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The Efneo Bicycle Gearbox Crank Hits Indiegogo, Puts 3 Speeds Up Front And Internal

Back in October, we showed you Efneo, a company out of Poland trying to bring a planetary gearbox crank to market. They have finally gotten the crank to crowdfunding on Indiegogo, and amazingly have already reached more than 1/3 of their goal in just 3 days.

Internal transmissions can be a love it or hate it idea for cyclists, but they are an excellent option for more casual cyclists, and the Efneo is created for these riders. Riding through a city, coming to many stop signs, and then taking off from each one, it takes time to train your mind to downshift your bike before each stop, and many casual users end up trying to take off again in a hard gear. The beauty of most internal drivetrains, and the Efneo, is that it can be downshifted without moving.

The other thing that sets the Efneo apart is a decently low price. Starting at just $220 during the campaign, it is considerably less expensive than say, the Truvativ Hammerschmidt, and still less than the similarly designed FSA Metropolis.

Take a look after the jump where the director of Manufacturing, Wictor, shows you how it works…


Review: ProTi FFR Titanium Bolts Save Weight, Increase Strength Through Forging


When trying to squeeze the very last bit of weight and performance out of a bike, some people turn to titanium bolts. Being just 56% of the density of steel, titanium can cut a lot of weight out the large amount of steel bolts that hold your bike together, yet Ti can be weaker when cut into bolts, giving safety concerns.

ProTi has a solution for that. By forging the bolt and not cutting it, the metal aligns itself with the end product better, creating a part that has all the weight savings of titanium, but retains the strength of a steel bolt. We took a first look at them in November, and recently picked up a kit to see how they stack up.

Ti bolts do not come cheap. ProTi’s FFR technology makes these some of the most expensive, but the forging makes them stronger so they can be used in more places. Take a look inside to see the cost vs weight savings, and decide for yourself if they can help make you faster…


Bontrager Aero Road Bike Helmet Tested at Tour Down Under


The 2015 Tour Down Under seemed to be the testing ground for several brands of aero helmets, including Bontrager’s potential entry into the market, Ballista.

Bontrager’s Ballista helmet features three large ports on the front side, channeling air inwards, with two trick looking, sculpted vents on top to allow air to flow through. On the rear of the helmet, you’ll find three exit ports, providing a nice flow of air front to rear, across one’s cranium.

You’ll have to pardon the quality of a few of these photos. They were snapped with a humble cell phone camera, as a soigneur impatiently looked on…


Moto brand Suomy diving head first into cycling helmets

Suomy Gun Wind road bike helmet for Team Lampre-Merida

Italian brand Suomy has been making a massive range of helmets for all manner of motorsports for years, and starting in February they’ll bring all that experience to all types of pedal-powered disciplines.

The lid above was spotted on Lampre-Merida riders at the Tour Down Under this week and is our first peek at what’s to come. It’s an interesting design, featuring perpendicular top vents with a reinforcing ridge with more traditionally angled vents along the side and rear.

Strap on your thinking cap for more pics and details…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win a set of Industry Nine wheels and the proceeds go to a great cause. Visit the Trips for Kids of Western North Carolina site for more information but do it quickly as there are only 100 tickets available!
  • The 2nd Annual Richmond Endurance Athlete Symposium is this Saturday January 24th at the Westin Richmond. Presenters will give 30-60 minute talks to inspire and educate athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals who are passionate about endurance sports.
  • Bicycle Technologies International (BTI) is now distributing hand crafted leather saddles from Rivet Cycle Works. Ask your local bike shop to carry these beautiful saddles.
  • Were you already planning to go to Louisville in March for NAHBS? Consider volunteering and snag a one-day pass to the show plus a souvenir limited-edition NAHBS Volunteer T-shirt when you sign up as a volunteer. More importantly, you’ll have the chance to meet other great volunteers, form new friendships, and have the satisfaction of knowing that thanks to you, this amazing show can keep happening each and every year!
  • Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual Tour de Pier. On Sunday, May 17, the award-winning stationary cycling event pedals its way back to the South Bay shores benefiting three cancer charities: the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research; the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach and the Uncle Kory Foundation.
  • Sleet and snow is currently falling in the Smokey Mountains but thankfully, Spring will be here in less than two months. Welcome Spring by riding in the Tour De Smokies March 22nd – 25th in Eastern Tennessee.This year, you’ll share the journey with legendary TV personality and former Professional Cyclist Bob Roll, retired Pro Cyclist George Hincapie and Chef and Vintner Michael Chiarello, ending each day’s ride with extraordinary food, wine and company.
  • Do you live in Indiana? There are 3 bills in the Indiana Legislature that would require motorists to leave 3 feet when passing bicyclists. Let’s hope that this passes.
  • Meanwhile in neighboring Kentucky, a new bill introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly would require kids under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.
  • Fortified Bicycle, Inc. has won $150K from Chase Bank’s Mission Main Streets program. Plus, in the typically slow month of December they hit 179% of their projections. Great news for the manufacturers of high quality bike lights that you can leave on your bike without the fear of having them stolen.
  • Portland, Oregon, is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country, where you can also find great folks there like Rhona Mahl who is the director of Braking Cycles. Rhona directs an outreach to homeless youth in Portland and they’re opening a bike and coffee shop that will not only bring benefit to the community by providing great coffee and bike tuneups but also provide apprenticeships for Portland youth as well. Check them out.
  • Polar Bottle wants to hear from you. Over the years, they have had various customers inquire about whether or not we are ever going to release a Polar Bottle water bottle with a larger fluid capacity. They now need your help to decide whether they should move forward on designing one. Give them your feedback in this survey.
  • Diamondback will be offering participants of the Wildflower Triathlon pro-deal pricing on its new Tri/TT bike the Serios. Diamondback Bicycles entered the triathlon market at this past Kona Ironman with the introduction of the Serios. Photo below…


