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A week in review: Smart helmets, pink bikes, and that beee-utiful Garbaruk cassette adapter

Livall Bling Bh60 2 maxx-pink-girls-youth-fat-bike-mountain-bike01

Commencal_A-La-Carte-Project_Meta-SX-3-4 Garbaruk_Xtender-ST_steel-cassette-expander_Shimano-11speed_32-38-45_proto

This week we have some great round ups from the Philly Bike Show, Peaty is getting ready to say adios…. but not yet, and what is with all the things lighting up that are not lights? We took a look at new kicks from DZR and Northwave as well as a lot of really nice apparel from Rapha and the new to the U.S. eye-catching Attaquer brand.

Move on past the break to take a rather in depth glimpse of our week in review…..


The 2016 YT Capra AL Aims for Wallet Friendly Shredding


If you’ve been looking for a seriously capable long travel Enduro machine, the prices of some bikes may leave you more breathless than the climbs. Now, let’s not kid ourselves – $2899-$3499 is still a big chunk of money, but compared to similar bikes that cost hundreds more, the YT Capra AL series is looking like a pretty good value.

For 2016, the aluminum goat is updated with new build kits with the Capra AL, and Comp 1 and Comp 2. I you’re looking for 160-170mm of travel with a smart build kit that won’t leave you wanting more, it might be time to check out YT…


Commencal goes A La Carte


The new À La Carte Project from Commencal brings a degree of kit customization that you rarely find in the bike industry. Buying a bike from most of the major bike companies means a couple of options for component spec at a few different cost levels. Some companies offer more options than others, and online bike builder customization tools have begun to expand to get closer to your perfect dream bike. The À La Carte Project takes it one more step. Come past the fold for a closer look at what sets this customization tool apart from most online bike builders…


Fezzari busts out Cascade Peak 27.5+ mountain bike with a Price that May Be Worth it

Fezzari Cascade 3

After months of testing and getting final production going, Fezzari introduces its new Cascade Peak 27.5+ full suspension  mountain bike. We first saw a prototype of it at Sea Otter with a raw finish and before they had the final component spec. Now, it’s got a proper paint job, an impressive build kit and a price that’ll leave some scratching their heads.

Roll over the break and find to see the Cascade Peak in all of it’s glory and if this kind of purchase is in your future…..


PBE15: Fenix Flies with Full Size Folding 27.5″ and 27+ Santos Mountain Bikes

FENIX BYKES folding full size santos 275 plus mountain bike (3)

Having already created a clever way to create a full size folding rigid 29er/road bike, Fenix Bykes owner Scott Turner decided it was time to adapt the technology to smaller wheels and bigger tires. Specifically, Scott wanted to be able to take a bike with him when he went to visit his family in Florida. Not far from one of Florida’s best spots for mountain biking, the Santos trails served as the inspiration for the Santos and Santos Plus. If you’ve ridden Santos you know that thanks to all of the jumps and features (that are still being added to by folks like Ray Petro), a bike with suspension and slacker geometry can come in handy.

Wanting to put a full size hard tail mountain bike with a longer travel suspension fork and 27.5″ wheels and even a plus size mountain bike into a travel suitcase meant a few modifications to the design were required…


Huffy Goes Plus Size, Trolls E-Bikes/Dirt Bikes with “Be The Motor” Video?

Huffy Warhawk 29 plus 3

You know a new wheel size has made it when you start to find them in local department stores. Remember the first WalMart 29ers? Fixed GearsFat Bikes? Being able to pick up your newest bicycle along with a 24 pack of white tube socks, some lawn furniture, and a box of Twinkies doesn’t have to be reserved for your run of the mill 26″ wheels any more. Now you can find bikes of all types in the sporting goods section (next to the toys) – even plus size bikes thanks to a new range from Huffy.

In all seriousness, we’ve heard from many sources that plus size tires could be the future of mountain bikes for beginner and intermediate riders. If that’s the case, then the new Huffys are probably just the beginning…


Cycle Monkey Springs the new Ventana Wolfram 27+ into the Wild

Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (17)

We’re starting to see a lot of interesting product launches sent out way via Cycle Monkey in Richmond, CA. It should probably come as little surprise, since the U.S. distributor and service center for Rohloff Speedhubs is working to position themselves as the source for all things adventure and bikepacking.

The latest news from Cycle Monkey preempts their showing at the Philly Bike Expo where they will be helping to introduce the new Ventana Wolfram 27.5+ mountain bike. Built specifically around the smaller + size, the Wolfram combines modern MTB geometry with Rohloff compatibility for another interesting + size ripper… READ MORE ->

Raleigh Puts Fun First with New Redux, Carbon Roker, Merit Road, Pardner Fat Bike, and more

raleigh bikes 2016 fat redux roker merit pardner rumson skarn (33)

You can talk about high end components and bike weight until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re not having fun on your bike, many would say you’re missing the point. In a nut shell, that’s the direction Raleigh is taking with their line for 2016. That’s not to say Raleigh is without any high end bikes for next year – the new Carbon Skarn full suspension bike is offered as proof. But that for the bulk of the line they are focused on well spec’ed, affordable, fun bikes for the city, open road, dirt, and for youth…


Full Suspension Fat vs. Plus – Is there room for Both?


Since the introduction of full suspension fat bikes, one of the most often asked questions seems to be, “why?” The fat tire creations are definitely one of those bikes that has its own little niche, and to understand the need you really have to ride it.

As someone who can appreciate the use for a full suspension fat bike but never really felt the need to buy one, the full suspension Plus bike poses an interesting question. Now that there is a fat tire middle ground for full suspension, for a company like Salsa is there really a need for both? Apparently I wasn’t the only one to ask that question at the Salsa demo for Biketoberfest, and the answer is really one you have to decide for yourself….