The 3-Way, GoPro’s Most Versatile Mount Yet

Go Pro 3 Way Mount The new 3-way mount from GoPro can be configured as either a camera grip, fold-able extension arm, or as a mini tripod. Which makes it perfect for POV footage, follow cams, and selfies.

Stored inside the handle is a mini tripod, which can be removed and used on it’s own, or used in conjunction with the handle for capturing the perfect shot.

Head past the break for action shots…Go Pro 3 Way Arm
When fully extended, the arm measures 20″ and can collapse down to 7.5″.Go Pro 3 Way Tripod Mount Action Shot
The tripod can be used separately if desired.

Retail is $69.99 and they’re available now at the GoPro Store.


iperov - 06/11/14 - 1:04am

woot 70$ ? just check aliexpress with “monopod” request

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