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Challenge Adds Wider MTB Two Tubular, Works with Effetto Mariposa On Revolutionary Carogna Tubular Tape

Challenge Effetto mariposa carogna tubular tape (2)

Tubulars might not be the first thing on your mind for mountain bike tires, unless you’re a racer. Even then the number of mountain bikers running tubulars is fairly small compared to the road or cross.However, if you are one of the few gluing your tires to your rims for the dirt, Challenge has a new tire for you. Called simply the MTB Two, the new tire picks up where the original MTB One left off with a wider, more aggressive build.

If you look at the performance benefits of tubulars, it’s surprising they’re not more popular – until you consider the time and skill needed to glue them to the rim. But what if there was a better way? It looks like Effetto Mariposa may have answered that question…


Giant DH Bikes Get Advanced with the new Carbon Fiber Glory 27.5

Glory Advanced _1

One look at the times from a World Cup should be all you need to know that DH races are won and lost by seconds – sometimes even less. As downhill bikes have evolved, the recent trends include the move to 27.5″ wheels and carbon fiber frames. Both technologies are an effort to squeeze every bit of performance out of the machine for an all out, mash on the pedals run to the bottom. Developed with Colombian DH phenom Marcelo Guttierez, Giant introduced 27.5″ wheels to the Glory line with the ALUXX SL frame last year. A continuation of that quest for speed, the new Advanced 27.5 Glory builds on the proven race pedigree of the aluminum model, but sheds a bit of weight in the process.

Calling it the lightest DH frame Giant has ever produced (as it should be), the Glory Advanced is poised for the podium…


Asterion’s F-One Cross Country Wheelsets Roll Out at Sub 1200G

2015 Asterion F-One Wheelset, 29" wheel

F-1. A simple letter and a number combination that has garnered global recognition in the automotive racing world and become synonymous with speed, performance and technology. It’s a fitting name for competition or luxury level componentry, such as these ultralight, hand-built cross country wheels from France’s Asterion.

Asterion is a small operation that assembles about 10 wheelsets a day, but the company is growing with an impressively wide selection of high-end stock and custom wheels. Their new carbon F-One wheelset should catch the eye of weight-conscious cross-country riders. According to Asterion, the 27.5” F-One wheelset weighs in at 1137g, and the 29” set weighs 1184g, not including the tubeless valves or rim tape. There are a few options to choose that might change that number, but you’re still looking at some very svelte wheels.

Find out about Asterion’s rim options after the jump…


Intense teases custom, one-off “Spider” dual slalom full suspension for Shaun Palmer

prototype intense spider dual slalom full suspension mountain bike for shaun palmer

Put together just for their newest factory rider, Shaun Palmer, this one-of-a-kind dual slalom bike from Intense could be making its competitive debut at the Sea Otter Classic. But that’s not all they may introduce at the world’s largest consumer bike expo…we hear the junior development DH team will announcing the new team members, too!

First things first: The frame looks to be based on their mid-travel Spider full suspension mountain bike, but with geometry specified by Palmer. It was then fabricated by Jeff Steber and made into a frame by Rick the Welder. Wheel’s are 27.5″, with parts from sponsors DT Swiss, Maxxis, SRAM, Fox and Renthal. While’s pure speculation on our part, we’re thinking he might just be taking this thing out on the dirt on Sea Otter’s extremely spectator friendly slalom course.

In January, Intense opened up the application process for any licensed DH racer between ages 15-17 to earn a spot on their new team, which Palmer will help shepherd to podiums. Intense’s marketing manager told us “Palmer is sponsoring his own Junior team this year. Sponsors are Intense (of course) and many others. We plan to do a media launch and introduce the team and sponsors at Sea Otter.”

Vee Tire Adds More 27.5+ Sizes, Introduces White Fat Bike Treads

Vee Tire Co 27+ white fat bike tires (1)

Just under a year ago, we caught wind of the first 27.5+ offering when Vee Tire Co. informed us that their Trax Fatty model would soon be available in a 27.5×3.25″ model. Looking around the show there were a few generic bikes fitted with the new tire size, but nothing that would have suggested it catching on in a big way. Now, headed into Taipei show and Sea Otter season there still aren’t a ton of options but it seems like the tide is swelling.

Originally planning just to offer the 27.5×3.25″ size, Vee is introducing two more widths to round out the line. Meant to fit better in smaller frames, Vee sees the Semi Fat market exploding in the coming year…


Panaracer Adds 27.5+ FatBNimble Tire, Covers Most Plus Size Options

panaracer b nimble fat bike tire 27 plus 29 26 (3)

If you haven’t already noticed, there seems to be a lot of buzz around mid fat wheels and tires, especially the new 27.5+ size. We’re already hearing rumors that Sea Otter will really be 650b+ Otter, and to go along with that a few companies are bulking up their tire options. Panaracer already offered their FatBNimble in 29+ and 26×4.0″ fat bike sizes, but the news from Frostbike is the addition of a 27×3.5″ size that is claimed to be impressively light…


Bionicon Adds New Raw Finish Edison EVO, and more



As spring nears and we are dreaming of snow melting from trails we just got word from Bionicon that they are now delivering the new 2015 Edison EVO, which we tested last fall, to the first customers. In a pleasant update of giving consumers what they want, Bionicon tells us that they were getting some feedback that the neon orange and yellow paint schemes were too loud and so made a running decision to offer a low-key Raw frameset as an option. The raw frames are sanded and clear coated to protect the frames and get very minimal branding. If you are interested in a less more subdued finish, the Raw bikes will be available with the next production batch in May.

Bioinicon also announced a new lower cost option for buyers making advanced purchases, and some new suspension options. Hop past the break for more details and a couple more pics…


Review: Carbon Railed WTB Volt Saddle

WTB Carbon Volt Saddle (2)


Saddle preference is about as subjective as someone’s spicey food tolerance. Make that salsa too hot, or embark on too long a ride with a saddle that just isn’t right, and you’ll often end up wearing the same pain face.

While Fi’zi:k saddles go over as well with my butt as ornery Mexican food, WTB saddles have always felt just right, so I was very excited when they offered to send out a weight weenie saddle for a Santa Cruz Highball project. READ MORE ->

Kuroshiro Spreads Wings with new Super Light Enso 747 27.5+ Carbon Rim

Kuroshiro 747 carbon  (10)

At this point, the introduction of the Kuroshiro enso 747 should probably come as no surprise. Almost exactly one year ago, Mauro Bertolloto came to us with the introduction of what he felt was a revolutionary product, an exceptionally light carbon rim for fat bikes with some interesting tech. Combining forces with Alchemist composites, the Italian duo created a carbon fat bike rim that claimed to be the lightest and stiffest rim on the market, yet one that did not need sealing tape to run tubeless.

It wasn’t long before Kuroshiro were onto their next project, launching the enso 950. Applying many of the same design features to the world of 29+, the 950 had one key difference. Due to the added size of the rim, the original 685 design didn’t provide the stiffness needed for aggressive riding. The fix was to change the center spline into the new Alpha Ridge which serves as a box structure filled with a special closed cell foam that would increase stiffness without adding much at all in terms of weight.

After the development of the 950 was completed, all that was left for the new 747 size was to make it a bit smaller and dial it in for what Mauro sees as the future of the 27.5+ standard…