Video: Penny in Yo Pants, How to Cycle in a Skirt

If someone gave me a penny for every time I wanted to ride a bicycle in a skirt, but couldn’t because I didn’t want to expose myself, I’d theoretically have enough pennies to accomplish this simple life hack. The idea came when the group of inventors attended CycleHack, a 48 hour event aimed “at making cities more cycle friendly.” During the event, people are encouraged to come up with an idea that solves a barrier to cycling, and find a simple solution. So ladies (and gents, or gents in kilts) remember to keep a penny and a rubber band on hand, and treasure every moment of this summer.

Visit Penny in Your Pants for more info on the project


phil - 07/02/14 - 9:58am

i don’t like this … guess why :*(

Alex - 07/02/14 - 10:01am

Genius idea! It just goes to show that the most practical solutions needn’t cost the earth.

Greg - 07/02/14 - 7:14pm

What a couple of rubes.

Carlos - 07/03/14 - 4:27am

Hmmm, that really is a pretty creative idea. And a great problem solution.

Jono - 07/03/14 - 8:06am

I like this! GUESS WHY.

saddlesniffer - 07/03/14 - 4:21pm

because they know how to pinch a penny?

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