Here’s how popular cycling items look through an X-Ray

Cycling Bike Road Handlebar Xray

Looking for an unusual computer background? Paul Perret’s series of X-rays focuses on cycling products, riders, and bikes, and happens to be one of the coolest things ever. Perhaps one day he’ll consider releasing a set of prints, because I’d love to snap up a few for my office, and I can’t be the only one.

Road Cycling Handelbar X-Ray

Cycling Shoe X-RayHead to the All Terrain Track Rides Tumblr for more awesome images.


FastWayne - 06/18/14 - 9:50am

I agree, those would make nice display pictures.
Those shoes look either too small or designed to crimp your toes. ; )

NCRacer - 06/18/14 - 9:57am

How does one go about getting access to an Xray machine just to Xray various objects?

NotAMachinist - 06/18/14 - 10:09am

Cool. Just goes to show that neat things can happen when you’re creative and have access to an x-ray machine.

Those look like old Campagnolo Record brake levers in the first photo.

Ben - 06/18/14 - 10:16am

It’s amazing how much we will pay for shoes that don’t fit. #aeroToes?

badhabets23 - 06/18/14 - 10:30am

And that person would be me.=) If anyone is ever interested in X-raying anything please feel free to contact me @ E&I (Engineering & Inspections) 954-771-9144 Ask for Alex.

Andrew - 06/18/14 - 10:31am

What are the two coils in (on?) the handlebars in that first photo?

NotAMachinist - 06/18/14 - 10:59am


I was wondering that same thing, what is that coil? Did they wrap an extra length of brake housing under the bars?

If you look closely, there are oddities in each photo: in the second there appears to be a staple on (in?) the head tube.

Lennart - 06/18/14 - 11:02am

Isnt it a bit unhealthy making xrays without any medical necessity? I know a couple of shots wont hurt but still…

CXisfun - 06/18/14 - 11:03am

That third one is really odd. Almost looks as if someone is actually using Speedplay cleats.

Chris - 06/18/14 - 11:06am

The ‘coil’ is likely just filling the cable groove on the underside of the bar.

RustyDogg - 06/18/14 - 12:10pm

Those do look like staples in the head tube. I spose that wouldn’t be unusual for carbon fiber?

baconLobsterSex - 06/18/14 - 12:10pm

I’m amazed that someone is willing to subject themselves to that much radiation for no medical purpose…

Tyrone - 06/18/14 - 12:11pm

Looks like those staples are on some sort of Race number plate hanging off the front of the bike.

NotAMachinist - 06/18/14 - 12:25pm

According to the website (What? Follow the link?), there is a wallet hanging under the stem in the second shot. That’s the source of the staples.

Now back to the Mystery Machine and on to the next case!

Jason - 06/18/14 - 12:38pm

Dude’s shoes look WAY too small!!!

Elliot - 06/18/14 - 1:41pm

The staples could be left overs from the bladder they use in the carbon making process. Sometimes they have a hard time removing the bladders and parts of it can remain in the frame. Just a guess.

pete - 06/18/14 - 4:55pm


hahaha if they scanned my feet like that they’d get a load of metal in there too :p

Derek - 06/18/14 - 6:13pm

Do you guys seriously think that this guy is going to get cancer from a few X-rays? A chest X-ray exposes you to about 0.1 mSv which is about what you’d receive over a normal 10-day period. Your cells will repair themselves over this time.

DeeEight - 06/18/14 - 8:36pm

Old Idea… Doc Nickle was doing this with paintball guns a decade ago.

Dave - 06/18/14 - 11:13pm

Makes me wonder if X-ray could be extremely useful for bike fit. You could really dial in cleats with an X-ray like that.

Andrew - 06/19/14 - 12:51am

Cool images for sure. A bit irresponsible from my point of view(as an x-ray technologist) but the deed is done and they are cool. I have some cool X-rays of a laser helmet and a few other parts. Some may remember that X-Ray was commonly used in shoe fitting at one point. It was the only way to ensure your child was getting the right fit. Until shoe sales people started getting sick.

Paul Perret - 01/31/15 - 2:25pm

Hi, just saw this post, thank you for the repost.
It made me laugh to hear the debate about the staples, as someone said it is some paper in my wallet as stated in the image comments, and the bike has a steel frame, so no carbon seen.
Concerning the radiation exposure, true that it is better not to be exposed, but anyway I am more afraid of how many xrays I make on real patients that do not really need it.
The shoes are one size too small but I am using them only for track cycling so I like to have them really tight and it is not a problem under 30 minutes of use.
Cheers !

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