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EB15: WTB Trail Boss Bulks Up, More Detail on the PadLoc Grip System, More

wtb padloc saddle fit trail boss 3 (9)

Just after riling everybody up with their new grip “standard,” WTB was on hand in Germany to show off a few more new products. Adding a third tire to their plus size lineup, the new Trail Boss 3.0 is essentially a larger Plus size version of their popular trail tire.

Read on for more about the Trail Boss 3.0, plus why the PadLoc grip system may not be such a bad idea…

EB15: Evil Rises Up with 27.5″ Wheeled Insurgent

evil insurgent 275  (6)

Some would have you believe the choice between 27.5 and 29″ wheels is equivalent to the battle between good and evil. Fortunately, now you can have both from Evil bikes. After launching their 29 inch wheeled The Following, Evil is rolling out their 27.5″ option called the Insurgent.

Equipped with 150 mm of travel, midsized wheels, and fun, adjustable geometry, the Insurgent continues Evil’s revolt against boring bikes…


EB15: Charge Color Codes a Revamped Line-up of Gravel/Cross, 27+, and Urban Bikes


UK-based Charge Bikes has pretty much simplified their bikes into three clear lines for next season with a color-coded palette across the board that progresses from barebones grey singlespeeds up to kitted-out raw titanium bikes at the top. Charge built a set of paint booths at Eurobike to show the more unified range and how the Colour Lab concept ties the bikes together. In between greys things get more colorful, with the Plug fat tire road bikes getting the brightest colors, the Cooker mountain bikes getting pure colors, and the Grater urban bikes more subdued tones. 

Roll past the break for a run down of the bikes with UK/EU/US pricing, and another amusing video of the 27+ bike in its supposed natural habitat…


EB15: Even the Packaging Provides Protection with Continental’s Limited Der Baron Projekt

Continental der baron special edition tires fender enduroDSC04983

After introducing the Projekt series last year at Sea Otter, Continental is finally set to release the last of their limited edition Projekt tires. Aimed at the world of Enduro racing, Der Baron Projects have been tested and developed with the Athertons at various races across the globe. Taking a bit longer to reach production, Der Baron was delayed due to Continental’s desire to get the feel of the tire just right.

Apex protection relies on a urethane insert that starts at the bead and reaches to about the halfway point on the sidewall. Too much protection from the insert and the tire will feel too stiff since the sidewall would lack suppleness. Too little protection, and obviously the tire would not survive the rigors of enduro. Getting that balance just right apparently took longer than expected, though the tire should be shipping world wide by the end of the year. As a result of all the testing, the finished tire is said to be excellent at preventing burping. Like the other Projekt tires, Der Baron comes in 27.5 x 2.4.

As an added bonus, Der Baron Projekt includes unique packaging that, in a collaboration with rie:sel design, should help protect your bike as well…

EB15: AX Lightness Builds Enduro Wheels to a T


AX Lightness had teased for a while that they were doing something different to build a wheel that could handle Enduro abuse, and now we’ve got a chance to take a closer look. The new rim leaves pretty much all of their previous shaping concepts behind to build a new T-profiles rim that is specifically engineered to survive racing Enduro where wheels sometimes get banged out of shape or broken regularly at races. The new rims are designed to allow some flexibility to handle impacts and get a bead shaped to drastically reduce pinch flatting.

Spin on across the fold to check out the rim profile and see how it works…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

WARNING: This video features no riding whatsoever.

FIND YOURSELF OUTSIDE from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

Travel & Touring

  • Hipcamp Launches “Airbnb” for Outdoors | Unlocks Private Lands – Hipcamp, the website that makes getting outside fun and easy, is bringing the sharing economy, made popular by Airbnb, to the outdoors. Check out Hipcamp’s Land Sharing video to be transported to these unspoiled lands. Be sure to turn up the volume to get the full effect!

More news and pumptrack event info after the break…


Devinci rocks ‘n’ rolls with new Hendrix RS 27.5+ Split Pivot mountain bike – Updated: Pricing and Availability

Hendrix - Front

Ever since “Trail”, “All-Mountain” and just about any other type mountain bike made for things other than cross-country became popular, things just keep getting more and more fun. Sure, downhill and all things “Enduro” are great, but unless you’re privy to aggressive descents, oodles of travel just isn’t necessary.

But traction always is, and when paired with 120mm of efficient travel, a bike can play a beautiful tune. The new Devinci Hendrix RS 27.5+ hits the right notes with an orchestra of plush Split Pivot suspension and oversized tires…


EB15: Ritchey Hits the Trail with New Timberwolf Hardtail and Ascent Tourer; Plus Pedals and More – UPDATED Pricing


Ritchey had a few new off-road toys waiting for an adventure at the Eurobike Demo. We were immediately drawn in by the bright orange Timberwolf, a steel trail hardtail designed for a 140mm fork. But there was also an all new touring bike that can be setup with 700c wheels or 650b tires making it a pretty versatile bike for exploring any kind of terrain. In addition to the two new bikes, there were two new trail tires, a new on/off-road drop bar, and two new WCS pedals.

Hop past the break for pics and details, and a teaser of what else we might expect to find when the show goes inside….


EB15: Pivot Speeds Up Mach 6 with New Aluminum and Carbon Models


Team rider Aaron Chase spotted out on his new aluminum Mach 6 scouting for new trails.

Aluminum. Typically the word is associated with affordability more than high-performance, but for Pivot’s newest mountain – bike being more affordable is only part of the story. Earlier this year, while taking a tour of Pivot’s headquarters in Tempe, Arizona we were shown a few sections of aluminum tubing. These pieces of metal stood out for their impressive use of hydroforming and while we weren’t told what they would be for, we were told we could expect something new around Eurobike.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, check out the all new Pivot Mach 6 Aluminum. There is also a new Pivot Mach 6 Carbon which is worthy of excitement in its own right, but we have a feeling that the aluminum model might be more exciting for many readers since the use of metal for the frame will save you $1000 on the frameset and $1200 on the least expensive complete bike. Stuffed with many of the features you will find on the carbon Mach 6, the aluminum bike may have you reconsidering alloy frames…