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Winter Presscamp 2014- Campy Power Inside: Hands on Campagnolo’s slimmer Internal or External EPS battery

Campagnolo internal battery eps launch20140130_0855

Once Shimano introduced their BTR2 internal battery for Di2, it seems that nearly every manufacturer with a Di2 model is taking advantage of the new found ability to hide the battery out of sight. Campagnolo joined the internal party when they announced a new battery platform around July of last year. More than just an internal battery, the new EPS V2 power unit allows for 4 different mounting options while also reducing the weight.

We got a first hand demonstration of the use and installation of the Power Unit, check out the details next.


PressCamp 2013: Sugoi’s Restroom-Friendly Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts

Sugio Womens RS Pro Bib combined copy

While male and female cyclists alike appreciate the comfort offered by bib shorts, all know of the challenges associated with relieving oneself with under-jersey suspenders in place.  While men can (usually) make bib’d pee breaks work, women aren’t so lucky.  At PressCamp last week, Canadian clothiers Sugoi were on hand with what looks like a promising solution.  In their 2014 Women’s RS Pro Bib Shorts, the company have added a pair of quick release clips at the base of the straps’ front that make nature calls something to be taken rather than ignored.  No one-trick pony, the RS Pros are a full-featured high-end short.  More after the break…


650b Turner Flux spotted at PressCamp!

SONY DSC6/24 Edit:  Official press release added after the break.

Poking around Park City before the official start of Press Camp this afternoon, we came across the Turner crew- and a fleet of shiny looking Flux.  For 2014, the US-made Flux is moving to the same 27in wheels as the excellent Burner.  A cross-country or trail rider’s all ’rounder with 120mm of travel and a .75lb weight savings over the 140mm, 7lb Burner.  In a first for the company, the reborn Flux is also making use of hydroformed tubing for increased standover and fork clearance.  More details after the jump…


PressCamp 2013: From XC to DH, Marzocchi Lighten Up & Update Dampers


Stop thinking about Marzocchi like a gravity oriented brand. Marzocchi is focused on pure performance, no matter the intended use. In Bologna we can go big also when we ride a Marathon or an XC race.

That mindset, in the words of Marzocchi 320 platform Project Leader Lissa Bassi, captures Marzocchi’s goal for their updated 2014 line: lighter weights without compromising handling or performance on rough terrain.  From the 3.66lb 320 LCR 29er fork to the 6.18lb 380 C2R2 Titanium 26in/650b downhill fork, Marzocchi look to have rebounded from a number of supplier issues to present a polished range of forks and shocks.  Hit the drop to find out more!


PressCamp 2013: Stan’s Get Crosser With Expanded Iron Cross Tubeless Wheel Range


In preparation for the coming cyclocross season, Stan’s were showing a widened range of Iron Cross tubeless-compatible disc-compatible wheelsets at PressCamp last week.  While last year’s Iron Cross getting upgraded stainless steel bearings and an 11-speed compatible freehub body to become the $675 Iron Cross Team, it is joined from below by the Iron Cross Comp and from above by the Iron Cross Pro.  Full details after the break.


PressCamp 2013: Fezzari Offer Customization, Quality, & Value with Solitude 29er

solXTR-135Based just down the road from PressCamp in Lindon, UT, Fezzari is a small consumer-direct line with a surprising 23-bike range.  Not content to compete purely on price, the Fezzari team’s aim is to distinguish themselves with their customer service, impressive free 23-point customization scheme, and their products’ long-term performance.  Want to learn more about the company and their flagship hardtail?  Hit the jump!


PressCamp 2013: David Turner on the Turner Bikes Line

Turner Burner 3-4 1After sneaking some photos of the new Turner Flux earlier in the week, we had the chance to sit down with David Tuner of Turner Bikes to talk about what’s new at Turner, what hasn’t changed, and the company’s vision for the entire range.  Better still, we had the opportunity to spend several hours on Enve-wheel’d Flux, Czar, Sultan, and Burner bikes.  While we’ll save our (very positive) impressions of the bikes we rode for another day, you can find out what we learned from our discussion after the jump…


Smith show two new Performance sunglass models at PressCamp


In addition to yesterday’s big tease, Smith were showing two new models from their Performance sunglass line.  Joining the excellent Pivlock V2 are the new half-frame Approach / Approch max and the full-frame Pivlock Overdrive.


Shimano XT Shadow Plus Spotted at PressCamp

Picture c. Richard Cunningham - Pinkbike

Not too long ago, when Shimano introduced the new SLX group, the big story was the inclusion of an SLX level Shadow Plus rear derailleur. Oddly, also included in the press release as a simple byline in a sea of text was the fact that there would also be a Shadow Plus derailleur at XT lever, though any photos were conspicuously absent. To our knowledge, the XT version of the Shawdow Plus was a bit of a ghost until now.

Recently, when Pinkbike got the run down of GT’s 2013 bike line up at this year’s press camp, RC snapped a photo of the 2013 Carbon Zaskar 29, which happened to be equipped with what certainly looks like a production version of the XT Shadow Plus. By appearances alone, it appears to be what we all expected, a standard XT derailleur with the addition of Shimano’s excellent one way clutch system to keep the chain quiet, and in control.

With the addition of the new Saint and Zee groups, that means that there are now 5(!) different levels of Shadow Plus – Saint, Zee, XTR, XT, and SLX. Will we see a Shadow Plus Deore level derailleur in the future? Who knows. What we do know is that the Shadow Plus system works. Now with so many options, it should be easier for riders to get one on their bike to see for themselves.