Must Watch: Forget Gels, Corn Dogs For the Win

Bikerumor reader Peter Koch found inspiration in the video above, which lovingly shows Team Sky’s rice cake fuel in the warm, fuzzy glow that only Rapha pulls off. His parody, embedded after the break, was shot with SF Composite High School mountain bike team riders and is pure awesome.


Mt biker VA - 06/12/14 - 6:29pm

This is easily the best thing I have ever seen on this website! Very funny.

1Pro - 06/12/14 - 6:39pm

funny thing is the real one is so stupid its funny yet the parody i take seriously. who doesnt love a corndog on a bikeride?

Weston - 06/12/14 - 6:49pm

Yeah, Corndogs = Carbs + Protien + Portability + Awesome!

j - 06/12/14 - 7:38pm

That was awesome. I’ve gotta say though that the rice cake video wasn’t d*heavy enough for me to have guessed Rapha.

scott - 06/12/14 - 7:50pm


TBone - 06/12/14 - 9:05pm

‘It iez made of corn and dog’

jls - 06/12/14 - 10:23pm

Will this upset my osmality?

ZiDD - 06/12/14 - 10:41pm

and “sustainable bamboo sticks” …,..hahahha..

Wendell C - 06/12/14 - 11:01pm

11/10. Shut it down guys..this wins the internet.

adam - 06/12/14 - 11:44pm

oh my god, I’m dying

$dmoney$ - 06/12/14 - 11:53pm

The fact that it is rodies in the first vid and MTN in the parody, even better. One hundred and eleventy percent awesomeness!

dan - 06/13/14 - 3:17am

lol, love the parody.

as for the original video, dumbest cycling video ever.

Pascii - 06/13/14 - 6:50am

Of course the Rapha video doesn’t show the part when the rider chucks the wrapper off to the side of the road.

Eric.NM - 06/13/14 - 7:54am

Absolutely genius.

And +1 for Wendell C’s comment.

Offrhodes - 06/13/14 - 8:28am

If someone comes up with a mustard flavored gel that would go great with the corn dog.

wheelz - 06/13/14 - 9:07am

Pure awesomeness!

cracked-frame - 06/13/14 - 11:21am

Vimeo = suckiest video site ever.

Ventruck - 06/13/14 - 4:05pm

this is news? Corn Dogs have been my regular forever. People act so shocked when I dropped them and didn’t eat their joke of an organic powerbowl of antioxidants. Silly health freaks. I save the stick and hold it in my teeth so it makes me look sophisticated.

Woody - 06/13/14 - 7:18pm

For the curious, I found the Team Sky rice bar recipe:

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