Simpson Velorigs to Offer Unique, Partial custom Road Disc VR 1


You probably won’t hear many people complaining of too many graphics on the new bikes from Simpson Velorigs. Almost devoid of branding, the pastel colored frames will be the first product from Simpson Velorigs – a group of bicycle designers, engineers, and enthusiasts out of Southern California. Founded by Michael Simpson in 2012, the company is just about to release their first bike which will be a monocoque carbon fiber road bike with disc brakes. Simpson VR 1s will be offered as frameset+wheelset, or as complete builds.

Michael states that the company hopes to fill the niche between full custom builders like Argonaut or Calfee, and bikes directly off of the shelf in a bike store. To do this, Simpson receives their frames completely bare and offers semi-custom paint and graphics options with standard builds, as well as the option for full custom finishes. The result is a pretty unique looking disc road bike that will handle up to 28mm tires. Pricing is still being finalized, but they hope to have a Force 22 or Shimano Ulegra build for under $4k.

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According to Michael, the VR1 is their own design with the frame designed in California. Simpson own the molds for the frames which are produced in Asia. The company’s wheels however, are open mold designs that are offered by the same company that produces their frames. In the future though, Simpson is working on a 40mm deep tubeless, full carbon rim that should be available by Fall. Currently, carbon wheels are available with either VR1, Velocity, and White Industries disc hubs in standard QR front, and 135 QR rear to match the frame. Frames use BB30 or PF 30 bottom brackets, and are internally routed for either mechanical or electronic drivetrains with all the cables entering the head tube in a single hole. The internal routing also has built in seals to keep out the elements.

SV2 (2) copy

Pricing for the frameset, stem, and wheels starts at $2,350 while full builds range from $3,400-$5,300 based on the component choices. In both cases the stems are painted to match the frames out of their paint booth. Twenty standard options include white, gray, cream, or blue, with multiple graphic color options, and your choice of a number or S for the back of the seat post. All frames are painted with 12 speed Valspar automotive base and clear coats with cast vinyl graphics.

Simpson is still finalizing their production frames and bikes, but anyone interested in purchasing one can sign up for their mailing list and will receive 10% off their total build cost.


G - 08/14/14 - 1:42pm


Evan Billman - 08/14/14 - 1:55pm

All black and I will hand you my credit card.

CXisfun - 08/14/14 - 2:15pm

As if SRAM brakes weren’t bad enough, you pair them with carbon rotors. Whoa.

I’m into the graphics, or lack thereof, though.

Cdub - 08/14/14 - 3:06pm

I see Ritte’s business model slapped all over this. I am digging the subdued look of the bike though.

William - 08/14/14 - 3:08pm

THRU-AXLE please

larsv - 08/14/14 - 3:30pm

Wow, that paint is so “clean” i thought it was a photoshopped bike first! :-)

+1 on the carbon rotors

Daniel Hawley - 08/14/14 - 5:42pm

So they buy an FM098 or some other Venge clone, paint it, and sell it? I see Specialized having a field day with this.

Mike D - 08/14/14 - 7:05pm

Danial Hawley a quick read through the article states the the frame molds are owned by Simpson, all the engineering for the specs where done in the USA. So while clones molds are sometimes passed off as custom frames I think Simpson Velorigs is not bamboozling anyone

Craig - 08/14/14 - 11:00pm

I like the very subtle graphics and the one port cable entry, man that is tidy.

bruce12 - 08/15/14 - 12:14pm

Whoa, slow down. Bikes without gaudy, look-at-me paint schemes? C’mon. What’s next, subdued casual cycling gear that doesn’t scream superhero, nascar, billboard, wannabe fanboy? How will anyone know you’re a roadie???

Mirwin - 08/15/14 - 12:31pm

@ Daniel the fun vacuum,

And where exactly is the patent infringement that Spesh should be salivating about?

Mario - 08/15/14 - 3:37pm

Ulegra? Ultegra Good Sir!

TBone - 08/18/14 - 3:58pm

I need some time alone…

Chris - 08/19/14 - 7:40am

I think those might be the much maligned Kettle Cycles SICC rotors.

Socal cycling - 08/19/14 - 8:08pm


Ive been on the Kettle SICC rotors for 6 months now- they are solid, plan to build up another wheelset soon with them.

Jeremy Leipzig - 08/05/15 - 4:27pm

website has been abandoned. beautiful bikes. i guess it was difficult to scale up though.

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