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Niner creates new RIP 9 & JET 9 Carbon models, plus all-new entry level EMD 9 hardtail


Niner’s two most popular full suspension frames, the XC-oriented JET 9 and the do-it-all RIP 9, both get new base level carbon models that bring their price points down a bit while bringing the standards up to date. For hardtail fans, the EMD becomes a single-model entry level bike that gets anyone on a 29er for just $1,500.

For the new Carbon JET and RIP, the big story is that they combine an alloy rear triangle with a carbon front to create a new mid-tier offering. Now, you’ll be able to choose from Alloy, Carbon (with alloy rear) or full-carbon RDO bikes. For the RIP 9, this is an entirely new tier. For the JET 9, it may seem like a slight downgrade from the current carbon model, but what Niner’s not making a big deal of is that the front triangle is now RDO level. So, you’re getting the top-end carbon front triangle with their excellent alloy rear end. Ya give a little, ya get a little.

Both use an alloy rear end that’s functionally similar to the one found on the all-alloy models, tweaked only to accommodate the different  linkage interface on the carbon front triangles. The alloy rear is about half a pound heavier than the carbon rear, keeping the RDO models well established as their top offerings with higher end complete bike specs, too.

The RIP 9 Carbon model keeps the full carbon rocker arms and oversized angular contact bearings of the RDO, and it sticks with the standard threaded BB shell!


Are you a Surly Superfan? Spread the Love with $150 Off Your Next Bike!


Surly bikes are a bit of an anomaly in the bike industry. Never ones to follow the trends of the next “game changing” bicycle design, Surly has simply stuck with quality steel bikes that are fun to ride. Whether it’s a cargo bike, a fat bike, or just a mountain bike, you could say they are a fan of the KISS principle and are well, kind of surly about it.

Even with numerous high end bikes flowing in and our of the Bikerumor offices, a Surly Pugsley that I bought years ago is still hanging on the wall. You could say I was introduced corrupted at an early age while working at the shop of Yafro’s father, but there has always been at least one Surly in the collection. But I know I an not unique. Surly has built their brand on legions of devoted followers who also like simple, fun, steel bikes that don’t cost a fortune.

As a way of saying thanks to their Superfans, Surly is offering an impressive $150 off any Surly complete bike at your local bike store, or in stock at QBP. Unfortunately, the deal is only valid in the United States, and you have until April 1st, 2015 to cash in. Check out the coupon after the break.


The New Pivot LES Fat Might Be the Most Versatile Fat Bike Yet!

Pivot LES Fat Bike carbon aaron chase single speed 29+ 27+ (2)

Pivot just recently announced the signing of Freeride star and pioneer Aaron Chase. So naturally, the first bike that Pivot has him introduces is…. a fat bike. The Pivot LES Fat is not just any fat bike though, it is what looks to be a category crushing jack of all trades that just happens to be fat.

Now, there are a number of bikes out there that make that claim to be versatile, but how many of those are built to adapt to 4 different wheel size standards? Better yet, Pivot claims that 26 X 3.8, 26 X 4.8, 27.5+ and 29+ wheels and tires can all be run on the LES Fat without compromises in geometry. Throw in the ability to run rigid or suspension for the front end, 1x, 2x, or even single speed drivetrains, and internal dropper posts and you have a serious contender for the new fat super bike.

And in case you’re wondering – yes, there are gratuitous (corked!) backflips on a fat bike after the jump…


First 2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy Team Frames to be Offered Through Kickstarter

fat chance yo eddy team frame 2015 kickstarter jersey (1)

The rebirth of Fat Chance Bicycles caught the attention of a lot of OG riders after it was announced just before Interbike last year. One of the big names of early mountain biking, Chris Chance and his team developed a legion of dedicated followers and a number of vintage bikes that still go for big bucks if you can find one used.

