Shimano Goes Enduro w/ New Trail Shoes & Hydration Packs


Jumping on a bandwagon a bit quicker than normal, Shimano has just added three new enduro shoes and a similarly enabled pack to their gear line.

The shoes use a new flex concept called TORBAL, for Torsional Balance. The idea creates an outsole that mixes a stable forefoot with a center section that allows the body of the foot to flex and twist in a natural motion, helping the rider maneuver themselves and the bike more aggressively. The stable front end keeps the foot securely planted to the pedal for efficient power transfer. The rest of the outer and upper are armored to protect the heel and toe from impacts, while the insoles get thicker, dual density padding for extra shock absorption. Underneath it all is a grippy rubber tread pattern for off-bike scrambles.

Step past the break for details and pricing, plus the new Unzen 4 Enduro pack…


The SH-M200 is the top of the line Shimano Enduro shoe and is relatively lightweight for such a full featured kick.


Shimano-SH-M200-enduro-trail-mountain-bike-shoe Shimano-SH-M200-enduro-trail-mountain-bike-shoe

Features include:

  • Asymmetrical collar for ankle protection
  • Reinforced low profile armor for increased protection and durability
  • Low-profile, micro-adjust buckle and speed-lacing closure system for perfect fit for a wide range of foot shapes
  • Shimano Volume + last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range
  • High traction rubber on the outer edge lugs and high durability rubber heel and pedal contact arch area
  • Available in Black (SH-M200L)
  • Weight: 381g per shoe, size 40
  • Availability expected Fall 2014
  • $180.00


Shimano’s SH-M163 keeps most of the features but lets down its defenses a bit to save grams.

  • Tough, synthetic leather upper with low-profile armor
  • Cross-X Strap optimized for relieving tension on top of the foot
  • Super low-profile, micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot
  • Single density, extra-cushion insole conforms to foot and provides shock absorbing protection
  • Shimano Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range
  • Glass fiber composite polyamide mid sole for power transfer
  • High durability rubber outsole
  • Available in Black (SH-M163L)
  • Weight: 364g per shoe, size 40
  • Availability expected Fall 2014
  • $150.00


The SH-M089 drops all the armor, but is the lightest and least expensive of the three. It keeps the TORBAL design and has an expanded cleat adjustment range and more durable rubber outsole.

  • Tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh upper
  • Cross-X Strap optimized for relieving tension on top of the foot
  • Super low-profile, micro-adjust buckle securely holds foot
  • Shimano Volume+ last for a more accommodating toe box
  • Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range
  • Glass fiber composite polyamide mid sole for power transfer
  • Available in Black (SH-M089L)
  • Weight: 346g per shoe, size 40
  • Availability expected Fall 2014
  • $120.00


Sorry, it’s not a fanny pack, but it’s still enduro, bro. Where some of Shimano’s other packs might carry more stuff inside them, the Unzen 4 Enduro carries a boatload on the outside. Things like a full face helmet, goggles, body armor, a water bottle and jacket all have a home strapped to the exterior. There’s even a hook for your blinky light. You know, so the other enduro riders will see you.



Inside, there’s organization for a tool, pump and 4L of basic storage plus a hydration reservoir with a compression cord to keep it centered and reduce sloshing.


An easy access side pocket keeps other essentials handy and a fleece lined pocket for your shades. Like their other ACCU3D packs, it gets the X-Harness to wrap it securely around your body with plenty of fit adjustment.


Claimed weight is 605g without reservoir. It’ll be offered in Black/Yellow (Limited Edition Available Aug 2014) and Black/Lightning Blue (stock color available January 2015). Retail is $90.


why, WHY - 07/10/14 - 10:44am

must these shoes be so ugly…

groghunter - 07/10/14 - 10:49am

That is good looking shoe… not sure if It’s got aggressive enough tread, though.

ekdj - 07/10/14 - 11:17am

At first I had the foolish thought it would be for flat pedals (no cleat), or at least have the option and be a little more 5-10 ish grippy-ness like Groghunter wondered. Also hoped they’d have a new spin on a hydro pack that doesn’t sweat your back, ala Deuter. Oh well, guess it’s not to be with the big Shimmy.

TJ - 07/10/14 - 1:05pm

No flat pedal option?

Nic - 07/10/14 - 2:37pm

That middle shoe looks like a winner.

Mindless - 07/10/14 - 2:39pm

I need flats.

Robyn Lawlor - 07/10/14 - 2:40pm

why post the weight per shoe and not the pair! mmm they are a bit heavy, I might just wear one today !

john.smith - 07/10/14 - 3:18pm

sole technologies makes the best cycling shoes.

SB - 07/10/14 - 3:51pm

Glad I bought a pair of M162s YESTERDAY.

Ilikeicedtea - 07/10/14 - 4:50pm

Multiplying by two is hard!

WannaBeSTi - 07/10/14 - 6:32pm

The image of the M200’s sole shows a different cleat than what I’m used to seeing.

Diesel - 07/10/14 - 10:13pm

Looks like some good stuff.

When you guys review shoes, can you also list the size ranges that will be available? Helpful for those of us at the ends of the spectrum.

rationale - 07/11/14 - 11:02pm

These look like prescription shoes. Hideous.

TheKaiser - 07/12/14 - 12:41pm

2nd attempt at this comment…Like WannaBeSti said, what is up with the new shape of SPD cleat mounted in the shoe in one of the photos? Anyone got any info to share?

WannaBeSTi - 07/15/14 - 3:09pm

Well, I asked our Shee-Mano tech rep about the cleat. He asnwered with the same canned response he’s always given me when I mention about stuff seen on BikeRumor….”It’s all rumors..”

esc8engn - 09/19/14 - 11:56pm

I’ve seen these in person, and I think they’re a sorely needed update to shoes like the M088 in stiffness (for one) and love love love the inner ankle armor of the M200, though a bit wary of the lacing system. Nice price points though!

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