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SOC15: Pivot adds XL Mach 4 27.5 – plus pro bike checks!


Pivot was holding off new models for the time being (though they promise some things are coming later this year), but they did let loose this new XL frame size for the Mach 4 27.5. Until now, the XL was reserved for the Mach 4 SL 29er, so this adds the largest size for those wanting the mid-sized wheels.

It gets a 20″ seat tube, 25.28″ top tube and 27.56″ standover. Bottom bracket height stays the same at 12.8″. Available now.

Their team riders were on hand and we nabbed two of them for pics with their bikes, plus a look at the Les Fat set up with 27.5+ tires in place of it’s usual 26″ fat bike tires…


Downtubes Store more than Bottles with Redesigned Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 650b and 29

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 2016 swat door 650b 29 full suspension mountain bike (1)

Of all of the bikes in the Specialized line up, the Stumpjumper is perhaps the most well known. Introduced in 1981 and considered the first production mountain bike, over the years much has changed but the name carries on. Eventually the Stumpjumper lineage grew to include the first full suspension Stumpy, the FSR.

Today, Specialized continues the Stumpjumper FSR blood line with the latest version of their ‘trail legend.’ The previous version of the Stumpy FSR was already an impressive ride – so how do you go about improving it? For Specialized that meant the latest development in their SWAT technology offering a new, fully integrated way to store your flat kit…


SOC15: KHS SixFifty 7500 full susser gets complete makeover as an enduro racer


At first glance, the ultra low saddle and its excessive tilt could make you think this was a new downhill bike. But then you realize that it was prepped for Sea Otter’s “gravity” courses and that the fork’s angle wasn’t nearly slack enough for a true DH bike. What this new KHS 7500 really is is a totally overhauled mountain bike designed for enduro racing. And it’s drastically better looking than its predecessor.

Just as interesting as the frame is the production story. This isn’t the first incarnation of the new 7500. Those were on the water, but when everything got held up in the big California freight debacle, they actually changed the frame design and sent the originals back. So, these new ones are somewhere between production and in the warehouse, considered a late 2015 model introduction…


Charge Bikes goes wild, converting full range of 29er mountain bikes to 27.5+

Charge Bikes is updating their entire off road lineup for 2016, switching from 29er wheels to 27.5+ for all non-fat versions of the Cooker hardtail. It’s shown above being ripped by brand ambassador Rob Jarman…get past the short intro, it’s a highly entertaining video. Pics with Q&A below…


SOC15: Polygon brings enduro-ready Collossus N9 to USA, plus new 27.5 race hardtail & Bend CX bike


Polygon is still establishing their brand here in the states, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing a model built specifically for launch in the U.S. market.

The new Collossus N9 bumps things up from the Collossus T8 with more travel, slacker angles and a more capable fork and rear shock. The T8 has 140mm travel, but the new N9 gets 160mm and a one-degree slacker head angle, meaning it’s built for more speed on the downhills. Yes, that all translates to enduro…


SOC15: Jamis unleashes the Dragonslayer 27.5+ and loads up the Renegade steel roadies


Jamis reserves the “Dragon” moniker for it’s premium steel mountain bikes, so it says something that they’ve attached it to this new model. The Dragonslayer brings modern steel tubing in contact with the latest axle, wheel and tire standards to create a bike made for equal parts fun, exploration and shredding.

On the other side of the tent were their new steel adventure road bikes, the Renegade Expat and Exploit, and a fully loaded carbon fiber Renegade Expert just to show what that bike’s capable of…


Found: Bold Cycles Linkin Trail full suspension concept hides the shock inside frame

Bold Cycles Linkin Trail full suspension mountain bike with rear shock hidden inside the frame

Launching out of Switzerland, Bold Cycles’ is making a statement with its debut bike, the Linkin Trail.

Yes, it’s a full suspension frame, but the shock is completely hidden inside the seat tube, driven by the upper rocker arm. The carbon frame has ports in the headtube to let air inside to cool the shock, with exit vents just below it. Behind that, a Boost 148 rear axle makes room for a 27.5+ tire or a less rotund 29er. Travel is 130mm, and it’s got all manner of trails in its sights…


SOC15: Rubena Adds 27.5 sizes for Scylla and Charybdis Tires

Rubena tires scylla charybdis  275 650b  (13)

Rubena is one of those brands that many people still haven’t heard of, but the company has an impressive 80 year history of making tires in the Czech Republic. Part of a much larger tire manufacturing operation, the bike side of Rubena’s business covers mountain to road and is slowly expanding to keep up with the trends in mountain biking.

The newest Czech treads come in the form of 27.5″ versions of their Scylla and Charybdis XC/Trail tires…


SOC15: Prototype Salsa 27.5+ full suspension mountain bike decorates WTB booth

Prototype Salsa 275-plus full suspension mountain bike

Looking very similar in design to their Horsethief 29er full suspension bikes, this prototype carbon bike showed off an upcoming Salsa model made to fit wider wheels, like those built with WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer 2.8 / Bridger 3.0 tires.

Official details are slim, but we’ve got a little info and plenty of pics…