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Fyxation’s Blackhawk Carbon Fiber Fat Bike Gets The Milwaukee Brand Off Road


Fyxation, born in Milwaukee, WI with the fixie movement. They haven’t just been on that pavement the whole time though. The winters can get pretty snowy and nasty in the great white north, so they moved on to a mountain bike that can be ridden throughout the snow season.

The Blackhawk is a carbon fiber, suspension corrected fat bike with a 197mm rear end, and can run either 26×5″ or 29×3″ tires.

Although the Blackhawk looks and smells like a fat bike, the guys at Fyxation call it a four season trail bike, and they ride it all year long. Take a look after the jump for the details…


IB14: Fyxation Updates 3rd Ward Steel Road Frames, Adds Blackhawk Carbon Fat Bike & More


As Fyxation branched out into bicycle frames a couple years ago, their focus was on very track oriented steel frames. You know, the ones that were really designed for fixed gear riding on the streets.

As they’ve grown, they’ve diversified a bit. There was the Quiver, a slick 1×10 city bike we tested last fall. And announced around the same was the East Side and 3rd Ward, which were essentially the same bike but with different headsets and forks. Now, the 3rd Ward becomes it’s own creature, one more suited to long rides in the country or light touring. The sliding track dropouts are exchanged for sliding road dropouts, and more mounts are spec’d throughout frame and fork to hold all manner of racks and fenders.


Frostbike: Get your Growler There in Style with Fyxation Tannery Collection Leather Goods

Fyxation Leather goods growler carrier (3)

Growler transportation seems to be in high demand. First it was the Growler cage, and now Fyxation is joining the party (literally) with a their Growler Caddy. As one of the newest offerings in their tannery collection, Fyxation is offering a number of 100% made in Wisconsin leather goods to carry your goods.

Outfit your ride with some leather after the break.


Review: Fyxation Quiver 1×10 Urban Road Bike

Fyxation Quiver 1x10 urban commuter road bike

Fyxation introduced the Quiver frame earlier this year, offering it in single speed, 1×10 and 2×10 complete builds. Or as a frameset, letting you decorate the 4130 chromoly frame anyway you like.

We brought in the 1×10 for review, which was built up with SRAM Apex, A-Class wheelset and smattering of Fyxation parts and pieces to make it roll. Most of its miles were under Ben, who commutes to work daily, along with a couple errands and joy rides by the rest of us.

Looking for a cheap, durable commuter that can take a few hits and still join in on the B or C weekend group ride? Roll past the break and see why the Quiver could be that +1 your own collection needs…


Fyxation Leather Bicycle Frame Holsters for Wine, Beer and…Frisbees?


Fyxation’s leather goods collection is out, with four options for carrying the essentials (including the bike itself). Shown above is the wine bottle carrier, and options for a six pack and a frisbee are shown below. Or, just place the bike handle between the down- and seat tubes and use it for easier portage.

Retail ranges from $39.95 to $59.95.


IB13: Fyxation un-fixes your fixed with 6 speeds with SixFyx, Plus new Leather Goods

Fyxation SixFyx Rear Derailleur

New for Fyxation this year, options.  Earlier they launched their Quiver frameset.  It’s a super versatile bike that can be built up in many different ways.  Next up, the option for gears on a frame with 120mm rear spacing.

Fyxation has worked with Microshift to develop a 6 speed rear derailleur, hub, and cassette that can be placed in any 120mm spaced frame to keep that fixie or single speed going should your riding terrain change, or you just decide you want things to be a little easier.  The build kit will run $300 and includes the rim built up with the 120mm hub, cassette, derailleur and special hanger that works in sliding dropouts, 46t front chainring, inner chain guide, indexed bar end shifter, cable clips, cable guides for the chain stay, and a cable and housing.  A 9 speed chain will have to be acquired by the rider to complete the build.  If you want to supply your own rim, a $250 version of the kit can be had sans the hoop and spokes.  There is no set launch date yet, but tooling and manufacturing are being implemented.  Stay tuned, as we should be getting the system for review once it’s ready.

More images of the kit, plus tanned leather goods on the other side.


Fyxation Offering Online Custom Builds with a Human Touch


Originally known for their tires, pedals, fixed gear parts and frames, Fyxation is now getting into the custom equipped bike market with builds based on their Eastside or Quiver framesets. With a little imagination and the help of Fyxation’s build consultants you can build up a commuter, fixed gear, adventure bike, or even a 2×10 steel road bike.

Check out the one off metallic orange Quiver build after the break.


Fyxation Introduces Mesa 61 Alloy Flat Pedals, New Gates Pedal+Strap Kit

2013 Fyxation Mesa 61 alloy flat pedal

Fyxation is better known for their colorful-but-tough nylon flat pedals adorning fixed gear bikes, but their new Mesa 61 takes the similar looking composite version and gives it a full 6061 alloy body.

Weight only goes up 29g (from 351g to 380g per pair), but we suspect the metal platform should be much stiffer and more durable. Platform is 106x100mm with a height of just 12.2mm at the front/rear edges (slightly thicker over the axle). It uses replaceable pins and is strap friendly. Spindle is chromoly with sealed bearing and DU bushing, and it can be installed with either an allen wrench or standard pedal wrench. Retail is $96.95.

Check the new combo kit for the Gates pedal after the break…


Fyxation Gates Slim Pedal Hits the Market, A Low Profile BMX-Style Platform


Gates Slim Pedal Green BmxEarlier this year we reviewed the Fyxation Gates pedals laced with Gates straps. After testing them for a summer, they proved worthy to mash, securing the feet without tearing up the kicks. Today, Fyxation released a similar, thinner platform with all the fun colors of the original – the Gates Slim.

Similar to the Gates, it gets a nylon body and a chro-mo spindle with rebuildable ball bearings. They’re 14mm thick (50% thinner than the originals) and 75g lighter, weighing in at 345g a piece. Pricing is $30 for the set, $70 for a kit that includes foot straps. Colors offered are black, white, green, orange, and pink.

More images after the break…