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Keep Warm, But Not Overheated With Outlier’s Airspace Pullovers


Insulation for an athlete is a constant struggle of keeping heated air in, but removing moisture from that air. Outlier has a new idea called Airspace, being wide open to airflow while you are moving and generating heat, but when you stop, it acts as an insulation.

This new idea is a three dimensional mesh of fabric that can act well in both capacities. It is a polyester knit that is only 2mm thick and 70 grams per square meter, making is lofty, but very light.  Since it is a mesh, it allows air to pass through quite easily. Outlier is offering this new material in two different weights of pullover, check out the details after the jump…


New Rotation180º Trail Hydration Pack Swings Gear into Easy Reach

MindShift Rotation180 trail hydration backpack

Mindshift’s new Trail pack is part of their Rotation180º series of backpacks that build in a rotating waist pack to provide quick, easy access to your essential gear without having to take anything off.

We all the know the drill. You need to adjust seat height or grab a snack real quick, but to do so you’ve got to take of your backpack and dig around to find it. The process slows down the ride and is generally cumbersome. The Rotation180º solves that in a clever way…


PBE14: Random Goodies from Princeton Tec, Wald, Lock Sock & Hubbub


Got a big, burly chain lock whose metal is still rockin’ hard but with a cover that looks a little rough around the edges? Perhaps it’s letting the steel through to scuff your ride? Lock Sock has you (and your lock) covered. Even better, you can freshen up the look to match your bike or commuter kit.

It’s made from 1000 denier cordura or ballistic nylon that’s tough, but also water permeable. That lets it protect without holding water that could rust your chain or pour out into your bag or down your clothes. Prices range from $25 to $35 depending on print and material. The cover is 38″ long, but with Velcro openings, it can split open to reveal as much or as little chain as you want.


First Look: Spin Doctor’s MXV & RXP Mini Pumps Are Value-Oriented


Mini pumps are not the typical sexy item that people lust over, or spend lots of time obsessing about the best one. But when you are out in the woods with a flat tire, it had better be a product that works.

Spin Doctor is a brand name of mail-order house Performance Bike, and a good portion of their product are the stock offerings from the major foreign ODM factories. This means that the products are made in the same factories as big-name products, designed by the factory, and then private-labeled by Spin Doctor. This can mean these products have most of the technology and features of more expensive product, but save money on simple visual design and packaging. Stock product from ODM factories are really great options for people who want an affordable part that works well.

The MXV and RXP Mini pumps appear to be great values for the cost. Aluminum barrels and handles, switchable heads, and metal cam actuators are features typically reserved for pumps much more expensive. Click inside the post to see how these pumps stack up…


No More Mud In Your Face With RockGuardz Evo2 Carbon Fiber Fender


Rockguardz, makers of carbon fiber fenders for mountain bikes, wanted to improve on their short length guard, and give it the performance of a longer guard. The shorter ones were popular for racing since they stayed out of the way, but didn’t provide as much coverage. By looking into the reasons why, they have brought out the Evo2, having the protection performance of a large coverage fender with the size of a small fender.

Rockguardz isn’t new, they have been making great carbon fiber covers for your down tube, and other fenders from carbon fiber, and getting their start by advertising on eBay.

Matt Walker, downhill rider for the Saracen development team helped with the research on getting this performance. They mapped out the tangents that mud flies off the front wheel, and insured this small fender would keep it out of the eyes of the rider.  Jump after the break to find out the story…


Hexoskin Arctic Smart Shirt Leaves your Old HRM in the Cold


When a heart rate monitor just won’t cut it, there is a new crop of “smart shirts.” More than simply a heart rate monitor, Hexoskin’s Smart Shirts use built in sensor technology to monitor Heart Rate Variability (HRV), breathing rate, minute ventilation, Heart Rate Recovery, Cadence, even an estimated Vo2 max and more.

Originally available in tank top form only, the new Hexoskin Arctic is much better suited to cold weather pursuits. Claimed to be used by NASA, CSA, and CNES for training purposes, Hexoskin reported collects 42,000 data points per minute. Does this signal a big change in training for the cycling industry? Details next…


Make Your Bike Look Pro With VeloInk Custom Name & Flag Decals

veloink1You have seen the pro’s bikes, each carefully labeled with the name of the owner and where they are from. Veloink is a small company starting with the creation of these decals for the rest of us that may not have a full-time professional mechanic to put them for us.

They have one of the most impressive lists of flags, including all states, most countries, Armed Forces and governmental divisions. When you type in your name, it ends up in a custom decal about a half inch tall, and 2-4 inches long, depending on text.

Check out the “I Ride For” decals after the jump, where they donate half of the gross sales to the Michael J. Fox foundation.


Design Your Own One-Off, Single-Piece Custom Cycling Kit With Hincapie Sports

Hincapie Sports Single Piece Custom Cycling Kit

Hincapie Sports now offering single piece custom cycling kit.

I’m a big fan of Premier League, particularly Newcastle United FC, so the opportunity to craft a full kit including a jersey, shorts, and accessories to show it is very appealing. Well, Hincapie Sports is now offering the option to design custom jerseys, bibshorts, shorts, and matching accessories for those riders among us who want to ride not just in style, but their own style. The kit includes the following:

  • Velocity Short Sleeve Jersey
  • Velocity Bibshort or Short
  • Element Arm Warmers
  • Element Knee Warmers
  • Velocity Plus Race Gloves

You get all that for $500. Yeah, it’s a bit much for a single kit, but it’ll be one of a kind and it’s far less than ordering a whole teams’ worth just get some unique threads for your team of one.

Giro DND Gloves X Cinelli Are Chas Christiansen’s Take on the Rider Collection


There have been a lot of Giro DND gloves that have found their aesthetic edge at the hands of Cinelli lately. The combination of well made gloves mixed with unique style in fairly limited batches seems to be a recipe for success which looks to have expanded with the recent launch of their Rider Collection.

Representing the first glove in the Rider Collection, Giro and Cinelli offer up the Shredder and they’re not talking TMNT….