Chris King Goes Green with Limited Edition Sour Apple Finish



Ready for the newest addition to the colorful world of Chris King Precision Components? Feast your eyes on the new Sour Apple Limited Edition colorway. To be offered in an assortment of their most popular products, Sour Apple will be available in NoThreadSets, InSets, ISOs, R45s, BMX, Wheels, ThreadFits, Press Fits, and even accessories like Coffee Tampers. Orders for the new color can be placed starting September 1st until May 1st, 2015. Actual product will start shipping on October 1st, 2014.


BrandontheGinger - 08/14/14 - 3:34pm

Big deal. Is going to be a press release every time they add a new color?

patty jo - 08/14/14 - 3:53pm

@brandontheginger if you do not want to see the latest news in the cycling industry stay off bike rumor. A limited color release by one of the most recognizable brands in cycling is a pretty “big deal” Especially because the only way to get this is to preorder it.

bikeleptic - 08/14/14 - 4:01pm

oh don’t even. . . other commenter. I had to change an entire build of a bike because I couldn’t find anyone that did green apple. Paul or anyone. Don’t know why that sh*t forest green is so popular. This should be a standard. The build I did is in mango. Ended up buying out all the maxxis jagwire orange housing; hunted that down nationwide since it is out of stock as well. There is a market for color. Maybe it begins and ends with me.

Mike - 08/14/14 - 4:01pm

This is music to any CK fan with a DVO fork.

ChrisKingLover69 - 08/14/14 - 4:12pm


Kevin12 - 08/14/14 - 4:24pm

No 2Nuts? Guess I’m going to have to go Cane Creek for my vintage Zaskar.

dh - 08/14/14 - 4:24pm

Black is best. Ride more build less.

James S - 08/14/14 - 4:29pm

You could save three keystrokes by typing “color” instead of “colorway”. Why does everybody use that term now? It seems so pretentious and totally unnecessary.

Zaney_guy - 08/14/14 - 4:29pm

Time to stoke out the Bronson! Send me some stickers Chris King!

Kyle - 08/14/14 - 5:15pm

@James S so is your comment.
Keep the comments constructive and bike related.

Jay - 08/14/14 - 5:26pm

@James S i believe the term “colorway” originated in the sports footwear and apparel industry brands. i used it for years and still don’t truly know how it came about. and as @Kyle said, lets get back to the bikes!

ChrisKingLover69 - 08/14/14 - 5:28pm

Hey James S, you could have saved yourself 148 keystrokes (124 if you’re not including spaces) by not putting up such a pretentious and totally unnecessary comment.

Pele - 08/14/14 - 5:34pm

@James S, you could have saved yourself three keystrokes by not writing colorway in your colorway comment. Also, I have to keep this bike related…. @bikeleptic stop complaining about color and ride your bike.

Colin M - 08/14/14 - 6:17pm

James S calls it and the pretentious get miffed. Love it.

Kinda stoked on Green Apple. The Rocky Mountain Element B.C. Edition had a couple of green apple accents that would be matched nicely. Too bad I would never trade a DT Swiss hub for a Chris King. Same goes for the Cane Creek 40 headset that came with the bike. That leaves me with a press fit BB that no one will ever see. Dammit, I just talked myself out of all those CK parts! :(

Padrote - 08/14/14 - 7:48pm

noun: colourway; plural noun: colourways; noun: colorway; plural noun: colorways

any of a range of combinations of colors in which a style or design is available.
“wallpaper books show coordinating patterns and colorways”

Mark V - 08/14/14 - 9:38pm

huh…so much for King’s August 27th media embargo

Brandon - 08/14/14 - 10:39pm

“All product info below is for your eyes only as a trusted Chris King/Cielo dealer. This information is not to be shared until August 27th, 2014.”

That’s what my email from Chris King said about the Sour Apple release…amongst other things.

B - 08/15/14 - 1:53am

Yeah, this and mango are definitely CK’s coolest “colorways” to date. But lord help you if you intend to match it with anything.

anonymous - 08/15/14 - 7:02am

Am I weird because I like shiny silver colorways?

dockboy - 08/15/14 - 8:17am

Colorway is a term I prefer when something isn’t one solid color, but instead has an overall palate. Great for plaids, prints and patterns.
FWIW, this is live on, too, as the first thing you see.

Larry T. - 08/15/14 - 9:31am

AGGGHH! I was around the first time this color anodized stuff was popular. Just like wide (or are they narrow again?) neck ties, this ghastly stuff is BAAACK! But at least unlike most of the earlier parts, this stuff is unlikely to fail – something that can’t be said for a lot of the color anodized junk from the previous era.

Charlie Best - 08/15/14 - 11:44am

This is going to upset all the people who “invested” in Sour Apple CK the last time they did a “limited edition”.

Chris - 08/15/14 - 2:31pm

It’s well known the Chris King does this every year with new colors. Sometimes they bring old ones back. Obviously there is demand for it. If you don’t like it… no one cares.

Cole - 08/18/14 - 12:21pm

Crap, the anodizer screwed up and we have this large batch of off green headsets that don’t match anything! Well we can’t eat the scrap…..I know! We’ll call it sour apple, advertise it limited edition, and charge a little more for it. Genius!

John Smithson - 08/22/14 - 12:37pm

Hey there, recently purchased a 2013 nomad green carbon. Wow, the color is almost as much fun as the ride. I am gradually changing some components to make the bike more “mine”.
Love the idea of the sour green ! Now have a new obsession for the the fall! Great going guys at king!

robert picard - 03/25/15 - 5:46pm

Can’t friggin’ wait for my Sour Apple. Building a Seven Axiom SL with Sour Apple Hubs R45, Headset Inset 7, Bottom Bracket 24 mm, Headset Spacers :-) Should lQQk AWESOME against the polished titanium. Found some awesome Salsa stuff to match; Seat Collar (ST8075, 8076, and 8077) and QR’s (QR8251). Check them out.

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