We haven’t heard much from Fat Chance in the way of product since first teasing the reincarnation of the company, but with the launch of their crowdfunding campaign we’re getting close. Starting with the Yo Eddy Team frame, the first batch of frames will only be available through Kickstarter. Details on pricing, frame specs, and more, next…


First Look: Vee Tire’s Trax Fatty 29×3″ Gets Plus Sized Options On The Market


Vee Tire has been attacking the market lately, rapidly building a line of very compelling fat bike tires at prices much lower than the other brands on the market. The Trax Fatty from Vee Tire is their offering for the 29+ format pioneered by Surly for use on their Krampus model. Zach first got a look at this tire at the Taipei show, and now we have a pair for a test ride.

The plus-sized tires are not necessarily intended for fat bikes, although they have taken off rapidly because the 29+ platform easily fits into most existing fat bikes, so riders were able to give the idea a try without buying a whole extra bike. Thats exactly what we did, by mounting them to Sarma Naran 29+ wheels and the Sarma Shaman test bike. With firm conditions lately in the midwest, we tried them on snow covered trails, back to back with a 26×4.25″ tire.

Check out the weights, details and our first thoughts after the jump…


Evil’s new trail bike, The Following, offers 29″ wheels, bright paint & playful ride

Evil Bikes the following short travel 29er 29 inch wheels (1)

At this point in the mountain bike game, it seems like just about every manufacturer is offering multiple wheel sizes. However, there are a few smaller builders that up until now have stayed with the tried and true 26″ wheel. For their first venture into a new wheel size, Evil bikes has skipped right over the popular 27.5″ in favor of the bigger 29″ hoops.

Built to be a fun, slack, short travel trail slayer, The Following looks to be an interesting addition to the current trend of smaller, playful bikes. As much as we love downhill and enduro bikes, sometimes the travel just isn’t needed. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun…


Review: The mountain taming Fox 36 29er suspension fork

2015 Fox 36

For 2015, the Fox 36 became their flagship fork, imbued with all of their latest technology to deliver new levels of control, adjustability, smoothness and light weight.

Having ridden a number of Fox forks over the years and feeling the ups and downs of their internals from model to model, the new 36 had quite a bit resting on its shoulders. After all, not only did it need to live up to the hype, but its technology would be paving the way for Fox’s future forks, too.

Everything about the 36 is new. The outer casting and thru axle system, the seals, bushings and sliding parts, the oil, the air cartridge and even the Kashima coating. The goal was to create a world class fork for the burgeoning enduro market that led its category in stiffness, weight, adjustability and functionality. For a deep dive on all of its tech, we’ve covered the product launch here, ran through the seal and damping tech here, and took a look at the new FLOAT air system here. In this review, I’ll recap the highlights, put it on a scale and let you know how it handled itself on Western North Carolina’s mountains…


Making the Ibis Ripley Better With GnarCore, The DW-Link 2XC Upgrade

When we reviewed the Ibis Ripley a few weeks back, our one small complaint was the noticeable flex in the rear end. Ibis contacted us and told us about GnarCore, an eccentric and pivot pin upgrade kit for the Ripley that can increase the rear end stiffness by 10%.

The $34.95 upgrade is actually standard equipment on all Ripleys that are currently shipping, but a few of the early ones, like our test bike, were made with a lighter weight part. For instance, the exploded illustration above appears to have an older design, with the newer nut style, but an older aluminum pin.

We obtained a GnarCore and documented the installation process on this unique suspension system. Click inside to see why adding some weight makes this bike better…


Just In: Ultra Wide Ibis 741 Carbon 27.5 Wheels

Ibis 741 carbon mountain bike wheels super wide enduro (3)

As the march to a wider wheel seems inevitable, certain companies are pushing that notion to the extreme. At this point in the evolution, you can’t talk wide wheels without including Ibis Cycle’s new line of carbon hoops. Boasting massive internal and external widths, the wheels are barely a step below the “+” size rims found in 29″ and now 27.5″.

Aimed squarely at the growing Enduro market, honestly the Ibis 741s look to be an enticing option for anyone looking for ultra wide, light wheels for their mountain bike. Then there’s the price – considering they are less than a set of rims from some competitors, Ibis seems to be building momentum for their stand-alone wheels…