Cycling in Space, How Astronauts Stay in Shape

Cycling-in-SpaceIn order to help maintain physical fitness while residing in zero gravity, astronauts have to resort to a number of different methods for exercise, but the preferred method for maintaining sexy legs is an unusual stationary bike.

Watch the video after the break…


Nash - 06/18/14 - 8:40am

That Campy seat-post is out of this world

racefacejas - 06/18/14 - 8:44am

I’ve been space cycling now for about 10 years and it’s great! I put out insane Watts on it! Even though mine is Hi-Mod with Campy, I could see myself using this one as a spare in case of a flat tire. Space bikes have changed cycling for me permanently. I hardly ever ride my enduro fat bike anymore.

Garth - 06/18/14 - 9:13am

His saddle is too low

Garth - 06/18/14 - 9:17am

His saddle is too low.

Coudright - 06/18/14 - 9:38am

Saddle height is definitely too low. Can’t NASA afford a bike fitter!

SamSkjord - 06/18/14 - 12:03pm

Their power to weight ratio must be pretty good.

Jaap - 06/19/14 - 4:51am

So this is where Armstrong did his altitude training

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