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EB15: Stevens Goes Big Boosting All 2016 Full-Suspension bikes, Gets a Fatter Mobster, and more on and off-road


Stevens was showing a bunch of new things from city bikes to an e-bike with automatic NuVinci shifting, but what first caught out attention was the fattening up of their mountain bikes (while still churning out a new 9kg carbon hardtail), and some updates to the cross bikes (including the race-winning Super Prestige Disc that we tested last cyclocross season). Not to be left out were bikes for the asphalt, and we picked up on two extremes: a gearbox driven urban monster with 2.4″ slicks over to the Ventoux road machine in either disc or rim brake variants. Get all the details with us after the break…

IB15: Dean Titanium Crafts Slick Cafe Racer, Revised Misfit Enduro & New Stock Road, Cross and Mountain frames

Dean Ti-4

Dean Titanium brought a lot of new goods to the show and it’s apparent that growing the brand is the focus…. and they are not being shy about it. They brought everything from beauty to brawn as well as nicely priced bikes for the masses.

Roll past the break and check out what all Dean Titanium has been up to!


EB15: Canyon leads several mountain updates with new Exceed CF SLX hardtail, plus a Speedmax Tri prototype


Canyon had several new bikes on hand at Eurobike, with most available outside at the Demo Day. While the Connected Bike concept looks like it is on the way and its Smart Bike Computer will be available in the spring, most of the new offerings that are available now are on the mountain side of things. The newest on the list is this carbon hardtail, the Exceed CF SLX which the Topeak-Ergon Team has been racing this summer, and on which Alban Lakata won the 2015 UCI XCM World Championship. Add to that a new aluminum Nerve trail 29er, the full-suspension slopestyle Stitched 720, and a lightened up alloy Grand Canyon AL SLX. There was even an interesting aero-at-all-costs triathlon bike inside the show that had already won a European championship. Join us after the break for a close-up look and some actual weights.


EB15: Prototype carbon Stöckli XC World Cup full-suspension XC race bike by Bike Ahead


We met with chief Stöckli R&D engineer and manager Marco Quinter earlier in the summer to have a look at their new Beryll RSC hardtail that outgoing U23 World Champion Jolanda Neff was racing at the Nové Město World Cup. But then later in the summer as the XC courses started getting more technical, Stöckli brought out a new full-suspension frame prototype to race, co-developed and built in Germany by the composite experts at Bike Ahead. The new bike was developed as a part of their #Trail2Rio program to support their athletes’ quest to represent Switzerland at the 2016 Olympics. Hop past the break for a closer look…


IB15: Business In Front, Party In Back – Foes Mixer Series Blends 29 & 27.5″ Wheels, Goes Plus Size For Alpine

Foes fin-2

With the 29er wheel size reigning over all and the infectious enduroable 27.5″ wheel size all but swallowing up the existence of 26” wheels, how can someone not carry on the tradition of mixing up wheel sizes yet again? What are we going to call it? SevinFive9er… 79’er… 97’er?

Trip past the break and see what Brent Foes has been up to…..


EB15: Cube Redesigns in Stereo with new Enduro and Trail bike updates


The 27.5″ Stereo 160 has been on the market for a few years, and after reworking a couple of shorter travel bikes last year Cube wanted to overhaul their flagship Enduro bike. With their new upgrade to their top C:68 carbon the new team bike has been putting Cube’s Action Team riders on the Enduro World Series podiums all season. With the Stereo 160 C:68 Action Team coming to market for 2016, it will be possible to ride the same bike as the Enduro pros, right down to the suspension and component spec.


IB15: Industry Nine Heads to the Back Country with Plus Size, 100mm Fat Bike Wheels, Custom Graphics, More

industry nine matchstix thru bolt axle hubs wheels cxul backwoods_-8

Their Matchstix Axle tool system may have stolen the show, but Industry Nine had plenty of other products that were new, even since we saw them at Euro Bike. The biggest news (no pun intended), had to be the addition of their first plus size wheelset named the Backcountry 450. Purpose built for what they consider to be the optimum size for performance plus size riding, Industry Nine also had new options for trail, fat bikes, Cyclocross, and more…


EB15: Bike Ahead’s 1kg AC One XC Wheelset, plus more for Road and Trail


Bike Ahead showed us what they think may be the lightest production mountain bike wheelset ever made. The cross country AC One wheels are based on the company’s standard 6-spoke carbon wheel design, and using the strongest fibers currently available they were able to shave the weight down for this race-bred wheelset, while keeping strength and stiffness. Sure it is limited to a 85kg rider (187lb; including all their gear), but they have plenty of other options for more aggressive trail riding, heavier riders, and even road discs. We actually spotted their new road wheels in the Haibike booth on their new Affair road disc bike. Check them all out below the fold…  READ MORE ->

EUROBIKE COVERAGE REVIEW – WEEK #4. KTM, and Hope Tech Have Been Busy!


We’re still over flowing with product coverage from Eurobike. KTM shows no signs in slowing down towards becoming a major player and Hope Tech continues to prove they know what they’re doing, plus more!

Sort through and “dispose” of what ever summer beer you have left and join us on another week of Eurobike 2015!