Spy Shot! Prototype Michelin 700x25c Rough Road Tire

prototype michelin gravel road bike tire spy shot

Spotted at the Ballers Ride aboard an industry person’s bike were these prototype Michelin tires designed for rougher roads.

Tech specs weren’t available, but the rider said the casing was reinforced all the way around, protecting both sidewalls and tread. These were mounted to Boyd Cycling Altamont wheels, which pushed the mounted width to about 27mm wide when held next to our own Hutchinson Secteur 28 on the same rim. That’s not surprising since we have some Michelin Pro4 25c tires on Rolf Ares 4 wheels that are also measuring at 27mm wide.

That’s all we know for now, but there are more pics below…

prototype michelin gravel road bike tire spy shot

prototype michelin gravel road bike tire spy shot

prototype michelin gravel road bike tire spy shot


SomeFawkingguy - 05/24/14 - 7:19pm

Boyd does great things with wheelsets, decals not so much.

unseen - 05/24/14 - 11:43pm

That would be nice, a Pro ‘X’ with a sidewall that doesn’t slice wide open after two rides…

crank - 05/25/14 - 1:32am

They need a tubeless version too.

Mario - 05/25/14 - 2:47am

Clean your brakes

Mike - 05/25/14 - 5:25am

If I buy French rubber it’ll be those sexy FMB tanwalls Sky is rolling on.

SamSkjord - 05/25/14 - 9:48am

Why Mario? Not used to seeing bikes that are actually ridden from your armchair?

brian - 05/25/14 - 7:50pm

nice – I look forward to seeing the eventual production specs and review.

Chris McGrath - 05/25/14 - 10:22pm

I like the fat-bottomed Michelins. But why not label them… 27c!

Psi Squared - 05/25/14 - 11:51pm

Because they’re not necessarily 27c. On a Kinlin rim, one of my 25mm ProRace 4 Endurance tires measures a bit over 26mm wide. On a Velocity A23 rim, another measures 27.7mm. I do not know on which rim the tires were tested or were used to come up with the 25mm designation. I do know that there is enough variance in rim widths to see a relatively wide range of widths. I’m chuffed, actually, that my Michelins are fatter than their designation.

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