Absolute Black 104BCD Bash Ring Crashes Into Production


Let’s say you’ve mounted one of Absolute Black’s gorgeous narrow/wide single chainrings to your double crankset, but you have those unsightly 104BCD mounting holes assaulting your senses every time you glance that way.

Founder Marcin designed his new bash rings to fit those 104BCD holes and clean things up visually while also protecting the 26 to 32 tooth chainrings mounted next to it on the 64BCD holes. If you’ve converted a triple chainring crankset, you can even get away with next to 32T or larger chainrings since you’ve got both sides of the 104BCD holes to use.

Available in black or red, they retail for $51.00 (€44.50 / £37.00). It’s designed mainly for XC to enduro use, not downhill abuse. Small notches on the perimeter indicate where it should line up with the crank arm, but it’s fully symmetrical, so there’s 360º of protection. More pics below…




groghunter - 08/06/14 - 1:13pm

One of your numbers in the second paragraph is probably wrong, as it makes no sense right now.

groghunter - 08/06/14 - 1:20pm

nvm, I take it back. but it could be phrased more clearly.

Robbie Mubbledutt - 08/06/14 - 5:01pm

That’s a pretty cool looking ring.

Jerome - 08/06/14 - 9:39pm

weight, please…

Ajax - 08/07/14 - 12:30am

Looks good. Needs a silver option also.

Steve a - 08/08/14 - 5:55pm

Wow! You can really tell ab advertise on here when something as mundane as a bash guard makes news – it’s just an alloy plate with pointless 3d machined chamfers.

absoluteblack - 08/10/14 - 8:13am

Thanks for your input Steve a.
This is called art. Like paintings are just “pointless” canvas with some random paint on it…

You don’t have to buy if it’s not to your liking. There are many other companies with simple looking stuff. But we know people love it, so we keep doing what we do:)

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