TrainingPeaks Adds AutoSync for Garmin Connect

TrainingPeaks auto sync with Garmin Connect via bluetooth automatically uploads ride data from Edge cycling computers to TP account

TrainingPeaks has just become the first third party company to use Garmin’s API to pull data directly from Connect and adding it to their own training management system.

Even better, thanks to Garmin’s newer devices’ (Edge 510/810 and 1000) Bluetooth capabilities, you won’t even have to plug the device in to make it happen. Just hit save on the GPS cycling computer when your ride’s over and it’ll first save the data to Garmin Connect, then instantly copy the data to your TrainingPeaks account. TP’s rep says it all happens in under 30 seconds, letting you analyze your ride before you’ve even had time to shake up a recovery drink.

You’ll need to set up the sync within TrainingPeaks’ dashboard before it’ll work, but once set up, everything sent to Connect automatically goes to TrainingPeaks thereafter…

TrainingPeaks auto sync with Garmin Connect via bluetooth automatically uploads ride data from Edge cycling computers to TP account

Click the AutoSync button to get things set up.

“We are very excited to be one of the first companies to offer this new capability,” said Gear Fisher, TrainingPeaks CEO and co-founder. “Without having to press a button or plug in your Garmin, your data is now seamlessly uploaded to the cloud. Adding value to hard earned workout data is where our software shines. It’s easier than ever to track and analyze your workouts and get immediate feedback on your progress.”

“From the very beginning we have worked with Garmin to provide athletes the ability to upload their data. From their first devices to the new Edge 1000 cycling computer, Garmin has brought innovation to devices while TrainingPeaks has continued on the same path for data management for athletes and coaches. This new feature continues that evolution for both parties.”

Look for a TP blog post soon with detailed instructions on syncing the services.

From Garmin’s Press Release: Garmin is excited to announce API partnerships today with leading training applications TrainingPeaks and runcoach. The partnerships allow Garmin Connect™ users to seamlessly view their data in these third-party applications. Garmin is continuing to work on partnerships with additional third-party training applications.

When logged into TrainingPeaks and/or runcoach users can opt to link their Garmin Connect account to automatically sync. Once the accounts are linked, users’ activities are viewable on the third-party platforms immediately after they are uploaded via Garmin Express, Garmin Connect Mobile™ or WiFi.



Philipp - 06/10/14 - 10:05am

Can someone explain me Garmin’s software/web/API strategy. Is there a strategy at all?

Ben - 06/10/14 - 10:28am

Going by DC Rainmaker’s article here ( it looks like Garmin’s strategy is to close off their previously open API access and force anyone that wants access to pay a $5000 fee and sign a legal agreement. While the big companies will be able to afford that without any issue, it means all of the smaller hobby projects will die off.

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