EB14: Rotor Adds Narrow/Wide Oval Cyclocross Chainrings, Custom Painted Rings & More!

rotor 3D-plus oval cyclocross single chainrings

Rotor has added cyclocross narrow/wide single chainrings to the mix for anyone looking to run an ovalized chainring on their 1x group.

Their 1x narrow/wide mountain bike Q rings came out this time last year, and the QCX1 rings use the same tooth profiles. They’ll mount on any 110BCD crankset, and they have five mounting positions, allowing you to clock the ovalization at the angle that suits you best. They have 12.5% ovalization. They’re machined form 7075-T6 alloy and will come in 38/40/42/44 tooth counts.

There were a few more new goodies for road and mountain bikes on hand, too…

rotor 3D-plus oval cyclocross single chainrings

rotor 3D-plus oval cyclocross single chainrings

Of course, they’d love it if you would run them on their 3D+ or 3D30 cranksets. They’ll install without removing the crankset from the bike.


Rotor’s Q Test program provided shops with red anodized rings for their customers to borrow and test. The response was that not only did riders like them, but they wanted them in that same red. So, Rotor obliged, and now you can get red Q-rings with 10& ovalization in the following sizes:

  • BCD 110: 52 aero, 50, 38, 36, 34
  • BCD 130: 53 aero, 52 aero, 39


Their new custom paint program will offer select rings painted with various national flag motifs. They’re also working on a program to let you upload your own photo and get it painted on a chainring.



For mountain bikes, there’s a new QX1 spider that’s a direct mount fit for most of SRAM’s GXP cranksets that’ll let you run Rotor’s narrow/wide single chainrings (hence the asymmetric bolt pattern).



jdog - 08/30/14 - 6:08pm

104bcd N/W??

SamSkjord - 08/30/14 - 7:08pm

I wanted this exact thing to be a thing, now it is a thing and I shall exchange my money for goods and services, namely, this thing.

Andy13 - 08/30/14 - 10:14pm

So funny. I was actually searching for Rotor Narrow/Wide CX rings today wondering if they had come out yet! On another note, the new GXP spider is nice but I have been running our QX1 mtb chainrings mounted on the backside of their spider all summer. Great chainline on our Trek Superflies (superflys?)

why, WHY - 08/31/14 - 1:09am

are they doing mtb single rings? 30, 32 something like that? That would be sweet

andrea - 08/31/14 - 7:26am

can’t wait … 44T CX1 is the right ring for my LTK 027 disc setup

F I N A L L Y !! i am very happy !

Wonginator10 - 08/31/14 - 9:37am

Some good stuff especially the GXP spider!!!!!!!

Fizzle - 08/31/14 - 10:52am

never run a Q ring before but this sparks my interest… i’m running a Raceface N/W 40 tooth ring with an 11-28 cassette on my CX currently. Does Rotor recommend sticking with the 40 q ring?

logic - 08/31/14 - 11:15am

Dang…the SRAM Red cranks that I use on my CX bike are 130 BCD. These are really only available in 110?

Fizzle - 08/31/14 - 1:54pm

Does Rotor recommend using the same tooth count if you swap to a Q Ring? I’m currently running a 40 tooth Raceface N/W with an 11-28 cassette on my CX bike…

Reality Check - 08/31/14 - 5:49pm

Fizzle, perhaps you should look on Rotor’s website for the answer to your questions. I think they even have a contact email listed there also.

Ryan W - 09/01/14 - 1:54am

Wish they had announced that they were coming out with a Fatbike crankset at EuroBike!!!!

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