Smith Reduces Cost of MIPS Upcharge on all Helmets

smith-overtake-road-bike-helmet-mips-price-reductionSmith has just announced a price reduction in the upgrade cost to put the MIPS rotational impact protection system in their helmets.

Originally, it was stated as a $60 upgrade. Thanks to volume pricing or some hard negotiating, that’s dropped to $40 across the board. Pick a Smith helmet and it’ll be $40 more to get one with MIPS. That puts the new Overtake road/XC helmet at $250 for the standard version and $290 with MIPS.

Check the full details on their MIPS offerings and the Overtake here.


Jason - 09/03/14 - 11:15am

Is MIPS a system they are licensing?

Evanstonian - 09/03/14 - 9:26pm

@Jason: yes.

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