Big Wheel Keep On Rollin’ – Walmart Offers 32″ Cruiser Bicycles

Walmart Genesis Ultra 32-inch-wheeled cruiser bicycle

So far from Walmart we’ve found fixed gear, fat bikes, kids fat bikes, and more fixed gear bikes. Now we can add 32″ wheeled cruiser bikes to the list for those that wanna go big.

Those massive, 48-spoked, alloy rimmed wheels roll on a “handcrafted” aluminum frame with seven speeds to help turn them over. Designed for folks taller than 5’7″, it has a rider weight limit of 300lbs. Retail? Just $229. Available in stores only, as, you know, assembly is required.

Walmart Genesis Ultra 32-inch-wheeled cruiser bicycle


Von Kruiser - 06/02/14 - 10:30am

I was at a bike shop a few months ago and saw one of these w/ a flat. Walmart did not have tubes and of course the shop did not. Could not patch it since it was ripped. Also this one had steel rims (not alloy like the above bike). The spoke nipples were starting pulling through the rim. Spoke tension was super low because of this and looked like they could fold at any time. Bike looked like fun but not implemented very well. Maybe alloy is the trick and possibly they have tubes by now.

Tyrone - 06/02/14 - 10:33am

These things have been in the stores in FL for a couple years now. Will see one rolling at Critical Mass events every once in a while. Tubes and tires would definitely be the biggest problem. Would rather have a Coker Cruiser over this!

$dmoney$ - 06/02/14 - 10:55am

WOW! At 97¢ these are a steal!

btadlock - 06/02/14 - 11:15am

I saw these in one Wal-mart, one time, a couple of summers ago, no one believed me…actually, my in store picture looks a lot like this.
I could only just wonder why a 32in wheel bike….

Andrew - 06/02/14 - 11:32am

It’s not too hard to stretch a 29in tube or 700c tube to fit this but it’s the 32in tire you gotta watch out for.

Adam - 06/02/14 - 11:51am

Toss a 29er tube in and ride, come on.

Colin - 06/02/14 - 12:02pm

At our shop we just take a 29er tube and stretch it a little bit, most people are BLOWN AWAY to here that no one makes a tube to fit. Believe it or not, there is one in Boise with a gas motor on it.

Al Boneta - 06/02/14 - 12:02pm

Cool Hot Wheels are on sale for 97¢

Jason - 06/02/14 - 12:44pm

I have two of these super 32′ cruisers, a 29er inner tubes fit just fine

Walt - 06/02/14 - 1:09pm

I have had several people approach me about doing a mountain bike based on these rims/tires (ie, buy the whole bike, then throw 90% of it away). Nobody has pulled the trigger yet, though. I’d love to ride one – it’s the “perfect tweener size” between 29″ and 36″! Think of the long-winded arguments we could have about rolling resistance and flickability!


David - 06/02/14 - 1:22pm

I’m wondering why bikerumor is posting this as an advertisement for Walmart. I understand if this post was strictly portraying a retail bike that has 32″ wheels as being different. Not impressed that the second paragraph sounds like a sales pitch however.

Colin - 06/02/14 - 1:40pm

@ Walt

The 29 is just a relic of days when there was nothing else, and the 36 is a big slow turd. If you look at all the research being done exclusively by the companies that have invested heavily in the 32, it is the one ring to rule them all.

Dave - 06/02/14 - 1:54pm

Shame on BikeRumor for shilling for crappy W**M*** garbage.

Larry Falk - 06/02/14 - 2:21pm

I’ll stick with my 650b cruiser.

Psi Squared - 06/02/14 - 2:26pm

What Tim McGovern said.

Simon - 06/02/14 - 2:27pm

As a person who works in a bike shop in a large, metropolitan area within 5 miles of a wal-mart….


Sklar - 06/02/14 - 6:06pm

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about building a frame around these. Might be fun!

Flávio - 06/02/14 - 8:45pm

What the f* (edited) man????

Jason Blades - 06/02/14 - 8:45pm

Skylar, You must be at least 6’7″…

mike - 06/03/14 - 1:59am

Shame on BikeRumor for shilling for crappy W**M*** garbage.

Quickie - 06/03/14 - 7:38am

Do people really think that Bikerumor, a site dedicated to rumors for bike snobs, is pushing a W__M___ bike by posting a description of it on their site?

If anything, I look at this as something we should collectively look down our noses at and ridicule. Is this how the other half rides bikes? Talk about a wealth divide, poor bastards. Wake me when they make 32″ carbon clinchers.

Angelo - 10/22/14 - 4:56pm

Hello. I had been riding my 32″ bike for a while. Strong and gave a smooth ride. I’m 6’5″ and about 250lb Now I need a replacement tube and nowhere to find it… Really nice bike. I hope they will come with the replacement parts soon.

Nik - 11/06/14 - 2:27pm

It’s a nice bike for a large family man. I did around 1500 joyful miles on it this summer. Just replace bottom bracket, stem and rear nub for nexus 3 ( drilled it for 72 holes and laced 2 from 3 to make 48 spokes fit ) and you are golden. Strong wheels and long wheelbase make it really comfortable unlike other bikes designed by gnomes for tall people that grow frame up without really increasing wheelbase. Wish it had better tires as once I started to ride it down stairs tire cord started to break. Wheels seem real strong never went out of true despite all abuse.

Monica L Watkins - 02/22/15 - 3:13pm

Where can I buy one?

Mr. E - 11/10/15 - 8:33am

I found the tubes and tires here:×2-125-in-sv-fits-kent-genesis-32-in/

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