New 2015 27.5″ Mondraker Foxy Carbon

Foxy CarbonThey call it “The Bike.” Designed with input from legendary rider Fabian Barel, it further advances the Forward Geometry concept by mating either a 10 or 30mm stem with an extended top tube length.

Mondraker began this trend towards longer front triangles and moto like stems a few years ago, before it was trendy, and has continued to evolve the technology with this latest model.

The Forward Geometry concept extends the top tube to the same length as frames with longer stems, so contact points remain unchanged, but the front axle is moved forward for improved traction and climbing. Paired with the aformentioned short stem, handling also remains precise and sharp.

Mondraker Foxy Carbon Front EndThe 2015 Model marks Mondrakers 10 year anniversary . Standrad features include a tapered heatdube, and cleanly routed internal housing.Mondraker Foxy Carbon Frame

The system utilizes the Zero Suspension System to supply 140mm of buttery travel.

A frame protector around the BB comes stock, and can be removed in favor of a traditional chain retention device.

Mondraker Foxy Carbon 2015 GeometryThe long top tubes are paired with relatively short 430mm (16.9″) chain stays.Mondraker Foxy Carbon Rear

Weight for the Medium sized frame (without shock) is 2.1 kg.Learn More at Mondraker


Brad - 06/16/14 - 12:57pm

That is am absolutely gorgeous frame. Video was a little over the top (like they were unveiling the newest iPhone or something) but I’ll let it slide. Well done Mondraker! Hope it rides as good as it looks!

PK - 06/16/14 - 2:14pm

that video had no mountain biking!!!! who thought that was a good idea?

Bushpilot - 06/16/14 - 2:32pm

Miguel Pina walked straight out of a Star Trek episode :)

Nice looking bike.

Miles - 06/16/14 - 3:53pm

48″ wheelbase on a large for a 140mm travel bike??? No thank you.

chasejj - 06/16/14 - 4:28pm

My next bike is they ever get US Distribution.

groghunter - 06/16/14 - 6:21pm

I’m a fan of the forward geometry concept. that said, that front triangle looks LOOOOOOONNGG.

chasejj - 06/16/14 - 7:18pm

groghunter-Same as my Yeti SB66C . Long is good.

MaLóL - 06/17/14 - 3:29am

The video is crap because at some point, they decided to spend their focus and attention in developing an advanced product and not in marketing. But if you want a great marketing with a bad product, you already know what brand sells those.

Sardus Pater - 06/17/14 - 6:27am

Ok after a video like this one I feel like I just want to buy the bike and frame it to a wall. In the mean time I’ll keep riding my Specialized. (deleted)

Tim - 06/17/14 - 8:09am

48 inches does sound long. Sounds like the kind of thing I would like to test ride before sinking money into it. The book does have a cool look, though- organic, not too flashy.

notapro - 06/17/14 - 8:42am

48 isn’t long if you have alpine trail lines. Run a 40 or 35 slammed on it and you can whip it front to back. Nbd.

matt - 06/17/14 - 9:34am

Gary Fischer did this over 15 years ago. Show us something new…

Sardus Pater - 06/17/14 - 10:06am

I like the good guys at Bikerumor. If I bash European bike broducer folks and side up with Specialized my comments stay,if I do the opposite my comments are canned. Land of the free indeed !! FYI I live in Europe and I ride a Specialized,how are you gonna deal with that ? Complicated,uh ?

notapro - 06/17/14 - 12:18pm

^it’s like a seinfeld episode

Kristi Benedict - 06/17/14 - 1:40pm

Sardus, Please review our comments policy: if you have any questions.

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