Garmin Connect Now Syncs w/ Strava, Flying Pigs Coming Soon

garmin connect now syncs with strava via automatic uploads

As of today, Garmin Connect, the GPS cycling computer powerhouse’s own community based training platform, will now directly sync with Strava.

Thanks to a new API partnership, Connect will allow automatic workout uploads from those services to your Strava account, and uploads to MapMyFitness and Endomondo are coming soon. Just log into your Strava account and link your account, then anytime a workout is uploaded via Garmin Express, Garmin Connect Mobile or WiFi, ride data will automatically pop up in your Strava dashboard.

The news comes just a few months after Training Peaks integration was announced, making it so much easier for all of us to use the popular devices with the popular services. Hallelujah!


Trond - 08/04/14 - 5:33pm


satisFACTORYrider - 08/04/14 - 5:34pm


Dolan Halbrook - 08/04/14 - 5:41pm

About time.

Former Garmin Owner - 08/04/14 - 5:54pm

What is Garmin Connect?

Tyler - 08/04/14 - 6:19pm

Garmin – a really great product blown by terrible customer support and lack of care and attention to detail that goes into their cloud-based platforms and connectivity programs.

ScottyCycles62 - 08/04/14 - 6:55pm

When is this active? As of now there is no connection available on the US Strava accounts?

greg - 08/04/14 - 7:00pm

@Tyler – I think most would agree it’s the opposite. Their customer support is great, it’s the product that seems to fail constantly. If we are talking about the Edge anyway.

I’ve got my 4th unit on it’s way to me now. Still only paid for one. Their people are always awesome and easy to get to through their phone trees for the different product lines.

Of course you can’t be a total ass to them on the phone, I’m sure. But I’ve honestly never tried it.

craig - 08/04/14 - 7:03pm

Anyone actually figure out how to link the accounts yet?

Maybe bikerumor can offer a little more detail on how to do this. It’s certainly not obvious yet…

TJ - 08/04/14 - 7:38pm

As always, DC Rainmaker has a great write up.

originalCim - 08/04/14 - 7:39pm

totally not obvious from the Strava site or the bikerumor article, but actually pretty easy. Log into Strava, click the orange “Upload” button, then “get started” under the Garmin icon, and enter your Garmin Connect login.

Details courtesy of DC Rainmaker:

Saris Mercanti - 08/04/14 - 7:46pm

Hey guys,

Since everyone else was doing it, I though’d I’d chime in – you can find details on DC Rainmaker here:

gel - 08/04/14 - 8:23pm

Been doing the same for a long time using tapiriik.

Gunnstein - 08/05/14 - 2:12am

So why would a happy Strava user want to do this? The only reason I see is that Garmin doesn’t allow direct wifi upload to Strava, but my Edge doesn’t have wifi, so that’s moot anyway.

Gunnstein - 08/05/14 - 4:43am

Why would a happy Strava user do this? I see the advantage of easy syncing over wifi, since afaik wifi syncing directly to Strava isn’t possible, but my Edge doesn’t have wifi. Any other advantages?

Lars - 08/05/14 - 5:43am

@greg: Tyler was 99% correct when he wrote the fact:
“Garmin – a really great product blown by terrible customer support and lack of care and attention to detail that goes into their cloud-based platforms and connectivity programs.”

To be 100% he should have used the full name of the software/app discussed in the article: Garmin Connect. No hardware mentioned

For Edge users wanting to sync automaticly try using connect to Blutooth via phone, Edge 810, og straight wifi on the crazy expensive 1000

a great day to all :-)
see you at

Tyler - 08/05/14 - 10:45am


I’m on my third unit (Edge 500), and will say that their service support process is easy and the staff are friendly. But here is what defines customer service – listening and making adjustments.

There are too many issues brought up repetitively by customers that Garmin simply ignores. A great comparison would be SRAM’s hydro brakes for the past 10 years… Fantastic customer support, but the cries of customers, mechanics, and shop owners fell on deaf ears for long enough to create great distrust in the brand.

Alex - 08/05/14 - 12:49pm

I have done all prerequsite install and bluetooth links and still sync has not happened on my Strava activity feed. I has been 10min. Has anyone had success with this upload sync via bluetooth?

WV Cycling - 08/06/14 - 7:00pm

Hmm, to think in 2012 I purchased a little program ($?3-4?) to download all of my Garmin activities, then transfer them (by automated emails) to Strava’s site.

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