Must Watch: Epic Rap Battle – Mountain Biker Vs. Road Biker

This epic rap battle has enough good lines that you’ll be quoting “I’ll Enduro your Mom” and “my balls are made of carbon” for at least the next six months….but the real question is, who won?




alan - 06/12/14 - 8:56am

Ha! Those guys are great….

drewsey junction - 06/12/14 - 9:22am

You can do better, Matt. . .

satisFACTORYrider - 06/12/14 - 11:08am

gotta go harder. aim for the dome.

brattercakes - 06/12/14 - 11:21am

We all know roadys don’t have mad flow…

barlotti - 06/12/14 - 12:30pm


Gillis - 06/12/14 - 3:16pm

haha! lost it on the mom jokes.

Paniagua - 06/12/14 - 10:55pm


django - 06/13/14 - 2:22pm

no one won. and we ALL lose.

Greg - 06/16/14 - 4:07pm

I’ll admit, as an MTBer, we love to pick on roadies, but I’ll also admit, Peter Sagan makes road biking cool.

adam - 06/18/14 - 11:12am

mtn bikes win, hands down and yes I ride road also.

Lisa - 09/19/14 - 7:36pm

This is absolutely hilarious! Mtn bikes win hands down (and I ride both). But in my heart am and always will be a flannel wearing, gopro using, baggy pants sporting mtn biker. :)

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