the longest rides. That of course presents the question of just how do you go about carrying enough water and gear for your ride. While some companies are adding pockets to bib liners or even integrating storage into the bike frames, Alpinestars is thinking outside the pack but inside the jersey.

Building on the success of their Evolution jacket, the new Paragon vest strips down to just the essentials – water, storage, and back protection…


Clothing Roundup- High-Tech threads from Hincapie, Shower’s Pass and Dare 2B, plus Chrome Upcycles Big Dickies

Chrome Dickies collaboration messenger bag, lifestyle shot

The deeper you delve into the cycling world, the bigger your closet will inevitably get. While re-dressing myself head to toe for a simple ride sometimes makes me pine for the old days of BMX street riding (got shoes on? You’re good to go) I definitely appreciate the benefits of technical clothing, and wouldn’t be caught dead riding trails or the bike park without a proper kit.

In this all-encompassing clothing roundup we’ll check out a stylish messenger bag made from Dickies’ legendary American work pants, some new summer items for women from Hincapie, a new all-season collection from Shower’s pass, and take a peek at Dare 2B’s new clothing technology for 2016…

PC15: Cannondale Airs Out New Mountain Bike Helmet For Shaved Heads, Plus Combo Tire/Shock Pumps and more!


“I’ve been looking forward to [this model year] for a long time because there is just so much good product,” said Cannondale North American PR Manager, Bill Rudell. Here, we’ll focus on some of the compelling helmets and accessories that are flushing out the line. There is something for everyone.

On the off-road side of helmets, we have the new RykerAM Helmet which features special heat-sealed moisture wicking, anti-microbial air cushion pads. Cannondale claims that pads are especially comfortable with the clean-shaven headed riders as they keep soggy foam pads off bare skin, helping skulls stay cool and dry. These pads also aid in protection, boasting a 15% impact redirect in the case of a crash… READ MORE ->

PC15: Cannondale Revamps Entry Mountain with Foray and Catalyst 27.5 Hardtails

For model year 2016, Cannondale has a variety of products that consumers have been asking for, or didn’t know they needed yet. Chief among these are the new Foray and Catalyst models. Using 27.5″ wheels the 6061 alloy hardtails are designed to address a market need for reasonably priced entry level mountain bikes, starting at $379. The hope is that these models will help to lower the barrier to entry in youth mountain bike leagues such as NICA and help get more kids on bikes… READ MORE ->