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Shimano Continues to Celebrate 25 Years of SPDs with Special Edition Blue XTR Pedals and M200 Enduro Shoes


Following up on their announcement at the beginning of the year celebrating the 25th year anniversary with some entry level shoes and 530 pedals, Shimano has stepped up their game to the XTR level. They’ll now be putting out Special Editions of both Race and Trail versions of the new M900o pedals in striking blue. They also have introduced their matching pro rider shade of blue for their M200 Enduro/Trail shoes and the XC90 XC/CX ones.

Clip in past the break for some nice shots of the new top-end blue pedals and shoes…


Red Monkey Gets a Tighter Grip with new Klampz Silicone Lock-Ons


More and more riders are singing the praises of silicone grips thanks to the efforts of brands like Red Monkey and ESI. Even so, there are still those out there that prefer the convenience and holding power of a lock on. Since having options is always good, Red Monkey is putting the Klampz to their silicone with their first lock on grip. The silicone lock-ons offer all the performance you love of the original Red Monkey Grips, only with a little extra hardware…


Blackburn Offers Two Lights for the Price of One with the 2’Fer

7064519_Light_2Fer_Inset1 (1)

It’s a front light. It’s a rear. The new Blackburn 2’Fer is both. Adding to the growing number of compact LED lights that provide both white and red illumination for both front and rear use, the 2’Fer should make for a versatile light that is a perfect companion for your next adventure…


Trail Thrashing Review with Sweet Protection Bushwacker MIPS Helmet, Bearsuit Kneepads & more…


With a couple months of hot and dry weather across Europe, we’ve spent the better part of this summer getting as much trail riding in as we could. It was something of an idea to stay in the forests out of the sun a bit, but also a chance to get back to my personal technical mountain biking roots. With a few extended lift-assisted trips in some proper mountains, it also has been a chance to do some product testing on some more Enduro-leaning products. One kit we reached to a lot has been a 2016 preview that found its way to us from Norway by Sweet Protection. With a basic protection setup including a MIPS helmet, knee pads, and a pair of new lightweight gloves, I’ve done my best to put them to the test without going so far as to smacking my head on the ground or into any trees (at least not very hard, although it came close a few times.) Matched up with a lightweight long sleeve jersey and an over-the-knee pair of shorts the Sweet Protection gear has been a solid pick whenever the trail gets rough and the descents long.

Hop past the break for the low-down on each piece and our thoughts after a couple of months of riding up, over, and down a few mountains…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

BH_GraphicIndustry News

  • Enter Into the New BH Dimension – Interactively discover what riding the new BH Lynx 4.8 Carbon is like from your Smartphone or Tablet in three easy steps: 1- Download the free CLICKar app by clicking on Apple Store or Play Store. 2- Open it and scan the image. 3- Put yourself into the skin of BH Gravity Team riders.
  • Camelbak acquired for $412 million – BikeBiz reported earlier this week that Vista Outdoor, a designer, manufacturer and marketer in the outdoor sport and recreation market, has purchased the brand. More on the acquisition at


Women’s Cycling Summer Apparel Roundup with ORNOT, Ten Speed Hero, Velocio, Machines For Freedom, and Morvelo


A new era in women’s cycling has arrived. This roundup of women’s riding apparel, with a closer look at bibs, flaunts an impressive variety in construction, features and details. Gone are the days of settling for sized-down men’s kits, a chamois more suited for a Clydesdale, and sacrificing form for all-day riding comfort.

This summer is the season of bib selection. Enjoy your pick from a range of compression to tailored, race to endurance fits, multiple inseam length options, and strap design alternatives. Go far and ride strong in a performance kit just to your liking, and just for women…


Mission Workshop updates Hauser Hydration Backpack, offers limited Black Camo run

Mission Workshop hauser Hydration Pack, limited edition black camo, full shot

Mission Workshop’s Acre Supply line has updated its Hauser hydration pack with a firmer, thicker lumbar pad and removable internal frame sheet that adds just a bit of shape to the pack so it’s not quite so floppy when empty.

And, for a short while, they’re offering a limited edition in the black camo print seen here, constructed from last supplies of their MultiCam Black fabric. Textile engineers Crye Precision have since altered and replaced the MultiCam fabric and will not be producing any more of the outgoing type due to licensing agreements with their manufacturer. Pack it in to see the changes up close and how they turned black scraps into beautiful storage…

Handup Gloves Get More ‘Merican with New Camo/Blaze Orange, Reeb Models

handup gloves merica camo reeb (3)

Nothing quite says ‘Merica like some good old camouflage. Making a name for themselves with bold colors and wild designs, Handup Gloves is continuing on the path to manual domination with additional designs rather than completely new models. According to company owner Cody Wallis, Handup was started to combat the rising cost and complexity of most mountain bike gloves.

Harnessing design inspiration from his motocross racing days, Handup gloves are meant to be simple with no padding and a slip on design. That results in a glove that will protect your hand, provide adequate grip on the bike, and won’t slip on the post ride beverages either – all at an affordable price.

Since the basic design of the glove remains unchanged, Handup is free to concentrate on fun new designs that may or may not include camouflage…


The Ultimate MTB Glove? Kitsbow Introduces Their Mens All Mountain Glove

light_black_glove_front_hero11 light_black_glove_front_hero1

If you already cringe at the price of most mountain bike gloves, turn away now. Kitsbow’s new All Mountain Gloves are not for you. As usual, Kitsbow’s take on gloves means a no compromise approach to fit, materials, and comfort. Unfortunately, that also means no compromises when it comes to price. The result is a pair of gloves that dreams are made from, but at a price that may be out of reach for most riders…