Peaks Coaching: High Rewards from the Trainer

by Tim Cusick, PCG master coach Okay, first of all, I am not a trainer guy! Part of what I love about cycling is getting outside and knocking out actual miles. That being said, for most of us the trainer is a reality in the winter, and this year promises to be no exception. Still, […]

Peaks Coaching: Time to Get Your Cowbell On!

by Tim Cusick, PCG Elite/Master Coach Cyclocross has to be one of the hardest forms of bicycling racing out there, and because of its short but uber intense race style, it requires some specialized training to ensure success. Over the years I’ve identified a few myths riders often believe about both training and performance. Thankfully […]

Peaks Coaching: How to Rebuild Your Power Foundation This Winter

by Hunter Allen, PCG Founder/CEO and Master Coach I really don’t like the term “base training” because it produces images of long, slow distance training with watts at 60% of your threshold as you putter along. Too many athletes and coaches believe we have to do base training first before any other type of training […]

Peaks Coaching: Power Training Zones 101

By Gordon Paulson, PCG Elite/Master Coach Understanding power zones can unlock the impressive potential of your power meter and ensure your training is targeted to take you to the next level of performance. Not all coaches use the same description of training zones; the names, values, and even labels vary among the different systems. Here […]

Peaks Coaching: Two Weeks to Burning More Calories on the Bike

by Hunter Allen, Peaks Coaching Group Founder/CEO and Master Coach Weight loss is partially a math problem. Thirty-five hundred calories equals one pound of fat. Divide 3,500 by seven days, and that’s 500 calories you have to cut out each day in order to lose one pound a day. Or you could burn 500 more […]

Peaks Coaching: A Criterium Primer

By Todd Scheske, PCG elite/master coach Criteriums, or “crits” as they’re often referred to, are short course races from 800 meters to 5 kilometers in length, with race distances usually from 20 to 100 kilometers (for elite level). Crits offer high speeds and are perfect spectator events, with great opportunities for some exciting action. While […]

Peaks Coaching: Tips for Muddy Racing

By Brig Brandt, PCG Elite Coach If you’re a mountain biker, you are very likely to race in the mud if you haven’t already, which can mean equipment failures and cold race conditions. And as this year’s Dirty Kanza proved, mud isn’t just limited to fat tire escapades. Click through for three key tips to […]

Peaks Coaching: Race Strategies and Tactics

The season awaits! After a long, hard winter, it’s finally time to get outside. Whether this is your first year racing or your twentieth, preparation and planning are keys to success. Let’s take a few minutes and go over the strategies and tactics you might use in your events this season. Road Races Hilly These […]

Peaks Coaching: Eight Tips for Better Mountain Biking

by Brig Brandt, Peaks Coaching Group Elite/Master Coach 1. Invest in good tires. I highly recommend a good, fresh pair of tires to mount up on race day. Just like road tires, MTB tires come in a variety of durometers and thread counts. Use harder tires with a lower tpi for training and softer, suppler […]