Ted King Launches UnTapped, Packages Organic Maple Syrup in Sports Friendly Package

20140717-222403-80643234.jpgA few weeks ago we ran a series of articles on the use of gels by performance athletes, which generated heated arguments in the comments section.

Whichever side of that aisle you stand on, I think it can generally be agreed on that maple syrup (the real stuff, not Aunt Jemima’s) is delicious.

Like honey, the good stuff has a proven track record on pancakes, and in the pro peloton. Famous American cyclist Ted King has been using the all natural performance enhancer for years, and has now partnered with Slopeside Syrup to bring it’s benefits to the masses.

The delicious energy booster treat is “produced simply by boiling maple sap directly from a maple tree. Because it’s unprocessed, it’s rich in vital minerals such an manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc. It also has essential vitamins, is high in critical amino acids, and is bursting with antioxidants required for proper recovery.”

To get the project off the ground, Ted and his partners have turned to Indiegogo. They’ve currently reached roughly half of their $30,000 goal. Want to try the all natural Vermont made recovery syrup (or simply want to keep a few packets around just in case of a breakfast emergency)? You can back the project here for as little as $25


T - 07/18/14 - 9:26am

Hammer flask + bottle of maple syrup is what I already use. Cheaper and considerably less waste than single use disposable packets.

Robo - 07/18/14 - 9:43am

I’m in love with it for the packaging alone

Ck - 07/18/14 - 10:14am

I want to support this product, but $2.50/packet seems steep. But then again, I don’t normally purchase pure maple syrup so maybe my viewpoint is skewed.

groghunter - 07/18/14 - 10:22am

real maple syrup is pretty expensive. Havent’t bought it in a while, but seems like I remember it being more than twice as much as maple flavored corn syrup.

MikeC - 07/18/14 - 10:43am

Current (New England) grocery store price is around $13.99/qt.

I really, really hope they cheap out and use the much more robust maple-flavor B Grade syrup…

Charango - 07/18/14 - 11:10am

Love TK, but maybe not the right week for a product launch?

Offrhodes - 07/18/14 - 1:26pm

Why is is not New Hampshire maple syrub? He is fron NH after all.

Dsklwyn - 07/18/14 - 2:17pm

This will be perfect to take to the local breakfast joint that serves crappy syrup!

Velo - 07/18/14 - 4:09pm

Costco sells maple syrup.

sillybike - 07/19/14 - 1:06pm

Ted King might need a new job!

Rico - 07/19/14 - 1:52pm

Good luck to him with the product. I like the idea of making something local, and something that he understands from the consumer side. He should do some sort of chews like the maple syrup candy bears or something. Or like waffle crisps with the syrup in between.

Brad Cooper - 12/04/14 - 1:13am

I supported these guys, I like that they have different flavors. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/endurance-tap-natural-energy

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