Must Watch: Peter Sagan Shreds the new Cannondale F-Si

We all know Peter Sagan from his exploits on the road, but it all started in the dirt. Back in 2009 Sagan was team mates with Marco Fontana for the Cannondale Factory Racing team – where do you think he got those wheelie skills? To celebrate the new F-Si, Peter and Marco absolutely kill it on the new bike.

More video goodness including the latest from Cam McCaul, next!

By now, you know that XTR has gone electric right?

Following over half a decade of proven Di2 electronic shifting systems, Shimano introduces XTR M9050 Di2, the world’s first production electronic mountain bike shifting system. An electronic shifting option for Shimano’s new 11-speed XTR M9000 mechanical mountain bike components, XTR Di2 redefines how mountain bikers can control and personalize the way they ride through the proven Di2 digital platform.

Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 electronic shifting integrates with XTR M9000 mechanical components in a variety of Race or Trail “Rider Tuned” 1x, 2x, or 3x drivetrain configurations. The new 11-speed XTR M9000 drivetrain introduces Rhythm Step gearing which provides range and ensures rhythm, no matter the rider or terrain. With the additional efficiency, new shifting options and personalization of the digital Di2 system, riders now can control their ride like never before.


In the latest Sony Dream Capture, Cam McCaul uses the Sony Action Cam to capture his love of dirt in a seriously entertaining edit.

Red Bull is getting serious with pump track racing with the first Red Bull Berm Burners in Richmond, VA. Josh Patton had much shorter hair when I met him a week later – congrats on 2nd!

Finally, if you haven’t seen this already take a minute to check out Danny MacAskill’s Epecuén. Danny gets back to his trials roots and manages to pull of the first front flip bump in the process.


Rob - 05/30/14 - 3:25pm

Would be grate to see how Sagan now would fair in a XC world cup.

jimmy - 05/30/14 - 4:25pm

He would destroy everyone.

dubtap - 05/30/14 - 4:25pm

As Sagan is carving corners that Fontana is putting his foot down on probably pretty OK.

Dolphin Dabbler - 05/30/14 - 6:32pm

His Bike + Your Trail = Good Times

Rico - 05/30/14 - 10:10pm

Haha is Sagan riding wires and speedplays? Dude rules.

Geospatialagent - 05/31/14 - 6:29am

Who says Xc riders and 29er’s can’t shred.

Wookie - 05/31/14 - 10:40pm

#nohomo but holy f#?!* I have a chubby after that one.

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