Afternoon Amusement: Tour de Basement vid from GNC

Don’t let rainy weekend weather get you down.

Jump on the trainer, find a couple of burly friends,  some race coverage, and go.

How long until one of you post the enduro or cyclocross take on the Tour de Basement?


WannaBeSTi - 08/09/14 - 5:14pm

Great. Simply great.

johnny - 08/09/14 - 5:51pm

classic, loved it, laughed a lot

Velociraptor - 08/09/14 - 6:50pm

Why didn’t the trophy presenters kiss him on the podium?

B - 08/10/14 - 3:35pm

Really great, entertaining video, but last time I was in GNC they had practically nothing relevant to cycling. :/

WV Cycling - 08/10/14 - 11:14pm

We’ve all been there, sadly.

Sam Zam - 08/11/14 - 9:12am

that was funny, the baby is priceless!!

steamcat - 08/11/14 - 2:49pm

Great video. A very creative mind at work here !!! Made my Monday morning much better :-)

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