Raceware Direct Adds Garmin Mounts for Giant Propel’s Contact SLR Aero Handlebars


With aero being the new black, fitting the popular out-front cycling computer mounts to the variety of proprietary bar shape can be a real nightmare. Case in point: Giant’s Contact SLR bar and stem on the Propel aero road bike leaves no room between the bar’s wider aero section and the stem’s huge clamping footprint.

Raceware Direct has the solution. Thanks to their 3D printed process, they can rapidly develop solutions like this. The mount (which we’ve tested for traditional round bars) retails for $49.99 and comes in Red, Black, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Orange and Pink. They’re made in the UK but have added Trend Sports Group as their US distributor, making Stateside sales a bit easier.

More pics below…




eadm - 07/10/14 - 11:41am

now make some “clip-on” TT extensions that fit these new non-round handlebars please!

rustlemania - 07/10/14 - 12:54pm

Spend thousands of dollars on aero gear, then slap an unaero mount and giant computer to the front of your bars. Genius bros.

Who’s going to be the first to market an aero computer?

caliente - 07/10/14 - 6:33pm

@rustlemania, Mavic has a stem mounted computer. I’m surprised we’re not seeing integrated stems with Di2 control boxes and ANT+ computers.

Andy - 07/10/14 - 11:44pm

50$ for a piece of plastic? I’ll take the zip ties thanks

Durishin - 07/14/14 - 3:59pm

I didn’t know about these guys and have been looking for a way to mount my 705 ahead of the bars. Thanks!

Durishin - 07/14/14 - 4:12pm

BTW, rustlemania, what’s the largest component of aerodynamic drag (hint, it isn’t the drag coefficient).

Larry Pattis - 08/24/14 - 8:04pm

The US distributor wants $50 for this piece of plastic, and then they want $18 for shipping.

I consider pricing of this nature, along with the shipping/handling fees to be rather predatory.

I have a Propel and my wife rides the Envie….they could have had two sales if their pricing bore any semblance of reality…as it is, I’ll pass.

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