Mad Max Meets Rat Rod Culture at McFly Customs

McFly Custom Apache Racer Seat MastFixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. There are only so many ways to build a track bike. Yet inventive fabricators always seem to find ways of pushing preconceived notions, and creating something extraordinary.

This custom build from Belgium builder Antoine Hotermans of McFly Customs brings together sugar, spice, and everything nice, to create one of the coolest track bikes we’ve ever featured. 

McFly Custom Apache Racer

Images of this bike have been floating around for several months, but some of Antoine’s latest projects (featured further down the post) brought the bike back to our attention. You have to admit, even if it is a “repost” in some circles, this is a bike worth looking at twice.McFly Custom Apache Racer Handlebar 2

Many of the custom finishes on the bike are components that have been scavenged from the scrap bin. For instance, these bar ends were once handles on a Citröen.

McFly Custom Apache Racer Handlebar

McFly Custom Apache Racer Front Triangle

McFly Custom Apache Racer cranks

McFly Custom Apache Racer cranks 2

Custom engraved Campagnolo cranks

McFly Custom Apache Racer Seat

McFly Custom Apache Racer Dropouts

McFly Custom Apache Racer 2

McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find

More recently, Antoine has been working on this rat rod barn find project.McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find Front End 2

McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find Handlebar

It’s a simple build anyone with access to a bike coop or eBay could replicate, yet it stands out.

McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find Wheels

McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find Saddle

McFly Custom Rat Rod Barn Find Rear View

Antoine is currently working on a host of other projects at the moment, so give his Facebook page at McFly Custom a follow to see more!


SamSkjord - 07/10/14 - 9:21am

Probably still too much advanced technology for BR commenters.

Skip - 07/10/14 - 9:26am

Now this guy is having fun with bicycles. That is what it is supposed to be about….

Mindless - 07/10/14 - 10:11am

Should add disk brakes.

satisFACTORYrider - 07/10/14 - 10:24am

dig his style

Mike - 07/10/14 - 10:55am

Not hipster enough…

Hotep - 07/10/14 - 11:11am

I approve. Funky, cool and a touch of well matched style.

Mr. P - 07/10/14 - 11:25am



SUMSKILLZ - 07/10/14 - 11:41am

The first bike kinda screams: “I think you better pass on stealing this bike, you can try, but you’re not going to like what happens next…”

JoeNomad - 07/10/14 - 11:44am

Just because it is a single speed, doesn’t make it a track bike. Cool bike as art though.

Dude - 07/10/14 - 11:47am

Can we please stop calling all fixed gears “track bikes”?

Love how much this guy clearly loves two wheels and is having fun.

Rustydog - 07/10/14 - 12:19pm

Dig it. I’d ride the hell out of those rigs.

JAKE - 07/10/14 - 12:30pm

BR “Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. There are only so many ways to build a track bike.”

Good to know, because this is not one of those ways….. its a single speed/fixed gear/fixie.

digging the down tube!

Robo - 07/10/14 - 12:55pm

Rat Rods was one of the worst fads to come out of the hot rod culture and stemmed from a complete misunderstanding of the culture by outsiders. Please god let this disease die.

When you build a pile of sh*t to look cool, you’ve still built a pile of sh*t.

BT - 07/10/14 - 1:02pm

Speed holes!

AD - 07/10/14 - 1:30pm

Cannondale synapse split seat tube
Canyon Aeroad seatstays
And Specialized lawyers said they put a feather in the seat back in 1976!

This gonna be an expensive bike, even made out of rubbish, if Antoine Hotermans has to pay all those legal fees!!!

Anyway, beautiful urban fixie!

dude - 07/10/14 - 1:41pm

Bet that first one whistles when you get it up to speed.

The Dude - 07/10/14 - 1:43pm

Looks Flexy

gravel.grinder - 07/10/14 - 1:56pm

you didnt say anything about gravel or grinding.

dug - 07/10/14 - 2:07pm

I agree with Robo. But of course it’s all about personal taste. Plus, I’ve never built a bike myself, so who am I to criticize?

Rico - 07/10/14 - 2:32pm

200 points for the seagull feather! I like all bikes, even funkenstein bikes like this.

Topmounter - 07/10/14 - 2:55pm

This thing is begging for a pair of hand-scribbled carbon wheels. SPONSORED BY SHARPIE.

Maxwell - 07/10/14 - 5:18pm

damn, i wonder how much the first one weighs, looks like .065 tube

Antipodean_G - 07/10/14 - 7:47pm

Love it!! Bikes should be fun and this stuff is fun. Sure, not for me but I appreciate it and as we are working on some frames with a builder, what becomes more and more apparent is to just do what YOU want to do and forget the rest – there will always be lovers and haters for whatever you do, and the world is a pretty big place.

Ed R - 07/10/14 - 10:23pm

Meh, Rat Rods are lean, capable yet unrefined, paired down interpretations of speed. These just look clunky.

Troy - 07/11/14 - 7:21am

Nice departure from the “latest and greatest”.
I really like the crankset engraving…and on the whole the creativity.

saddlesniffer - 07/11/14 - 4:38pm

Just what I want to ride a bike that will give me tetanus…

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