Project 1.1 Review: American Classic’s MTB 29 Tubeless Singlespeed wheelset

Wide, sturdy, and light. When American Classic offered up their MTB 29 Tubeless Singlespeed wheelset as a comparison with my self-built DT/Stans wheelset, I was torn. As a former semi-professional wheelbuilder who takes pride in selecting components and building up a wheel well suited to my riding, I almost didn’t want to know if American […]

Project 1.1 First Ride: American Classic MTB Tubeless 29 Single Speed wheels and 2012 Schwalbe Racing Ralph 29×2.25 tires

Check out all of our Project 1.1 posts here! When both Schwalbe and American Classic were in touch recently to ask if we were interested in spending some time with their lighter-and-faster-for-2012 Racing Ralph tubeless ready 29er tires and Mountain Tubeless 29 single speed wheels, we thought that it would be a great chance to […]

Project 1.1: DT Swiss 350 x Stan’s Crest wheelset

Check out all of our Project 1.1 posts here! Besides a frame that was just too small, the real driver for this fall’s single speed build project was the theft from my workshop of my single speed wheels.  Having the chance to start from scratch, I decided to try DT Swiss’ 350 hubset with Stan’s […]

Project 1.1: Vredestein’s Spotted Cat and Black Panther Xtreme 29er tires

Check out all of our Project 1.1 posts here! At both Eurobike and Interbike this fall, Vredestein’s new line of 29er tires caught both Tyer’s and my eyes.  Available in tubed, tubeless ready, and tubeless casings, the Dutch tires are now being distributed in the US by Move Sport– and we’ve just had a few […]

Project 1.1: Homebrewed Components 2-Piece Cog

Check out all of our Project 1.1 posts here! What better way to kick off a single speed build than with a single speed cog?  That’s right, it’s getting cooler and with shorter days and the snowline creeping downhill, it’s single speed season!  For this year, I’m retiring my too-small On-One Scandal 29er in favor […]

Rudy Project unfolds pocket-able & Rx-able Synform sunglasses

It’s easy to say any performance-oriented company should always be looking forward, but sometimes you have to look inwards to inspire innovation. And sometimes you have to look back. Like, to the ’80s. Such history inspired Rudy Project to spend three years developing the Synform with a team of mechanical engineers and professional athletes. The result? A sporting pair […]

Project Disc Cross: Ritchey WCS Cross Disc fork and aluminum WCS cockpit – Long-term test

Last week we took a look at a project bike which had been upgraded to disc brakes last winter for cyclocross season, before it got to spend the warmer weather all-around gravel and trail exploring. The bike served to give us the chance to torture test the SRAM Red Hydro R group that we reviewed […]

Project Turner Burner: The Build – Rockshox, Token, Absolute Black

After months of sitting in my workshop unassembled, our Turner Burner project build has finally come to life. The hold up? That would be sourcing a 44mm headset for a tapered steerer, until Token stepped in and offered up one of their new TK036A headsets along with their matching bottom bracket. With the delivery of […]

Project 1.2 Review: On-One’s convention-challenging $800 Lurcher carbon 29er frame

Catch up on all of our Project 1.2 posts here! For many of us, there’s no denying carbon fiber’s sex appeal.  Be it the associations with cutting edge, high-end bikes and components (and race cars and fighter jets), the ways in which it can be crafted into seemingly endless combinations of weight, stiffness, vibration damping, […]