New Pininfarina Fuoriserie Makes Electric Bikes Sexy

Pininfarina Fouriserie Electric BikeWhether you hate them or love them, electric bikes are here to stay. Unlike most models which are designed to be utilitarian, the Pininfarina has soul.

Developed in collaboration between the legendary coach builder and 43 Milano, it combines Italian design with classic materials to create one of the most visually stunning e-bikes we’ve ever seen.

So drop past the break and try not to drool..

Pininfarina Fouriserie Electric Bike leather grips

Using the legendary Lancia Astura Bocca for inspiration, the handlebar and saddle are covered in a beautiful interlaced pattern of natural leather, which was crafted by The Bridge. This famed Italian leather manufacturer will also be manufacturing custom s

Stopping power is provided by Campagnolo brakes, which are engraved with the Pininfarina logo, and H Plus Sons provided the rims.

Pininfarina Fouriserie Electric Bike 2The frame is constructed from chromed steel and is hand welded by skilled artisans, and featured walnut brair-root accents. In total, only be 30 bikes manufactured, which pays homage to the “Thirties”, when Pininfarina was founded.

Pininfarina Fouriserie Electric Bike Hub

The single speed bike utilizes a “miniaturized electric engine” dubbed the Bike+ for turbo boost. While a dyamo hub charges the front and rear LED lighting system, and can also charge mobile devices.

Final pricing has not been announced, but if you have to ask….You can find more details on the 43Cycles homepage, here.


Weston - 06/12/14 - 11:16am

It is sexy, but it won’t be after they slap a big heavy battery on the frame!

Greg - 06/12/14 - 11:38am

Nice looking besides that crap on the handlebars.

Ilikeicedtea - 06/12/14 - 12:14pm

That’s an e-bike I can get behind.

BRADMANN - 06/12/14 - 5:17pm

The crotch of your pants is gonna wear out, I guarantee it.

Javier Tormac Signature - 06/12/14 - 5:58pm

It lacks battery and a dynamo in an electric bike? isn’t that inefficiently as hell?

SteveM - 06/12/14 - 7:12pm

The front dynamo powers the rear motor. Problem solved!

Pedro Jerónimo - 06/13/14 - 9:08am

This is a plagiarism of our Jerome Slutter Ti frame. Please see next link.

Best regards

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