Five Inches of Travel For Junior? Canfield’s Prototype KDH Bike Makes It Happen

Five Inches of Travel For Junior? Canfield's Prototype KDH Bike Makes It Happen

There are kids’ bikes and then there are kids’ bikes. Canfield Brothers‘ latest creation would certainly qualify for that second category with an impressive 5″ of travel squeezed into a frame that looks like it is rolling 20″ wheels. Other companies like Lil’ Shredder offer seriously capable kids’ full suspension bikes with up to 5″ of travel, but if the Canfield does have 20″ wheels, it would be one of the first.

Called the KDH, as in Kids’ Down Hill, the bike is currently a prototype that Canfield was showing off at the Duthie hill Demo recently in Issaquah, Washington. Set up as a single speed, the KDH likely has a concentric BB pivot to prevent chain growth. One thing’s for sure, when the KDH hits production, some super lucky kids will have the raddest kids’ bike in the neighborhood.


satisFACTORYrider - 06/11/14 - 11:15am

pretty damn cool. probably not in my tax bracket. it’s hard enough keeping up with clothes and shoes for growing kiddos. the pike alone could get mine thru 2 age classes at the track!

WannaBeSTi - 06/11/14 - 1:11pm

With all the distractions forced on kids these days…whatever it takes to get them outside and off the WeePad

Quickie - 06/11/14 - 2:38pm

You’ll shoot your eye out!

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