WTB Trail Boss Speeds Up w/ Tighter Knobs, New Cross Boss Hits the CX Course


First mentioned at Taipei Bike Show alongside several other new and updated models, the MY2015 WTB Trail Boss is now shipping…and we’ve got pictures.

Designed with a very similar tread block shape to their Vigilante enduro tire, the Trail Boss gets ramped center knobs to be a faster rolling tire for rough XC but burly enough for all mountain pursuits. It’s only slightly less aggressive looking than the Vigilante, and only because the blocks are more tightly spaced. Side knobs are supported for hard cornering, and all blocks get a big, shallow sipe to help them conform to the little stuff. Rated for hardback through loam, dry to damp conditions.

Roll through for specs, size options and a close up of the tread pattern…and the Cross Boss…


TCS Tough – High Grip
• 27.5 x 2.25 – 900g – Enduro Casing Gravity DNA compound

TCS Tough – Fast Rolling
• 27.5 x 2.25 – 750g – Lightweight casing, Dual DNA compound
• 29 x 2.25 – 795g – Lightweight casing, Dual DNA compound

• 27.5 x 2.25 – 840g – Durable casing, DNA compound, wire bead
• 29 x 2.25 – 905g – Durable casing, DNA compound, wire bead


The new Cross Boss should hit shelves in September, just in time for early season practice laps. The 700×35 sizing suggests WTB knows their customers better than the UCI, and the design looks like it’ll be a ripper. Well spaced knobs with stepped designs interspersed with smaller spiky ones should provide plenty of grip in the turns and speed on the straights. Tall, sharply cornered, softer rubber side knobs look like they’ll really grab hold on the tight ‘n’ twisties.

Even better, they’re only coming in a TCS Light version, which means lightweight casing, dual DNA rubber compound and tubeless readiness. Target weight is 398g and retail should be about $60.



liljoe - 06/28/14 - 11:23am

DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Superstantial - 06/28/14 - 2:26pm

That Cross Boss should handle our local trails like a . . . wait for it . . . great tire!

EM2 - 06/28/14 - 4:24pm

26ers ?

Scotty - 06/28/14 - 4:55pm

Yeah, where’s the 26″ version. Looks like a great rear tire for So Cal climbing.

Pacific - 06/28/14 - 10:26pm

That first pic performs nicely on my mouse wheel as well.

Dave - 07/03/14 - 7:43am

I was liking the trail boss until I saw there was no 26.

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