Giant testing aero road bike helmet at Tour Down Under

giant bicycles aero road bike helmet launched at tour down under 2015

Spotted on the Giant-Alpecin team is the bike brand’s latest lid, putting them in the midst of the aero helmet game alongside Specialized, Giro and others.

While most pics floating around the Interwebs show just the exterior atop a rider, we managed to find one in the pits and scored some closeup and interior shots, showing the channeling and retention system. The helmet uses three massive front ports to bring air in and four rear ones to let it out. Inside, channels should keep the air flowing smoothly between the two and help keep your noggin cool.

Other than that, it’s one solid, smooth surface for the air to glide over…


Limited Edition: 25 years of Shimano SPDs and Shoes


It has been 25 years since Shimano first introduced their M737 mountain bike clipless pedal, and together with their M100 shoe, SPDs set the benchmark that all modern mountain bike pedals have been measured against. With Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, Shimano has since developed pedals that are lighter, better in the mud, and now adapted to everything from commuters and spinning classes to World Cup cross country and downhill racing. At the same time the cleat interface became the standard that the mountain bike cycling shoe industry has built itself on, as legions of other pedal makers have brought out alternatives.

To celebrate the SPD, Shimano is now releasing a 25th anniversary limited edition 5-series pedal and trail shoe combo, highlighting how the technology has evolved and both pedals and shoes have become specialized over the years. Join us after the break for a look at the shoes and pedals and to see how far they’ve come.


SKS Helps Fatter 29″ Tires Cover up with New X-Tra Dry XL and Shockboard XL Fenders

SKS X-tra dry xl shockboard mtb mountain bike fender (5)

If you’re lucky enough to have somewhere to ride your mountain bike when it rains, decent fenders can be a helpful addition to your bike. But since no one really likes to ride around with fenders when it’s dry out, it helps if the fenders can be quickly removed and installed – otherwise they’re going to sit in your garage unused. As tires continue to get bigger, so must the fenders which is why SKS has introduced the new X-Tra Dry XL rear and Shockboard XL front fenders. Designed to provide more coverage, the X-Tra DRy XL measures in at 80mm longer and 10mm wider than the original, while the Shockboard XL adds 60mm in length as well.

Still just as easy to put on and take off, the pair is worth a look for anyone riding 29ers or fat 700c tires…


Let Your Mind Flow Down The Singletrack With Twisted Trails, A Collection Of Short Mountain Biking Stories from Alex Hutchinson


Mountain bikers like to trade stories. Maybe it about that time you took that really huge superman, or the time you had to backtrack to find your lost keys and saw Cougar prints on top your tire tracks. Most cycling print though is dedicated to the shiny bits, when all we really want to do is re-live the experience of the trails over and over in our minds.

Alex Hutchinson loves to tell tales, so he has created his first collection of short stories. Published via e-book, it will keep the price low and easy to reach, since he says his e-books outsell his printed ones 4 to 1 anyway.

“From the first day I climbed on a mountain bike, I felt the need to write about the experience. Freedom, independence, self-propulsion and exploration are concepts so revealing of our nature that they beg for the loving embrace of short story fiction. These past six years have provided me with a wealth of interesting characters, intense races and natural beauty. All of which made it easy and fun to write these stories.”

So next time you think you have spent way too much time reading about carbon fiber rim stiffness, take a break and let your mind wander to where it really wants to be, on the trail.

Alex says Twisted Trails will be released February 15th, consisting of 9 stories that are fictional tales about the sport. Best of all, it’s only $1.99 on pre-order for Kindle.