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Project Any Road: Retroshift CX2 Shifters Long Term Review

Retroshift Front Side View

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When the Project Any Road bike started to take shape on paper, I knew immediately that the shifters were going to be Retroshift.  At BikeRumor we often get spoiled with SRAM Red, Dura-Ace, and Campy SuperRecord, so why would I want to run this clunky antiquated technology after riding the best?  Well, in short, because it’s simple, reliable, and cheap enough for anyone to obtain.  Adam Clement and crew have to put together a well thought out product that, while intended for cyclocross, has many enticing applications across the cycling spectrum.  Personally, I wanted to find out how these levers would do day in and day out on my go anywhere rig.

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Project Any Road: King Cage Kargo Cage Quick Review

King Cage Kargo Cage

Catch up on the Project Any Road build here.

I have used King Cage stainless bottle cages for few years now.  I had a pair of Iris cages on my commuter, and their standard stainless cage on my roadie.  Their performance has always been nothing short of perfect.  They even hold my Kleen Kanteen 20oz insulated bottle (full of coffee) with no issues, and only slight marring to the stainless bottle.  At Interbike 2012, King Cage was showing a new Kargo Cage designed to hold a small bag with a minimalist flat pack contained inside.  I ended up with one in the parts bin and it has found a welcome home on the Project Any Road rig.

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Project Any Road Review: The Versatile Steel Any Road Weapon – All-City’s Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink Head Tube Badge

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The pages of BikeRumor are often filled with magic plastic race bikes, high tech full suspension mountain bikes, and lust worthy customs.  But today, a slight change of pace with the review of a frameset for the masses – The All-City Mr. Pink.

This frameset was purchased for use in our Project Any Road build that started late last winter.  The end goal of the project was to build up a bike that could handle road rides, a bit of dirt, and a lot of gravel.  After considering offerings from Soma, Surly, and others, the Mr. Pink was chosen.

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Introducing Project Any Road: All-City’s Mr. Pink Built for Road, Gravel, Dirt & Anywhere In Between

All-City Mr. Pink Full Bike 1

I have had my eye on the All-City lineup for a while now.  When the road oriented Mr. Pink and Spacehorse bikes dropped I knew I would own one of them.  After careful deliberation I choose the Mr. Pink.  Having always been a fan of the classic steel roadies of yesteryear, it just made sense.  Once I chose the frameset, I had the not so easy task of deciding just exactly how the build was going to come together.  In the end, the frame’s specs helped direct the build.  Thanks to the large amount of tire clearance, and a somewhat relaxed road geometry, the build turned into a go anywhere project for road, commuting, and even some cyclocross riding.

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Review: Budnitz Bicycles No. 3 Titanium Fun Machine

Budnitz Bicycles No. 3 Mitch and Will

A few months back we were approached by Budnitz Bicycles asking if there was interest in reviewing a bike. Being a lover of all things bicycle, an avid commuter, and having never really ridden a titanium frame, I was very curious to spend some time with their product. After a few days of working out the details, and a few weeks to build and ship the bike, I had a Budnitz No. 3 assembled in my garage awaiting its maiden voyage.

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