Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Great Salt Lake, Utah


bikerumor pic of the day great salt lake utah bike ride

Photos submitted by Mike Rossberg, “We had an epic ride on the fat bikes on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. The firm salt flats allowed us ride 15 miles of shore line.” More after the break.

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Collin S - 05/14/14 - 7:40am

I can only imagine how screwed your drive train was after riding in that water.

il Bruce - 05/14/14 - 8:54am

Striking image. But like Collin, I don’t want to think about what happend to that poor bike.

Pynchonite - 05/14/14 - 9:30am

I think we all know what happened to their drivetrains:×768.jpg

M.C. Slammer - 05/14/14 - 9:52am

Ti and Alu do fine in the brine :)

jon thomas - 05/14/14 - 10:11am

Great place for a disposable Wallgoose fat bike! There is a reason you don’t see any metal boats on that lake… lot’s of sea monkeys though.

Rob B - 05/14/14 - 12:40pm

I was there and luckily they had a hose at the Marina where we promptly scrubbed the salt and mud from the bikes at the end of the ride. Have put another few hundred miles on the drive train since the ride, and all seems to be OK! Mike built us custom carbon fat bikes, which seemed to hold up fine in the salt as well.

Mike Rossberg - 05/14/14 - 3:43pm

I love the dead sea photo. Little less salt in GSL. Replacing the BB a little early out weights the adventure.

Here is a link to video of the ride in the pic.

Hnoj-CZ - 05/14/14 - 5:19pm

Can I get original size of photo? Thank you !

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