Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Lenexa, KS

bikerumor pic of the day cycling on A beautiful day of riding in Lenexa KS.

Photo submitted by Casey Cardwell, “A beautiful day of riding in Lenexa, KS.”

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eddy - 05/20/14 - 12:00pm

AWESOME, beautiful landscape.

Andy - 05/20/14 - 3:38pm

How are the mountains in Kansas? :-)

Tom - 05/20/14 - 4:33pm

Gud 1 Andy.

mark - 05/20/14 - 11:37pm

Very Nice. Lived in Lenexa for many years. Can’t call it flat but by all means not the hilliest place. Like most of the eastern part of the state, its constantly rolling terrain, just nothing prolonged. If you can survive the the hot stick summer, bitter cold winter, and monsoon spring, the Fall is gorgeous.

Harrison - 05/21/14 - 9:22am

It is good to see local bikes posted! The local landscape has grown on me, despite my love for mountains. Fighting the wind for hours provides for a good climb simulation as well.

Henry - 05/21/14 - 2:28pm

@Harrison pitchfork?

Currently Kansas City Metro area has around 50 miles of singletrack with an additional 50-60 planned with some being completed right now.

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