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SOC15: Marin Celebrates 30 Years with 27+ Pine Mountain 1, Four Corners Touring Rig, Plus Vintage Collection

Marin bikes 30th anniversary 27 plus pine mountain four corners touring (11)


Between Marin’s booth and the Subaru exhibit, vintage bike nerds should have had a great time at Sea Otter. While Sea Otter was celebrating 25 years, Marin was pushing the big 30 going back to the days when Joey Murray was the original product manager for projects like the first Madrone Trail (which was on display). Thirty years later, Marin is once again working with Joe Murray and the brand has a few new bikes in the works like the plus sized Pine Mountain series.

Starting with the Pine Mountain 1, Marin is toeing the waters with a fully rigid plus sized bike, but this is just the beginning…


SOC15: Closeup look at new Turner Burner, Sultan 27.5+ and Cyclosys cyclocross bike

2016 Turner Cyclosys alloy cyclocross and gravel bike

Just before Sea Otter, Turner Bikes teased three new models with limited details: The all-new Cyclosys cyclocross bike, a completely redesigned Burner and a Sultan with 27.5+ tires replacing its standard 29er rubber. Here’s the complete story on the new bikes…

“I’m buried in cross all fall,” Dave Turner said. “I love it. I race it all winter long. But I don’t think you need a twitchey handling race bike. And I think most ‘cross bikes end up seeing a lot of other uses the rest of the year, whether for commuting or just regular old riding. And I don’t think most people need a true gravel bike either, most of those look like a 1982 Fisher or Ritchey mountain bike. Unless you’re racing the Dirty Kanza or riding gravel across an entire state, something like the Cyclosys is plenty stable with the right kind of tires. I’ve tried to split the difference.”


SOC15: Haro bringing back full suspension mountain bikes, updates carbon hardtail

2016 Haro Shift full suspension mountain bikes

After a few year hiatus from performance oriented full suspension mountain bikes, Haro is back with a three-model collection called Shift.

There are two frame models, a single pivot and a four bar linkage, all using 27.5 wheels and the same front triangle for the most part, with only the pivot placements being different. The same tubing is used on all of the rear triangles, too, with the single pivot getting struts added to the front. And it’s all 6061 T6 alloy. The four bar linkage model will come in two versions, one with normal wheels and one spread wider for 27.5+ tires.


SOC15: Foes reveals gorgeous new 27.5″ Hydro DH bike, converts Mutz fat bike to 27.5+

2015 Foes Hydro H2 275 650B downhill mountain bike with all new frame

If there’s anyone that can make aluminum just as sexy as carbon, it’s Brent Foes. With so many years of experience building smoothly rounded monocoque frames, it’s no wonder the all-new Foes Hydro H2 downhill bike is such a looker.

The new frame was designed and built for 27.5″ wheels, keeping the 8″ of travel and plenty of room for 2.5″ tires. The 2.3:1 leverage ratio lets him use a lighter spring so it’s more supple, but the linkage makes it a rising rate to ramp up smoothly towards the end of travel.

Frame weight dropped by about half a pound compared to the 26″ model, with a claimed weight of 10.5 pounds with a Cane Creek Double Barrel. Brent told us this one was 36.5lbs as shown.


SOC15: Spot Brand developing unique leaf spring-and-pivot full suspension mountain bike

prototype Spot Brand Living Link full suspension mountain bike

It’s becoming more and more rare to find a truly new suspension design these days, but small city and commuter bike company Spot Brand seems to have done just that.

Designed by none other than Avid founder Wayne Lumpkin, it’s called the Living Link suspension system. What sets it apart is the lower linkage, which is built around a titanium leaf spring coupled with a pivot. The visual effect is a very interesting rear triangle motion, and the performance effect claims to be an enhanced spring curve, efficient climbing, smooth descending, lighter weight and less maintenance. Oh, and it’s extremely stiff laterally…


Fat Chance Yo Eddy frames revised to boost tire clearance, improve cable routing

Fat Chance Yo Eddy hardtail mountain bike updated for April 2015

When they made their debut appearance at NAHBS this spring, the new 2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy looked good, using a True Temper steel frame in both 27.5 and 29er sizes. One common attribute was the very short 433mm (17.04″) chainstays, which made for some very tight rear tire clearance on the 29er.

Chris Chance listened, and he’s reworked the 29er’s seat tube with a slight bend, opening up space for improved mud and debris clearance. It’s not enough to up the tire allowance, so 29×2.25 is still about the max recommendation. But it does lead to other changes…


SOC15: DT Swiss reboots Mon Chasseral road wheels in carbon, 27.5+ rims & carbon OPM Race fork closeup

2016 DT Swiss Mon Chasseral carbon fiber road bike wheelset

The Mon Chasseral was DT Swiss’ first real complete road wheel, which was all alloy at its inception in 2005. Now, the name is back, but it’s gone to mostly carbon with all-new carbon hubs and carbon rims.

The hub is based on their 180 but with a new carbon fiber shell. The front hub’s shell is full carbon, and the rear is mostly so with an alloy spoke flange on the driveside. It’s packed with their top of the line SINC ceramic bearings. They designed the bearings, having them manufactured and sized specifically for these hubs rather than taking something off the shelf and building the rest of the parts to fit them. The cartridge is about the same size as others, but inside, the ball is made to their spec to control the tolerances. Altogether, the hub set is about 30g lighter than a stock 180.

The rim is their current tubeless ready carbon clincher that’s on the RC28 wheelset. The spokes are DT Aerolite, 18 front and 24 rear. Wheelset weight is 1280, and price is $TBD. Available in August.

More pics and other new stuff below…


SOC15: Airborne Plus Sized Takes Flight with New Griffin 27+

Airborne griffin 27+ plus sized mountain bike fat manitou sram gxIMG_7010

There is no denying that plus sized tires were a big thing at Sea Otter this year.  Whether you look at them as an addition to the evolution of mountain bikes or a branch in a new direction that has been growing for a few years now, there were a number of new bikes to check out.

Even though multiple bike manufacturers are exploring plus sized options, how each company is translating that into a finished product turns out to be quite different. While some companies like Trek are sticking with 29+ as their only options, other brands like Airborne are skipping over 29+ and going straight to 27+.  As Airborne puts it, the new Griffin was meant to be an aggressive XC hard tail with a bit of BMX influence to create a super fun and capable bike built around the mid-fat wheels and tires…


SOC15: Specialized launches Fuse, Ruze 27.5+, new Rumor 650 trail bike, Command Post & more!

2016 Specialized Fuse 275+ 6fatty hardtail mountain bike

The new Specialized Fuse (men’s) and Ruze (women’s) trail hardtails are built from ground up for their 27.5+ (6fatty) wheels and tires, tailoring the geometry to the new tire size and introducing new parts and frame designs to go along with it.

Both bikes will come with new Ground Control 27.5 x 3.0 tires that tip the scales around 900g, and they’ll have Purgatory 27.5 x 3.0 (around 1000g) available separately if you need something more aggressive. Both have a 60tpi folding bead tubeless ready carcass, and the Pro model will have them wrapped around new 38mm wide (inside) welded alloy Roval Fatty rims laced to Boost 148 and 110 hubs.

The tires may have inspired the new bike, but it’s the unique design that makes them fit…