New Giro Synthe is Lighter, Cooler and Faster – But What Is It?

2015 giro aero helmet sneak peek

Giro’s been teasing a something new by delivering mystery boxes to the BMC team riders at the Tour de Suisse, promising less drag, lighter weight and better cooling.

The boxes were photo’d in the hands of riders with various tidbits facing forward – 16% faster, 13% lighter and 2% cooler. Judging by the size of the carton and the particular hints, including the #girosynthe hashtag, we’re guessing helmet (aero or TT). We gotta admit, aero shoes would be cool, too, but with a name like Synthe, a helmet seems more likely.

Cadel Evans and the rest of the BMC Racing crew aren’t the only ones getting the gift boxes…

2015 giro synthe aero helmet sneak peek

Heinrich Haussler of Team IAM Cycling (above) and Marco Haller of Team Katusha (below) show off their boxes, too.

2015 giro synthe aero helmet sneak peek

Look for the official unveiling in July at Tour de France. Until then, continue the tease by following Giro on Facebook or Instagram.


Eyal - 06/22/14 - 10:02pm

A $300 helmet.

anonymous - 06/22/14 - 10:13pm

300% more epxensive

jason - 06/22/14 - 10:14pm

If it’s not safer it doesn’t matter! It’s time for a helmet manufacturer to focus on that. Helmets cool incredibly well and are super light. Time to make them safer.

Ck - 06/22/14 - 10:15pm

An aero helmet that doesn’t make you look like a billiard ball. And I find it funny that they’re boasting about a 2% cooling change.

Fill - 06/22/14 - 10:43pm

Make one that eliminates wind noise.

Ventruck - 06/22/14 - 11:46pm

yeah, needs to be like 20% cooler

anonymous - 06/23/14 - 12:04am

Needs to look like 500% cooler so people think helmets don’t look dorky.

You can wear a DH helmet or a BMX helmet. Both offer substantially more protection than a racing helmet.

Chris - 06/23/14 - 1:10am

@jason, that’s why my next helmet will be from POC. Giro always had my Dillard’s until POC came around.

MotoPete - 06/23/14 - 3:24am

16+2+13 = 31% Hype. 1987 Prolight with neon yellow sharkskin cover = Hype before there was…

gt - 06/23/14 - 5:04am

A $300 fighter jet pilot helmet for cyclists.

notapro - 06/23/14 - 5:16am

The percentages equate to your possible condition on your bike after a bowel movement.

MJ - 06/23/14 - 9:57am

I would bet a ton of money that it is an answer to the Evade. Spec managed to create a pretty dang aero helmet that is wearable all summer and doesn’t look like a hockey helmet. If it follows their usual MO it will be on pro’s heads at the tour then not be available for a year or two.

CiclismoEspresso - 06/23/14 - 10:30am

Rumor is it will replace the actual Aeon, and that’s why the so little gain on the “cooling factor”.

Sardus Pater - 06/23/14 - 11:16am

It will be something that will make you 16% faster based on wind tunnel results,the thing will come along with an engineer and lawyer’s signed tech paper report that will make Giro not liable for spreading around false statements. We’ll all pay 500 Euro for it and we will actually feel 35% faster even if our Garmins will tell you otherwise.
Same thing for the 2% cooler : tested in Alaska in January and 13% lighter,tested on a Zero Gravity flight any tourist in Vegas can book for 4K $ a piece.

MaLóL - 06/23/14 - 2:44pm

Atmos is the way to go. These new models are just a rip off.

badbikemechanicx - 06/23/14 - 2:56pm

I feel like they are going after the poc octal’s popularity. The poc is totally sold out for the next month at least. I can’t remember a bicycle helmet that has had that kind of popularity and I have been cycling for awhile.

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