John Cobb Gets Randee with New Long Distance Road/Tri Saddle


While it may look like a triathlete’s perch, the Randee is designed for long distance riders looking for a bit more comfort while resting toward the nose of the saddle.

It’s John Cobb’s second JOF design, meaning “Just Off Front”, and is certainly inspired by the multisport crowd who tend to have their seats pushed farther forward and bodies situated in a TT position. The Randee, however, is aimed at gran fondo, all day riders -its name is a play on Randonneur- that still want to hammer. The nose is 48mm wide, which they say strikes the balance between supporting you when riding on the nose but not chafing the thighs.

Rear width is 155mm, and weight is claimed at 306g. Retail is $169.99 and they come with a 90 day comfort guarantee. Check ’em out at


Rico - 07/20/14 - 8:30pm

I’d try that, looks pretty good. The Adamo breakaway is crazy nice, my saddle of choice now. I always swore by the Antares, but I’m over those now. Adamo attack is too wide for me, saddle fit is so individual though. I still want to try a few of the Dash models too. Imo the beauty of these split and padded saddles is just more available comfortable and powerful positions.

Rowan - 07/21/14 - 1:16am

Gets uncomfortable after 90 days.

-s - 07/21/14 - 9:56am

I have an Adamo Peak on my mountain bike and an Adamo Prologue on my road bike. Love these types of saddles. This looks really nice. I may have to replace my Prologue with it.

Joe Self - 07/21/14 - 11:57pm

I’m actually demo’ing the saddle on my Epic right now and it works extremely well as a mountain bike saddle. Wasn’t intended for mtn riding but it’s impressive.

TT - 07/22/14 - 5:01am

I ride Adamo Road, it’s perfect, just perfect. But this one looks nice too

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