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Orange’s Long-Running Five Is New Again, Longer, Slacker & Stiffer


The Orange Five has been around for over 10 years, and continues to run in all of its simplistic, single pivot glory. Updated in 2013 for 27.5 wheels, it also received a through-axle update at that time. Now, the front end gets an update, moving from a bent top tube, to a straight one with a jump brace that will increase front end stiffness by 15%.

Available mid-February, they are just showing it off now at Silverstone. The British brand’s best selling model keeps going strong since the mud-prone country loves to keep their bikes simple and easy to repair.

It will be available in three colors and builds, check out the pictures and geometry of the new model after the jump


Commencal Meta SX Rolls Into the USA with Limited Edition 650b Wheels

Commencal meta sx 650b 27.5 26 pink mountain bike enduro (1)

Judging by Ergon’s choice to offer Bikini Pink as their limited edition color, we’d say they know something about the colors for Enduro in the coming season. By the looks of things, EndurBro blue will soon be replaced by Enduro Pink (Endurink?) and seems to be the color of choice for the new range of Commencal’s Meta SX.

Up until now, the Meta SX remained a 26″ hold out which it still is – mostly. Along with a full offering of 26″ models, the smaller wheels will be joined by a limited edition Essential version that rolls on 27.5″ wheels. Limited to just one model for us here in the U.S., Euroupe will have a second color option which is more black than pink as well as frameset options for each.

Designed specifically with Enduro in mind, the Meta SX will have you gunning for that stage win assuming you like pink…


Are you a Surly Superfan? Spread the Love with $150 Off Your Next Bike!


Surly bikes are a bit of an anomaly in the bike industry. Never ones to follow the trends of the next “game changing” bicycle design, Surly has simply stuck with quality steel bikes that are fun to ride. Whether it’s a cargo bike, a fat bike, or just a mountain bike, you could say they are a fan of the KISS principle and are well, kind of surly about it.

Even with numerous high end bikes flowing in and our of the Bikerumor offices, a Surly Pugsley that I bought years ago is still hanging on the wall. You could say I was introduced corrupted at an early age while working at the shop of Yafro’s father, but there has always been at least one Surly in the collection. But I know I an not unique. Surly has built their brand on legions of devoted followers who also like simple, fun, steel bikes that don’t cost a fortune.

As a way of saying thanks to their Superfans, Surly is offering an impressive $150 off any Surly complete bike at your local bike store, or in stock at QBP. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid in the United States, and you have until April 1st, 2015 to cash in. Check out the coupon after the break.


The New Pivot LES Fat Might Be the Most Versatile Fat Bike Yet!

Pivot LES Fat Bike carbon aaron chase single speed 29+ 27+ (2)

Pivot just recently announced the signing of Freeride star and pioneer Aaron Chase. So naturally, the first bike that Pivot has him introduces is…. a fat bike. The Pivot LES Fat is not just any fat bike though, it is what looks to be a category crushing jack of all trades that just happens to be fat.

Now, there are a number of bikes out there that make that claim to be versatile, but how many of those are built to adapt to 4 different wheel size standards? Better yet, Pivot claims that 26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+ wheels and tires can all be run on the LES Fat without compromises in geometry. Throw in the ability to run rigid or suspension for the front end, 1x, 2x, or even single speed drivetrains, and internal dropper posts and you have a serious contender for the new fat super bike.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, there are gratuitous (corked!) backflips on a fat bike after the jump…


First 2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Frames to be Offered Through Kickstarter

fat chance yo eddy team frame 2015 kickstarter jersey (1)

The rebirth of Fat Chance Bicycles caught the attention of a lot of OG riders after it was announced just before Interbike last year. One of the big names of early mountain biking, Chris Chance and his team developed a legion of dedicated followers and a number of vintage bikes that still go for big bucks if you can find one used.

We haven’t heard much from Fat Chance in the way of product since first teasing the reincarnation of the company, but with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign we’re getting close. Starting with the Yo Eddy Team frame, the first batch of frames will only be available through Kickstarter. Details on pricing, frame specs, and more, next…


Australian Composites Company Bouwmeester Departs From The Norm, Shows Single Wall Enduro Rim


Every once in a while, a product comes along that seriously intrigues us by rolling far outside the cycling industry thinking norm, and creating something that is seriously new.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Bouwmeester Composites is designing and producing carbon composite products by hand in Australia. They say their local manufacturing is critical to the performance of their end products because they can have 100% control over the technology and quality of the manufacturing process for the finished product.

The Bouwmeester Composites Tammar V4.8 carbon fiber rims excite us with their combination of new ideas while advancing current trends. The idea of a wide rim is pretty hot right now in both road and mountain. The 27.5″ wheel is pretty established for “enduro”, and single-walled carbon fiber rims are already pioneered by several companies for fat bike rims. However, it’s Bouwmeester’s combination of the two (and their reasons for doing so) that make us really wanna get on a pair to see how they ride…


Long Term Review: The Juliana Furtado Primeiro Women’s Mountain Bike


Mountain Biking derailed my chance of a normal career. It is my obsession and sometimes it feels as if my life is really just ribbons of single track strung together by the ordinary moments known as daily life.

The majority of you reading this likely share that same obsession, but according to our web analytics, probably don’t have a second X chromosome. Yet according to recent studies, women are the largest potential growth area for the cycling market, and recently manufacturers have begun to take notice.

First amongst these brands is Juliana Bicycles, which is named after the legendary racer Juliana Furtado. These bikes share the same platform as Santa Cruz, but are differentiated by smaller bars, a ladies saddle, and a distinct paint job…Which is why this is the most difficult review I have ever written.


First Impressions: Yeti New Switch Infinity Equipped SB5c Trail Monster


Built around an aggressive geometry and a new suspension platform dubbed Switch Infinity, the Yeti SB5C is one of the most anticipated new trail bikes of 2015. It replaces the Yeti SB75, the company’s first attempt at a from-the-ground-up 650B model, which received lukewarm reviews when it was launched last year.

Designed to tread the middle ground between trail and enduro, we’ve had the opportunity to abuse the new bike on our home trails. Has it lived up to the hype so far?


Just In: Ultra Wide Ibis 741 Carbon 27.5 Wheels

Ibis 741 carbon mountain bike wheels super wide enduro (3)

As the march to a wider wheel seems inevitable, certain companies are pushing that notion to the extreme. At this point in the evolution, you can’t talk wide wheels without including Ibis Cycle’s new line of carbon hoops. Boasting massive internal and external widths, the wheels are barely a step below the “+” size rims found in 29″ and now 27.5″.

Aimed squarely at the growing Enduro market, honestly the Ibis 741s look to be an enticing option for anyone looking for ultra wide, light wheels for their mountain bike. Then there’s the price – considering they are less than a set of rims from some competitors, Ibis seems to be building momentum for their stand-alone wheels…