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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

WARNING: This video features no riding whatsoever.

FIND YOURSELF OUTSIDE from Avocados and Coconuts on Vimeo.

Travel & Touring

  • Hipcamp Launches “Airbnb” for Outdoors | Unlocks Private Lands – Hipcamp, the website that makes getting outside fun and easy, is bringing the sharing economy, made popular by Airbnb, to the outdoors. Check out Hipcamp’s Land Sharing video to be transported to these unspoiled lands. Be sure to turn up the volume to get the full effect!

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Alchemist Continues to tease X-Sense Rim Family with Finished Wheels, Weights

alchemist x-sense carbon (2)

Before the wheels have even been officially released, Alchemist’s new X-Sense rims have generated quite a bit of conversation. The wheels use a radical new design that we now know goes by the name of X Profile Tubeless. In addition to being a clever new way to address the tubeless matter, Alchemist’s new video leads us to believe that the rim is actually designed to flex to help absorb impacts.

There is certainly a lot going on with the X-Sense rims, but until the big reveal at Eurobike there are photos of the finished wheels and a few actual weights next…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Why Oval Rings Help You Ride Better – The UK based manufacturer of durable, lightweight and beautiful bicycle parts, absoluteBLACK has recently produced a few videos to illustrate the benefits of oval rings. They’re so sure that you’ll love your oval ring that they’ll give you 30 days to try it and if you don’t love it, you can send it back for a refund. There will be more videos to come so be sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.

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Commencal Fills Out Their 2016 Range from Kids Bikes to DH, with a Healthy Dose of Spank for a Purple Series


Last month we wrote about Commencal’s all new Meta AM V4 Race, and today they have release another 20 or so bikes for 2016. While mostly updates of current bikes and simplification of current lines, there are a few new (and renewed) bikes and new markets for others. Commencal has also done a good bit to try to lower the cost of entry into many of their bikes. And a curious way they have done that is by spec’ing Marzocchi suspension components pretty heavily. That is pretty interesting since our most recent news from the eminent shuttering of Marzocchi’s mountain bike division, but maybe Commencal knows something we don’t or they just believe in their resurrection? On the higher end side Commencal adds a special edition Purple series of bikes that get a more custom finishing kit the leans heavy on wheels and cockpits from Spank.

Jump past the break for an overview of the new/updated bikes and what we can expect…

First Ride Review: The New 2015 Kona Hei Hei Trail

Kona-Hei-Hei-Trail-DL-2015-15 copy

Kona calls the new Hei Hei a cross country bike, but this completely redesigned model is capable of pleasing more than just the spandex set.

The latest platform features an entirely redesigned geometry and fit, and deviates from previous models by introducing a new suspension platform as well.

Drop past the break for more images, tech, and our first ride impressions… READ MORE ->

Industry Nine Adds Straight Pull Hubs For Steel Spokes, Build All New Trail S Wheelset


Industry Nine is probably most well known for their incredible hubs which are manufactured in Asheville, North Carolina. Due to the amount of precision machining and use of wire EDM to produce the pawls, most Industry Nine products wouldn’t exactly be considered cheap. In order to offer more budget friendly products, Industry Nine introduced the Torch Classic line a while back. Made with all the same precision as their other hubs, the Classics used a traditional spoke flange to make them compatible with standard steel spokes.

Now for the first time, Industry Nine is offering a straight pull hubset that is compatible with steel spokes rather than their trademark aluminum spokes. The result is the ability to build an impressive new wheelset in terms of features, performance, and stiffness at a price well under $1,000…


Actual Weights: Kona 2016 Mountain Bike Line up (Plus a Fat Bike and CX Model)

2016 Kona Weight-4

Over the past few days we’ve been hanging out with a crew of dealers and product managers at #KonaWorld to test ride the latest and greatest products.

We have a slew of great content coming your way, but in the meantime – here’s a full gallery of weights for several new and existing models. Please Note that some of these bikes may have had tubes in them and most had water bottle cages installed.

Up first is the totally redesigned Kona Hei Hei DL Trail. Retail for this model is $3,299 and the size medium weighed 28 lbs / 12.70 kg. (We also recently showed you Spencer Paxson’s 11.3kg World Cup setup of the same bike with XTR Di2 and Fox iRD suspension, including pedals.) READ MORE ->

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

BH_GraphicIndustry News

  • Enter Into the New BH Dimension – Interactively discover what riding the new BH Lynx 4.8 Carbon is like from your Smartphone or Tablet in three easy steps: 1- Download the free CLICKar app by clicking on Apple Store or Play Store. 2- Open it and scan the image. 3- Put yourself into the skin of BH Gravity Team riders.
  • Camelbak acquired for $412 million – BikeBiz reported earlier this week that Vista Outdoor, a designer, manufacturer and marketer in the outdoor sport and recreation market, has purchased the brand. More on the acquisition at


2016 Cube Mountain Bikes – Upgraded carbon Stereos, prototype fat bike & 27.5″ TWO15 DH bike

2016 Cube Stereo 160mm enduro mountain bike

Alongside Cube’s 2016 road bike introduction were their new and updated mountain bikes, bringing the high-end C68 carbon construction to the dirt.

Called HPC (high performance carbon), the Stereo models will get a two new carbon front triangle bolted to their alloy rear triangle. The high end one is called C68, which uses a squarer fiber strand, which reduces the amount of resin needed to fill in the space between round strands. The result is the same strength but using 68% carbon versus resin compared to a normal frame with ratios as low as 40% fiber to resin. The other frame type is C62 (62% fiber), plus an alloy model that saves about 400g compared to the prior alloy model by using thinner, lighter tubes and linkages with all excess material removed.

They also add nano particles to the C68’s resin, which stops cracks or delaminations between layers from spreading. Translation: better impact resistance.

The new Stereo bikes will come in a 120mm travel 29er, a 140mm with both 27.5 and 29er wheel sizes, and the 160mm 27.5 bike shown above. The 27.5″ 140 and 160 bikes get a Boost 148mm spaced rear end but standard forks, the 29er gets a Boost 29er fork, too (the differences in spec are due solely to availability of compatible parts).